Friday, December 27, 2002

's unfortunate that there will always be liberal morons around to defile and pollute America and attempt to re-write the precious tenets which our Founding Fathers set forth in The Declaration of Independence, The US Constitution and in its Bill of Rights. Even more troublesome is the preponderance of elite liberal, socialist judges, at all jurisprudence levels, who agree and do everything within their perverted powers to subvert, re-interpret and legislate new intent to the venerable documents upon which this Representative Republic is based. Even worse, are the bottom-feeding trial lawyer scum, who pose the greatest threat to America. Their twisted penchant for using a inherently-flawed legal system, which should be corrected and perfected by them, instead of universally-exploited, is infamous. Both are part of America's Fifth Column, an insidious cabal who want nothing less than the complete nullification of America and conversion into a New World Order. But wait; there's lots more to the Fifth Column. Deviant, liberal-socialist-communist degenerates in America-hating colleges and universities plague the land and pervert the coming generations. A degenerate US Senator from the liberal democRAT party speaks treason to school children. Liberals constantly try to re-write history and distort facts, in a unceasing assault on America's values and morals. Liberals slander and libel everyone and everything in their way, and employ the politics of personal destruction at every opportunity. The left-wing wacko perverts at the ACLU (American un-Civil Liberties Union) act upon every opportunity to subvert America, rather than to protect individual rights and freedoms. The bigoted, race-baiting NAALCP (Nat'l ass'n for the Advancement of Liberal Colored People) spreads lies and foments anger about White America, and especially Conservatives, to keep blacks down on the democRAT's political plantation. I could go on and on. This article sums it up pretty well. Time to begin to undo what the filthy disease of liberalism's Fifth Column has wrought over the years, begin to take back society and the Nation, and rid the world of their insidious stain.

Around The Garden Center.
The new American Rifleman website is now up and running. Nice article about my latest gun purchase and new carry piece: Kimber Custom Eclipse II M1911 .45ACP. And another nice article about my AR-10s gold dot sight, the Leupold MkIV CQ/T
For being on shortened Winter Hours, we've done a very brisk business in gift certificates, especially from out-of-state customers who have family or friends in the area, and who've contacted us through the company's website. We're about 13% ahead of last year's pace, and I stayed later than usual on Christmas Eve Day, to accommodate the many calls. I can then get the certificates mailed out on my way home, and the recipients have them with 1-2 days. This'll continue through the Winter months, as peoples' minds turn to thoughts of Spring.
My favorite Conservative Talk Radio? Why, The Savage Nation, of course, from 7pm-10pm EST, Monday thru Friday. (Top right corner of webpage; click on "Listen Live Click Here" link. I think it's a C&W format, the rest of the time; dunno for sure, as I only listen to Savage in the evenings. Here's a funny left-wing article about why talk radio is too far to the right. Here's a few other options for The Savage Nation; KXL's link next best, but logon by 6:45pm.
Wow, what traffic jams and lots of bad accidents on the interstates, last week and this week well, duh!, it's Christmas; me, a moron on that one I had to use back roads and city alleys to avoid hours of delays. For the most part, it worked well. Last minute shopping must be filling the mall retailers tills with plenty of cash. As a small business owner, I'm just glad I don't depend on the Christmas Season for 50% of my annual business. And I'm sure glad I was wrong (again) about terrorists striking malls etc during the shopping season.
Yes, spam of all kinds, is on the rise.
As usual, I was up at 3:30am Tuesday morning to feed the cats, and to check on the progress of the Winter Storm coming up from the southern plains and Gulf Coast states. Dang, that's a big one! Forecasts ranged from 1-10", depending on the storm's track, for this area. I couldn't get back to sleep, so I made some breakfast and headed into work at 8am, two hours early. I fueled-up my John Deere 675B SkidLoader with the 7ft snowplow blade, fired-up the snowblower, left extra food for Pickle, did some paperwork and shooting with GlocknSail, when he stopped by to visit, and left by 4pm. I crashed early Tuesday evening, after spending several hours working on website changes for '03.
By 5am Wednesday, Christmas Day, we had several inches of snow from the Nor'Easter, then a quick changeover to freezing rain and backover to heavy snow. I'm checking the weather maps every 15 minutes. I carefully drove the 14 miles south to my Garden Center in about 55mins; a trip that usually takes 20mins. Cars were scarce, but the few which were out, were creeping along, as I was. A few wrecks were scattered around, mostly sliding off the road and into poles or trees. I didn't see one snowplow on the entire ride down. It was almost blizzard "white out" conditions. I opted to wait until Thursday to plow, since it was still snowing very hard. I fixed plenty of food for Pickle, locked up and headed for Mom& Dad's for Christmas Dinner. Kunzler® baked ham, mashed rutagaba, candied yams, peas, cornbread muffins, mincemeat pie and vanilla ice cream, vino. Yum. I sincerely hope you and your had a wonderful Christmas, as I did.
Hmmmm, speaking of vino, Pennsylvania is finally getting some quality vino into its state-run repertoire, but the Commonwealth should not be in the liquor business; they're already in the DUI business, bigtime. IMO. Privatize it, Penna.
I spent most of Thursday at the Garden Center, plowing and shovelling. Just me, myself and I. And Pickle, of course. I estimate 13-14" with 6-7ft drifts all over the place. I got the 3ac of parking lots and driveways plowed, even as a welding point on the plow broke. It was clumsy going for the last 2hrs, but I finished. I'll be finishing up the shovelling tomorrow, with some help; I'm bringing in one of the furloughed landscape crew workers for some part time work. I can only get so much done in the cold and blinding sun, by myself. I've got several meetings with nursery stock suppliers in the morning, to modify Spring '03 orders, so he'll have to finish up what I didn't get done.
Thursday evening, I went to Jeff & Denise's for a "Holiday Ravioli Fest" of homemade stuffed pasta, salad, crusty olive oil-dipping homemade breads, gelato and cookies for dessert, and 4 varieties of awesome wine from Jeff's extensive collection. Yum.

The Massacre of September 11th.
Never, never, never, never forget what subhuman Mooooos-lim garbage and Islamic pigshit terrorist filth did to the US on 9-11-01. To put the destruction into proper scale e, this GroundZero photo essay helps. As do these remarkable photos, even more drive home the point that it was a massacre of innocents. Here's another picture from Hitlery of the sad events of that horrific day. And if you'd like to ratchet your anger and hatred up, as mine has been since that awful day last September, read this account of the dozens of people jumping from 100 stories from the WTC Towers. As this reporter says, "Embrace the rage". And The Washington Times weighs-in with their commemorative edition of 9-11.
And now some of the twisted, convoluted truth about what happened/ what didn't happen on 9-11 is coming out.
A great article on Freedom, and the site where other great, but long, articles, reside. Worth a bookmark and a read.

Islam, The Religion of Peace™.
Islamic militants whacked three young women in their homes just days after posters appeared in India's Jammu and Kashmir state ordering women to wear a veil. Two of the women, both aged 21, were shot dead in their house in Rajouri district in the south of the revolt-torn Muslim-majority state Thursday night. The third woman, 22, was taken away and beheaded. Yes, a peaceful lot, aren't those Mooooooos-lim filth?
If there was ever any doubt in your mind that Islam is evil, and that Mooooooos-lims are indeed the enemy of every Christian and Jew, read what their children are being taught in school. Absolutely sickening. There is no doubt that Islam will have to be eradicated from the face of the earth, as will all murderous Mooooooos-lim garbage. Gonna get messy.
We are at war with the evil Islam; they started it and we're going to have to whack millions of them in a war that will last for hundreds of years. There are no moderate Mooooooos-lims, or we would have heard them speak out against the radical Islamists' actions. But they didn't. They rejoiced. They are "moderate" while they're in the minority, but when they take over the UK or Germany, they will all become radical and whack Christians and Jews alike. I repeat: all Mooooooos-lims are radical and want to whack us all.
Any doubt in anyone's mind that the US and Canada are full of Moooooos-lim terrorist "sleeper cells"? Read this and be wary; they're plotting more death.
The cowardly moron Froggies in France, afraid they're being overrun by subhuman Mooooooos-lim filth and will all be subjugated and whacked, are creating a Mooooooos-lim council, called the French Council for the Muslim Religion, and will be the equivalent of the UK's Muslim Council.
Fatah activists in Hebron are threatening to amputate the arms and legs of any Palestinian involved in crime, especially thefts and burglaries. This is the first time the secular organization, which is the mainstream faction of the PLO, has issued such a threat. Hmmmm, time to whack all pigshit Mooooooo-slim filth, worldwide.
Aw geee whiz, the lowlife subhuman terrorist supporters at CAIR, Washington-based (Council on American-Islamic Relations), are whining again, about their false prophet, Mo-ham-head The Pedophile. They expressed outrage at a Doug Marlette syndicated editorial cartoon, headlined "What Would Mohammed Drive?", showing the Prophet Muhammad driving a nuclear bomb-laden truck similar to that used by Timothy McVeigh in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. Hilarious Mooooooos-lims!
And more subhuman Moooooos-lim illegals whining about the USA Patriot Act. Deport them, INS. Get that Islamic terrorist filth out of America, ASAP! Yes, all Mooooooos-lim trash are guilty, and must prove themselves innocent, or be deported. Get outta my Country, murderous subhuman scum!
The Chavez-Castro axis is preparing a Caribbean Terror: biological weapons in the Western hemisphere. Does West Nile Virus ring any bells?
The truth about Islam: it's evil. I've been saying that for years.
We're being overrun at all borders, but especially from Mexico. Now, American Citizens have taken up defense of their borders. Bravo.
I like The Mossad, Israel's intelligence service, and eliminator of all things, Mooooooos-lim. Love 'em, love 'em x 3 etc. I truly think that Killing terrorist Mooooooos-lim subhuman filth is the most noble thing anyone can do, based upon recent events.
A large majority of Britain's Mooooooos-lims do not believe al-Qaida was responsible for the September 11th attacks and regard the war on terror as a war on Islam. Morons. Stupid, deviant cult of subhumans.
Did you see the PBS atrocity show, about Islam "Muhammad, Legacy of A Prophet" the other night? Me neither, but I read about it. Made me ill. Here's a Mooooooos-lim woman's true reaction to it's lies. And a short one about Islam's other victims over the centuries: the Christians.
Good terror-assessment article by The WashingmachinePost writer; too bad they're so left-wing wacko liberal.
More shoebomber attacks on US airliners? Hmmmmm, Reason #2,303 why I don't fly anymore.
Islam is pigshit! Despite what the lib-dem lowlife filth PBS portayed it to be, in their pigshit-sucking documentary of the degenerate, it's an evil cult of murderous Islamic garbage. The creators and co-producers, Michael Wolfe and Alexander Kronemer, both American subhuman degenerate converts to Islam, are ass-buddies, fudge-packers, rump-raiders, women-hater-multilators and raging diaperhead homo punks. 'Nuff said about this pigshit Mooooooos-lim trash.
The commie and socialist left-wing wacko-infested colleges and universities are refusing to cooperate with the FBI in providing the government with personal information about all foreign students and faculty, many of whom are here illegally and are foreign operatives. Two traitorous left-wing lib-dem wacko US Sens, Patrick J. Leahy (D-Vt.) and Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.), are siding with the refusing universities. Natch; jail 'em all for treason.
Hundreds of Iraqi Mooooooos-lim leaders gathered in an "emergency session" to declare a worldwide holy war against the United States if their country is attacked.
Find and whack the infamous Moooooos-lim "Trinity of Terror" residing in London, England; Abu Qatada, Omar Bakri Muhammad, and Abu Hamza al-Masri. We ignore them at our peril.

US Sen Trent Lott (RINO-MS) did the right thing and resigned his Senate Majority Leader position, and will continue to serve as US Senator from Mississippi. Now, the battle begins for his job, and US Sen Billy-Bob Frist (RINO-TN), seems to be the frontrunner. Finally, here is an objective appraisal of the Lott fiasco.
President Bush's Kwanzaa Message was, once again, pathetic. It's an anti-Christian, scam "holiday" invented in the 60s by a black idiot criminal, Ron Karenga. He is a convicted felon sentenced five years after inventing Kwanzaa for torturing two black women by whipping them with electrical cords and beating them with a karate baton after stripping them naked. He placed in the mouth of one of the victims a hot soldering iron, also scarring her face with the device. He put one of her big toes in a vise, and detergent and running water in both of their mouths. Have a happy one, folks. Kwanzaa is shit. Or do you already know that, and don't care?
Trent Lott is gone, and on to the US Congressional scene, comes US Sen Bill Frist (RINO-TN), as the new Senate Majority Leader. Who? Certain, based upon his spotty record, he's no friend of gun owners.
Bravo to these brave ladies who blew the whistles on the FBIs incompetence and on the criminal activities of Enron and WorldCom corporations, as as Time magazine's Persons of the Year. A lot of Conservatives whined that W&Co should have gotten that award, but I differ. These brave women took huge risks, and followed through with proof and testimony. Well done, ladies.
Amazing; the FBI rewards gross incompetence and dereliction of duty, which led directly to 9-11, with cash awards and certificates and ceremonies. Marion (Spike) Bowman should be doing hard, federal time.
Now, the government is revising history "fixing Southern bias" starting with The Civil War, and starting with nearby Gettysburg Battlefield, to attract more black visitors to the sites. I think I'm going to puke; I won't ever go back to visit that place, depite the new $90million Visitors Center.
The 12 Most Corrupt Leaders of 2002? Right here. No surprise most of them a liberal-democRATs, but there are a few GOPers thrown in, too, as is befitting.

Liberal-democRAT Scumbags.
Lowlife, skank-ass bitch, blond-bottle-bitch whoredog, ass-ugly, sleaazoid US Sen Patty "The Commie Piglet" Murray (Traitor-WA) is asking school kids: "If he's (binny shithead Mooooooos-lim) so bad why is he so well liked?" Can you imagine the outrage at a so-call led US Senator asking such a traitorous question to children, and giving this answer: "Why are people so supportive of him in many countries that are riddled with poverty? He's been out in these countries for decades, building schools, building roads, building infrastructure, building day care facilities, building health care facilities, and the people are extremely grateful. We haven't done that. How would they look at us today if we had been there helping them with some of that rather than just being the people who are going to bomb in Iraq and go to Afghanistan?" Recall and impeach the Murray mick-dog whore-slut bitch!
Where's Lee Harvey Oswald when the country really needs him to "rectify" Hitlery Rotten Clintoon?
I'm sure going to miss AlGoreBore and all his lies. Not.
Liberal scum and mindless democRATs changing history and facts in textbooks? Sure, they need to re-write history to their socialist-communist-left-wing-wacko vision.
The lesbian hag-bags weighed-in on the Lott resignation. National Organization for Women/ National association of Gals (NOW-NAG) and Femi-Nazi President Kim Gandy, isn't happy with Bill Frist. Hey Kimmy: who gives a flying rat's ass what you think or say, bitch? Crawl back under your slimy rock, left-wing wacko hypocrite. When you lesbian-dykes criticize the philandering BJ Klintoon, then you'll be relevant again; until then, shut the f*ck hell up, bitch.
Hang the Fonda bitch for treason.
Here's one the liberal media won't ever cover: In 1989 then-Gov Billy-Bob Bubba Jeffy Clinton was sued as one of three top Arkansas officials responsible for the intimidation of black voters in his state as part of a legal action brought under the 1965 Voting Rights Act.
The most incompetent police chief/cop, next to police chief/cop up-Chuckie Mooooooo-se in Montgomery Cty, MD, where the two Black Mooooooos-lim homo snipers eluded him for weeks, while he baited everyone about "white guys in a white van", is D.C. Police Chief Charles H. Ramsey, the affirmative action black who couldn't find Chandra Levy's body in that DC park, even after several hundred police recruits had searched it twice. This is what affirmative action does in ruining everything it touches: promotes lowlife, lowclass scum to positions of stupidity and incompetence. I'm sure Bush was being kind PC when he said: "I feel safe living here," the president said. "And so does my family. And so do a lot of families." DC is Murder Capital USA, Mr Bush. Wake the hell up. It's a filthy sewer down there, and you damned well know it.
Wow, now the libs have banned Daisy® Red Rider™ BB Guns from Baltimore. The inmates are truly running the asylum these days.
US Sen Bob Graham (LIBERAL TURD-FL) said Monday he is seriously considering running for the 2004 Democratic presidential nomination, saying he is not satisfied with President Bush's leadership as the country faces "unprecedented" economic and military problems. Bob who? Who the f*ck hell cares? The more democRATs, the merrier. Run your sorry asses off, RATs.
The Congressional Black Caucus Mucous; worst bunch of lowlife, scumbag, idiot, racist bigots in America. Read the article, and judge for yourself. And we let the subhuman filth get away with it. Serves us right, Whitey.

Lowlifes, Scumbags and assorted Garbage.
No, no, no, no, no! Pete "The Scumbag Liar" Rose doesn't deserve to be inducted into The Baseball Hall of Fame. He's a white trash liar, degenerate, deviant, turdboy, scumbag, and a lowlife piece of shit.
Sonny Carson, a black activist racist bigot whose role in several high-profile protests polarized the city, has died. He was 66. Carson had been in a coma for several months after suffering two heart attacks at the Veterans Affairs hospital in Manhattan. Carson was a vicious racist and Jew hater. He faned the flames of the Crown Heights riots in which Jews were whacked, beaten and terrorized for days. David Dinkins allowed Carsons' Korean boycott picketers to violate a court order that was to force them to stay away from the front of the store. The innocent Korean grocer was forced to go out of business. Of course, Dinkins will be at the funeral to tell the world what a misunderstood man Carson was and that we are a "racist" society for having criticized him for his racist activities. Good riddance, idiot scum scumbag.
An AIDS vaccine? Why? AIDS is a 100% preventable disease: use a condom, use a clean needle. It is a "disease" of perverts, deviants, degenerates and subhuman lowlife filth. De-fund AIDS research, and put the money into research on heart disease and cancer. Let the 30million or so infected subhumans die and cleanse the planet.
The "Rule of Law" in the UK is a farce: it allows for people who defend themselves from burglars, murderers, to receive prison time, and be sued by the criminals. The UK is in the dumper.
Ever hear of a lowlife, racist, bitter, ass-ugly, lebso-bull-dyke subhuman niggress named, bell hooks? Me neither, but read this about her; it'll explain why mercy Killings are a good idea.
Another punk junk noisemaker dead: hey, good riddance, scumbag! Joe Strummer, lead singer for the shitty British junk band, The Clash, has died at the age of 50. Strummer, who was the band's guitarist, vocalist and songwriter alongside Mick Jones, died on Sunday at his farmhouse in Somerset, southwestern England.
I can't believe that the US Government is spending hundreds of thousands of US Taxpayer dollars, on a study of male and female arousal criteria, complete with porno movies. But they are. What deviant bureaucrat scumbag approves this shit? Fire them!
I have to laugh when I read this shit about rap: Police on Monday arrested and booked rap music mogul Marion "Suge" Knight on a parole violation. The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department confirmed that Knight the founder of Death Row Records is in custody and is being held at the LA County Jail for violating the terms of his release on an assault conviction. And blacks wonder why their kids are so screwed up? Sure kids, emulate this piece of shit, and you'll do just fine in life.
Ford/Jaguar are now aiming their marketing dollars at homosexuals; they'll regret it as more and more normal people refuse to drive that brand. Subaru did it years ago and lost sales. Check out the hilarious "new homo logo" in the thread.

These People Need Killing™.
A man who threw his girlfriend's dog off her 23rd-floor balcony was sentenced Thursday to 12 years in prison for animal cruelty and other charges related to stalking the woman. John Jefferson, 43, pleaded guilty Dec 5 to robbery, burglary, stalking, criminal contempt and animal cruelty He got 2 years for Killing the dog; the other 10 years were for non-related charges. A .45cal to the skull would have been much better for taxpayers.
On a desolate fringe of a Queens park, a gang of homeless men, illegal alien, Mexican illegal aliens set upon a woman and dragged her into their squalid encampment, raping her for two hours while cops mounted a frantic search. The 42-year-old victim finally was rescued when a police dog picked up her scent, tracked her to the hobo jungle and sank his teeth into one of the men who brutalized her, authorities said. Head shoot all five illegal aliens. End of problem.
Susan "Sam" Cook McLaughlin was found guilty of being an accessory to murder and sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole. She should have been executed. No parole. Make her die slowly in prison for the rest of her unnatural life.
Both Black Mooooooos-lim filth, Muhammad and Malvo, the homo snipers, need to die for all those Beltway Murders, this past October. whack them both.
A homo-homo, child molester priest suing his victim? The answer is to execute all child molesters. End of problem.
The horrid parents of this abused girl need Killing, for sure, but I'm truly hoping that the prisoners they're locked-up with, are giving them more horro than they gave this poor child. Yet she does have a happy ending; worth the read.
Nice shooting, Mr Pendergast! One less scumbag in the world. And nice shooting, too!, KC convenience store clerks; two less scumbags in the world. I'm loving this scorecard.
Wow, more people subhuman filth who need Killing: the North Koreans commie garbage. Nuke 'em.

Bill's Antique Christmas Light Site.
Shortly after Edison invented the light bulb in 1879, Christmas trees were being adorned and decorated with lights. Collector Bill Nelson offers a brief history and an illustrated timeline describing how the first lit trees were expensive and rare, and it wasn't until the 1920s that American towns began to twinkle with holiday lights. This site's detailed light set galleries show images of all sorts of lights from 1900-1980. Admire the highly collectible Matchless Wonder Star and note the elaborate fruit and animal shapes of German figural lights from the '20s. The bubble light was a huge hit in the late '40s and beyond, while the '60s offered flashy aluminum trees that could only be lit by color wheels. Histories of Christmas-light manufacturers, vintage ads, photos of lit trees of the 20th century, and interesting facts about Christmas lighting further illuminate the subject. And if you have old lights of your own, the FAQ may come in handy for rewiring projects.

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