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Friday, December 26, 2003

liberal-demonkkkkRATs suck

It's mildly amusing to watch the spectrum of wacko leftys, liberals and hate-America demonkkkRATs self-destructing, as they have in the past 2-3 weeks, en masse. The Nine Dwarves are both attacking each other and eating their own children, as well as retreating on previous public positions, while still trying to maintain a sane presence in the lamestream, liberal-controlled media. Howard Dean-McGovern (MORON-VT) and John F(ucking) Kerry-Dukakis (IDIOT-MA), as well as disgraced, fired, cowardly, lowlife, sock-puppet, mentally-ill ex-general Weasely (beat the shit outta ya!) Clark (CRETIN-WHO KNOWS WHERE) and Joey LIEberman (LIAR-CT), as well as all the other minuscule liberal, mentally-ill ass-boys and disgraced girlie, Carol Mostly-Wrong (scumbagette-IL) and fat, stupid, criminal racist-bigot scumbag, irrev Al "interloper Jew scum" Sharpton (CRIMINAL-NYC) the rest aren't worth mentioning, frankly are lemmings over the proverbial suicide cliff. Dean, simply isn't electable, and he's a lying, liberal wimp. Dean can't take the heat. None of the Nine Dwarves or their staffs are ready for prime time. The Left has taken over. Fortunately for them, the corrupt, hate-America, treasonous, insane liberal press disguises and hides their obvious foibles, smoothes over the bumps and bruises for them, while still attacking America at every turn. But America is now seeing through their smokescreen diversion; we've all got their "number". They and the liberal activist court judges have forgotten The Massacre of September 11th; the liberal activist judges overtly hate America and are attacking it from within. A judicial "star chamber" of evil liberalism is insidiously, at work, undermining the US Constitution. Liberalism is a severe mental disorder; too much compassion is Killing America. Multi-culturalism is Killing America. Diversity is perversity. The ACLU is degenerate, lowlife, hate-America seditionists. Nothing less than America's survival, is at stake, here. Nothing less. Liberal-demonkkkRATs aren't the part of the mainstream; they're the party of the extreme. Have you taken down your "Holiday Tree", yet? It would seem that common sense has passed on. The demonkkkRATs have policitized our Nation's safety and compromised America. And Christmas is under attack Nationwide, by the liberal-socialist-commie-marxist subhuman filth. Time to round them up, try, convict and execute all the lowlife liberal garbage.

Around The Garden Center.
My favorite time of the year Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year is rapidly coming to a close. Mentally, I'm getting ready for a new year and another season number 14! of horticulture. 1990 seems like only yesterday. BTW, Winter is officially here, as of Monday's Winter Solstice! I'm working on The Journal Archives, new weekly '04 page, and updating 376 pages/ 250Mb of space, on's server, in Chicago. Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines...
No, I don't carry the new Glock 37/.45cal GAP; I carry the Kimber 1911A1 Eclipse Target II .45cal ACP (full size) with a 165gr Corbon load, and use Wolf 230gr FMJ loads for target practice. I do own a Glock 32/ .357 SIG, and it's a screamer. Sorry, Mr Aston Glock, but I don't think it's going to catch on at all. Sad waste of your company's resources.
Here's an easy Holiday Test, for you. Sure, go ahead. You know you want to.
Looking for The Savage Nation radio show? Right here, on KNEW-AM in San Francisco.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! And, a very Happy Hanukkah (Chanukah), to all my Jewish friends, at this special time of the year.
For the past 2 weeks, I've been "shopping" for an '04 Ford F-450 super duty, stake-body, dump-truck, to replace one of my older 15ft box trucks, and for the tax advantage in '03, and have just completed the '03 purchase, for $34,446.08. Wrote the check on Tuesday afternoon, and completed the paperwork with the local Ford dealer. I won't take physical possession until the end of January '04, since there are special modifications needing to be made by the local Ford dealer, but the paperwork is now completed in time for income tax purposes. All done by Tuesday 4pm. Merry Christmas to self!
This is 2003's last Journal entry. 2004 will see a colorful re-design, if I can get it done by next Thursday, or so, for Friday posting. Hopefully, it'll be quiet around the GC&N Complex this next week, and I'll have some time to work on it.
I sincerely hope you and yours had a very Merry Christmas, and I want to wish you a healthy, safe and prosperous New Year.

My NEW View On Islam.
On Christmas Eve, I was listening to my favorite Conservative Talk Show, The Savage Nation (audio feed), on KNEW910-AM, in San Francisco. And a "Conservative Muslim" called-in, to talk to Savage.
Amazing. He's the first Muslim I've ever heard who wasn't "angry", "humiliated", "vengeful", "hateful", "whining" et al. He was actually civil and seemingly, sincere. Are there actually "Conservative Muslims" out there, somewhere? Perhaps.
He said that he actually wanted to live in religious peace with his Christian, Jewish, Bhuddist etc fellow Americans. Raise his family. Tend to his business. Build the community. Really amazing. I was impressed, for the first time.
Unfortunately, he's a tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny fractious minority by my estimation, less than 20% of Muslims, worldwide, and in America way, way less, unfortunately for all otehr religions. But since The Massacre of September 11th, he's the only voice of reason and moderation I've ever heard. All the rest of them want to convert and/ or whack everyone else. What does that tell you?
So what's my "new view" on Islam? Is Islam The Religion of Peace™? Well, I'm glad that one guy's out there, somewhere. We're still going to have to find and whack hundreds of millions of them, to make America and the rest of the world safe. Some comfort that is. Buy more ammo, folks; it's only just started.

Disgraced, rejected, lowlife, traitorous ex-gov Tom "NJ's Worst Governor, Ever" Kean, is blaming The Bush Administration for 9-11? And former US Sen Max Cleland (SCUMBAG-GA), current homo, legless, hate-America coward and anti-American traitor, concurs. They're both clueless turds. Feh!
Orrin "Booby Hatch" Hatch (RINO-UT), is a traitor, lying scumbag, un-American piece of pigshit. He's an un-American coward and seditionist-traitor.
No, I don't support you or anyone in the US Congress, on this amnesty for illegal aliens, Mr President. It's going to cost you the '04 Election, as your Conservative Base leaves in droves. What I do support is DHS (Dept of Homeland Security) rounding up the many millions of them, and deporting them by the millions. Then, secure the borders, dammit.

Liberal-demokkkRAT Subhuman Filth.
The Mexican-American separatist website, La Voz de Aztlan, is claiming the US capture of Saddam Hussein is a hoax. Mmmmmmmmm, just confirms my suillegal alienion that illegal aliens illegal alien filth are completely stupid. Pathetic creatures, all. Round them up, try, convict and whack them.
David Corn, the degenerate, deviant, subhuman lowlife, left-wing liberal-demonkkkRAT ass-boy, is at it again. He needs to crawl back under his slimy rock, with his fellow cockroaches.
The son of former vice president and 2000 Democratic presidential candidate loser, liar and lowlife, AlGoreBore, has been charged with marijuana possession. Albert asswipe GoreBore III, 21 and a major alcoholic lowlife piece of shit, was arrested Friday night after he was stopped for driving a vehicle without its headlights on. Two passengers were also arrested and charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession. They were identified as Yann V. Kumin, 21, and Marc G. Hordon, 22, both of Cambridge, Mass. Yawn. Try and execute them.
US Sen Jay Rockefeller (TRAITOR-WVa) is a lowlife traitor, piece of shit. He needs to be charged, tried, convicted and stood against a wall.
A former top aide to assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver yesterday entered a surprise plea to settle a rape charge against him and will have to register as a sex offender but will avoid any prison time. J Michael Boxley (scumbag-NY), who was the assembly's top lawyer, pleaded guilty in Albany County Court to a misdemeanor charge of sexual misconduct in a case involving a night of drinking between him and a young legislative staffer that ended with charges of rape in her apartment. Burn this idiot subhuman; he's not black. He's a criminal.
assemblyman Joe Pennacchio (PATRIOT-GOP) today criticized a proposal being supported by the ass-boy, homo, lowlife degenerate McGreevey administration and some Democrat legislators, that would trim New Jersey's prison population by allowing prisoners to earn credits toward early releases. "The Governor should not risk the safety of our citizens to balance New Jersey's state budget," said Pennacchio, R-Morris, Passaic. "The idea that we need to start letting thousands of prisoners out of jail early just to ease overcrowding and balance the budget is not only dangerous but also bizarre."
Fat, stupid, lowlife criminal ass-boy scumbag tar-baby idiot, Al Sharp-scum? He's garbage. Same with this dumb-assed traitorous idiot scumbag shithead, US Rep Charlie Rangel (TRAITOR-NY).
Howard "The Coward" Dean? Buh-bye, asswipe mentally-ill idiot lowlife.
Kwanzaa sucks a bag of shit. It's a criminal's un-holy day. Did you have a Happy Kwanzaa?
Weasely Clark (TRAITOR/COWARD-?) is a piece of shit.
Get outta my life, feds! You're grossly exceeding The US Constitution, liberal-demonkkkRATs and GOPer morons morons!
Lots of "celebrities" died in '03; here's a list. Y-a-w-n; most of them are liberal trash. Good riddance.
Joey LIEberman (LIAR-CT) is a liar; remember his lies in the 2000Election, contradicting his previous US Senate years? Un-freaking-believeable! LIEberman's scum. His wifey's a stinking whore-bag-slut-rag. Yech on both of the lowlifes.
Disgraced, lowlife, former demokkkRAT scumbag US Rep Gary Condit wants $209 million from the tabloid newspapers he says ruined his reputation.
Lowlife asswipe, liar, scumbag, traitor, cowardly-punk US Sen John F(ucking) Kerry has lent his campaign for the liberal-demon-kkkRAT presidential nomination more than $6 million secured through a mortgage on his family's Boston home. Who cares?

Lowlifes, Subhumans & assorted Garbage.
Here are the terrorist-supporting (Hamas coward garbage) Muslim filth at CAIR, who need to be tracked down, rounded-up, tried, convicted and executed. Islam is the problem.
Brainless, moronic, stupid Muslim pigshit filth bitches, naming their newborn babies after Saddam and Osama? They all should be sterilized, as they're not fit to propagate.
Wacko Jacko, The Child Molesting Pervert, aka Michael Jackson, was slapped with nine charges last week seven accusing him of performing lewd acts on a boy and two accusing him of plying the youngster with liquor to make it easier to molest him. And 600 morons supported him? Stand Wacko Jacko homo against a wall and execute the subhuman lowlife scumbag dirtbag. End of problem.
America is drowning in illegal Mexican aliens; 300 million people isn't what it should be. Get the illegals outta here!
I agree: track down, torture and execute whack all email spammers. They're worse than a nuisance; they're evil pests, costing millions of people and corporations, billions of dollars. While the government wants to get involved, I'd prefer an "open season" on all spammers, and we track them down, torture and whack them, outright. No mercy. Nothing that the US Congress is going to do, will be effective; spammers have to be found and summarily executed.
Children's books to introduce children to Islam? That's so obscene it should be a crime. Islam is evil and no children should be exposed to it.
More Black Muslim pigshit doing the sniping on I-270 in Columbus, Ohio? Yes, and I said so weeks ago. Mark my words. Buy more ammo; whack the terrorists, on sight.
Don't just cut services to illegal migrants, The Peoples' Republik of Kalifornicate; get rid of illegal aliens/migrants, dammit!
No, Islam has no future in America, or anywhere else in the world. It's pure evil, and must be destroyed.
Penn State University is cowardly dogshit. Pure freaking pigshit.
Crawl back into your slimy, dank holes, dirty, filthy, pigshit Muslim bitches!
Shoot and whack this invading Mexican filth.
The cowardly scum at General Electric are traitorous, lowlife, un-American homo-loving degenerate pigshit. I'll buy other products: no more GE shitpola.
Bring it on, subhuman, lowlife Muslim pigshit! I'm waiting for you, garbage. Terror suspects deserve death at GITMO, not sleazoid laaaaaw-yaaaaaah scum.
Sodomy Insane was a subhuman lowlife coward. whack him.
TWA 800 was shot down by Muslim pigshit filth terrorists; no doubt about it. Find them and whack them. whack all Muslim/Islamic terrorist garbage, everywhere.
AOL subhuman idiots are degenerate, deviant, lowlife garbage. Blech!
"Dr" Maulana Karenga aka Ron N. Everett, a lowlife deviant scumbag punk criminal, invented the fraudulent Kwanzaa, back in the 60s. What a pathetic piece of lowlife subhuman degenerate racist bigoted piece of pigshit. Die, Karenga/idiot/scumbag/deviant filth. Just die and rid the world of your filth, scumbag. Did you have a Happy Kwanzaa? Even blacks don't know what this Kwanzaa shit is all about.
Uh-oh, Terrorism Threat Level went to Orange, last Sunday afternoon. Submit your Muslim/Islamic terrorism tips to the FBI, here. Arm yourselves, buy more ammo, and welcome to my world, where it's 9-11 all the time.
The Sierra Club is a pack of pig-sucking, lowlfife shitfilth degenerates. Track them down, round them up, try, convict and execute teh subhumans. End of problems.
Goodbye France; you're being overrun with Muslims. Don't call us for help.
Saying they can no longer remain silent, a group of Chicago area Catholic pastors denounced what they say is "vile and toxic" language from the Vatican aimed at gays and lesbians. The group of nearly two dozen priests from parishes in Chicago and the suburbs sent a scathing "open letter" to church officials Friday. In it, the pastors blasted recent church pronouncements regarding gays as "divisive and exclusionary" and "increasingly violent and abusive." Hey homos: go start your own Church of The Un-Holy Sphincter!
A $3.16 billion budget for the irrelevant, incompetent, cowardly UN turd-worlders? A load of steaming BS. Mr Bush, get us outta there!

Some People Just need Killing™.
Execute this idiot Black Muslim racist, bigoted pigshit filth, murderous Beltway Sniper, Lee "I Hate America" Malvo. whack the Malvo subhuman Muslim, and the subhuman ass-boy scumbag homo, John Muhammad. Both should die. Mmmmmm, sad day for the once-proud American Legal System: a "life sentence" for ass-boy, Malvo pigshit filth. Stupid, ignorant white women bitches jury garbage!
Nurse Charles Cullen, 43, of the working-class Phillipsburg, N.J., street where he lived for 10 years, is a murderer? He admitted that he whacked between 30 and 40 others during a 16-year career in critical-care nursing at 10 hospitals or nursing homes in central New Jersey and the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania. That's a "nurse"? whack him.
Joseph Lehman Jr, 38, needs to die for raping his girlfriend's 2-month-old daughter. Instead, Lehman may receive just six months of jail time, three years of treatment for sexual deviancy and a lifetime of supervision. A court psychologist has deemed him "amenable to treatment". No, court moron; he needs to die for such a heinous crime against an innocent. Death ends recividism, permanently. whack him.
Minnesota's Latrell Sprewell was fined $25,000 by the NBA on Wednesday for cursing at New York Knicks (news) chairman James Dolan and screaming at the team's bench during the Timberwolves' 98-92 win Tuesday night. That idiot's lowlife subhuman scumbag needs trial, conviction and immediate execution; he's garbage. The world would be sooooo much better off without his sorry carcass wasting oxygen.

What makes for good Christmas tunes? Well, it depends on who's listening. Some of us get into the spirit with jolly carols, while others prefer Ms. Mariah's octave-scaling "All I Want For Christmas". Rudolph of Mistletunes is having none of it. For him, it's about old-fashioned rock 'n roll. He created this review/reference archive for tunes by era ('60s, '70s, '80s, and 21st century) or by genre (reggae, rap, and punk). Find a tribute to The White Stripes, a new Flaming Lips tune, and soundtrack goodies. Read Rudolph's statement of purpose with rock 'n roll guidelines no country (too sentimental), no Manheim Steamroller, and absolutely no Kenny G. If "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer" is your favorite Christmas record, Rudolph thinks you really need this site. And he certainly entertains exceptions that fit the rock 'n roll attitude, as witnessed in his rockin' Hanukkah selection.

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