merry christmas!

Friday, December 22, 2000

despite all you've read over the past 5 years and in over 260 entries in John's Journal so far, I still believe in the spirit of Christmas and Santa Claus. I loathe despise hate the actual grossly-commercialized Holiday and its run-up shopping days, but I digress. This year, I was kinda hoping Santa would deliver a rampant case of deadly Ebola Virus to all the AlGoreBoreFilth who put this Nation through the most convoluted, politically-hijacked and longest General Election 2000 From Hell That Almost Didn't End, in our Nation's history. One thing this election has taught me is that there are Conservatives and there are liberals and the twain should never meet. We are completely and utterly different and there is no connection between us. Why pretend that there is, just for the sake of soothing down the liberals' feelings? Don't be fooled by AlGoreBore's bonhomie in his speech. It was a mildly-gracious speech, and that's as much as I'm prepared to give him. Please remind yourself, if you find yourself thinking "Oh, what the hell; we can all be friends. Here it is, the Holiday Season when we're all supposed to be thinking about peace on earth and goodwill toward men. Let's cut the DemocRATs some slack" that this is the same piece of shit who ruthlessly tried to steal the election because he was so convinced that we, as Conservatives, were so weak and politically sleepy that we'd do no more than murmur "Just wash the sink out with Clorox when you leave, Bill" before we turned back over and tucked the blankets under our chins. Okay, okay, I'll try to "season" that with a more sincere wish in light of the Christmas Tradition. Here's hoping Santa takes a liquid dump down the VPs residence chimney (long before Cheney moves in), in lieu of the stocking full of coal. Nah, I still like the concept of the Ebola Virus being directly delivered in sufficient quantity to the lib-democRAT slime. To vividly see the blood ooze from their every pore, as their internal organs liquefy and they die in horrific and indescribable pain, would indeed make my Christmas a jolly one; I'd be dancing in the streets, fellow Conservatives. If Santa could pull that one off, I'd forego that new Lionel® Train Set, Radio Flyer® Red Wagon and Daisy® BB Rifle in a heartbeat. Yo Ho Ho!

Around The Garden Center.
Last Thursday's Major Ice Storm brought a lot of damage to Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey. Thousands of trees went down on power lines, blacked-out whole areas and towns and crews are still working on repairs 2-3 days afterward. Fortunately, neither my condo or business were affected, but some of the larger trees on the property suffered ice damage and we pruned them out immediately after the storm. Several customers called with uprooted trees and I sent landscape crews out to repair the damage. It rained all weekend final tally was 3.7" but with the ground already frozen, the moisture merely ran-off into surrounding streams and reservoirs; very little actually made it back into the ground. Needless to say, Flash Flood Warnings were posted locally and many streams and creeks did overflow; I drove through a couple of flooded roads and by dozens of flattened Bradford Pears on the way into work, Sunday morning, to feed Pickles and do some paperwork.
A sad note just a week or so before Christmas: the same storms which brought us torrential rain and thunderstorms, spawned tornadoes which caused widespread death and destruction in an Alabama trailer park for people who didn't have much to begin with and who now have nothing left. 12 dead and scores injured. Everything lost. I'm still combing web articles to find an address to contribute some money to the agencies aiding them.
Having Sundays off until March 1st, we're open Monday through Saturday 10am - 5pm is a real pleasure. Lots of time to sleep in, do some serious roasting, make stews and soups, work on changes, and do as little as I can get away with, is nice. I've even thought about going back to church, after all these years of disillusionment with organized religion. Well, maybe not just yet; I'm gonna have to think about that one some more.
Looks like it's gonna be a long, cold Winter in many areas of the US, for a lot of folks. I'm purposely keeping the temps lowered in my condo and at work to conserve gas.
Another of the many (x 10th power) reasons I don't fly anymore: a suicide-prone pilot who wanted "lots of company". Wheeeew, what a ride the last 30secs must have been! I can't even imagine the horror each passenger went through before they died so violently.
Bravo! Using a natural resource like Christmas Tree Branches to replenish the coastline is wonderful. I like recycling stuff, but I hate to see 80,000 trees cut in one state alone. It's such a waste. They'd have been much better off as live Christmas trees, replanted by the buyers and grown-on to maturity on their properties.
Gas prices have settled in at around $1.46.9/ gal (89oct) in the York (PA) area, with unleaded regular at $1.36.9/ gal (87oct). I've even seen it at some of the so-called high-volume "super stations" for $1.29.9/ gal, but my Jeep Grand Cherokee V8 LTD likes to sip the better 89 octane brew, and I refuse to "retard" the ignition to save a few pennies vs performance.
Winter's here. On Tuesday, we got our first snow of the season; they'd originally forecast 1-3", but the reality was more like 5-6". I sent the landscape crews home early at 2pm after completing the final job of 2000, closed the Garden Center down and left Pickles in charge. By 9am Wednesday, I was on my way to the complex to do some plowing and shovelling, with more snow in the forecast for Thursday and Friday. Wind chill was about -15°F. Gaaaawd, I'm getting too old for this snow plowing and shovelling shit.
I took Thursday off; did some food shopping, condo chores, website work (2001 prep), and roasting and baking in preparation for the upcoming Christmas and New Year's Eve parties I'm headed for. See you on the "other side" of 2000!

No Crisis.
Now that the election is over, let's get a grip. It's fine to be angry, bitter and disgusted if you're a whining, bed-wetting, hang-wringing liberal and so choose. But try to keep some perspective.
The battle over the presidency since Nov. 7 never qualified as a "crisis," by any historical measure or as "chaos", as some liberal magazine covers would have us believe. No person or institution of government, as far as we know now, defied or broke the law. If you think someone "stole" the election, prove it.
And I don't see a crisis of "legitimacy" for the U.S. Supreme Court, as many liberal media commentators have claimed. Illegitimacy a matter of malleable definition, to be sure would seem to require something more than wrong or poorly reasoned or unprecedented decisions, something more than the partisan motives ascribed to the court by some of its critics.
Was the court empowered to do what it did? Of course it was, notwithstanding the fact that the result helped give Bush the presidency. The court was also empowered to desegregate schools, to require "one-person, one-vote" apportionment and to strike down state laws banning abortion. The shock expressed by partisan critics, their portrayal of a once-pristine court now forever sullied, drips with irony. Liberals counted on, and exploited, ideologically predictable court voting patterns for decades, from the Warren Court through the early Burger Court, to advance their agenda. Only when the majority has the "wrong" ideology do we hear of illegitimacy. Weren't these the same people who wagged their fingers at Bush spokespeople for daring to accuse the Florida Supreme Court of partisanship?
If the worst that can be said of the events since Election Day 2000 is that people, even justices, engaged in partisan or self-interested conduct, and that not everything was "fair and square," then the Constitution is safe and sound.
This was a quintessentially Constitutional moment. Just about everyone and every institution involved from the lowest courts in Florida to the highest court in the land, from the state legislature to the presidential contestants themselves comported themselves as the Framers of the Constitution had anticipated.
To achieve Constitutional equilibrium, James Madison wrote in the Federalist in 1788, "Ambition must be made to counteract ambition." No one then relied on anyone now or ever doing the statesmanlike thing. The Framers assumed that all might act improperly, that men and institutions were corruptible and corrupted. They had no hope of changing human nature, so they sought to exploit it and control it. Checks and balances were the Framers' way of fashioning legitimacy for the system out of the illegitimate acts that, inevitably, men and institutions would engage in.
Consider, for example, the process of choosing our president. They could have made it simple by confining the electoral authority in one place. Instead they spread it around to the House of Representatives, the Senate, the electoral college and the state legislatures, which in turn have delegated functions to innumerable functionaries. (Interestingly, the Founding Fathers did not delegate any role to the people. The popular vote came much later, courtesy of the state legislatures.)
The federal judiciary gets into the act via the same route it gets into so many other issues, through Article III of the Constitution, which extends the Supreme Court's power "to all cases, in Law and Equity, arising under this Constitution, the laws of the United States..."
Now that's a lot of people and a lot of government bodies with a role to play in presidential selection. And that's why the struggle for the presidency just concluded must have set some sort of record for consecutive and repetitive checks and balances in a single match.
This separation and division of powers was not an act of perverseness. It reflected assumptions about not only human nature, but political nature. It would be nice if men were "angels," Madison wrote. But they're not. They're selfish and self-interested. And that, he added, is why government is necessary.
As Madison saw it, the only certain way to ensure that one self-interested faction can't seize control of the whole apparatus is to pit it against other self-interested factions, actually encouraging them to behave, well, in a self-interested manner.
Here's the famous passage from "Federalist No. 51": "The great security against a gradual concentration of the several powers in the same department, consists in giving to those who administer each department the necessary constitutional means and personal motives to resist encroachments of the others. Ambition must be made to counteract ambition. The interest of the man must be connected with the constitutional rights of the place. It may be a reflection on human nature, that such devices should be necessary to control the abuses of government. But what is government itself, but the greatest of all reflections on human nature?"
"Personal motives." "Attack." Ambition versus ambition.
The Florida combatants did not disappoint. Let's strip down that battle to its essence: The question of "who wins" the presidency ultimately became a fight over "who decides" the state legislature, the Congress or the courts. "The interest of the man" did indeed get connected with the "constitutional rights of the place."
Arguably, all the parties to the controversy the courts, the legislature, the Florida secretary of state, certainly the candidates had a duty, not merely a right, to defend their prerogatives, even for self-interested reasons.
It wasn't pretty. Maybe it wasn't fair. But it wasn't illegitimate.
What is real illegitimacy anyway? It's the exercise of unauthorized power, extra-constitutional (not unconstitutional) behavior, defiance.
We know it when we see it, and in our history, we've seen it. We've seen governors standing in schoolhouse doors in defiance of court ordered desegregation; we've seen secession by the states of the South. Had Nixon refused to turn over the Watergate tapes after the U.S. Supreme Court rejected his plea for executive privilege, we would have seen it again. That would have been extra-constitutional and he, as president, would have been illegitimate.
Those were crises. The vote-counting drama that began unfolding on the night of Nov. 7 was merely a delay in the selection of the president. Undoubtedly, those offended by either the outcome of the election or the way in which the outcome was achieved will have less confidence in those who made it happen.
The best evidence that legitimacy lives, however, came last week.
After 37 days of fussing, feuding, shouting and battling, when the Supreme Court ruled, all of that stopped. It stopped not because the court has the last word on the presidency. Congress has the last word. It ceased because Gore had no avenues left to pursue except defiance, or the appearance of defiance.
He and his supporters understood the consequences of that route.
That would have provoked crisis.

Liberal DemocRAT Dogshit.
No, it's not Bye Bye Bill; it's good riddance you criminal traitorous socialist scumbag! No one I know with any morals or scruples is gonna miss that lying piece of shit, or his lowlife criminal bitch wife or his dog-faced pig slime wannabe-porno bitch daughter.
First, the arrogant lowlife Hitlery Bitch stiffed a waitress for a $10 tip, at a diner in New York State; now her lying moron criminal husband stiffs a pub owner in England for about $37. They're both scum. If they came into my Garden Center for any reason, I'd throw their criminal asses out, along with the scummy entourage. No shit.
It's started. Hitlery Rotten Clintoon is selling her Chappaqua house, merely bought to establish residency and dupe the New York state voter idiots into believing she "cared" and refurbished with US Taxpayers' monies, and will be moving to DC. Hey New Yorkers: that arrogant criminal bitch you elected to a 6 year term as US Senator, just f*cked you with a two-by-four. How foes it feel, stupid morons? Get used to it; she'll be f*cking you people for years to come.
The whiny South Florida blacks are angry about GWBush's legit win over GoreBoreLiar. Awww gee, too f*cking bad. They're either too stupid to correctly handle the balloting process, or can't read English to save their miserable lives and can only remember how to sign the unemployment check stub receipt. Go on back to that shithole Africa, scumbags, if you don't like it here. We surely won't miss your lazy whining asses.
The f*cked-up Florida Supreme Court finally understood their Constitutional responsibilities: dismiss the idiot AlGoreBoreLiar's lawsuit against "uncounted votes". What horseshit. Seven stupid f*cking sons-daughters of bitches finally got it, after the US Supreme Court cut their balls off. Morons.
Read the Daily Diary of Lib-Dem-shit Election Garbage. Or...
AlGoreBoreLiarCriminalPieceOfshit in "good spirits"? Aw geee whiz; too bad. I was kinda hoping he'd be so depressed that he'd commit suicide for all his crimes. Too damned bad.
Once again taking credit for the GOP-led '94 move to get people off of welfare and onto workfare, the democRATs slimed their ugly way to a newsspot on CNN (Clintoon New Network). Pathetic scum, all.
The slimy piece of liberal democRAT shitfilth Mario "The Closet Homo" Cuomo has reared his ugly head again; this time trying to get Electors in the Electoral College to change their pledged votes for W, and re-vote for GoreBoreLoserLowlifeCriminalScumbag. Cuomo "The Closet Homo" needs a good case of terminal AIDS.
With the exception of the Conservative InterNet New Media, this is one of the few papers to tell the truth about the stinking Clintoonites; bravo Scotland!
Another example of the out of control, f*cked-up government: suing legal industries like tobacco to "recoup the costs" of what stupid people do. The lowlife lib-dem shithole city of Philadelphia still mistakenly believes that only guns whack people, and that people have nothing to do with that act and are purely victims. Fortunately, a wise judge told the city to piss-off, and dismissed the case. What's next? Suing carmakers for injuries and fatalities? Suing food manufacturers for high blood pressure and cholesterol and obesity? Where does it end?

Scumbags and Lowlifes.
I've said for years that Muslims are murderous subhuman filth and that Islam is a dogshit religion. Here's more proof of the hatred those ignorant sand idiots have for the West. Why we don't obliterate all of the Arab-Muslim filth and cleanse that part of the World, is beyond me.
With a category like "Scumbags and Lowlifes", how can I forget about the lowlife, subhuman, race-baiting bigot idiot Irrev Jesse "Hymietown" Jack-scum-bag? He's still lying to Blacks, making millions from shaking down stupid White Trash companies (Texaco, Burger King etc) who believe his stinking lies, and polarizing the races so he's still got a "job" in the Race Industry he and Irrev Fat Al "interloper Jew scum" Sharp-scum created, years ago. That those two idiots can keep it alive so long is truly amazing. Where's James Earl Ray & Co when the Nation really needs him?
Here's a subhuman lowlife who truly needs a bullet in the head: Bobbie "racist pigf*cker" Mugabe of Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), exhorting his stupid idiot followers to whack Whites, who built and developed the shithole country. Why the Whites don't leave en masse and let the entire subhuman continent totally collapse into anarchy, chaos, AIDS and death, is most baffling to me. There's nothing there worth saving, except the indigenous exotic animals. Even his so-called Supreme Court has ruled against his highly-illegal acts, twice, but that doesn't seem to matter to the idiot filth.
Are you f*cking kidding me? A $1million settlement for a mentally-ill homeless woman's death who threatened police with a screwdriver? Out-f*cking-rageous! The filthy bitch wasn't worth 10cents; society's better off without the scumbag. Just goes to show everyone how f*cked up LA is. Read the rest of the story about the $32million they've paid out to settle lawsuits. If I was mayor, I'd tell the ambulance-chasing shyster scumbag lawyers to go f*ck themselves; the bleeding heart lib-dem scumbag courts, too. f*ck 'em all.
Huh? Stinking, filthy towel-headed Muslim scumf*cker sand idiots let out of prison? They're all terrorists; execute them secretly with 9mm hollow-point loads and dump the beheaded carcasses into landfills, where is Islam shit-scum belong. f*ck the Allah homo.
Want to read some sickening and disgusting things which are being "taught" in our public schools now? Sex between homo filth and lesbian lowlifes is being "taught" to 15-16-17 year old children, in the name of "education for safe sex" by degenerate liberal garbage, intent on pushing a queer agenda. I'd enjoy walking into that so-called classroom with my 9mm Glock and executing the filth; no normal jury in the world would convict me.
Perhaps a bigger liar and cover-up artist than even BJ Clintoon, NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) Chairman and GoreBore-appointee from Tennessee, Jim Hall, is quitting. He oversaw the cover-up of the shoot-down of TWA Flight 800 in July '96, along with the other liar and criminal from the once-vaunted FBI, Jim Kallstrom. So much for faith in our government.
Un-f*cking-believable. The medical establishment has been prescribing a cancer causing drug steroidal estrogen to "relieve symptoms" of menopause, for decades. Well sure, it "relieves" those symptoms; it substitutes cancer in its place! f*cking A! What gives with the doctor industry?
When are the Scouts going to stand up to this wacko homo filth and drag the rump-raiding, fudge-packing lowlifes into court and sue them for discrimination? If it would go to the US Supreme Court, they'd win and the queer shit would once again be back in the darkened closets where they belong.
Oh boy, here we go again with that "reparations" shit for black slaves. And wouldn't you know that the wackos in California would lead the way with a f*cked-up "law", requiring disclosure of events over 150 years ago.

Richly Deserving Death.
Wow, my dream job: to head up the Execution Team in Huntsville, TX, the Nation's busiest Death Chamber.
This is what I truly enjoy hearing about: criminals Killing other criminals, so the Legal System doesn't have to waste time and money on such subhuman filth. Too bad the shooter's gun jammed when he was ready to whack himself now we'll have to deal with that lowlife in the courts but at least he wasted the other two slimeballs.
A lowlife injun redskin slimeball lowlife who executed two young FBI Agents is being considered for a pardon from the Liar-In-Chief? I can't f*cking believe even a lowlife scumbag like Bubba Jeffy Clintoon would do something as stupid as that, but one never knows with a lying criminal like him. The stinking redskin murderer deserves to be executed for his crimes; he's dogshit.
Read about how f*cked-up the lowlife Europeans are when it comes to the wonderful death penalty. Their prisons are overflowing with murderers who are then released and commit more murders. Stupid f*cking people, the Europeans.
I hate whining liberal shitfilth second-guessing the legal process after someone's been executed. I'd much rather one innocent man executed than see 10 guilty set free. To make omlets, you gotta break some eggs. What surprises me is that since 1976, when the glorious death penalty was re-instated by the US Supreme Court, a paltry 682 have been executed. I know there's 3.700+ on death row; why the f*ck aren't they dead, too? Keeping that subhuman filth alive at $70,000 per year per scumbag, is a horrific waste of US Taxpayer's monies.
Well well well, King Kofi Annan, the UNs head idiot boy, is out championing the cause of "no execution". Lessee, most crimes are committed by either idiots or illegal aliens or muslim-filth, so of course he'd want the execution of that subhuman filth stopped. If it were Whites doing the crimes, not a peep would be heard from that scumbag. Natch.
Thank you Arkansas, for making my week a happy and joyous one. Why? Arkansas executed a lowlife subhuman piece of shit who was convicted and sentenced to death in 1990 for bludgeoning to death a 67-year-old security guard, at Little Rock. Bravo. Only 3,700+ more lowlifes to go until death row is cleaned out.
Hmmmm, a former Massachusetts mental patient, kidnapped a local Great Falls, Montana, 10 year old boy and raped him, then whacked the boy, butchered his body and disposed of it in meals he served to unsuspecting neighbors dishes such as "little boy stew," "little boy pot pies" and "lunch is served on the patio with roasted child". A history of child molestation going back 25+ years, but he was released several times as "not being dangerous" by liberal judges. My question to the US Legal Sysytem: why the f*ck is a subhuman piece of filth even allowed out of prison? Why wasn't he executed while incarcerated? Oh, don't answer me; direct your liberal scumbag answers to the child's mother.

The Darwin Awards.
Though it's been around awhile, The Darwin Awards salute those who have improved the human gene pool by removing themselves from it by means of stupidity. One of this year's nominees is a Cambodian man of 53 who accepted a challenge to stand under a hornets' nest while his neighbors pelted it with stones. He expired after being stung innumerable times. Visitors to the site vote to determine the winner and a runner-up. A 1999 nominee unbelievably, who didn't even make it as a runner-up, was a man who died after he climbed out of a car onto the roof while careening down a highway in a gale. He fell off. It turned out he'd been arguing with his girlfriend. (One of the '99 winners: three men in a bar who were blown to bits when they stomped on an unexploded antitank mine in a macho game of Russian roulette. What is it with guys? I could think of a few people to "wishfully" add to this genre of morons.

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