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Friday, December 16, 2005

The spectacle of left-wing wacko scumbag liberals gnashing their green, rotting teeth, wringing their bony, clammy, effeminate hands, and waxing/gurgling poetic over the subhuman, murderous, piece-of-shit Stanley Tookie Williams' well-deserved execution, was beyond disturbing for the past 5 days. The liberal-demokkkRAT trash crawled out from every unimaginable, slimy rock and leapt to the mass murderer's defense, even nominating him for The Nobel Peace Prize, once again. F*ck Europe. Yet, they've never shed a tear for the millions of babies murdered each year in this country's abortion factories, aka Planned Parenthood. In fact, they look at abortion as a US Constitutionally-given right, and federally-guarranteed by Roe v Wade, in 1972. No tears were ever shed for Williams' 4 victims, except by their families. Or for the tens-of-thousands of people murdered by the murderous criminal gang, the Crips, "founded" by Williams. Liberal scum truly live on the dark, dank side of reality, and are very comfortable with the torture, pain and death of the innocent unborn, yet scream and froth-at-the-mouth when a criminal is put to death for slaughtering innocents. Priorities? They have a definitive, established, perverted and twisted agenda, as liberalism is a readily-visible, certifiable mental disorder. The sodomite-homo, leftist fringe, hate-America, hate-US Military, hate-Bush, pro-abortion, pro-death, terrorist-sympathizers have now gone mainstream. Up is down, left is right, bad is good. America, US Military and Boy Scouts are bad; homo-sodomites, murderers and abortion are good. Life is miserable for the leftist-wacko liberal-demokkkRATs, especially when they get that the economy is humming right along. They bury the news on page B-17, below the fold, or omit it alltogether in their biased broadcasts. Sucks to be a liberal-demokkkRAT, doesn't it?

Around The Garden Center™.
Between 1am and 9am on Friday, we got hammered by two merging Winter Storms — one from the Midwest and one from the Southeast — and wound-up with 6-12" of light, fluffy snow, depending upon where the measurement is taken. The first Winter Storm of the '06 Season, was everything which they had predicted. I woke-up at 3am, came downstairs to feed the cats, turned-up the heat, logged-on and checked the weather sites, looked outside and saw an easy 3" already on the ground, with heavy snow coming down. It wasn't quite a "blizzard", but it sure was pretty.
There was almost no traffic on the roads as I made my way into work, on Friday morning at 8:30am. We got an easy 10-12" of snow down at the GC&N Complex, yet only 5-6" at my condo, 14 miles north. The roads were in terrible condition, as the local townships and PENNDOT probably hadn't released the trucks and plows until after it had stopped snowing, around 7am. As a result, they were way behind in their work of clearing the snow. One of my laid-off landscape crew had already rough-plowed my driveways and parking lots by the time I'd arrived, so I got my John Deere 675B SkidLoader and 1CuYd bucket out of the storage building, and did the "finishing-detail" work. My designated employees and new Synchronics-CounterPoint dealer, Mark G., arrived for our 10:30am Point-Of-Sale software meeting and tech session, which lasted until 5pm. Much was accomplished; much, much more needs to be done before we open in the Spring.
On Saturday, I installed Norton SystemWorks® 2005 on both front counter machines and did the maintenance and virus scans, in anticipation of getting them both hooked-up to my office's 758k wireless broadband, next week.
All landscape crews and GC&N staff are officially "laid-off" for the Winter, as of last Thursday, when we got 10-12" of snow. The ground's frozen down 5-6" and going deeper with the bitter 11°F and lower temps we're experiencing at night. I called the few remaining people who had landscape jobs of tree transplants scheduled, and moved them into early Spring.
Yes, I knew this was coming and it's the reason why I've shut down all greenhouses for the Winter. Saving several thousand dollars a month only makes good sense.
The bitter nighttime temps are hovering around 0-3°F this week, and the ground is frozen solid down to 8", now. I don't see how the birds and other small critters survive this weather. I'm doing my part to feed them all Winter, as I've done for the past 8 years. This is one cold December, so far.
RIP, Richard Pryor. Thanks for all the laughs, over the years. I don't care why you did it all, but I was a fan.
Oh, crap; there goes natural gas and LPG prices.
Gas prices at the local pump increased, over the past week: Unleaded Regular is now at $2.25/gal, Unleaded Plus at $2.35/gal, and Unleaded Premium at $2.55/gal. Diesel fuel is still at $2.89/ gal. Kerosene (K2 heating oil) is also at $2.89/ gal.
I'm in the office on Thursday morning, watching a huge snow-ice storm move up from the Gulf on www.weather.com, and it looks like the severe weather forecast will come true: we're going to get hammered with 1-4" of snow and up to 1" of ice, later this afternoon. Crap. It's lightly snowing now, and I'm planning my escape from the GC&N Complex somewhere around 2pm, after I get some paperwork done. Damn, I miss Pickle at this time of year. This'll be the first Winter in 15 years that he isn't here and I don't have to care for and play with him. I wish it were otherwise.
I locked-up and left the GC&N Complex at 1:15pm, and spent 45 mins on a 14.2 mile drive, which would normally take 23-25 mins. The roads were getting real bad and traffic was moving slowly. Schoolbuses, snowplows and front-end loaders were in great evidence, since schools had been let out early, and snowplowing equipment was being moved into place all over York county.

Things Which Make Your Head Explode™.
Saddam Hussein moved his chemical weapons to Syria six weeks before the war started, Israel's top general during Operation Iraqi Freedom says. The assertion comes as President Bush said yesterday that much of the intelligence on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction was incorrect. I said this over 2 years ago, dammit. Why Bush and Rumsfeld have't gone in to get them is beyond me.
The racist, bigoted, lowlife scumbags in The National Council of La Raza (NCLR), Spanish for "the race", will get another $4 million of US Taxpayer dollars, to add to the more than $30 million it has received from various federal agencies since 1996. These subhuman wetback filth want to overthrow the Southwest US, and take it all back for the turd-world shithole called Mexico.
US Taxpayers are supporting muslim-arab suicide bombing terrorists, who regurlarly kill Jews and Christians? Suicide bombers have a "pension plan", thanks to US Taxpayers. Un-freaking-believeable, but true.
Moderate muslims? An oxymoron, IMO. islamists want to kill you; muslims simply want you dead.
The entire corrupt, criminal US Congress has subverted America's WOT (War On Terror, aka islam), by voting to restrict our interrogation techniques. Personally, I favor torturing and then killing the subhuman, murderous, muslim-islamic-arab terrorist filth.
Let no good deed go unpunished.
Still covering for the corrupt, criminal BJ Klintoon's crimes against America, aren't they? The Klintoons should be stood against a wall, and shot for treason, and a host of other crimes against America. As should the liberal-demokkkRATs.
I want The Truth, Frist and Hastert, dammit!
The twisted, perverted, demented, deviant liberal-demokkkRAT mentality of "victimization".
America's technology continues to be given-away and stolen, at the same time.
The AMT will hit 15,000,000 more in 2006. GOPers are worth spit, IMO.
What really happened to AA Flight-612? The same damned thing, a shoulder-fired missile, which happened to TWA Flight-800, and uncounted others.
The Death Of France is not exaggerated, and not unexpected. As are the death of all the liberal-socialist-commie hellholes of Europe and the EU, are welcomed.
Have you forgotten 9-11?

Thank you, Presisdent Bush, for that very nice generic Christmas Card you and Laura sent to me. I prefer "Merry Christmas", though.
No, Mr President, there is no such thing as a "temporary worker program", and here's why. Please re-think that flawed policy and get back to me, sir.
Mmmmmmmmm, have you read this, Mr President? No? Thought so. Please go ahead, and I'll wait.
Maryland's Gov Ehrlich (GOPer-MD), endorsing a "flushing tax". You're history, Bobby.
US Senator Lindsey Graham (RINO-SC), festering, fetid, RINO dogshit. I won't say anymore about his 'ultra-light loafers'.
The Death Of Israel, continues, thanks to SECSTATE Condi Rice. She's killing Israel, as is W and Sharon.
Have you read the President's Strategy For Victory In Iraq? 38 pages and very easy reading.
No, I don't have a problem with The Pentagon spying on suspicious domestic groups; no problem at all.
Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is going to partition Jerusalem, and give half to the stinking, filthy, murderous muslim-islamist-arab garbage? Nice job, Condi. Just one more reason why you're unfit to ever hold elected office, IMO.
Mentally-ill dirtbag, US Sen John "No Brain" McCain (TRAITOR-AZ), has just screwed America, once again as he did with the illegal CFR (Campaign Finance Reform Act), by giving rights to terrorists in his shitty bill, Interrogation Limits Act. I blame President Bush for not vetoing it, as he failed to do with the anti-US Constitution McCain-Feingold-CFR crap.
God Bless You, Ben Connable, in charge of all intellegence in Al-Anbar Province, for you are 0ne Of The Heroes Who Walk Among Us. As are all, who came before you. Thanks for the story, Chris.
I want The Truth, dammit!
End the "Anchior Babies" crap, Mr President! Get the damned illegal aliens out of My Country!
Stand Spokane Mayor, subhuman filth, James E. West (SODOMITE/HOMO/FAGGOT-WA) against a wall...
Steady-on, Jerry.
Faux-outrage: Republican House members disturbed that their former GOP colleague Randy "Duke" Cunningham will get to keep his pension despite pleading guilty to bribery want to pass a law to strip federal pensions from white-collar criminals. Puke alert!

Liberal-demokkkRAT Culture of Hypocrisy, Corruption & Treason™.
One of the lowest-life, cowardly, hate-America, traitorous, mentally-ill, alcoholic, left-wing asshole, dirtbag socialist-commies ever to disgrace America, ex-Minnesota US Sen and scumbag Eugene J. McCarthy, whose insurgent campaign toppled a sitting president in 1968 and forced the demokkkRAT Party to take seriously his message against the Vietnam War, died Saturday. He was 89. Good riddance and rot in hell, scumbag!
Traitorous, lying dirtbags like The Minnesota Daily's Nathan Paulsen can wallow in their own irrelevance gnawing on their own bile. Asshole.
US Sen John F(ucking) Kerry (TRAITOR-MA) blames Rush Limbaugh for his Iraq blooper. Funny stuff.
I spit on US Rep Jack Murtha (LIAR-PA), a senile, traitorous dirtbag.
Mentally-ill, Howard "The Coward" Dean, DNC chairman, just keeps digging the liberal-demokkkRATs' hole deeper and deeper. Here's the link to their "retreat and defeat" strategy. Worth watching, IMO.
Cowards, liars and lib-dem scumbags Harry Reid, Carl Levin and Jack Reed are truly invested in defeat.
Liberal-demokkkRATs giddy about chances in 2006? Bwahahahahahahahaha! Delusional dumbass filthies.
Corrupt, criminal US Rep Nazi Pelosi (TRAITOR-CA), things that the American People are paying a big price for the "Republican Culture of Corruption". Dumbass, lowlife, socialist, commie, fascist, nazi-Botox bitch. I urinate on you and your "kind", skank.
We see you, liberal-demokkkRAT media!

Lowlifes, Scumbags and Assorted Trash™. Bull-dyke, lesbo, alcoholic, drug-addicted skank,
Heather Fong is a festering, fetid, rotting-to-the-core, lowlife, alcoholic, drug-addicted, lesbo-bull-dyke, piece of gook dogshit. Get rid of the subhuman bitch!
only a lowlife, dirtbag, scum-sucking piece-of-shit would be attracted to a skank, STD-diseased, AIDS-riddled, alcoholic, mentally-ill, drug-addicted whore, like Paris Hilton, but apparently sodomite-homo Joe Moretti did, for his "Christmas" decorations. Hey, Joe: kill yourself, bag-of-ratguts asshole!
Jason Miller, a puerile, mentally-ill, sodomite-homo, drug addict, left-wing wacko dirtbag, alcoholic, hate-America, hate-Christian, lover of subhuman terrorist filth, hates both Christians, America and President Bush in one, badly-written article. Feh.
Scummy, lowlife, bottom-feeding trial lawyers are now after Big Soda, looking for more money. Kill all the filthy lawyers, and start over.
Get the stinking, filthy, dirtbag, wetback illegal Mexican garbage out of my country, dammit!
I boycott all Target, Barnes and Noble, Home Depot and Toys R Us stores, for banishing The Salvation Army from their locations. Target, Barnes and Noble, Home Depot and Toys R Us are shitscum, leftist, socialist, commie, nazi, fascist, racist filth.
Scotts Miracle-Gro Co, is a shitscum, substandard junk company whom I've stopped doing any business with. I regularly advise customers not to use their crappy products. Miracle-Gro is junk and I've never carried their shitty products. Scotts is primetime scum. Boycott them all.
The dirty, filthy, perverted homo-sodomite agenda is playing on the wide screen, in movie theaters across America: "Brokeback Mountain" is a shitty, little film which will be embraced by the queer-adoring scum in the media, and AIDS-riddled movie critics, and given plenty of awards. Makes me sick.
Pope Benedict XVI's full of crap: murderers are subhuman filth and deserve no respect, but richly deserve execution. And f*ck Europe, too.
If there's anyone, anyone who doesn't think the mentally-ill, bloated, fat, alcoholic, drug-addicted lowlife scumbag bitch, Cindy Sheehan isn't a "media whore", then look at this picture.
Four men were found fatally shot in a rap music studio in the basement of a Boston home, police said on Wednesday in the city's deadliest shooting in more than a decade. Hmmmm, good start. Only 2-3 million more cRapper scumbags to go.
No, I won't buy anymore Ford products ever again. They are closely aligned with the deviant, perverted homo-sodomite agenda. F*ck Ford Motor Co.
Nope, no more sympathy for NOLA or Katrina race hustlers, pimps, scumbags and assorted lowlifes. Stand up and take care of your pathetic, lowlife selves, like the rest of America does.
F*ck the US Conference of Catholic Bishops; they're ignorant assholes.
Sorry, no sympathy for Peter Terbush, a student at Western State College, in Gunnison, CO, who was climbing with two friends 240 feet above Curry Village, a combination of visitor cabins and duplexes, when he was killed by a falling rock in June 1999. He knew the dangers of his stupidity and got what was coming. F*ck his pathetic family's lawsuit. Case dismissed.
No, Coward Sperm isn't a freaking "pioneer"; he's a lowlife, wig-wearing, subhuman, alcoholic, drug-addicted, homo-sodomite dirtbag, like the Jerry Springer filth. The pathetic scum at pMSNBC can't get the facts straight, as usual.
Hey, Vicente Fox: STFU, asshole, wetback spic.
F*ck you, Fox wetback trash!
Just what the lowlife, subhuman, black garbage and white trash, welfare-addicted filth in NOLA need: another piece-of-shit like pretend moslem, pretend Rastafarian, but real honest-to-goodness felony ex-con, Black Panther faggot, cop-shooter, bigot, racist, race-baiter and criminal Katrina grifter — Malik Rahim (aka Donald Guyton).
Prime Minister Paul Martin, the most worthless piece-of-shit in the Western World, escalated a war of words with the United States on Wednesday, telling Washington not to dictate to him what topics he can raise in the run-up to Canada's January 23 election. Hey, Paul: BOOM! Buh-bye, asshole.
British Prime Minister Tony Blair said he "strongly" opposed the death penalty, but warned it was wrong to equate the human rights situtation in the US with that in countries such as China simply on the grounds of the number of executions carried out. STFU, Limey asshole! It's working real good in EU, isn't it, moron?

islam Is A Criminal, Terrorist Organization™.
If you think I've been too harsh on the muslim-islamics since 9-11, then watch this impaling video and the beheading videos (scroll down to them on the left), and judge for yourself. All courtesy of the horror which is islam. Go ahead; I'll wait. Any questions?
No, I don't recommend harming or killing any innocent muslims, but, as all the islamics I've ever met, want you and me dead, so they can establish their perverted, demented, deviant, murderous islamic caliphate (dictatorship) over the USA, I'd have to conclude there aren't any moderate muslims. I do recommend killing all murderous islamic-muslim terrorists, by the tens-of-millions, wherever you find them cowering under slimy, pigshit-coated rocks, waiting in ambush to rape and kill innocent women and children. Remember: islamics/ islamists want to kill you and me; muslims just want us all Infidels, dead. Got it?
islam is not a race. islam is a terrorist movement bent on subjugating the entire world through rape, murder, theft and intimidation. All muslims are a part of this movement regardless of whether they are active participants in bloodletting. muslims support ALL other muslims financially, socially and emotionally in any activity that furthers the spread of islam and the destruction of all other religions.
I do recommend killing the verminous, pisghit-gulping, muslim-islamist Paki filth, who think they're entitled to rape the "promiscuous" teenage girls. Kill the eldest of four Pakistani gang rapist brothers, MSK, 27, and his subhuman filth brothers, MAK, 25, MRK, 21, and MMK, 19 — who cannot be named for legal reasons — are serving between 10 and 22 years for raping two girls in 2002. All except MRK are yet to be sentenced for several other rapes. Kill them all; screw naming the pigshit family trash. I hope they all get gang-raped and killed in prison. Kill them all.
Rabei Osman Sayed Ahmed, a 34-year-old Egyptian subhuman piece of pigshit filth, needs killing, for this atrocity. I would gladly pullm my trigger and KILL the muslim-islamic trash filth. KILL HIM!
Arabs looking inward? When the murderous muslims, islamics and arabs reform and quit their atrocities on innocents around the world, I'll take down everything derogatory I've said about them and their criminal cult of death, over the past 4+ years. But not until then. I'm not holding my breath in anticipation, anytime soon.
muslims condemning terrorism? Bullshit. Refer to previous paragraph.

Some People Just Need Killing™.
Well, that's it for the subhuman, murderous filth, Stanley "Tookie" Williams; he's finally dead, since the 1979 shotgun slaughter of 4 innocents. And good riddance, rot in hell, to the racist, sambo piece-of-shit. Made my week! Thank you, Governor Schwarzenegger, for allowing Justice to proceed. I take great pleasure, joy, happiness and satisfaction in the death of this murderous POS! He's not a black man; he's a murderous, subhuman POS! F*ck you, dirtbag lib-dem Farrell filth; do America a favor and DIE, scumbag! The Mumia-POS'S next, asshole. Die screaming, sambo bitches!
A "stateman's funeral" for Tookie-The-Dead-Bitch? Sure, lay him out in his tuxedo and coffin, and we'll all urinate and defecate on him and fill up the box. He deserves it in spades. He was and still is s-h-i-t!
Who cares? Kill all the Christian Peacemaker Teams aid workers; they're non-Christian, anti-American, hate-US Military, subhuman garbage, leftist dirtbag, leftist scum-sucking filth and richly deserve beheading. I want a copy of the video; call me when it's ready for sale
No, I'm not totally heartless. I welcome Robert Clark's release from prison, based upon DNA evidence that he's innocent.
Yes, sodomite-homo-faggot-pedophile, Gary Glitter, needs killing for his child molestations. Any questions, lib-dem trash?
Track down, and summarily kill all of the murderous, subhuman filth and garbage that are MS-13 street gangs. No trials; just kill them. They're lowlife garbage and need immediate and final killing. A bullet behind the ear, is quite appropriate. Get this filth out of my Country, dammit! Or I'll find them and kill them, DHS.
Subhuman dirtbag, Clarence Ray Allen, 75, needs killing on Jan 17th, is guilty of commissioning three murders in Fresno from his prison cell in 1980 while serving a life term for ordering another murder. Kill the filth!
Thank you, Mississippi, for ridding Humanity of subhuman, murderous filth like John B. Nixon Sr. Where was shit-for-brains, lowlife dirtbag Mike Farrell, Jesse Hi-Jack-scum et al and the other asswipe, murderer-supporting, liberal-demokkkRAT garbage on this White Guy's execution? Huh? Nowhere to be found, that's where.

Coit Tower™.
Standing 180 feet above San Francisco's Telegraph Hill, Coit Tower is as recognizable a landmark as the famed Golden Gate Bridge. Still, tourists and residents alike may be surprised to know the vistas within the tower are just as impressive as the views from atop. Back in 1934, as part of the federal government's Public Works of Art project, 26 artists adorned the first two floors of Coit Tower with expansive fresco murals offering a view into San Fran-freako's people, industry, and landscape. Even if a trip to the Golden Gate isn't in your near future, you can take a gander at the impressive layout of murals and even the exterior gardens through the site's panoramic photos. Nuke it, and all of San-Fran-sicko.

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