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Friday, December 28, 2001

personally, I'd be a very happy camper if I didn't hear another peep from the lowlife politician criminals on both sides of the aisle, in the vastly overpaid and grossly underworked US Congress. Their lies, excuses, reasons, pontificating, obfuscating et al for not getting the "peoples' business" done is both deafening and exasperating, all at once. Republicans and DemocRATs have spent weeks months fighting over how to arrange the proverbial deck chairs on the Titanic, yet hardly anyone pays attention when they try to steer the economy into an iceberg. Besides telling America to go pound sand on the Economic Stimulus Bill, truth be told it would have stimulated the business sector tremendously had it been acted upon promptly, the congressional scumbags also told New York City to buzz off on financial tax incentives to help rebuild after The Massacre of September 11th. How nice. Yet, our lowlife Congress-critters "quietly approved" a $4,900 pay raise for themselves, to a now $150,000 level, even though the Nation is in an economic depression. I sure hope America "remembers" what the obstructionist scumbags did just before the Holidays, and that they "respond appropriately" at the polls in November '02; I know I will remember and act accordingly in the voting booth. Anyway, a Happy & Prosperous New Year to you and yours.

Around The Garden Center.
So far, still no real Winter Season. Seems the number of White Christmasses have markedly declined from the 60s to the 90s. I've noticed that weather trend for the past 25 years, too. Things are changing all over the Earth, and it's not global warming; it's merely a blip in time on a scale so vast that we Humans can't conceive the relationship.
The headlines are screaming the bad news: "Economy Weakest In A Decade" and "Economic Downturn Continues", but I haven't seen any signs of it in my industry or business, yet.
What a difference a week makes; the "Dog Days of December" have given way to some actual Wintry Weather, sans snow, so far. Temps have dropped into the 30s and 40s during the day, and slid into the teens and 20s at night. We've drained down all the irrigation systems and allowed Production/ Retail Greenhouses 2-3-4-5-6 and the Main Retail Display Greenhouse to freeze-out for the Winter, heating only Production Greenhouse 1, where all houseplants etc have been moved until March '02. Pickle will be spending his nights in there this Winter. At least we didn't get what Buffalo-Niagara Falls got: a 25"+ snowfall.
Gas prices are rising like the "elevator ass" on a cat or dog (when you stroke them); almost $0.12 in the past week-and-a-half, as the refineries begin shutting down some production because of low market prices (low demand) and unseasonally-warm weather (over-supply). Recently, I saw regular (87octane) drop to $0.96/gal, but since I have to use regular-plus (89octane) at $1.03/gal, it was a pleasure to fill-up the Jeep Grand Cherokee V8 Limited's 22gal tank. Alas, those days are now ancient history, as the OPEC scumbags and US oil companies collude to bring barrel prices closer to the more profitable $25 mark.
I'm in my, "feed the local birds" mode, for the rest of the Winter. 100-150lbs of seed each week will go into piles under the 50% (sheltered) Lath House, just outside my Office, on the west side of the Main Retail Building. I really enjoy seeing the huge variety of birds we have nesting on the 20acre site, feeding and staying around all year long. In my estimation, spending the money for seed and feeding them over the scant Winter months is well worth it. I'd enjoy hearing from you if you feel the same way.
Last Sunday evening, I had dinner at Jeff & Denise's; they made two kinds of pizza, we had plenty of vino and exchanged some Christmas gifts.
On Christmas Day, I went down to the Garden Center Complex, fed Pickles, did some paperwork, and then went to Mom & Dad's for our Traditional Christmas Dinner: baked ham, candied yams, corn, broccoli and mince pie ala mode. I see lots of ham sandwiches and leftovers in my near future. My sister, Becky, called around 3pm from San Francisco. I also worked on Dad's IBM Aptiva computer, getting some new apps installed, doing much-needed file maintenance and showing him how to use a Zip Drive.
On Wednesday, I stopped by my favorite gunshop in Shrewsbury (PA), Freedom Armory 717.227.9060, and picked up a new Glock Model #32/.357sig. I've had a CCW (Concealed Carry Weapon) Permit since '90 in York County (PA), the Colt Trooper .357 Magnum MKIII (bought in July '74) and various other pieces I own, have never been a question. I love Pennsylvania, the 2nd Amendment Champion, in a Nation where the lib-dem "gun grabbers" are creeping up on us all. In both NJ and NYC in the 70s and 80s, a CCW was an impossibility; too many lowlife lib-dems f*cking-up screwing-up the world. I carried anyway; only had to use it once in 17yrs. After a couple of scotches, we'll talk about that.

The Massacre of September 11th.
Not that you would, but just so you don't, forget the Massacre of September 11th. It's important not to forget. Savor, don't lose the anger, unbridled hate and seething fury over what the lowlife, subhuman, Islamic shitfilth, murderous pork-suckers, pedophilic Muslim scum did to the USA. Track them down, hunt them like the rabid animals they are; show them no mercy, whack them outright. We're still grieving as a Nation.
No mercy, no quarter, no life spared. whack the subhuman towelhead filth.
Sensing the "sea change in America" after September 11th, this WSJ Opinion piece puts it all into perfectly proper perspective.
Asked if many or most ordinary people consider US Policies to be "a major cause" of the Sept. 11 attacks, fewer than 1 in 5 respondents from America said they do. But in the rest of the world, nearly 3 out of 5 agreed that they would. The polling revealed a strong sense around the world that "the events" of Sept 11th had opened a new chapter in world history, that nothing would again be the same. Hey folks: it was The Massacre of September 11th.
Keep looking, guys. I'd kind of like you to find them, if they're out there, which I know they are. Somehow, I don't have much confidence in your bureau, FBI, anymore.
Traitor, lowlife, scumbag, Islamic idiot, wacko lib-dem from Marin Cty (CA), moron, Muslim-convert mercenary, former American citizen? Yep, all of them. Execute this piece of shit, Taleban John Walker Lindh. whack him.
Oh Happy Holidays; here we go again.
bin Laden moron Pork-Sucker dead? Maybe, maybe not. There's a dozen different scenarios. Who'll know is who finds the carcass.
Look at these stoneage cretins from the pre-11th century; they're not even human. They're savages. whack them all. Nuke the country, after removing women and children.
Too many idiots, such as ultra-lib-dem Washingmachine Toast are still arguing for bringing captured terrorists to the US and trying them in our criminal court system; a huge mistake. The stupidity in such a lame argument is grossly blatant: give the "hate America first" cabal another group of political martyrs. Instead, they should be tried before military tribunals and executed. End of problem.
Rudy and The People of New York City/The Pentagon richly deserve this honor. Except for all the lib-dem filth in NYC who elected Hitlery Rotten Clintoon; they face years of unending horror from that lowlife criminal bitch.
All so-called Muslim student groups are suspect in my view; pedophilic, homosexual, degenerate, deviant Islamic shitfilth who want to attack the West specifically America by raising money for terrorist groups. Time to round-up, detain, arrest, deport or execute the diaperheads. No need for public announcements; get rid of the pork-eaters, FBI.
A man who helped some of the September 11th hijackers murderers fraudulently obtain identification cards and then told the FBI elaborate lies about targets the terrorists might attack is likely to be sentenced to no more than two years in prison, according to legal experts familiar with the case. Execute the subhuman without trial.
Besides the thousands of lives extinguished at The Massacre of September 11th at the WTC, millions and perhaps billions of dollars of irreplaceable art was lost, forever.
Like I trust the FBI's analysis of the anthrax letters: loner, white, right-wing wacko male. Ummm, nope, don't think so, folks. Don't want to "offend" the diaperheads in the US? Who the f*ck heck cares? They offend me. Better look overseas, where it's coming from, folks.
The lowlife Muslim Sneaker Bomber is certainly worthy of a military tribunal and execution, yet the US legal system idiots will undoubtedly try his stinking, pork-sucking Islamic ass in a criminal court, wasting millions of US Taxpayers' dollars, and house him at a cost of $60,000 per year. He deserves death for attempted murder of all those brave passengers and crew who subdued him; they should have beat him to death on the plane.
This is exactly why Turd World, living-in-the-stoneage countries like Pakistan and India shouldn't have been allowed to develop nuclear weapons: a over a squalid shithole like Kashmir. World de-stabilization is the result, with lunatics and fanatics of all stripes and religions holding their fingers near the nuclear assons. If I had my druthers, I'd let them nuke it out and destroy each other, but the resultant fallout would have massive consequences for the rest of the world for many years to come. Too bad, it'd be nice to be rid of all that subhuman garbage in those two countries. Adios, filth.
More than three months after Islamic terrorists attacked America, Muslims here still live in fear of soaring hate crimes and of racial profiling as US authorities seek out possible terror suspects. In fact, the scarcity of attacks on muslims here given the outrage of 9/11 is remarkable. Boo f*cking freakin' hoo. What? They are here illegally and are "rounded up"? Oh the horror! This is one of the things the libs feared with W becoming President, expecting John Ashcroft to be AG: Laws would be enforced. Round-up, inter, deport or execute. Pretty simple.
Here's a gut/heart-wrenching account of getting out of the North Tower alive.
Argentina's new government on Sunday announced the largest sovereign debt default in history, declaring it would stop paying its $155bn public debt and create a "third currency" to kick-start its shattered economy. FYI, lib-dems.
Support for the Arab world dwindling? Jeeez, I hope so. They're all filth and garbage. Round them up and deport or execute them all.
Here's a great series of articles by the lib-dem NBC News organization; forget the liberal bias and read between the lines.

2001 was quite a tumultuous year. Here's a nicely done, month-by-month recap from TIME, blatant liberal bias sensibly omitted. And another nice story on W& Co waging war.
To say the "GOP leaders were hesitant on stimulus resurrection" would be an understatement; they were downright cowardly. The shit-for-brains bad hairpiece US Senate idiot Trent Lott (R-MI) and gutless, fat-as-a-bowl-of-lard US House moron Denny Hastert (R-IL) were blatantly spineless, in not forcing the lowlife, turd-sucking dwarf US Senate Tommie "The Commie" Dass-hole (D-SD) to a floor vote. Both scumbags need to be voted out of office.
Thanks Rudy, you did a helluva job in 8 years. Godspeed.

Lowlife, Lib-Dem Garbage.
So many lib-dem lowlifes to castigate, and so little time... let's get started.
The lowlife, traitorous, lying, bigot, scumbag, immoral, degenerate Bubba Jeffy Clintoon is trying to "resuscitate his image" and preserve his demented legacy of incompetence, corruption and treason. That project might take a few hundred years and quite a few sycophants. Here's Clintoon's real legacy. A true piece of shit.
When anyone mentions "shit", one's mind automatically refers to the dwarf scumbag lowlife US Senate Majority Leader, Tommie "The Commie" Dass-hole (D-SD), leader of obstructionists in the US Congress. He's primarily responsible for thumbing his snot-filled nose at the American People for purely partisan lib-dem gains in 2002 elections, and no other reason. He's a liar in the Clintoonoid mold and deserves to be routed from office.
C'mon, Gov Schweicker, kick this two-bit lowlife punk's lib-dem mayoral ass! Street wants to throw more money against this low class inner-city problem which can't be solved, except with a 1.5 MegaTon nuclear blast, cleansing the world of all that lowlife, subhuman garbage filth. Starting over with a clean slate is the only answer for the inner-city filth of every city.
Chrissy "The Sissy" Dodd (D-CT) is another lowlife scumbag obstructionist who won't even allow Otto Reich, W's nominee for assistant secretary of state for the Western Hemisphere, to come up for a vote. Dodd needs either a radical hysterectomy or a whopping case of prostate cancer; I think the latter befits his sorry lib-dem ass perfectly.
Arthur "The Farter" Miller, America's worst semi-living playwright, who attended the pro-Stalin rally at the Waldorf-Astoria circa 1947, riddled with STDs and AIDS, spoke out against the Bush administration for abusing civil rights, in a BBC interview on Christmas Day. This so-called "playwright", is really a lib-dem lowlife fudge-packing homo with a communist agenda. As usual, he made an ass out of himself and all the empty-headed socialists who took turns fisting the Miller idiot. Disgusting. A terminal case of prostate cancer would be apropos.
This draft-dodging, punch-drunk, bubble-headed braggart, lowlife scumbag, Cassius Clay (aka Mu-ham-head Ali) is a speaker for the US? I don't f*cking freaking think so; at least not for me. Maybe for the rump-raiding homos of the Hollyweird 9/11 Group, but not me.
Happy White Kwanzaa to everyone from the murderous black idiot scum, Ron Karenga.
The usually ultra-liberal Washingmachine Toast makes good sense in detailing the lowlife lib-dems partisan obstructionist attitudes on W's administration nominees.
Even the diminutive, toe-sucking hooker-lover, Dick Morris, agrees: call the cowardly US Senate back in session over Christmas and get the needed economic stimulus package passed. The economy needs help and the lib-dem scumbags are playing 2002-2004 politics. America! Wake the hell up!
Hmmmm, racists, misery-profiteers and subhuman lowlife scumbags wanting reparations? I don't f*cking freaking think so, idiot filth. Blacks aren't looking for a handout; only idiot scum are. And you know whom you are, scumbag garbage.
The belief that boys are being wrongly "masculinized" is inspiring a movement to "construct boyhood" in ways that will render boys less competitive, more emotionally expressive, more nurturing more, in short, like girls. Whoria Slime'em (Gloria Steinem), the lowlife lib-dem lesbian alcoholic abortion-lover and man-hater bull-dyke, summarizes the views of many in the boys-should-be-changed camp when she says, "We need to raise boys like we raise girls." This novel agenda is no utopian fantasy. Indeed, the movement to overhaul boys is already well under way. The feminist assault on masculinity and men has now invaded the public schools, courtesy of the feminist (NAGS and NOW-dykewhores)-dominated National Education association. And like many other well-intentioned, but ill-conceived reforms, this one has enormous potential to make a lot of people in this case, millions of schoolboys very miserable indeed.
Unbelievable. In the face of facts and evidence, the ass-licking lib-dem Richard Cohen of liberal rag, The Washingmachine Toast, still has his head up Bubba Jeffy Clintoon's ass and is still apologizing and defending the worst lowlife scumbag ever to hold the office of president. What a pathetic creature Cohen is.
Did I mention, Happy Kwanzaa, to everyone? Sorry for forgetting that bogus, racist "holiday".
Looks like Jerry Rivers' career at Fox is on the wane.
Another wacko left-wing "blame America first" peacenik's effort to discredit W & Co. Junk writing and pathetic thoughts, Ms Salter.
The lowlife, race-baiting, misery-profiteering criminal Irrev Jesse "Hymietown" Jack-scum refuses to fly the American Flag in a time of war. He needs a serious IRS investigation into his blackmailing activities. And then prison time.
Read about The Washingmachine Toast's effort to bolster the lowlife, lying BJ Clintoon scumbag's "War On Terrorism". This makes me hurl. We ( barely ) survived the most fraudulent, most corrupt, most outright criminal administration in history. My great fear is that until Americans recognize this fact, and realize how their forbearance of these shenanigans enabled it to happen, we are forever in danger of repeating it all over again. America will not survive a second replay of the clintons, no matter whose face it wears. The collusion and complicity of both the news & entertainment divisions of the media allowed this to happen.

Execute This Subhuman Filth.
I just love to see these lowlife subhuman prison shitfilth die this way: whacked by their own lowlife kind in a prison riot. Let it and them burn, prison officials. Cheaper to rebuild and restock the subhuman trash than restore and rehabilitate.
A once-popular Boca Raton rabbi now faces no more than eight years in prison after federal prosecutors on Thursday backed away from seeking the harshest possible prison sentence for sex crimes involving children. Too bad; the lowlife isn't going to die until he gets to prison. His new "boyfriends" will see to that. I hope they whack him slowly.
Here's a subhuman piece of shit from lib-dem People's Republik of Kalifornicate who needs death; read what he did to a 15 year old girl. I'll wait, we'll have tea and discuss his demise.
The child rape epidemic is going strong in South Africa; no wonder those subhumans live in the jungle. Over there, blacks are animals and are destroying their entire continent. And good riddance.

September 11 Web Archive.
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