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Friday, December 14, 2001

Noooo, I'm not talking about that stuff; I'm talking about Fall Squash. Personally, I prefer assernet Squash over the many different varieties available here in USDA Hardiness Zone 6. Over the past 4 years, I've roasted assernut, Pumpkin, PattyPan, Acorn, Turban or Stripetti squash in a variety of different recipes. I like the assernut (cut lengthwise, sshite seeds out, oil allover w/ Extra Virgin Olive Oil, roast/bake 400°F for 40-50mins until squash collapses, let cool and spoon meat into Cuisinart®, pureee, add fresh grated Nutmeg and Cinnamon, pour into large saucepan, bring to slow rolling-boil 1-2mins, add Half & Half®, lower to low-simmer for 5-6mins until thickened, let cool, stir-in fresh grated Nutmeg and Cinnamon) for its flavor, texture and ease of cooking and "mouthfeel". Freezes nicely, too. There are thousands of recipes for Fall Squash available on the Net; here's a cornucopia of recipe sites to start with. Meanwhile, I'm off to the local Farmer's Market to get another 10-15 assernuts to process. So much goodness and so little time to get it all done.

Around The Garden Center.
The Dog Days of December are still sort of hanging around. The 50s and 60s temps have caused cherries, pears, seviceberries, plums, rhododendron and dozens of other varieties of flowering trees and shrubs to bloom prematurely, and new (Spring leaves) growth has also pushed out. There's going to be some very real problems when the first snow or ice storm hits and all that new growth is whacked back; it'll make for a meager showing next Spring. Oh well, such is Nature. Nothing we can do except go along for the ride.
Last Friday's Journal entry didn't actually become readable visible until almost 3pm, although I had sent the requisite files to the server, earlier that morning, at 6:30am. Reason? The Reason? I "forgot" to put a link to the new December 7th entry on the index page; don't ask, I do the HTML the night before, put all the text files and graphics in a special folder, ready for Friday morning, after I've fed the cats and had coffee at home, at O Dark Thirty or so. Perhaps it was that new '98 Banrock Station Cabernet I was drinking; beats me. By the time I'd gotten to the office at 7:15am we're on Winter Hours now the emails from Journal regulars had started to pile up. I had several meetings in Maryland and had to leave quickly, didn't get a chance to check my email, so I didn't know there was something amiss. By the time I'd returned at around 2pm, there were hundreds of emails notifying me of the error, as well as a goodly number of flames from the usual lib-dem lurkers. I quickly downloaded the errant index file, made the HTML corrections and sent it back up to the server. Soon, all was well in Journal-land and I flushed over 1,200 emails from Netscape Messenger. Thanks for the heads-up, everyone.
It was nice, once again, to have Sunday off. That'll be the case until early March, or until the Spring Rush begins, depending upon the weather. Sleeping-in until 10am, lounging around with French Toast (they didn't invent this stuff), scrambled eggs or Eggs Benedict, French Roast Coffee (or this either), the Web/Net news, weather who the hell needs the NYTIMES? cats, roaring fireplace, food shopping, grilling Filet Mignon, roasting assernut Squash, shooting my new ('01) H&K .357 Sig, new ('01) H&K .40cal S&W, old ('74) Colt Trooper MKIII .357 Magnum or, just doing nothing. Cool. Happiness is a warm gun day off.
On Monday, I took my landscape foreman, Alan, for a scheduled trip to Maryland's Eastern Shore, and met one of our nursery stock sales reps, at a 2,000 acre wholesale growing nursery called Angelica Nursery, a place I haven't been in over 10 years. It's really changed in that time. We spent the better part of a day touring the growing fields, tagging specific trees for Spring digging and delivery to my facility in mid-March '02. A round trip of almost 5hrs, with 2hrs on site tagging and we stopped in Bel Air (MD) on the way back to Pennsylvania, at Scotto's Italian Cafe, and had a great lunch.
All the recent weather patterns for Winter are coming up from the Gulf and merging with low-level systems rolling in from the Left Coast. Almost a complete replay from what we had in '95 and '96, and the complete opposite of what we're had over the past 5 years or so.
I have to chuckle laugh when I read this bogus story about Pennsylvania wine being so good after benefitting from the horrific 26+ weeks drought. Pennsylvania wine is swill. The weather is irrelevant. I wouldn't drink use the stuff to wash concrete, let alone consume. Dreccch!
The remaining "A-Team" 3-man landscape crew worked getting ready for next week's tree installations, conifer transplants and large Tri-Color Beech move to Gettyburg College. Next Friday is their last day until March '02. I know they're looking forward to some time off, too. I spent a full two days this week meeting with my four nursery stock sales reps, finalizing and adjusting the Spring '02 orders; all is well now and I'm looking forward to another great season.

September 11th Massacre.
Three months ago, on the 46th minute on the 8th hour of the 11th day on the 9th month: America and the World honored the 4,000 innocent victims NYC's World Trade Center Towers, DC's Pentagon and Pennsylvania's Farm Fields of The Terrorist Attacks & Civilian Massacre of September 11th. Nice, very nice tribute. My anger about and seething rage at subhuman Islamic shithead towelhead Muslim filth came to the fore after the ceremony, as I watched subhuman liberal garbage and democRAT shit on TV, castigate America for being alert and on guard, and I had to go out for a breath of air. I would have whacked any lib-dem shitscumbag I encountered at that point. Okay, okay, enough chest pains; chill out JS. I'm taking aspirin.
The Massacre of September 11th. Don't ever forget what the lowlife subhumans did to us. If you ever forget, read these gut-wrenching personal accounts of the widows and children. whack all of the extremist Muslim/Islamist towelhead goatf*ckers. Bury the fresh-whacked corpses in 3-8ft of pig guts and pork shit; place the Islamic shitfilth pork-sucking Allah moron scumbags face down; f*ck stomp their Allah turdface. Muslims, Islamists etc are lowlife deviants.
The roots of Muslim rage against the US? Here are part 1 and part 2. Frankly, I don't give a flying rat's ass. It's their f*cked up, extremist, wacko, pork-sucking, deviant, Islamic shitfilth cult, of the moron Allah scumbag, which has gotten them into their "un-holy war" with the US and will eventually get them obliterated. Good riddance, raghead lowlifes.
A whining lib-dem moron, Louis Freedberg, from San Francisco, writes in The Chronicle that the US should fly the traitor Walker back to his f*cked-up dysfunctional parents and let him get on with his life again; all is forgiven. Bullshit, he's no longer a US Citizen, so execute him. Problem solved.
I've been saying this for years: unleash Israel and get real peace in the Middle East; Rush agrees.
Nice of W to dedicate the National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony to all who died in The Massacre of September 11th. Plus, a 4-day weekend? Sure, why not.
300,000 illegals still in this country after they were ordered deported? Let's get the lowlifes rounded-up and outta here! Thanks the Clintoonistas and lib-dem scumbags for that mess. Time to clean it up and drain that swamp.
Two more American traitors captured in bin Laden's camp? Great, let's seriously try and happily execute all three at the same time.
The original Day of Infamy, Pearl Harbor on December 7th '41, turned 60 this week. My Mom & Dad remember it, both are WWII veterans. It was before my time, but I sure remember The Massacre of September 11th.
The unbelieveably traitorous and un-American lowlife lib-democRAT scumbags at The Washingmachine Toasties lambast AG John Ashcroft for protecting America and Americans, even subhuman lib-dem shitfilth. It's worth the read to see for yourself what kind of fudge-packing, rump-raiding, socialist, communist liberal homo garbage work there. Makes me puke ill.
Turd World Watch: The Savage Nation details the lib-dem garbage lowlifes and what should be done to drive them back deeper into the Stone Age.
The astonishing paper trail of Islamic terrorists, that the corrupt Clintoon administration criminally ignored in favor of his scandal-plagued "stewardship", is detailed in the upcoming Vanity Fair magazine.
Egypt has warned the United States that the Israeli military offensive against the Palestinian Authority could spread into a confrontation with the Arab world. Oh yeah? Great, the sooner we can rid the world of lowlife, subhuman, pork-sucking, deviant Islamic garbage, the better.
When The Massacre of September 11th happened, the subhuman Muslim shitfilth were dancing in the streets and celebrating; now that the US is Killing militant Islamic deviants by the tens-of-thousands, they're quieting down. They're abject cowards and afraid to support Islamic extremist wackos because they know we're superior morally, culturally and militarily. Typical scumbag Arabs; afraid of a fight.
Wow, the ultra-lib-dem Washington Post paying tribute to the Bush Administration for its prosecution of the War on Terror; careful W, I still don't trust the bastards.
Then again, here's the fiercely lib-dem partisan New York Slimes "attack poodle", Frank Rich who was removed as drama critic and plopped on to the Op-Ed pages - running around his apartment screaming sweet nonsense at passerbys in his underwear, wringing his bony lib-dem hands, wetting his Depends®, and whine at anyone who'll pause to listen to his pathetic bleatings.
Damn, Andrew Sullivan nails it again with his second article on asymetrical warfare.
Al Qaeda runs for the hills with Osama bin shithead leading the way? Huh? Why doesn't someone shoot him dead, cut the head off and throw it into a gunny sack, and bring it back to US Forces for the US$25,000,000 reward?
The John Walker Traitor? yeah sure, give him a fair trial and execute him. A simple .357 magnum headshot.
Arrest, try, convict and execute Yow-sir Arrid-fart. End of PLA problems; just the beginning of another terrorist war with Hamas, Hezbollah, ... A dead arab/Muslim towelhead/pork-sucking Islamist is a good arab. No such thing.
Ah-haaaaaa, this explains the wacko, extremist, lowlife Islamic, subhuman, pork-sucking towelhead, Muslim shitfilth: "definitely not suicidal".
This subhuman, pork-eating Muslim, sandidiot piece of Islamic shitfilth, Zacarias Moussaoui, so richly deserves death via a military tribunal, it's maddening. Then burial in a pit lined with pig guts and grease, face down so he can't see his deviant homo-lover, Allah shithead. Next terrorist?
Ooooops, there they go! Hey you guys and gals weren't keeping a watch on them. Go get 'em!
So, 200 Muslim men are sought in the shitfilth Islamic-infested Detroit Michigan area, and they're on the run? Well, track them down: if they're terrorists, execute them; if they're illegals, deport them; if they're legal, thank them and let them go home. f*ck Screw their ambulance-chasing lawyers; jail them too, for obstruction. No deals on visas; get the illegal scumbag pork-suckers outta the US!
Oh heck, what's a mosque here or there? Let the JDL guys have some fun.
France demands? Huh? France demands? Those cheese-eating surrender Frog monkeys demand that the US not execute terrorists? Hey Froggies: GO f*ck YOURSELVES, you ignorant moron scumbags! You've certainly heard that scarily-true joke: Looking for surplus military rifles in good condition? Get them from France. All in good condition, never fired and only dropped twice!
Oooooo, this is nasty and deserves brutal punishment: lowlife scam criminals trying to rip off victims of The Massacre of September 11th and The Victim's Fund. They should be tried quickly and imprisoned for life; personally, I'd prefer the death penalty for such heinous crimes.

GOP Idiots Bumblers.
AG John Ashcroft told the traitorous lib-dems and some GOP scumbags to f*ck piss off; military tribunals are going ahead. They all cowered and licked each other's asss in shame.
The GOP showing muscle in congress to curb spending? Must be an aberration; blame it on the weather.
Tougher sanctions against Microsoft? Take a close look at this list of states who want a piece of MS: California, Connecticut, Minnesota, Massachusetts, and DC would be at the top of the list of most liberal places in the country. Iowa and West Virginia are mostly democRATs. Utah is there because of Orrin Hatch and Novell. Hatch is dogshit. That leaves Florida, split half-and-half but with pockets of extreme liberalism as we saw last year at this time, and Kansas, a zero on the National scale. Now we see who is behind this effort, being spearheaded by the democRAT AG in California. That should be enough to tell us what the motives of these people are: money and power. They are not the least bit interested in whether Microsoft has damaged anyone or whether they a actually broke the law. They're just moochers who see a fat target. When is W going to get this persecution dropped and get the Dept of InJustice back on track?
An awesome, incisive piece of writing from Andrew Sullivan, editor of The New Republic. Well worth the 10mins. FYI.
Oh here we go again: the traitorous, un-American, hand-wringing, bed-wetting, rump-raiding, fudge-packing, two-dollar homo, John Dean, a RINO (Republican In Name Only), is jumping on AG John Ashcroft's non-explanation of the military tribunals. Why did Ashcroft even bother to come before the cowardly US Senate Committee chaired by the lowlife lib-dem Leahy? Dean is such an moron hey, the lowlife "writes" for PMSNBC; that speaks volumes that no one should bother reading his shit; maybe PMSNBC would dump his sorry ass and he'd have to get a real job, like chasing ambulances.
On the flip side, Gregory Kane of The Baltimore Sun has his facts together about military tribunals; his other articles are a good read, too.
Why aren't the GOPers getting this story, about how Clintoon scumbags ruined the US economy, out to the public? It's critical that the subhuman lib-dems be held accountable, and not W&Co. Why doesn't the RNC wake the hell up?
Goodbye to a true, solid Conservative, Dick Armey. Nice job, and enjoy your family and retirement.

Lowlife Lib-Dem Scumbags.
The anti-2nd Amendment movement is officially dead, castrated in mid-stride after The Massacre of September 11th. I'm jumping for joy. Lock and load. The shit-for-brains libs and dems must be bleeding through their asss.
Here's one more reason the school system in this country is in such bad shape from the lib-dem socialist-communists decades-long efforts at screwing it up. An $80k BMW bought by the left-wing wackos in California (where else?) as a reward for stuper-intendent Terry Jones' efforts to raise the district's profile and test scores. What a good use of education funds from the taxpayers. Not! The whole damned board should be indicted and jailed.
Gee whiz, lib-dem lowlife Stevie Spendberg (aka Spielberg) needs some ?training wheels on his scooter, so he doesn't fall and hurt himself again. Hey Stevie: take some lessons from the 9 year old kid down the block, you shithead dumbell.
Gary "The Philandering Murderer" Condit is running for re-election to his seat in Congress! Remember him? He had Chandra Levy whacked and removed from the face of the earth last Summer; he dropped below the National Radar Screen on September 11th, but now he's fair game again. I love a moving target; so much more sporting, ya know. Run Gary, run!
Un-freaking-believeable. Nearly 230 idiot, scumbag, lowlife lib-dem moron teachers in Middletown Township NJ were freed from jail Friday after they and their colleagues agreed to end a bitter, nine-day strike. It was the nation's biggest mass jailing of striking teachers in 23 years. Teachers in the well-to-do community walked out Nov. 29 over health benefits but were hit with a back-to-work order issued by Judge Clarkson S. Fisher Jr. The teachers, who make an average of $56,000 annually for 9 months of work, are fighting a move to increase their health care premiums by up to $600 per person, per year. Currently, they pay $250. Hmmm, lesse: $600/year divided by 12 months = $50/month. That's a freaking bargain for family coverage. We pay $180/month with Blue Cross-Blue Shield. At the current rate of $250/month divided by 12, that's $10/month for the whining teachers. That's criminal theft. And they're whining! Typical liberal teacher socialist union shit. Let the scum rot in jail. No, wait a minute: fire all of them and if the trespass on school property again, then jail them for a summary felony.
The idiots, morons, cretins and lowlife lib-dem scumbags who are unions can't even find their own collective asses with both hands, let alone accuse W of "terrorizing ordinary Americans". That's rich, isn't it? Read the WSJ article; it makes me ill that alcoholic mick Sweeney would align his bunch of pathetic lowlifes with Irrev Jesse "Who's Your Daddy? Hymietown NYC" Jack-scum. Barf alert.
Milk price supports? Bullshit. The traitor, Jimmy "Shove That Milk Cow Up My ass" Jeffords (R D-VT), lives a breathes for US Taxpayers to support his shithole Vermont and Michigan and Wisconsin milk prices. The GOP should cut his legislative balls off and dump this bill, pronto. Send the homo Jeffords back to the YWCAs PC "Help A Wimpy Traitor" program.
The People's Republik of California/ Marin County Idiots, have done it again. City leaders are considering what a few other Bay Area communities have already done: ban the construction of new homes with traditional wood-burning fireplaces and stoves in favor of cleaner gas-fired or pellet-burning devices.
Think Bernie Goldberg's expose of the lib-dem media cabal was a fluke? Nope, not hardly. Here's Reid Collins, another former-CBS staffer who agrees with Goldberg. FYI, what I've known for many years. Here's a larger and better overview of the corrupt, PC-slanted liberal media crowd.

Whining Black Scum.
Hmmm, whites leaving voicemail messages get return calls; blacks don't. Linguistic profiling Wonder why? Could it be that ebonics isn't a valid language and I wouldn't want someone, anyone of any stripe who speaks it, to rent one of my apartment units or give them a loan? Yep, dat's that's it.
Here's why American blacks will never amount to anything as long as race-baiting, misery-profiteering lowlifes like Jesse Jack-scum and Al Sharp-scum have a national audience.
Now the hare-lipped, lowlife race-baiter, misery-profiteer Irrev Jeese Jack-scum is sticking his lying face into college coaching: of the 115 coaching slots, only 4 are blacks? Well jeeeez Jack-scumbag, 80 freaking percent of the NBA are blacks; they need to dump those scumbags and hire more whites and asians and indians and eskimos to make it "more representative of the American population". Hey Jack-scum: go get a job, moron.
Anyone out there who doesn't surmise think know that Jesse Jack-scum and his two lowlife spawn are lib-dem idiot garbage? Read this, lib-dem chumps. Jack-scum's also a is a criminal, bigot, liar, racist and shakedown artist is well known; no wonder people drag them behind pick-up trucks.
Gee whiz, here's a hot new flash: blacks idiots comprise a greater share of prison inmates than they do in the overall population of at least 29 states. Wow, since they commit 40% of the overall crime and 70% of the violent crime, why doesn't that surprise me? I have no problem with blacks; it's the idiots and white trash I despise and am glad are in prison; otherwise I'd have to whack some every week.
Looks like these idiots learned the art of corporate shakedown well from the Jack-scum lowlife.

Lowlifes and Scumbag Filth.
This is why I gave up The Methodist Church, many years ago: their anti-2nd Amendment stance. The other reason is that they've lowlife liberal scum, rife with deviant homos steering their perverted, demented, deviant agenda. It is worse today.
Why is the US allowing the stinking lowlife chi-com chink jets get close to our surveillance aircraft, again? A Chinese F-8 jet collided with an EP-3 on April 1, causing the Chinese jet to crash and forcing the EP-3 to make an emergency landing at a military airfield on China's Hainan island. The incident led to a standoff between the US and Chinese governments. Give them a F-18 fighter escort, and shoot the f*cking yellow dogshit chinks down if they harrass our aircraft in international waters. End of problem.
In fact, it's soon time to obliterate China as a world threat. Read this.

Execute This Subhuman Garbage.
The December Execution Schedule is out and there are too many damned "stayed" executions; those subhuman filth need to be whacked and removed permanently removed the the gene pool, rather than be allowed to languish at US Taxpayers' expense. So-called "life in prison" isn't acceptable to me. Sigh, so many to execute and so little time.
This creature is not a black; rather it's the murderous idiot Mumia (aka Tyrone Leroy Johnson) who needs to be executed. C'mon Gov Schweiker, sign the damned death order and get this scumbag to the hell he so richly deserves for Killing a Philly copy back in '81. Former Gov Tom Ridge didn't have the guts to sign the death warrant; he was too afraid for his political future. scumbag Mumia should be long dead by now. I'd gladly put a .357 magnum through it's subhuman murderous head.
Wow, lesbian, man-hating s attacking and almost Killing a little black kid? Gosh, oh golly gee whiz, I was told by the lib-democRAT media that gays homos queers dykes lesbians aren't violent; merely want "their rights in society"? Yeah, sure thing, Butchess.

This is wrong: a city or county shouldn't affect whether or not a murderer gets death or life in prison. All murderers should receive the death penalty in Virginia. It should be applied equally and fairly in every case.
This is depressing: 13 less executions in '00 (85) than in '99 (98). It should be going the other way and we should be working to clean out the 3,700+ subhuman filth on death row. Bummer.
Anyone anywhere have any doubt(s) that these infant rapist idiot filth in South Africa should be executed? I'd sure like to hear the bed-wetting, hand-wringing, whining subhuman lib-dem trashs' arguments against it. Go ahead, I'l wait.
A former French officer stood trial for treason on Tuesday on charges he leaked NATO bombing secrets to Belgrade during the Kosovo crisis, in a scandal that shook the French military and strained ties with its allies. No problem; execute him. All is forgiven, cowardly cheese-eating surrenderist Frogs.

In this age of the ever-expanding Web, it can be difficult to find the freshest and coolest sites. To help those who appreciate the aesthetic, the folks at New Media Shop preloaded have created Linkdup, an amazing collection of links to sites that are compelling, entertaining, and sometimes jaw-dropping. I was blown away by the collection of sites, from the wildly imaginative design shop sites to the time-wasting Shockwave games. And the best part is it's a non-commercial endeavor they simply want to "bring you the best, impartially". It also helps if you have a high-bandwidth connection and plenty of time to devote to exploring.

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