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repeating myself
Friday, December 17, 2004

The country is slowly and finally waking-up to an impending disaster, from which we cannot escape: the imminent collapse of the so-called "sacrosanct" Social Security Incorporated system. I called your attention to it in October, 2002. An $11 TRILLION deficit will occur in 2018, when tens-of-million of us so-called Boomers begin retiring en masse. The US Economy will collapse, if sound fixes aren't instituted, now. Liberal-demokkkRAT idiots like US Sen Harry Reid (MORON-NV) think it's the "most successful social program in the history of the world", and that fixes aren't needed. There is NO Lock Box, America. AlGoreBore and all the other scumbags, lied. Politicians on both sides of the corrupt aisle — demokkkRATs, liberals, GOPers and Conservatives — have spent the trillions we've worked for, for our coming retirement, on crap, trash and endless government pork. Legions of articles are being written, and phalanxes of fixes are being posited. Me? Personally, I favor the Chilean Retirement System, but even that route has its own minor set of built-in problems, though nothing to compare to what's going to happen to SSI in 15-20 years. What's worse is that we don't do something, and quickly. Fortunately, President George W Bush, does. But I'm afraid what W&Co does, won't be enough to get it done. Time will tell.

Around The Garden Center©.
It rained hard both days, last Thursday and Friday — almost 1.5" — and my multi-billion gallon retention ponds began overflowing by Saturday morning, as I arrived at the GC&N Complex, at 10am. On the bright side: at least the rain wasn't snow or ice.
On Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings, I watched "The Lord of The Rings" trilogy, on TNT-CATV. Great special effects, but I didn't follow the story very well. I guess I just don't understand so many peoples' fascination with Hobbits and such.
I got a Christmas Cardfrom President George & Mrs Bush, this year, nicely signed.
Much colder weather and snow squalls moved through on Monday and Tuesday. Last year at this time, we had 7-8" of snow and temps were in the 20°Fs. Very mild so far, comparatively speaking.
No Safeways here in Pennsylvania, but everything is closed on Christmas Day, here in the York area. Everything. Hells bells, I didn't know that Christmas Day is the deadliest day of the year, did you?
If true, this coming bird flu pandemic will be a very bad thing. Better stock up on some Smith Bros® Cough Drops.
Why not send some socks and gloves to our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq? I sent 4 sets last evening.
Hum along and click a deer.

Want to see which national companies supported Republicans and which ones supported demokkkRATs? Here's a liberal-demokkkRAT site which breaks it down.
Anyone not believing that The Bush Doctrine is working, should read this article. It's working, bigtime.
US Sen Zell Miller (DConservative-GA) would be a welcome addition to the GOP, but since he's retiring in '05, it's a moot point.
Excellent article on why God does not appear in The US Constitution.
Even though it's a lib-dem "blue voter" website, it lays out the national companies who support Conservative candidates.
Do you remember what happened last Wednesday, December 8th, 2004? It was huge and the media ignored it.

Liberal-demokkkRAT Trash™.
If there was ever any doubt that liberals and demokkkRATs systematically kept blacks in inferior schools, dilapidated housing and denying them equal access to public accommodations, and still do today, retiring redneck and KKK member, US Sen Fritz Hollings (D-SC) revealed in an interview. Today, the bigoted, racist, race-pimps, Jackson and Sharpton are doing the lib-dems' bidding.
NBC News has refused to apologize to Christians maligned by "Today" show host Katie Couric's insinuation that biblical teachings on homosexuality in part prompted the 1998 murder of gay homo teenager, Matthew Shepard. Katie "Colon" Couric-Bitch can't handle the Truth. She's a two-bit, liberal-demokkkRAT-socialist-commie-whorebag-nazi-fascist-slutfilth-carpet-muncher-lesbo-bull-dyke. Couric is subhuman puke.
Want a good laugh? Visit F*ck The South, but you'd better disinfect your browser after leaving.
Maureen Dowd, un-laid and never-sexed sterile liberal-demokkkRAT bitch of the NY Slimes, needs some serious hormone replace therapy (HRT), in leiu of sex. Her "Mr Wiggly" just isn't doing the job, despite being hooked into 220v current, with a 7-speed power-head switch. Poor Mo'.
Liberal-progressive-demokkkRAT-socialist-commie-nazi-fascist-dwarf scumbag punk, Lancaster City City Councilman Nelson Polite (ASSHOLE-PA), whines and whines and whines. Get over it, moron.
Owned by a bunch of liberal-demokkkRAT filth, the DNC limps along.
Goodbye and good riddance, NPR lib-dem disgraced dirtbag Billy Bob Moyers.
Yes, US Sen Harry Reid (RACIST-NV) is a bigoted scumbag; we have him completely figured out. Just as liberals are the most racist, bigoted subhuman filth I've ever encountered.
The crazies are running the DNC, now. Watch the lunacy to come.
A former Claremont McKenna College psychology professor convicted of falsely reporting her car was vandalized and spray-painted with racist and anti-Semitic slurs was sentenced Wednesday to a year in state prison. Kerri Dunn, 40, of Redlands, was convicted Aug. 18 of one misdemeanor count of filing a false police report and two felony counts of attempted insurance fraud stemming from the March 9 incident. She had faced anywhere from probation to three years in prison.
Even lowlife, subhuman, shit-for-brains, potty-mouthed Chevy Chase, liberal-demokkkRAT, socialist, commie, nazi, fascist, turd-boy, weighs-in, about President Bush. Chase is abject, untalented garbage.

islam, The Cult of Evil™.
Watch out for "white al Queerda terrorists" to start chaos and mayhem here in America? Yes, it's very possible.
Moderate muslims? No such thing. Period.
Iran is the next target, after we get Iraq under control. Count on it.
Awwwwwwwwww, the US is unfair to muslims? Then move, subhuman islamic pigshit filth!

Lowlife, Subhuman Filth™.
Here's a laugh: criminal son-of-a-bitch Kojo Annan denies he's involved in kickbacks and paybacks in the UN Oil-for-Food Scandal. He clearly is; investigations readily show it. Lying scumbag.
Gays Homos divorcing, just like normal people? I'm shocked.
The ACLU — The Enemy Within™ — is suing the nearby Dover School District over the teaching of "intelligent design", in school.
Zimbabwe's ruling Zanu-PF party's central committee apparently has decided to confiscate all remaining farms still owned by white farmers, reported the Zimbabwean website, Zimonline, on Monday. About 500 farms out of the initial 4 500 are still in white hands. Let the subhuman filth starve to death; move, white farmers!

Some People Just Need Killing™.
All traitors and military deserters should be duly charged, tried, convicted, sentenced and executed. Dirtbag, pigshitfilth muslim, disgraced ex-Marine Cpl, Wassef Ali Hassoun, needs killing.
Yes, Scott Peterson got the death penalty sentence on Monday, and I truly want whomever killed his wife and unborn son to die for that crime, but he was convicted and sentenced to death under 100% circumstantial evidence; nothing concrete or directly witnessed. That bothers me.

On screenshotthe way to the information superhighway, few things have changed as dramatically as the computer interface — those pointers, file folders, and hourglasses that appear on your monitor whenever you start your PC or Mac. Whether you're a diehard geek or casual computer user, this history of the GUI (affectionately pronounced gooey) is impressive in its scope. But mostly, it's a hoot to look back on the ancestral lineage of today's Microsoft Word, including some rather rudimentary Windows 1.01 office applications. Early interfaces for Amigas, Apples, and Acorn Archimedes — groundbreaking for their time — have a certain quaint charm now. The gallery of magazine ads shows just how far manufacturers have come in designing and flogging their wares. So, take this exit ramp off the information superhighway onto the GUI back-country lane.

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