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Once Upon A Time,
When America Had Christmas

Friday, December 23, 2005

Merry Christmas!

it's December 2030, and I’m shopping with my grandson in a mall in northern Virginia. We’ve purchased a gift for a relative. “Gift wrap?” inquired the clerk. “Yes, thanks.” “Happy Chanukah, Merry Kwanzaa, or Ramadan Greetings?” I frowned. The clerk whispered, “Listen, I think there may still be a few rolls of Christmas wrap in the back if you want…” My grandson looked up at me and asked, “Why is the man whispering, Grandpa?” The clerk leaned over the counter: “The store’s Diversity Regulations stipulate that we’re no longer permitted to offer anything saying ‘Christmas.’” “Grandpa,” David asked, “when did the stores stop offering Christmas paper?” “I’m not exactly sure,” I replied, “but I do remember that already back in 2005 stores like Kohl’s and Target no longer allowed their employees to say ‘Merry Christmas.’ Now even schools are forbidden to print the word ‘Christmas’ on their calendars in the December 25th box.” “But, Grandpa, the President still lights the National Fern!” “Yes, David, and it was once the National Christmas Tree. But there were these very powerful and well-moneyed groups such as the ACLU that for over 50 years relentlessly tried to remove anything of Christmas from American public life and social discourse. Then there was this other group, the ADL, which claimed to be fighting bigotry, but really appeared to be promoting bigotry against Christians and people with political views the ADL didn’t like. Anyway, by the time 2005 had arrived, most American people no longer had the conviction and mettle of the people who founded this nation in the 18th century.” “Why not, Grandpa?” “Well, believe it or not, they simply were worn down by constantly being called names like anti-Semite, Islamophobe, racist, or homophobe.” “You mean, people 50 years ago were so scared that they’d allow their country to be taken from them rather than be called a name? I thought sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me!” “Well, there was another factor at work. Back then we called it ‘political correctness.’ If you spoke out against the ACLU, you were called ‘intolerant.’ If you cherished our American freedoms and were patriotic, you were ‘reactionary.’ If you were revolted by the in-your-face perversions of the day, you were ‘unsophisticated.’ If you believed in right and wrong, your thinking was ‘un-nuanced.’ “Some of the people who stood up against the ACLU,” I continued, “were called Conservatives. In those days, you weren’t welcomed in ‘progressive’ circles if you were a Conservative. You didn’t get those high-paying jobs in the media, Hollywood, or in the University. In fact, if they knew you were Conservative, you could even lose your job — and, if you wanted to keep your job, you had to undergo diversity training at Sensitivity Sessions and mouth the appropriate platitudes and apologies, even against your own conscience.” “How did the ACLU control everybody?” David asked. “You see, they insisted that any references to Christmas and Christianity were ‘offensive’ to some people.” “Were the Christians trying to impose their religion on everybody?” “Heavens, no, David. But when Christians wanted simply to express themselves as other groups did, they were accused of having a hidden agenda of ‘Christianizing’ America. Black ‘pride,’ Jewish ‘pride,’ Islamic and Hispanic ‘pride’ were considered social goods and ‘diversity,’ but Christian-expression was considered a symptom of concealed anti-Semitism, racism, Islamophobia, and even American imperialism!” “Grandpa, how did you feel when someone wished you Merry Christmas?” “I felt fine being on the receiving end of good wishes and that person’s desire to include me in his season of joy. Besides, it was the gracious thing to do. Then along came the Left and they politicized every harmless and gentle aspect of everyday life, rendering almost anything any normal person said as somehow ‘insensitive’ to some person or group. They took regular daily life which had been sweet and turned it into a political brawl. They made fair-minded Americans self-conscious of every word, and relations between people strained and bitter. They busy-bodied into everything private and personal. And out of a desire to be considered ‘inclusive,’ Christians allowed their Christianity to be rubbed out from the public sphere.” “Just so they could be called ‘nice’ by a bunch of bullies, Grandpa?” “Yes, because unbeknownst to our good-willed Christian friends, the ACLU and its fanatical left-wing collaborators were zealously engaged in a deliberate plan to expunge Christianity from America, all the while pretending that their intent was simply to have a more inclusive America and not offend non-Christians.” “So Grandpa, I guess American Christians were suckers.” “I’m afraid so.” As we walked around, I noticed how quiet and gloomy the store was, and remembered back to the days when every department, resplendent with colorful decorations and Christmas music, was almost bursting with shoppers. “Grandpa, if the ACLU and ADL were against religion, why did they want religious symbols for Moslem-Americans and Jewish-Americans and African-Americans?” “Well, David, that’s the dark little secret that only your Grandpa and a few others knew. These people weren’t anti-religious as much as they were anti-Christian: anti-the majority religion that made America, America. They weren’t against Allah or African gods. They hated the Christian God. Many simply despised Christians of Faith, hated them as people.” “Isn’t that hatred, too?” “Yes, indeed, 100% bigotry. But the bigotries of the Left, and those of minorities, were called ‘tolerance.’ Whatever they said, in those days, was considered the moral high ground, the law. Whomever they supported, even brutal dictators like Fidel Castro, was considered enlightened.” “So Grandpa, if you knew what the real goals were of the ACLU and ADL, why didn’t you speak up, then?” “I did, as did others, but so few would listen. If only they could have realized that failure to act would bring about even greater curtailment of their rights and complete demolition of our great American civilization.” “Grandpa, who were the people who made up the ACLU?” “Well, sadly some of our own wayward brethren who had long ago abandoned belief in God, the Bible and our own Jewish religion. Having no religious identity, they basically defined themselves as ‘not being Christian,’ so they fought Christmas displays tooth and nail. Many felt insecure even in their identity as Americans, so they waged war against the Christianity underlying America.” “Who else belonged to the ACLU?” “People who were raised Christian but rejected it and were therefore embarrassed by it. And, of course, the ACLU had its atheists, too. They despised America’s Judeo-Christian ethos.” “Grandpa, we were taught in school that our country was founded on our Judeo-Christian-Islamic heritage. And that our Founding Fathers were guided greatly by the principles of the Holy Koran.” “Yes, another victory for liberalism: rewrite history and deny the facts, all in the name of ‘inclusion’.” “Grandpa, where is the ACLU located today?” “Why, it’s right there in Washington, D.C., across from the U.S. Capitol.” “You mean that big white-marble building where the Supreme Court used to be? The one with the statues of Mohammed and Ruth Bader Ginsburg?” “Yes, David. You see, the country decided that since, in effect, the ACLU and leftist judges determined almost every American law in the last 50 years, as well as being the final word as to what is Constitutional, we might as well dispense with the Supreme Court and locate in that building America’s real judicial, legal power: the ACLU.” We took our packages and walked out of the store and were guided down the escalator by Spanish and Arabic directions, though, unlike my grandson, I focused on the smaller English subtitles. We drove on Route 50 until we came to Falls Mosque, Virginia. I remembered when the city had been renamed from the original Falls Church when that section of Virginia was granted the right to no longer live by American law but, instead, by its own shariah law now that 40% of the people in that area were Islamic. The ACLU told us that in the name of multiculturalism, not to do so would offend Islamic sensibilities and honor. However, I knew that such a step had been rooted in timidity. We had become fraidy-cats, enfeebled, because 50 years of liberalism had made us no longer believe in ourselves, who we were and what we stood for. That had always been liberalism’s goal. Anyway, the rage among liberals had been to change all these historic American names, as was being done by their mentors and idols in Eurabia who guided us as to what was sophisticated. Londonstan, Parisabia, and Berlindad, all were renamed cities in the greater Caliphate living under the Religion of Peace. My grandson interrupted my thoughts: “If the ACLU people hated America so, why didn’t they just leave?” “Son, they were on a mission. They wanted to reshape America and make it socialist, with themselves at the helm calling the shots, running the show. They didn’t love America as America, but they knew they would love it completely when it became socialist. Besides, no one leaves America. Look at those Hollywood gripers. The money is too good here. The fame. The ease and the safety. Where else do you become a hero by bashing your country? Why would they leave, their family is here?” As we got out of our car near home, we spotted a small building with a Cross. It was lit up and the distant sounds of a hymn could be heard in the cold evening air. “What’s happening inside that building?” “David, that is a church. A church is a place where Christians gather privately to express their Christianity, now that public expression of Christianity in America is forbidden.” “Grandpa, how many Christians were there in America back in 2005?” “Well, I’d say about 260 million. Indeed 85% of the country was then Christian.” “85%?” David exclaimed, amazed, bewildered. “Incredible, right? Of course, half the Jews had no problem with Christmas, and not all atheists were offended by Christmas trees – but it turned out that less than 10% of the country’s population was able to control the other 91%.” “And the Americans didn’t fight for themselves at all?” “Well, they had been bullied so long, son, they lost their fiber. The others were afraid of a newspaper called The New York Times. And the people themselves decided they had more important things to do than defend their heritage.” “But, Grandpa, without traditions and heritage, you have nothing, right? Why did they accept that everybody else’s feelings were more important than their feelings?” “They had become intimidated by a foolish and destructive wind that ran across the land. It was a suicidal ideology: liberalism. It taught that the greatest virtue was national self-criticism. It resulted in people hating their own great country, America. And thus a handful of well-positioned, manipulative liberal elitists were able to bring down an entire powerful country.” I thought back to what distorted times they had been, back in late 2005. While Christians were reviled and seen by liberals as the enemy, jihadist terrorists were “understood” and their detention raised a cry in their behalf for “compassion.” Social and political energy was channeled in two directions: overwhelming concern for the highest degree of humane treatment for Islamic terrorists coupled with an all out assault against Christians wanting merely to say Merry Christmas. “You know, David,” I continued, “I remember back when I was growing up in America in the 1950s. The Christians had beautiful Christmas trees covered with glittering lights lining the avenues in the snow, children went from house to house singing Christmas carols, people gave presents to each other wrapped in sparkly wrappings, strangers would extend unexpected kindnesses and generosities to each other, and walking down a street on a wintry night one might even come across a gentle nativity scene that didn’t hurt anybody. But that was America then, not now.” Words are only good if they lead to action, I thought. Nothing happens unless the people venture boldly into public debates and the streets and face down those who are trying to destroy them and put their heritage and children in harm’s way. Where had the activists been? We were too fine to get out in the streets, too gentlemanly to call things the way they were, too preoccupied with appearing ‘compassionate’ to stop the leftists and jihadists. Maybe our good-willed friends simply never realized that some of America’s greatest foes were citizens within our own borders. I put my arm around my young grandson. “My America is gone now. How wonderful it was. It was heaven on earth. We could have taken to the streets. We could have stood together and risen up, one citizen at a time, defying every challenge in every forum, and fighting for our freedoms on the front-lines of every village and town.” “So what happened, Grandpa? How did we lose America?” “I’ll tell you: our soldiers on the battlefield overseas were brave, but we folks at home had no guts.” (© By distinguished guest writer, Rabbi Aryeh Spero).

Around The Garden Center™.
Yes, it was a mess out there, last Friday. With almost a ½" of ice coating everything, I decided to wait until mid-morning to venture out, in hopes that the warming temps and sun would melt the worst of it off. By 10:30am, the roads were clear and most of the ice had vanished into water, as the 39°F temps helped a lot of the ice to dissapate. I saw lots of tree limbs broken and down, but no major damage to speak of. Local utilities crews have been working throughout teh Summer and Fall to clear all overhanging limbs and branches from power and phone lines, so that's probably one reason we didn't have any outages during this storm.
Temps have “moderated” somewhat over the past week or so: daytime temps in the 30-35°F range, while nighttime temps are in the 20-25°F range. Gone, for at least a little while, are the brutal, bitter and bonecrushing (how's that for alliteration?) temps of single digits, frozen pipes and stuck doors. Ahhhh, Winter: I hate it.
Have you thanked a US Soldier or Marine for their service for us, this week and sent them a Christmas Card? Right here, if you please.
Nope, I've never used Tylenol® pain reliever. I don't need fatal liver damage, thankyouverymuch. I use Bayer® Aspirin 324mg (adult dose), exclusively.
My monthly natural gas bill for my condo, was $81.36, as opposed to $79.85 for December 2004. I used 38Ccf (x100 CuFt), as opposed to 43Ccf (x100 CuFt) last December, at a lower price per Ccf (x100 CuFt). So far, so good.
Wednesday was the First Day of Winter, and the shortest day of the calendar year, the Winter Solstice. Though an ancient pagan holiday, it's noted on just about every calendar, as is the First Day of Summer, the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the calendar year. It simply means an extra 1-2 hours of sleep, to me. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
Wow, I love this contemporary architecture, and it was exactly what I was looking for, in 1989, when I moved here to York Count, PA, but wasn't commercially-viable. Now, it is, but I can't find suitable property to build one on, at a reasonable price. Prices are out of control here. Oh well, I'll just keep on looking for that 5-7ac parcel of semi-wooded land, with "a 360° view".
I truly hope you and your Family have a very, very Merry Christmas and a Happy & Prosperous New Year.

Things Which Make Your Head Explode™.
Murderous (m)uslim terrorist filth caught and then released? (((My eyes are bleeding!))) WTF!?
The White House yesterday agreed to spend $1.5 billion to strengthen levees in New Orleans, although it stopped short of saying the levees will be able to withstand a Category 5 hurricane. NOLA is a welfare shithole built 20ft below sea level. Only morons and idiots would even live in a filthy, crime-infested dump like that, and US Taxpayers are being required to spend $1.5 billion to rebuild the lousy levees? Un-fricking-believeable. Bulldoze the shithole, and rebuild it 700 miles north, above sea level.
If you get up in the morning to read the New York Times or Washington Post, watch John Murtha or Howard Dean on the morning talk shows, listen to National Public Radio at noon, and go to bed reading Newsweak it surely seems that the administration is incommunicado ("the bubble"), the war is lost ("unwinnable"), the Great Depression is back ("jobless recovery"), and America about as popular as Nazi Germany abroad ("alone and isolated"). The Truth is quite otherwise.
I agree 100%: if you don't speak English, you get no service. Screw the anti-Whitey, Ohio Civil Rights Commission and its leftist, minority scumbag wackos. The Ohio Constitution does not provide a "right not to be offended".
At 3:10pm on Monday, I caught the news item about a Chalk's Int'l seaplane in Miami exploding and crashing into the Government Cut Channel, just off Miami Beach. Witnesses saw the plane explode, lose a wing and crash into the ocean. No survivors of the 19 people (17 passengers, 2 crew) on-board. Fox News had some moronic asshole — Dr Peter Goals — who was reputedly a "former NTSB Director" on, cautioning/spinning/lying against what dozens of eyewitesses saw, citing the 1996 TWA 800 shoot-down off Long Island (Moriches Inlet) by islamic-muslim terrorists, and covered-up by the NTSB, FBI and US Government, and seen by over 300 eyewitnesses, as being "unreliable". Then, the NTSB-slut, Mary Schiavo (with a horrid voice which curls your hair) came on to further lie her way to other causes for the crash, instead of telling the truth. "No terrorism is suspected". Bull-freaking-shit! Way too early to say that, NTSB assholes. I need some duct tape to keep my head together before it explodes from all the lies. Damn the lying government cover-up scumbags. Here's the video. And here are the still pics.
The turd-world scumbags and criminals at the UN are celebrating "Palestinian Solidarity Day", held by the United Nations and hosted by Kofi Annan. A resolution was adopted honoring suicide bombers and terrorist who kill Israelis in their attempt to "regain possession of Palestine". Un-freaking-believeable. I need some duct tape. Quick.
Wow, I'm sure glad I don't live in the Princeton, NJ area and work in Mid-Town Manhattan, anymore. The 2005 Transit Strike, coming just before Christmas and New Year, is paralyzing the city and pissing-off millions of people. The gutless, spineless and balless mayor Bloomberg and Gov Pataki, are also paralyzed and afraid to act. I remember the 1980 strike and it was a helluva mess. That was in "pre-telecommuting" days before computers and the Net, and I wound up taking two weeks of vacation during that 11 day strike, so I wouldn't have to go back into that hell. The mayor and governor should fire all 34,000 of the Transport Workers Union scumbags, and replace them, as President Reagan did with the air traffic controllers (PATCO) in 1981. Fire their socialist asses, charge, arrest and jail them, Gov Pataki, you cowardly, worthless RINO scumbag! TWU Local 100 President Roger Toussaint is a subhuman, sambo, lowlife scumbag, illegal alien dirtball, turd-world, can't-even-speak-English, piece-of-lowlife-shit. Privatize the transportation sector, dammit. This is exactly why all unions are wrong for America. New Yorkers are not happy about this strike crap.
The Mexican government, angered by a US proposal to extend a wall along the border to keep out migrants, pledged Tuesday to block the plan and organize an international campaign against it. Facing a growing tide of anti-immigrant sentiment north of the border, the Mexican government has taken out ads urging Mexican workers to denounce rights violations in the United States. It also is hiring an American public relations firm to improve its image and counter growing U.S. concerns about immigration. Muck Fexico! Bring it on, turd-world wetback filthies!
Wake-up, America. Sleepy-time is long over, dammit!
This makes my head explode; please get a rioll of duct tape. Quickly.
Just like VietNam, the US is the only one who can lose this war. Thanks to the traitorous lib-dem filth.
No, the Federal Spam Law isn't working, as mine has increased 400% in the past 2-3 weeks. The US Congress is full of BS. I've said for years and will continue to say it: track down the spammers and shoot them dead! No fines, no jail; kill them! Then it will stop.

I formally charge the US Senate with treason and sedition, in voting not to extend the US Patriot Act provisions, and for, in effect, returning America to pre-911 intelligence conditions, aka the Gorelick Wall, which caused the slaughter of 9-11. All who voted against it, and especially these traitorous GOPers — Sens. Larry Craig, Chuck Hagel, Lisa Murkowski and John Sununu — should be duly charged, tried, convicted, sentenced and executed. The entire US Congress is total shit and unable unwilling to realize how many 9-11 type attacks that The Patriot Act has prevented over the past 3+ years.
Here's the President's speech, on Saturday, Dec 17, refuting the treasonous US Senate scumbags.
Rush may "detest" the subhuman liberal-demokkkRAT filth, but I'm way beyond that mere emotion. I can't wait until WE take to the rooftops to "vote". Bring it on, lib-dem asswipe trash. BANG and BOOM!
Thanks to mentally-ill, drunk, doper, coward, liar US Sen John "No Brain" McCain (TRAITOR-AZ), the US Congress has passed “The al Quaida & Terrorist Protection Act”, and it appears that, instead of vetoing it, President Bush will sign it. Has Bush vetoed anything in the past 5½ years? Nope. C'mon Mr President: use the veto and kill this McCain crap!
John McCain has never gotten over his 5 years of captivity by the North Vietnamese, and his treason and confessions under torture. He needs acute psychiatric care, electro-shock and medication for his shame and guilt. He's mentally-ill and is actively helping to destroy America, from within. McCain's a badly-broken man, a coward, a liar and a traitor. He's a liberal-demokkkRAT, for all intents and purposes.
So freaking what? The NSA's "Echelon", has been eavesdropping on everyone, everywhere, for dozens of years. The FBI has used "Carnivore" to eavesdrop domestically, also for many years. The gloves are off, Mr President; time to kick some treasonous lib-dem ass!
Traitorous US Sens John McCain and Arlen Specter are owned, lock, stock and barrel, by the socialist, commie, nazi, George Soros, and that explains why both US Sens are PC-liberal-demokkkRATs, in disguise, and are actively trying to destroy President Bush and America. Both need imprisonment and execution.
No WMDs in Iraq? Read this article, and then skip down to post #19, which nails it perfectly.
Another touching, US Military-Iraqi story that you'll never hear about in the left-wing MSM.
The Feckless Four? No, they're liars, traitors and cowards, worthy of being stood against a wall, and shot for treason. I hate/despise/detest GOPer RINOs.
New Hampshire US Sen John Sununu (TRAITOR-NH) is a fat, bloated, cowardly, lowlife dirtbag, alcoholic, traitorous, lying piece-of-shit, wants to endanger our national security. He's a traitor; arrest him. As is ultra-liberal US Sen Arlie Sphincter (TRAITOR-PA), who also needs execution imprisonment, for treason and sedition.
Nice speech, Mr President, on Sunday evening. But the liberal-demokkkRAT garbage will never “get it”, so don't fret. History won't be kind to them for their treason and obstructionism.
Time to jettison the criminal, crooked US Sen Conrad Burns (CROOK-MT) from all GOP tickets in '06. He's corrupt, despicable garbage.
Mr President: get this Mexican shit on the border, fixed, dammit! F*ck the dirtbag wetback spic, Vicente Fox. He's subhuman filth and garbage, and should be executed for dumping his criminals into America. Build the damned border fence; f*ck the coward, lowlife, dirtbag, RINO shithead, US Sen George Allen (RINO-VA). He has ZERO chance of any further political career election. Allen is shit.
Uh oh, more (non-nuclear) explosives have gone missing from Sandia Labs, thanks to the fat, bloated asshole Billy-Bob Richard-son-of-a-bitch-scumbag, Klintoon appointee: 150 lbs of C4, 250 lbs of 'deta' sheet, and 2,000 blasting caps. Watch out, America! Buy more ammo, and shoot to kill them!
The Savage Nation vs The BushBots? LOL!
Cowardly RINO scumbags!

Liberal-demokkkRAT's Hypocrisy, Corruption & Treason™.
Since the media lies of the 1968 tet Offensive, the US media have had zero credibillity, and here's why.
Mentally-ill, drug-addict, alcoholic, lowlife scumbag, deviant, pervert, scum-sucking liberal filth, Georgie "Looney" Clooney, is already backing US Sen Barack Obama-Osama-Rama-lama-ding-dong-Olama-Usuma (DIRTBAG-IL), for US President.
So freaking what? Yawn.
Uh oh, more bad news for lib-dem garbage: the Dow's on its way up to 11,000. Start wailing, liberal-demokkkRAT filth traitors and Bush-haters.
Bo-tox bitch, hate-America skank, drug-addict, alcoholic, liar, US-Military hater and two-bit whorebag, Nazi Pelosi (TRAITOR-CA) keeps polishing the turd, aka liberal-demokkkRAT party.
I hereby formally charge all liberal-demokkkRATs/ RINOs in the corrupt US Congress, with treason, sedition, and aiding and abetting the enemy, in a time of war. Pelosi, Durbin, Reid, Watt, Murtha, Kerry, Harkin, Feingold, Dorgan, Kennedy, Biden, Levin, Conyers, Ryan, Specter, Snowe, McCain, Graham, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen and dozens of other subhuman socialist, commie, nazi, fascist, cowards, trash and garbage, are knowlingly and determinedly-undermining America, at every turn. They need extreme and “permanent termination”. Liberal-demokkkRATs/ RINOs are traitors, scum, filth, dirtbags, seditionists, and very worthy of being duly-charged, tried, convicted, sentenced and executed for those charges.
I also hereby formally charge the corrupt, criminal, liberal-biased US MSM with lying, treason, sedition, incitement to riot, incitement to murder, gross negligence and corruption, during and after Hurricane Katrina. Inveterate liars, hate-America scum and left-wing wacko filth, all of them. Charge, try and execute them.
Seven years ago Monday, (12/19/98) that the lying, corrupt, criminal, rapist, disgraced buffoon, Bubba Jeffy Klintoon was impeached, for perjury and obstruction of justice. I just wish they'd had the guts to convict and remove his ass from The White House. What a glorious day that was, despite the US Senate cowards who refused to do their jobs.
You're right, fat, bloated, alcoholic, intern-murderer, US Sen Teddy “I Hate America” Kennedy (DRUNK-MA): President Bush was wrong to try and silence his Iraq-war critics by calling them defeatists. You're f*cking traitors and should be shot!
"Mayor For Life", Richard J Daley. bwahahahahaha! See him in prison, IMO.
Die, asshole Arlo Guthrie.
Yes, America is worth fighting for, dammit!
When we get hit again, Reid et al will be fully and totally responsible for the slaughter of millions of innocents, IMO. I will personallty go after each of them, with a very mad attorney, and jail the lib-dem filth.
Hey, George Looney-Clooney: don't go near Ft Marcy Park, dumbass. Hi, Vince...
The hate-US Military, hate-Americas, hate-Bush MSM is part of The Enemy Within™, plain and simple.
Yes, the MSM is liberal-demokkkRAT, leftist, wacko and very, very corrupt and criminal.
Told ya so.
Typical liberal-demokkkRAT socialist, commie, nazi, islamofascist, pigshit-sucking garbage. Yawn.
Dirtbag, liberal activist federal judge, US District Judge James Robertson, resigns, apparently in protest of President Bush's secret authorization of a domestic spying program on people with suspected terrorist ties. Good riddance, asshole.
The liberal-demokkkRAT, media-manufactured lies of '05? Right here.
Yes, liberalism is a psychosis and a mental disorder.
Yes, she's it's a skank whorebag.
Yeah sure, dumbasses in Boston, MA: gun control really works, doesn't it?
Disgraced, criminal, corrupt, run-out-of-office, lowlife, dirtbag Harold Ford Sr needs to be duly charged, arrested, tried, convicted, sentenced and executed, for crimes against America. He's sambo shit.
muslim leaders who gathered Saturday to discuss their role in combating extremism within the islamic community complained that two scheduled speakers missed the event after being detained at Los Angeles International Airport. "People are upset," said lowlife dirtbag, pigshit-gulping subhuman, Salam Al-Marayati of the muslim Public Affairs Council, which organized the conference. "On one hand the US government is asking us to do more, but on the other they are preventing us from doing our work." Muck-off, Fuslim filth!
Duly charge, arrest, try, convict, sentence and execute this Reid traitor. Along with this James “Jimmy-The-Traitor” Risen, NY SLIMES homo-sodomite, subhuman filth.
Great column, Tony.
Die, Walt, die. Do America a huge favor.BR> Yes, Morgan Freeman is 100% correct, and I agree.
Several members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) and their allies off Capitol Hill were furious that House Democratic leaders urged some of their colleagues to vote for an immigration-enforcement bill. Execute the wetback traitors.
Corrupt, criminal, lowlife, subhuman dirtbag, piece-of-shit, Wisconsin Gov Jim Doyle (SCUM-WI) today would not say whether he has spoken with investigators probing possible ties between donations to his re-election campaign and controversial decisions by his administration. "I'm not going to comment. It doesn't mean I have or haven't," he said when questioned by reporters at a bill-signing ceremony. "It'd be for the investigators to talk about."

Lowlifes, Scumbags and Assorted Trash™.
The US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) has issued a glowing movie review of the homosexual sodomite-homo-faggot-maggot agenda propaganda film, Brokeback “Bareback Mountain”, a story of two rugged cowboys who engage in homosexual liaisons and adultery.
Washington State University President, V. Lane Rollins, a left-wing wacko, alcoholic, drug-addict, scumbag, liar, homo-sodomite and his butt-buddy, lowlife dirtbag subhuman wetback filth, Raul Sanchez, Office of WSU Campus Involvement, have been paying blacks as hecklers to disrupt and shout down speakers with whom they disagree. WSU stinks.
Rot in hell, Jack-off Anderscum, you lowlife, hate-America, dirtball, subhuman scumbag. Good riddance. Nixon should have had you killed when he had the chance, IMO.
Billy Bob "Bad Haircut" Gates, Melinda "Hagged-Out Skank" Gates and Bono "The Nobody", are SLIME Magazine's "Assholes Of The Year"! So freaking what? Three worthless, useless, untalented leftist scumbags who've done zero to secure the real world for Mankind. The turd-world of their efforts will always be just that: a hellhole which should be nuked and re-started with real people, who can manage it and its resources, instead of the subhuman filth who inhabit it now, and are destroying it daily. Blech on SLIME and its poor choices.
Ford Motor Co should stick to engineering and building good products, instead of building the shit they do now, and quit trying to "sociallly engineer" the deviancy, degeneracy and perversion of homo-sodomite-faggots into the mainstream. I'll never buy another Ford product for my company's truck fleet. FoMoCo is shit. I'll buy GMC or Chevy, instead.
Activist GOPer scumbag US District Judge, John E. Jones, a GW Bush-appointee, delivered a stinging attack on the Dover (PA) Area School Board, saying its first-in-the-nation decision in October 2004 to insert intelligent design into the science curriculum violates the constitutional separation of church and state. Jones is dogshit, a punk, a turd, a scumbag, a liar, a commie, a socialist and an asshole. Stand the faggot against a wall. Even the atheist-liberal-assholes on FR.com don't have a clue as to what's reality and what isn't. Dumbasses.
An administrator at California State University, Sacramento has banned decorations pertaining to Christmas and the 4th of July, among other holidays, from her office because they represent "religious discrimination" and "ethnic insensitivity". "Time has come to recognize that religious discrimination, as well as ethnic insensitivity to certain holidays, is forbidden," Patricia Sonntag Patty "The Fatty" Snot-rag, executive homo-sodomite-lesbo-bull-dyke director of the “Office of Services to Students with Disabilities”, stated in the directive she e-mailed to members of her staff on Dec 9th. Dumbass, carpet-muncher skank.
Get the illegal alien, subhuman, wetback filth and garbage out of Colorado, dammit! And out of the rest of MY Country, double-dammit, Mr President!
Put this criminal, corrupt, convicted, fraudulent, charlatan, piece-of-shit, nigger-sambo dirtbag, hate-America, socialist, commie, fascist, nazi, irrev Al Sharp-scumbag, into any prison's Death Row, ready for execution, aka "Tookie". I volunteer for the firing squad. *L*uck the *f*iberals, IMO!
Asshole, liberal-demokkkRAT scumbag.
Travis County District Attorney Ronnie Earle (FAGGOT-TX) has subpoenaed two officials at the Free Enterprise Fund (http://www.freeenterprisefund.org) in connection with ads the conservative group has run criticizing him for his indictment of former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (CONSERVATIVE-TX). The ads attacked Earle, who has a history of indicting his political enemies in both parties, comparing him to an attack dog.
FoMoCo truly sucks, and I'll never spend another cent with them, for my company. Count on it.
Niggers Tar-babys Jungle bunnys Porch monkeys Black "leaders" are caught in another lie. One of just many lies, BTW.
A true oxymoron: "intellectual" Harold Bloom? Headshot.
Drug-addicted, alcoholic, lowlife dirtbag, subhuman filth Arlo Guthrie? Shoot him.
Die, subhuman lowlife, baldie, wig-wearer, rump-raider, fudge-packer, pole-puffer, STD and AIDS-riddled filth, Elton Johnnie and his faggot girlie-boy.
The ACLU needs permanent extermination, at every level and location. Bang Boom!
Even with a much-needed change of leadership, socialist, commie Germany is still dogshit and a true enemy of America, as are Russia and France. The Merkel bitch is just a front for islamic corruption on a world scale: Mohammed Ali Hamadi was freed on parole by German authorities after serving 19 years of a life sentence for the 1985 hijacking of a TWA plane during which a US Navy diver, Robert Dean Stethem, 23, was brutally murdered. Merkel is garbage.
Tucker Carlson, mentally-ill, ignorant lowlife, liberal-demokkkRAT asshole, alcoholic, pole-puffer, rump-raider, fudge-packer and punk, is a smarmy little effeminate turd.
The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation — which slammed the Bush administration for its allegedly slow and racially insensitive response to Hurricane Katrina — has yet to spend any of the estimated $400,000 that it raised for the victims of the Aug 29th storm. The CBCF is a criminal group, and should be exterminated from America.
New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer is cowardly, pole-puffing, lowlife, fudge-packing, dirtbag, rump-raiding, turd-bag, liberal-demokkkRAT garbage, who has extorted billions from NYS corporations, and he should be duly charged, arrested, tried, convicted, sentenced and executed. Spitzer is shit.

islam Is A Criminal, Terrorist Organization™.
Wake-up, Australia. Lebanese muslim filth aren't a race; therefore their "racism" charge is bullshit. Charge and case is dismissed. muslims are subhuman filth, totally-owned by a religion cult of mindless, garbage, pigshit-gulping fascists, who control every moment of their empty-headed adherents' pathetic lives. islam is not a religion. It is a political cult of fascism, murder, terrorism and destruction. Have you seen the head-cutting videos? Or the impaling video? Or the latest American to be murdered? Go ahead; I'll wait.
No, I don't recommend harming or killing any innocent muslims, but, as all the islamics I've ever met, want you and me dead, so they can establish their perverted, demented, deviant, murderous islamic caliphate (dictatorship) over the USA, I'd have to conclude there aren't any moderate muslims. I do recommend killing all murderous islamic-muslim terrorists, by the tens-of-millions, wherever you find them cowering under slimy, pigshit-coated rocks, waiting in ambush to rape and kill innocent women and children. Remember: islamics/ islamists want to kill you and me; muslims just want us all Infidels, dead. Got it? There is no difference.
islam is not a race. islam is a terrorist movement bent on subjugating the entire world through rape, murder, theft and intimidation. All muslims are a part of this movement regardless of whether they are active participants in bloodletting. muslims support ALL other muslims financially, socially and emotionally in any activity that furthers the spread of islam and the destruction of all other religions.
If anyone believes this islamofascist bullshit, I've got a bridge in Brooklyn for sale. Idiots.
The Saudi filth own Fox News. I don't watch them anymore; they're islamofascist pigshit.
The unholy Koran, which advocates murdering Infidels — that's you and me — which is only suitable for wiping my ass, isn't viable in any US Court. Pigshit be upon it. Flush it!
Do it, Israel; it's on your backs, not America's. DO IT!
Two more suspects black muslims have been arrested in connection with attacks on two West Oakland liquor stores: muslim pigshit filth, Yasir Hakeem Azzem, 19, and Kahlil Ali Raheem, 24, were arrested Wednesday for their alleged involvement in Nov 23rd attacks on the New York Market and San Pablo Liquor Store. Nation Of islam (NOi) is garbage.
The Muslim Brotherhood should be completely exterminated and eliminated from the face of the earth.
American muslim and civil liberties groups have filed a lawsuit in federal court claiming that muslims who attend religious conferences outside the United States are subject to increased and unfair scrutiny upon their return to the country. The lawsuit, filed in US District Court for the Eastern District of New York, was brought by five American citizens who are muslim. ACLU and CAiR should be rounded-up, duly-charged, tried, convicted, sentenced and executed. They're filth.
Kill the Lebanese muslims, Australia. Deport what's leftover, or better yet, kill them, too. Or you'll wind-up like the Froggies have. Kill the leb-muzzies, dammit. They're your "problem", at this minute. If you don't waste them all, it's just going to get worse.
That's it, stupid-ass muslim filth: Say NO to condoms to prevent AIDS. More dead muslims, as a result! I love it! Die by the millions, pigshit asshole lovers!
An internationally prominent Saudi businessman said today that he is donating $20 million each to Georgetown and Harvard universities to expand the study of islam and the muslim world as part of his philanthropic efforts aimed at promoting interreligious understanding. Bullshit. The pig-f*cker wants to control the two shitholes of liberal education, nothing more. Send the bloody money back to the subhuman muslim asshole.
A leader of the small worldwide muslim reform movement is warning the West against wishful thinking as the US government promotes an intensive dialogue with islam. "The dialogue is not proceeding well because of the two-facedness of most muslim interlocutors on the one hand and the gullibility of well-meaning Western idealists on the other," Bassam Tibi said. Two-faced muslims? All are liars and murderers.
The United States has deported a Saudi man who was director of a Muslim charity after his conviction for conspiring to commit immigration fraud. ??? of Falls Church, VA, was returned to Saudi Arabia during the weekend after he pleaded guilty to one count of immigration fraud last month. Alnoshan, 44, had been working as director of the Virginia office of the Muslim World League, one of the largest non-governmental organizations (NGO) in the world. Kill him instead; he's pigshit filth.
Why is the US Military letting this subhuman muslim-islamic murderous filth go free, instead of killing them? KILL THEM! They're murderers, dammit!
The murderous, dirtbag subhuman muslim, Mohammed Ali Hamadi, needs a bullet in his hate-filled, islamic-muslim, pigshit-filled head, not parole.
Boston Mayor Thomas P. Menino, traitor to City of Boston, pigshit-slurpers, degenerates, dirtbags, and the camel-rectum-sucking scum Islamic Society of Boston (ISB) and traitor, liar, coward, loser, dirtbag, scum-sucker, punk, shit-foer-brains, US Sen John Kerry (TRAITOR-MA), are terrorist supporters, and they sued The Boston Herald and Boston's Fox Channel 25, for defamation and We-Hate-The-Truth. Stand them all against a wall and... Subhuman filth, all. No worthy of My O2, IMO.
The France muslim-riots and the Aussie muslim-riots, are the same as the Sweden muslim-riots, are the same of the Netherlands muslim-riots, the Denmark muslim-riots, the Norweigan muslim-riots, the UK muslim-subway-Infidel-slaughter, are not different; they're all part of the same 'grand plan' for establishment of the Grand islamic Caliphate, either subjugating or killing all of us Infidels, aka Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, and whatever's left.
Why do American muslims remain silent? Right here.
Want to prevent more race riots, Australia? Simple: kill the leb-muslim terrorist filth. Problem solved.
Liberal-demokkkRAT, socialist, commie, nazi, fascist, homo-sodomite, Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino is a pigshit-gulping, turd-sucking piece-of-shit punk.
The un-holy Koran (flush it!) is the evil word of satan.
No, pigshit-gulping subhuman, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: islam is the problem, and it will have to be wiped off the earth. And you will have to be killed for Iran/ Persia to survive and prosper. I volunteer for the firing squad.
Yes, asshole islamic-muslim scumbag, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, we understood quite clearly your initial statement on Israel. You deserve killing, pigshit boy.
F*ck the dirtbag, subhuman, camel-humping, pigshit-slurping muslim-islamic garbage: serve ham, bacon, sausage, BBQ! F*ck islam!
Get the stinking, pigshit-slurping, islamic-muslim, terrorist filth out of my country, dammit! Or track them down and kill them all. Either DHS-FBI does it, or we will.
Ahhhhhhhh, islam, the cult of “honor murders”. Ain't it nice?
The American Textbook Council's report — Islam and the Textbooks — should be read by every parent. They document bias and evasions in world history textbooks on the subjects of militant islam and islamic terrorism. Textbooks misrepresent islam past and present, critics agree. They contain fallacies and untruths about jihad, sharia, slavery, status of muslim women, terrorism, and tolerance.
Isn't Mo-ham-head a cutie cartoon?

Some People Just Need Killing™.
So many murderous, subhuman, lowlife pieces-of-filth needing killing, and so little time.
All NY State Cop killers, need to be executed; and not allowed to languish in prison, for the rest of their subhuman lives. Kill them! Speed-up the death process, to 18 mos.
Kill Zimbabwe President Robert "Bobbie Boy" Mugabe; he's a racist, murderous, subhuman, sambo, porch-monkey filth.
Kill Clarence Ray Allen, for this.
Kill the eco-terrorists, Sanislas G. Meyerhoff, 28, in Charlottesville, Va.; Daniel G. McGowan, 31, in New York; Kevin M. Tubbs, 36, in Springfield, Ore.; William C. Rodgers, 40, of Prescott, Ariz.; Sarah K. Harvey, 28, in Flagstaff, Ariz.; and Chelsea D. Gerlach, 28, in Portland, for this domestic eco-terror. Kill them all.
Boo-fricking-hoo. Stanley Tookie Williams is still dead and was on on display for public viewing, this week. I sent a box of fresh, steaming dogshit; you sending any tribute to the mass murderer of innocents?
Daniel McGowan — also known as "Jamie Moran" — torched a pair of lumber companies in Oregon as a member of the Earth Liberation Front eco-terrorists. Kill him.
James Philpott, 55, was arrested last year after he told coworkers he had sex with an 89-year-old woman and 10-year-old Laura Ward. Kill him; he's subhuman filth.
Lt Norman Norris was charged Monday with two counts of first-degree sodomy, two counts of incest and one count of sexual abuse of an eight-year-old girl. Kill him.
Curtis Dean Anderson surprised a San Jose courtroom today by pleading guilty to the kidnapping, molestation and murder of 7-year-old Xiana Fairchild. Fine and dandy; kill him.
An Australian being held at the US prison camp in Guantanamo Bay won a court battle Tuesday to be registered as a British citizen — a step he hopes will secure his release. David Hicks, a former kangaroo skinner and Muslim convert from the southern city of Adelaide, was caught in Afghanistan in December 2001, allegedly fighting with the ousted Taliban regime. Kill him.
Peter Braunstein, the man suspected of sexually assaulting a woman while posing as a firefighter on Halloween night, has been captured in Tennessee. Fine and dandy; kill him.
John Walker Lindh, the faggot wimp 'American Taliban' — the kid from California that was captured in 2001 fighting for Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan — wants to be released. Screw that crap: KILL HIM!
Illegal alien, Reynaldo Elias Rapalo, 34, dubbed the "Shenandoah Rapist", is accused of committing a series of rapes in Southern Florida before he was captured in 2003. He is the sole suspect in the rapes of seven victims, ages 11 to 79, and in the attempted attacks of four others since September 2002. He's escaped from a correctional center in Miami-Dade County. Find him and kill him; no trial or prison. He's subhuman filth.
A man who kidnapped, raped and murdered a woman in 1994 was sentenced Monday to life in prison without parole. Robert Harlan was originally sentenced to death by an Adams County jury in 1995 for the murder of Rhonda Maloney, 25. But Harlan escaped execution after the Colorado Supreme Court upheld a ruling that jurors in the case improperly consulted the Bible during deliberation. Kill the subhuman sambo filth.
PETA is a terrorist group; kill them all. F*ck the ACLU trash.
Subhuman filth, 28-year-old Charlotte Hodge, and her boyfriend, 25-year-old William McClaskey, need killing for this horrific crime against a 6-year old girl. Kill them both.
Stephen Philip Marshall, 20, needs killing, for this crime. F*ck the vegan crap. Gang rape and kill him in prison.
Fat, ugly, bloated, treasonous, seditious, subhuman muslim-loving piece-of-shit, Lynne Stewart, needs serious killing.

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