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still trying to figure it out

friday, december 29th


m still trying to figure out how hillary lost the election...

Was it the Russian Uranium Deal?

Was it the worldwide leaks from Wikileaks?

Was it the lying worm, Podesta?

Was it tresaonous Comey?

Was it having a sexual predator Bubba Jeffy, as a husband?

Was it Huma Abedins sexual pervert degeneraten lowlife dirtbqg predator husband, Anthony Weiner?

There's a special place in hell,
just for her.

Was it because the Clinton Foundation ripped-off Haiti?

Was it subpoena violations?

Was it the congressional testimony lies?

Was it the corrupt Clinton Foundation?

Was it the Benghazi disaster thqt rewulted in 4 murders?

Was it pay for play?

Was it being recorded laughing because she got a child rapist off, when she was an attorney?

Was it the Travel-Gate scandal?

Was it the Whitewater scandal?

Was it the Cattle-Gate scandal?

Was it the Trooper-Gate scandal?

OR... Was it the $15 million for Chelseas NYC apartment bought with foundation money?

Or her deviant, degenerate husbands interference with Loretta Lynch & the ongoing fake investigation?

Or happily accepting the stolen CNN debate questions given to her?

Or her own secret server in her house and disdain for classified information?

Or deleting 30,000 emails?

Or having cell phones destroyed with hammers?

Was it the Seth Rich murder? (Which she ordered)

Was it the Vince Foster murder? (Which she ordered)

Was it the Gennifer Flowers assault & settlement?

Was it the $800,000 Paula Jones settlement?

Was it calling half the United States deplorable?

Was it the underhanded treatment of Bernie Sanders?

Was it Bills impeachment nd neqr-convictionon then chrgew?

Was it the lie about being under sniper fire in Bosnia?

Was it the $10 million she got for the pardon of Marc Rich?

Or the $6 BILLION she lost when in charge of the State Department?

Or because she is a hate-filled, lying, power-hungry, carpet-munching, lesabo-bull-duke, overly-ambitious, greedy, nasty bitch?

Gee whiz, I just cant quite seem to put my finger on it... but Woody can, and has.


Source: anonymous email, with my edits.

A Day In The Life.

After a bitter cold night of 23-25°F, I got-up Friday morning at 7:30, upped the condo heat, made coffee, at 9:45a, drove to East York's Rite Aid to get new refills for the now-depleted 20mg Oxycodone and 2mg Loreazapam Rxs, drove to WellSpan's East York Lab facility to get some blood drawn for the upcoming January 9th GI EGD procedure (esophagogastroduodenoscopy).

Traffic was already building noticeably, and by mid-afternoon, the roads would be akin to parking lots. I wanted to get all my errands done, and get off the roads by 12-12:30p, before the last-minute shoppers turned bedlam loose on my part of York.

On Sunday evening at 6pm, Dad, Becky & I are going to a local Methodist church for Christmas Eve Services, and on Monday, Christmas Day, Dad & I will go to Becky's for dinner at 1p, as we did for Thanksgiving. Nice to have someone else prepare dinners, after doing it for Mom & Dad for the past 15-17yrs. Becky does a very, very nice job, for a White Girl in Southern PA. LOL!.

After getting back home, I checked the Net's weather maps and news reports; south gets the rain, north gets the snow and ice. We're getting a little bit of rain. I caught some missed Chris Plante Show Podcasts and Ancient Aliens Podcasts, and then headed upstairs for bed by 11:45p.

Saturday morning at 7:30a, was cold, dreary and rainy. I fired-up the furnace, made coffee, had some OJ, Frosted Corn Flakes cereal and a banana. Still dark, I laid down on the LR couch, and slept until 11:45a, with vivid REM dreams that curled my moustache hair. Brrrrrrrr. No bad belly pain, so no need for copious amounts of Rx painkillers, but it was beginning to hurt, so I kept the Oxys handy and at-the-ready, just in case. I had a container of delicious blueberry muffins, fresh from Weis Market's Bakery, to deliver to Dad, stops to make at the bank and Rite Aid Pharmacy, so I left at 1p. TRAFFIC WAS A FRICKIN', FRACKING', FREAKIN', FUDGECICLE, HORROR SHOW! I've been thru 27yrs of this holiday shopping crap, and I expected it to be different than all the prior years? No damned hardly.

Lee called earlier in the day, around 8:45a, and wanted to "borrow an AR-15", to use in a photo shoot. I have several in my collection, but that's not the point. The point is the liability for me in someone else using a lethal weapon owned and registered to me, in case a time was committed with that specific firearm. I had to decline to let him use it as a prop, without me being there, and having 100% command and control over the AR-15. Even though no 20-30-40-50-60 or 90-round mags would be used, that weapon could be easily hand-loaded, one round at-a-time, and murder committed. The chances are 1-in-10,000 that it would happen, but I don't want to take any chances, at this point in my life.

I tried to order some things online, and the Net had slowed to less than a crawl; CommieCast's server farms was whimpering. I bookmarked my place on Cafe Press's Website, and will pick-up on it Tuesday or so, when it's back to semi-normal traffic. Velocity CATV had a mini-marathon of episodes from both Fantom Works and Iron Resurrection from past years, most of which I hadn't seen, so I wound-up watching them, in between news and weather reports.

By 11:45p, I was plain "tuckered-out" and needed to get some more quality sleep, as I had last night and this morning. Lights out at 12a.

Merry Christmas Eve! I slept-in until 11:30, had v8, made French Toast, coffee, and had a slice of strawberry-smothered cheesecake. After a couple loads of laundry, I watched some CATV, and with no errands to get done, I had time on my hands, for a change. I met Dad & Becky at Dad's home, and we piled into her 2014 BMW X3, to go to the 7p Christmas Services at Messiah United Methodist Church, also in North York; a typical, nice York County Christmas Service, which I enjoyed. Tomorrow, Christmas Day, we're all having dinner at Becky's condo, at 1p. I rolled-out the sleeping bag at 11:30p

Happy Christmas Day! Woo-Hoo! I also slept-in until 10:30a, but quickly remembered that I had to p/u Dad and get him to Becky's, for lunch too, as Becky was doing dinner for the three of us, Outstanding Dinner, Becky! I delivered some additional 'whimsy-gag" Christmas gifts to cousin Stacey &m Toni, and their spouses, Buddy and Dave, just before dinner began around 2:30p, and everyone got a good laugh. Dinner and fellowship were great - I got Dad home by 4:45, and myself home by 5. Leftovers, leftovers, leftovers...Mmmmmmmmmmmm! I watched the news and weather, and a few episodes of "Ancient Aliens" and fellowship were great. I was in bed and asleep by 11p.

Sleeping-in until 11:30a again, I could have slept a lot longer. Dad called at 12noon, and said he was sick, so we'd not by going shopping for an overcoat for me, until tomorrow. I still had a long list of errands to get done, but those could wait until Dad and I get a full-length wool black topcoat for me, at the Jos A Banks Stores in York. Tomorrow's another day, when Dad's feeling better and my errand list is mercifully paired-down to just a few things remaining.

I swept-out the garage, assessed when all the new/old Jeep-related signs would be hung on some partially-empty all space, had a bite for dinner, and watched some TV until 11:15p, flipping thru the sign store's catalog to see what I'd bought to cover the walls and whether I had enough to do the job with the remaining empty space. I easily did. Sleep beckoned at 11:30p, so I followed it upstairs and succumbed immediately.

On Wednesday, the frickin', frackin', freakin' cell phone went off 4x from 8-10:30a, and I had to get up. 18°F! MEMO To Dumbassed Self: TURN THE DAMNED PHONE THING OFF UNTIL YOU'RE UP FOR THE DAY! 2 calls from the pharmacy and 2 from the dry cleaners. I had a quick cereal, V8 and coffee for breakfast, p/u'd the Rxs at Rite Aid, and the cleaner's load. After loading Dad into the Jeep, we drove to Jos A Banks Clothiers, went thru their topcoats and overcoats, and I was thoroughly-disappointed in the available selection. The mgr would get what she could find in a 46-R, have to brought to her store, and call me to come see the "array". which I knew was going to be even more disappointing, and that my topcoat/overcoat search was fruitless. With Erie, PA, getting 60"+ of snow, a topcoat or overcoat wouldn't have helped at all. I bagged it around 12 midnight.

Thursday was the penultimate weekday before the "Journal's" calendar year, and an imporant decision needed to be made. 8°F and my brain's frozen. The cleaning ladies are due here at 8:30a; I was up at 6:15a, made oatmeal, had OJ and coffee for breakfast. Lots to think about.

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