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the four fuckeries

friday, december 30th, 2020

'We want to save the planet, and the life upon it, but we’re not willing to pay the price and bear the consequences. So we make up a narrative that feels good and run with it.' — Raul Ilargi Meier.

I doubt there is another era in the history of Western Civ when the forces in-motion acting on society were so mystifying to those acted upon. And isn’t it especially galling that this is so in an age after rational scientific practice had decoded so many of nature’s secrets? Did that project somehow fail in the end? Has the Enlightenment been defeated? How have we become trapped like frogs being boiled haplessly in our own pond-water?

I have reduced these forces to four obvious streams of the sheerest seemingly evil fuckery, which is to say nefariously managed events meant to harm us. They are surely all related in some way. Let’s try to de-mystify them to understand what we’re up against. The tyrant dies and his rule is over; the martyr dies and his rule begins.

First: Covid-19. How is it that we don’t know for sure how this organism came into the world, or understand what ensued after it did? Answer: the people who caused it to happen in the Wuhan lab have been busy covering their asses for three years, and successfully so. Yet we know exactly what Anthony Fauci, Francis Collins, Peter Daszak, Ralph Baric and others did. The paper trail in correspondence and patents alone is clear. We just can’t seem to do anything about it.

We don’t know why they did it yet, too, but there are plausible guesses. Maybe Dr. Fauci wanted to cap his long, checkered career with a final heroic triumph: the introduction of world-saving mRNA vaccines — incidentally, a great financial boon to himself and the pharma industry he secretly served. Like everything else Fauci worked on for forty years, this experiment ended in disaster: a Frankenstein disease that persists in the population and vaccines that maim and kill people. How did Fauci and company get away with it? Here’s how:

Two: Government’s war on its own citizens. I’d date this for the sake of simplicity to the DOJ’s and FBI’s campaign to defenestrate Donald Trump starting in 2016 for the crime of winning an election. What began as the Russia collusion prank morphed into RussiaGate, another ass-covering extravaganza in which public officialdom gave itself blanket permission to lie about everything it was doing. The likes of James Comey, Andrew McCabe and Barack Obama’s girl squad in the White House —- to name just a few of many participants —- also managed to hook in the mainstream news media under the supposition that they were the good guys fighting a disgusting, pussy-grabbing supervillain, which disposed the news media to go along with all the FBI and DOJ lies, and also stranded the media in an endless loop of ass-covering they are still locked into. In the land of the insane it is the sane man who is considered crazy.

Bottom line: all involved came to recognize that there was no accountability for their wicked deeds and lying about them, and that became an all-purpose license for everyone in public life to lie about everything and anything ever after — including Dr. Fauci and his colleagues, who watched RussiaGate roll out for four years before the debut of Covid-19. This license to act wrongfully and lie about it extends, by the way, to the epic election mischief carried out programmatically by the Democratic Party’s Lawfare arm in 2020 and 2022, and the installation of a fake president.

Three: Wokery, the Marxist campaign to disorder society in order to overthrow existing institutions and replace them with a utopian dictatorship of the intersectionally oppressed —- also known as The Revenge of the Losers. Its primary tactic is to normalize mental illness. Wokery is often described as a new kind of religion, but that’s mainly because all of its proffers and principles are irrational, as is characteristic of all religions. Also, as in many religions, Wokery in practice is preoccupied with coercion and punishment — which is natural for a movement based on vengeance —- and often to a sadistic degree. It laughs at the idea of redemption. Its adversaries are never forgiven, only dealt additional punishments for asking.

The mystery here is how Wokery was incorporated into the operating system of the Democratic Party. The answer is the party needed something to replace its erstwhile corpus of organized industrial workers, gone with the winds of Globalism, and so it valorized the various categories of the mentally ill, the permanently downtrodden, and sundry persons who had become economic hostages to its corrupt system of payments and grants. High above that ragtag-and-bobtail of crazies reigned an aristocracy of the so-called cognitive elite, people of unquestioned virtue, college professors, the creative class, the credentialed echelon —- super-busy signaling their good intentions to their vassals to keep them in line.

Wokery, you may have noticed, is also a “religion” dominated by women, and a particular strain of women: those left grossly disappointed by the promises of feminism in its several iterations, that is, the ideal of having brilliant careers minus family and children — producing an implacable, inchoate, and transmissible rage at the world and a fierce wish-to-punish others not so disposed to Woke dogma. So, it’s no surprise that so much of that dogma emanated from the humanities departments of the universities where such careerist feminist intellectuals flocked and marinated in their disappointments. Thus, too, their avatar: the ever cold-blooded and fiendish Hillary Clinton, forever seeking requital for her life’s losses. Hillary leads us to the world stage, and to…

Four, the most mysterious of the four fuckeries: Globalism as represented by the World Economic Forum (WEF) led by the quasi-comical Klaus Schwab. Supposedly —- and I can’t endorse this proposition — it is a front for some cabal of exalted international bankers and oligarchs, the proverbial Rothschilds and Rockefellers, Soros and Bill Gates and their various subalterns. There is certainly a lot of money involved and, as the old saying goes, Money talks and bullshit walks. There is also a ton of chatter about this selfsame cabal centering around a Satanic child molestation cult.

I dunno about this, either. Seems plumb cuckoo to me. And yet, how do you explain Jeffrey Epstein’s activities, and how he got it away with all of it, until he was offed right under Attorney General Bill Barr’s nose? How to explain the deification of transsexuals by the folks in-charge of culture and politics? You are dared to condemn such outrageous insults to human hard-wired morality as the Drag Queen Story Hour.

It’s hypothesized that the Satanic sex module is just of a piece with the WEF’s Transhumanism project: to engineer a super-race that will manage and enjoy the perqs of life-on-earth as a previously unseen hermaphroditic genus, and all the performative kink sexuality on display is just a preview of that, to soften us up. More to the point though, is the idea that this WEF elite will rule a planet of lower-order slaves (us), to mine their lithium and mix their drinks. And along with that is the much-heard narrative of the WEF seeking to severely reduce the earth’s current human population. I’m not wholly on-board with believing any of this; just sayin’ it’s all ‘out there’ and, crazy as it sounds, it is hard to explain.

Except in this way. Readers know that I have retailed my personal view of a collapsing techno-industrial society as The Long Emergency. My own conviction is this: that the general apprehension of such an event, now on-going, has generated among the citizenry such terror as to drive society crazy. (Mass Formation is a related interpretation, not necessary to go into here.)

I suppose this has happened to most other civilizations that wobbled and fell. The one best-known to me —- because I wrote about it in The City in Mind (2002) —- is the psychosis that overcame the Aztecs 1519 to 1521. It is the weirdest story in history that I know of. Aztec civilization was barely two hundred years old. The great city-state of Tenochtitlan had quickly grown to about a million when Hernan Cortés and Company, representing Spain of the Inquisition, marched in. Cortés, in his gleaming steel helmet, was the personification of the Aztecs’ deity-in-chief, Huitzilopochtli, their sun god, and the theological narrative that went with him — that Huitzilopochtli would return to the world from wherever elsewhere the gods reposed and destroy everything. In fact, that’s exactly what Señor Cortés and his few-hundred soldiers proceeded to do to a million Aztecs and their culture.

But during the two years Cortés sojourned among them, the Aztecs went batshit crazy ramping up their previously modest program of human sacrifice —- a few hapless captives now and again —- to a fantastic ritual mass bloodbath, cutting the hearts out of hundreds at a time atop their great pyramid to propitiate Huitzilopochtli and persuade him, by such a bloody performance of their devotion, to not end their world. It ended anyway, though another world (arguably not a better one) took its place: Mexico.

This is the kind of periodic human mass insanity that I see in the Four Fuckeries now loose in the world as Western Civ wobbles. The trouble is, having replaced our gods with science, we have no deity to propitiate. Just endless hypotheses of what’s to come.

© 11.28.2022 by James Howard Kunstler, "Clusterfuck-Nation Blog".

A Day In The Life.

Up at 6a on Friday, I went thru my morning ritual finger stick, to check my BSL (Blood Sugar Level) and recorded it on my Diabetes 2 chart, made coffee and breakfast, took a Tylenol Extra Strength for various pains, had a couple smokes in the semi-cool garage and checked the leftover errands list. It was already 45°, and forecast to hit 49°.

I checked the news and weather, and saw the ***WIND CHILL WARNING*** was posted with this new warning:

*** Winter Weather Advisory ***
04:12am EST, Dec 23 2022
03:00pm EST, Dec 23 2022
• Issued By State College (Penn State) -- PA, US, National Weather Service.
•WHAT: For the Winter Weather Advisory, snow expected. Total snow accumulations of up to one inch. Winds gusting as high as 45-55 mph. For the Wind Chill Advisory, very cold wind chills expected. Wind chills as low as 15 below zero.
•WHERE: Dauphin, Lebanon, York and Lancaster Counties.
•WHEN: For the Winter Weather Advisory, from 9 AM this morning to 3 PM EST this afternoon. For the Wind Chill Advisory, from 1 PM this afternoon to 11 AM EST Saturday.
•IMPACTS: Plan on slippery road conditions. Areas of blowing snow could significantly reduce visibility. The hazardous conditions will likely impact the latter half of the morning commute.
•ADDITIONAL DETAILS...The snow combined with the increasing wind, sharply falling temperatures and initially wet roads may lead to a flash freeze and extremely dangerous travel conditions.
The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission remind motorists to adjust speeds based on driving conditions as winter weather impacts will include snow covered roads and limited visibility.
Limit time outside. Dress in layers and cover exposed skin. Wear a hat and gloves. Frostbite and hypothermia can occur if precautions are not taken.

Here's the continuing ***WIND CHILL WARNING***

*** Wind Chill Warning ***
02:26pm EST, Dec 22 2022
11:00am EST, Dec 25 2022
•Issued By State College (Penn State) -- PA, US, National Weather Service.
• WHAT: Very cold wind chills expected. Wind chills as low as 15 below zero. Frequent wind gusts between 35 and 45 mph late Friday morning, through Saturday.
•WHERE: Dauphin, Lebanon, York and Lancaster Counties.
•WHEN: From 1 PM Friday to 11 AM EST Saturday.
•IMPACTS: The cold wind chills could result in hypothermia if precautions are not taken.
Limit time outside. Dress in layers and cover exposed skin. Wear a hat and gloves. Frostbite and hypothermia can occur if precautions are not taken.

Hey, it's Winter, dontcha know! I had plenty of Kona Coffee, a Mini-Croissant, and got ready for the day. First stop was at the New Eastern Farmers' Market, here in East York, to p/u my order from Pasta Plus and a few other things, and then to a local convenience store, for some OJ for Sis. The rain continued. My rain gauge overfloweth. The Market was crowded with Christmas shoppers, and the weather was becoming nasty. 55mph winds and horizontal rain, occasional sleet and a bit of snow, which melted quickly, at 35°, but noticeably dropping. By 10:30a, it was snowing horizontally, but no accumulation to speak of. I'm sure glad I'm not a 'Holiday Traveler', because they're getting hammered, with as many as 9,000 flights canceled so far.

Satan knows your name and calls you by your sin. God knows your sin and calls you by your name.

By 11:30a, much of the rain had passed, and snow was following it up, but the skies cleared for a bit and the sun shone. The wind and temps were still brutal. At 26°, I garaged the Jeep, to let the ice melt, and started-up the garage's oscillating, ceramic tower heater to melt the snow/frozen rain on the Jeep. Sis left to do some work at her condo, undergoing a major rehab. Sherry called to let me know she wouldn't be coming by today, due to the weather; sad for me, but better safe than sorry for her. I took 2 Ham Dinners and a hand-made (MS-Publisher) Christmas Card next door to my shut-in neighbors, watered my 3 Phal Orchids with handfuls of ice cubes, had an Egg & Olive Salad Sandwich, and grabbed a nap on the LR couch. Awake at 2:30p, temps had dropped to 15°, still with fierce 45+ mph winds.

Did you see the 'NY Times' crossword puzzle on the First Day's Eve of the festival of Hanukkah? On Sunday (December 18), the New York Times courted controversy after the crossword in the American newspaper bore an uncanny resemblance to the Nazi symbol ‘Hakenkreuz’ (or Hooked cross). My Jewish friends were upset, and called it to my attention. The 'NY Slimes' is run by Jewish left-wing Jew-haters. Prove me wrong.

The bitter cold accompanying this powerful winter storm broke some long-standing record lows for parts of Montana and Wyoming. Casper, Wyoming, saw its coldest day ever on Thursday as temps plummeted to a bone-chilling -42°F below. It was also a Casper record for December 22, with the old record of -33° set in 1983. Other areas breaking records Thursday included Riverton, Wyoming, which dropped to -31°, shattering a 24-year record. Fact: 20x more people die from excessive cold than excessive heat This is now some serious shit. By 8p, it had dropped here, to 5°, with a -10° wind chill. Throw another log on the fire, honey! It's going to be a three dog night. Heh.

After a filling dinner of Tomato Basil Focaccia, I watched TV for the evening, while occasionally checking into AccuWeather for dropping temp reading, until 11:30p, and unplugged for the night.

It's colder than a witch's tit, in a brass bra, in January.

Up at 8a on Saturday, it was a very bitter cold 3° with wind chill at -12°, outside. I fired-up the condo furnace and garage heater right away, started coffee, did the BSL, and had a couple smokes in the cold garage. I checked my usual AccuWeather, WGAL-TV Weather Site, Fox Weather and The Weather Channel; all were in agreement. IT WAS WAY NORTH OF FRIGID. I took a 50mg Tramadol for lower back/hip pain, checked the news and weather on my desktop, and just tried to stay warm. My luxurious Turkish Bathrobe keeps me warm all year long. After breakfast, I got ready for the day.

Sis and I left for Mt Rose Cemetery to clean the Chapel of Memories mausoleum's, new carpeting with my Dyson hand unit, and drop off a Christmas Card for Mom & Dad, and made a couple stops on the way back at the pharmacy and convenience store. Traffic was surprisingly light. I ordered 2 Prime Rib Dinners w/ Sides, from nearby Texas Roadhouse, picked them up at 3p, had a late lunch, started the dishwasher, and hit the LR couch for a 4hr snooze. Waking-up in the dark, at 5p, I walked over to the community mailbox -- 11° and windy -- was an adventure in cold pain, even with a coat and hat on. The condo was a nice and toasty warm 75°, and after putting away the dishwasher's contents, Sis and I had some delicious, center-cut PR, Steak Fries and Fresh Corn, for dinner.

Clear, a bitter cold 12°, and after dinner I felt like going back to sleep. I watched TV and Sis and I watched "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" on YT. Somehow, it wasn't as funny as I remember, but I did get a few chuckles. Then, I switched-over to season 11 of "Gold Rush" and watched episodes until 1am, and called it a night. Merry Christmas!

Up at 7a on Sunday, Christmas Morning, it was cloudy and only 12°, but far better than the last two days have been, for temps. I had a smoke in the warming garage, and laid down on the LR couch, sleeping until 9:30, Damn, I was tired. I did the BSL. made more coffee, no pain, so I checked the news and weather on my office-sunroom's desktop, and would maybe get breakfast later, after a shave and shower. As soon as the clouds broke, and the sun appeared, temps climbed to 21°. Still cold, but tolerable. I gathered-up the garbage and recyclables, even though it's not going out until Monday or Tuesday (I've lost track of this skip-day crap), and did some other condo chores. Somehow, I wasn't hungry, after yesterday's 2 large meals, and skipped breakfast and lunch.

If you want to be rapture ready and go to heaven, you must be born again (John 3:3). God loves you, and if you have not done so, sincerely admit that you are a sinner; believe that Jesus is the virgin-born, sinless Son of God who died for the sins of the world, was buried, and raised from the dead; ask Him to forgive your sins, cleanse you, come into your heart and be your Saviour; then tell someone that you have done this. I just did.

By 1p, it was a "tropical" 24° outside, and was again forecast to get down to single digits, tonite. I really wanted to get some nap time on the LR couch, but I had 2 loads of laundry to do, monitor the drying and get things out before they wrinkle, on the drying cycle. After a Croissant, a banana and some Häagen-Dazs® Coffee Ice Cream (my favorite), it was 3:30p, and I was still waiting for the last load to finish drying. My nap time came and went; just couldn't sleep. Instead, I made a large pot of "4-Alarm Chili" and had Focaccia Bread with some of it. I had 37 pills to lay-out for tonite and the morning, and tried to find answers as to whether our garbage/recyclables will be picked-up tomorrow, or will be rescheduled to Tuesday. The shit-for-brains assholes at Republic Services can't even answer that simple item on their massive website, for my location, even after I created an account, and pinpointed my location on their route. F•ck Republic Services scumbags.

Temps had dropped to a bitter cold 19° by 6:30p, and I felt tired from dinner, listened to some Talk Radio past episodes of Chris Plante (DC) and Chris Stigall (Philly) until 10p, and quit for the night. Temps were falling quickly.

The garbage truck woke me at 6a on Monday, but I easily went back to sleep until 8. No recycle truck today. With the bright sun, I was up. I made coffee, fired-up the computer to check the weather and news. It was a very cold 15°, and Sis had already turned-up the heat. Okay, so the last Winter Blizzard Storm of 2022, named "Elliott", has a running death toll of 46, so far. Gods rest their souls. I didn't know that today, Monday, is actually "Christmas observed" and that most businesses are closed; heh.

I had condo chores to do, no errands until tomorrow, some paperwork, but took a snooze after lunch, from 2-4:30p on the LT couch. It was just getting dark when I woke, so I garaged the Jeep, as temps were dropping down to below 18°, so I could heat-up the garage. I listened to the "Michael Berry Show" Podcasts for a few hours, until re-watching the continuing "Gold Rush", season 11. Since JoAnne, my cleaning lady, is in at 8:30a, I decided to bag it for the night, at 11p. Tomorrow's just another day.

Up at 6a with the alarm, at 0-Dark-Thirty, it was a cold 18°. I fired-up the furnace, made coffee, had a couple smokes and tried to wake-up. As always, the condo heated-up quickly; the garage takes a little longer. I tuned into the "Chris Stigall Show, and checked the weather and news. After a quick breakfast, I did my 16 pill routine, and got ready for the day. JoAnne arrived at 8:30a, and got to work. She finished and left around 11:45a, and I went out on some errands and to Weis Market, to get a 'medium' list filled. That didn't take long, and I noticed an abnormal number of people -- young and old -- wearing masks, again.

Back home and unloaded by 1p, I did computer work, called a Master wood refinisher/painter I'd used back in 2017-18, when I had the condo totally rehabbed, and he's stoping by at 10a, tomorrow, to look at a small job of caulking and pain touch-ups. He's slow right now -- between Christmas and New Year -- so I was lucky to get him on such short notice. I grabbed a 2hr snooze around 4, woke-up in the dark and had some dinner. Tomorrow's going to be another busy day, so I unplugged around 10p.

Up at Zero-Dark-Thirty, for the second day in a row, I upped the heat -- a cold 19° outside -- made coffee, did the other routines, and checked the news and weather on the office desktop. I tuned into the "Chris Stigall Show" while I had coffee, and woke-up fully. Still snowing up north in New York State, it was forecast to be near a welcomed 48° today. I left for the trip south on Rt 24, to Red Lion, to get a couple of errands done, before Master Wood Refinisher/Painter Tim got here, at 10:30a. Back before 10, I had calls to make to some suppliers and sub-contractors, for some minor work I needed done in my condo. Tim arrived and we went thru all the blue painter's tape pieces I had put oh the walls and trim, and he got to work on blems, nicks, dents, smudges, re-caulking, painting etc. I had 3 loads of laundry to do, and tried to listen to the usual afternoon Talk Radio show. Didn't work.

Tim got about 65% finished, and will have to come back tomorrow, around 10a. It was just getting too dark, too early, and it was hard to see details on walls, moulding and trim. I had dinner, watched another two episodes of "Gold Rush", season 12, and called it Yankee Doodle, at 10:30p.

Nowhere to go, nothing to do and no one to do it with.

Up at 7:15a on Thursday, it was a partly cloudy, cold 32°, morphing into a beautiful sunny day. Sis was already up and had warmed-up the condo. I made coffee, did the BSL routine, took a 50mg Tramadol for back/hip pain, and had a smoke in the garage. Sis found more areas in the stairway that needed Tim's attention; he was due back this morning between 10-10:30. Forecast for the day was a much-welcomed 55°. By 9:30, temps had jumped-up to 34°, which was almost "balmy". Since my condo faces south, I get the sun and heat gain, all day. I had no app'ts or errands scheduled, so I just stayed out of Tim's way, listening to the "Chris Plante Show", with a sub, while he did his work. Tim's also a Talk Radio afficianado, as I am.

Tim spent the day here, I brewed some of my wonderful Fool's Hawaiian Kona / 10oz for myself and him, and gave him a bag of it for a Christmas gift. We had lunch, and he was back to work. I had year-end paperwork and filing to finish. After I paid Tim and he left, I had some dinner, watched more episopdes of "Gold Rush", season 11,m and because I have to get up again at 6a, I unplugged for the night at 10p.

Tomorrow starts a new week here in the "Journal", and the first week of 2023 is clear. In fact, except for a Therapeutic Massage, so far the whole month is clear. Lucky me!

Is America ready for a massive Covid-19 Variant outbreak? No, we're not. But CCP-China, swollen with a horrendous Covid Variant outbreak, with all hospitals, clinics, funeral home and crematoria overflowing, is sending thousands on planes to us, here. And the shit-for-brains Biden morons have no plans to close the borders to Chinese, until sometime in January, which means never. NO ARRIVALS FROM CHINA! NONE!! The Deep State is preparing another "2020-21" for us, to exert control, move into the Digital Currency Phase, and then into The Great Reset Phase, collapse the world's economy, to rule and dominate us serfs, forever. Bio-Warfare is alive and well, in CCP-China's bio-warfare labs, thanks to Fauci, the CDC and NIH etc.

For the past week -- it's that time of the year -- I've been personally reflecting on 2022, and what it's meant to me. It's personal, so I won't share it all here, but it is significant to me. I do look forward to 2023 being a better year, for all of us, but with 2 more years for the leftists, communists, socialists, Marxists, Deep Staters, anarchists etc, to continue and expand their takeover, a lot worse is coming, I fear. I don't think that the GOPe has the brass to take it all over, get it changed and do it right, for us. The evil, corrupt, criminal demonKKKrats have infiltrated and now control all facets of academia, government, religion, business, law enforcement, politics, society, the military etc etc etc. And there's a l-o-n-g way to go, for us Conservatives to take it back. It won't happen in my lifetime, sadly, though I'd like to see God re-welcomed in our once-great nation.

I'm very concerned/pewrplexed/worried about where our Beloved Nation, and the world, is going. "The East and the West are both collaborating in an effort to impose the Great Reset -- but each side’s different interpretation of the Great Reset and their incompatibility eventually will tear them apart. These differences fall into four categories: (1) environment, (2) food production and delivery, (3) global currency, and (4) global governance." It's coming here, and there's little we can do about it, right now. It's dug-in deeper, than an Alabama tick, right into the world's collective society, in the coming generations. I'm probably not going to see, at 73 now, the total overturn and revolution of the US, to a Great Reset movement. I still don't think that we can be subverted by communists/socialists/leftists/Marxists/anarchists/LBGQTRSV345* etc. I would hope that we're stronger than that, but at an almost 50-50 split in philosophies, I''m just not sure we can resist it. With the he evil, corrupt, criminal demonKKKrats having infiltrated and now controlling all facets of academia, government, religion, business, law enforcement, politics, society, the military etc etc etc, it worries me. Hope I'm wrong. Lock 'n load, fellow Americans. They just don't care.

Time to cheer-up; it is what it is. And we'll all deal with it, as best we can, until we collectively "reach our limits", and then TSHTF. Count on it. Anyway, Happy New Year!

List of Biden Tax Hikes Hitting Americans on Jan 1st.

President Biden and congressional Democrats imposed a long list of tax increases as part of their “Inflation Reduction Act” passed in 2022.

On Jan. 1, 2023 the following Democrat tax hikes will take effect:

$6.5 Billion Natural Gas Tax Which Will Increase Household Energy Bills       

Think your household energy bills are high now? Just wait until the three major energy taxes in the Inflation Reduction Act hit your wallet. The first is a regressive tax on American oil and gas development. The tax will drive up the cost of household energy bills. The Congressional Budget Office estimates the natural gas tax will increase taxes by $6.5 billion.

The tax hike violates President Biden’s tax pledge to any American making less than $400,000 per year. Biden administration officials have repeatedly admitted taxes that raise consumer energy prices are in violation of President Biden’s $400,000 tax pledge.

letter to Congress from the American Gas Association warned that the methane tax would amount to a 17% increase on an average family’s natural gas bill. Democrats have included a tax in the bill despite retail prices for energy surpassing multi-year highs in the United States.

$12 Billion Crude Oil Tax Which Will Increase Household Costs

Democrats are imposing a 16.4 cents-per-barrel tax on crude oil and imported petroleum products that will be passed on to consumers in the form of higher gas prices.

The tax hike violates President Biden’s tax pledge to any American making less than $400,000 per year.

As noted above, Biden administration officials have repeatedly admitted taxes that raise consumer energy prices are in violation of President Biden’s $400,000 tax pledge.

As if it weren’t bad enough, Democrats have pegged their oil tax increase to inflation. As inflation increases, so will the level of tax.

The non-partisan Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) estimates the provision will raise $12 billion in taxes.

$1.2 Billion Coal Tax Which Will Increase Household Energy Bills

The tax hike more than doubles the current excise taxes on coal production. Under the Democrat proposal, the tax rate on coal from subsurface mining would increase from $0.50 per ton to $1.10 per ton while the tax rate on coal from surface mining would increase from $0.25 per ton to $0.55 per ton.

JCT estimates that this will raise $1.2 billion in taxes that will be passed on to consumers in the form of higher electricity bills.

$74 Billion Stock Tax Which Will Hit Your Nest Egg — 401(k)s, IRAs and Pension Plans

When Americans choose to sell shares of stock back to a company, Democrats will impose a new federal excise tax which will reduce the value of household nest eggs. Raising taxes and restricting stock buybacks harms the retirement savings of any individual with a 401(k), IRA or pension plan.

Union retirement plans will also be hit.

The tax will put U.S. employers at a competitive disadvantage with China, which does not have such a tax.

Stock buybacks help grow retirement accounts. Raising taxes and restricting buybacks would harm the 58 percent of Americans who own stock and more than 60 million workers invested in a 401(k). An additional 14.83 million Americans are invested in 529 education savings accounts.

Retirement accounts hold the largest share of corporate stocks, accounting for roughly 37 percent of the outstanding $22.8 trillion in U.S. corporate stock, according to the Tax Foundation.

In 2017, corporate-sponsored funds made up $4.45 trillion in market value; union-sponsored funds accounted for $409 billion; and public-sponsored funds, which benefit teachers and police officers, added up to $4.25 trillion.

When companies perform stock buybacks, these investors are the ones who benefit. A tax on buybacks could dissuade companies from conducting this action and negatively impact retirement savings.

American companies will face significant compliance costs — a boon to expensive white-shoe law firms — the burden of which will be passed on to working households.

$225 Billion Corporate Income Tax Hike Which Will Be Passed on to Households

Democrats imposed a 15 percent corporate alternative minimum tax on the financial statement income of American businesses reporting $1 billion in profits for the past three years. These American companies employ millions of Americans.

The cost of this tax increase will be borne by working families in the form of higher prices, fewer jobs, and lower wages.

Tax Foundation report from last December found a 15 percent book tax would reduce GDP by 0.1 percent and kill 27,000 jobs.

Preliminary cost estimates from the Congressional Budget Office found the provision would increase taxes by more than $225 billion.

According to JCT’s analysis, 49.7 percent of the tax would be borne by the manufacturing industry at a time when manufacturers are already struggling with supply-chain disruptions.

Tax Foundation also warned that current supply chain issues could be worsened by the book tax’s disproportionate burden on key industries. The report concluded that “the coal industry faces the heaviest burden of the book minimum tax, facing a net tax hike of 7.2 percent of its pretax book income, followed by automobile and truck manufacturing, which faces a 5.1 percent tax hike.” 

© 12.29.2022 by Mike Palicz, "Americans For Tax Reform".

We Are Letting Weirdos Run Things.

The media hailed Sam Brinton as the first transvestite to serve as the deputy assistant secretary of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the Office of Nuclear Energy.

The rest of us knew bald, mustachioed men in dresses should not be running the government because if they cannot govern themselves, how can they govern others?

And Brinton cannot. As expected, he crashed and burned. He has been charged with stealing women's luggage at two airports. The Biden administration canned him. If the charges are true, they show a man who is a slave to his impulses. He needs a checkup from the neck up. But he's LGBT and therefore exempt in our society from rules and standards.

For example, if a Christian teacher began talking about the Bible and his weekend at a religious retreat to his kindergarten students at a public school, he would be fired so fast, his Bible would spin.

But half the country now believes LGBT teachers have the right to blab about their weekend orgy. A law to ban this kind of talk in Florida faced opposition from Disney.

Librarians meanwhile are demanding that schools stock books that depict children engaged in homosexual activity. The laws against child pornography need to be enforced.

What does this have to do with our drag princess nuclear engineer?

Fox reported, "Sam Brinton, the non-binary former federal government official who is now facing the possibility of significant prison time, played a key role in developing a model school policy adopted in multiple states that instructs school districts to keep 'unaffirming' parents in the dark about a potentially suicidal child’s gender identity or sexual orientation.

"Brinton, a biological male who gained notoriety for being one of the U.S. government’s first non-binary officials, was recently fired from the Office of Nuclear Energy, an agency of the Department of Energy, after being charged with stealing airport luggage on multiple occasions.

"Before joining the federal government, Brinton was in charge of advocacy and government affairs at the LGBTQ youth suicide prevention nonprofit The Trevor Project, where he helped craft a 'Model School District Policy on Suicide Prevention' in 2019 along with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, the American School Counselor Association and the National Association of School Psychologists.

"Brinton cheered the model at the time, saying it’s imperative for school suicide prevention policies to be LGBTQ competent."

Given his behavior, LGBTQ competent is an oxymoron.

I have nothing against the LGBT people. I just don't want them around children. I don't want anyone so obsessed with sex hanging around kids.

This is unacceptable behavior and yet we as a society accept it.

© 12.17.2022 by Don Surber, "".

How Corrupt Is a Corrupt Media?

The media has ceased to exist, and the public plods on by assuming as true whatever the media suppresses and as false whatever the media covers.

The current “media”—loosely defined as the old major newspapers like the New York Times and Washington Post, the network news channels, MSNBC and CNN, PBS and NPR, the online news aggregators like Google, Apple, and Yahoo, and the social media giants like the old Twitter and Facebook—are corrupt.

They have adopted in their news coverage a utilitarian view that noble progressive ends justify almost any unethical means to obtain them. The media is unapologetically fused with the Democratic Party, the bicoastal liberal elite, and the progressive agenda.

The result is that the public cannot trust that the news it hears or reads is either accurate or true. The news as presented by these outlets has been carefully filtered to suppress narratives deemed inconvenient or antithetical to the political objectives of these entities, while inflating themes deemed useful.

This bias now accompanies increasing (and increasingly obvious) journalistic incompetence. Lax standards reflect weaponized journalism schools and woke ideology that short prior basic requisites of writing and ethical protocols of quoting and sourcing. In sum, a corrupt media that is ignorant, arrogant, and ideological explains why few now trust what it delivers.


Once a story is deemed antithetical to left-wing agendas, there arises a collective effort to smother it. Suppression is achieved both by neglect, and by demonizing others who report an inconvenient truth as racists, conspiracist “right-wingers,” and otherwise irredeemable.

The Hunter Biden laptop story is the locus classicus. Social media branded the authentic laptop as Russian disinformation. That was a lie. But the deception did not stop them from censoring and squashing those who reported the truth.

Instead of carefully examining the contents of the laptop or interrogating Biden-company players such as Tony Bobulinksi, the media hyped the ridiculous disinformation hoax as a mechanism for suppressing the damaging pre-election story altogether.

Joe Biden’s cognitive state was another suppression story. The media simply stifled the truth that 2020 candidate Biden was unable to conduct a normal campaign due to his frailty and non-compos-mentis status. Few fully reported his often cruel and racist outbursts of the “lying-dog-faced-pony-soldier” and “you ain’t black”/“terrorist” sort.

The #MeToo media predictably quashed the Tara Reade disclosure. In fact, journalists turned on her in the manner that they previously had insisted was sexist and defamatory “blame-the-victim” smearing.

Joe Biden has long suffered from a sick tic of creepily intruding into the private space of young women and preteen girls: blowing their hair, talking into their ears, squeezing their necks, hugging in full body embraces—all for far too long. In other words, Biden should have expected the Charlie Rose or the Donald Trump Access Hollywood media treatment. Instead, he was de facto exonerated by collective media silence. To this day, despite staffers’ efforts to corral his wandering hands and head, he occasionally reverts to form with his creepy fixations with younger women.

Ask the media today which administration surveilled journalists and they will likely cry “Trump!” Yet their own sensationalist reporting that the IRS was weaponized by Trump was proven a lie when the inspector general noted Trump never went after either James Comey or Andrew McCabe. And it was an untruth comparable to the smear that “nuclear secrets” and “nuclear codes” were hidden away at Mar-a-Lago or that Donald Trump sought to profit from the trove. Nor does anyone remember that Barack Obama went after the Associated Press reporters and Fox News Channel’s James Rosen. Nor do they care that Biden sought to birth an Orwellian Ministry of Truth censorship bureau.


The media does not just suppress, but concocts. The entire Russian-collusion hoax—Robert Mueller’s vain 22-month and $40 million investigation—was a complete waste of time on the one hand, but on the other an effective effort to destroy the effectiveness of an elected president.

How many print and television celebrity journalists declared that Trump would shortly resign, be jailed, or impeached over the pee-pee tape or Christopher Steele’s other mishmash of lies? The problem for the media in promoting the fallacious dossier was not just that it was untrue, but that it was so awfully written, so obviously poorly sourced, and so Drudge Report-like amateurishly sensational that it could not appear factual to any sane person—other than an agenda-driven and addled journalist who found it useful.

Do we remember the Hillary Clinton-approved Alfa Bank/Trump Tower fable that is now resurfacing for a second try?

Or the Jussie Smollett caper that trumped even the Brett Kavanaugh-as-teenage-assaulter and rapist lie? Or the Covington kids fabrications that trumped the Duke lacrosse hoax that trumped the “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” myth that trumped the “white Hispanic,” doctored photo/edited 911 call smear about George Zimmerman?

Recall Trump’s supposed “immigration jails” and “kids in cages” at the border—in truth both not cages and in fact birthed by Obama.

Then there was Trump’s supposedly impeachable offense of purportedly canceling military aid to Ukraine so that he could allegedly hound the innocent Biden family—rather than delaying, but not canceling, offensive arms vetoed by the Obama Administration for the prescient worry that the Biden family had left a trail of corruption in Ukraine.

Who ran with the “voter suppression” untruth that Stacey Abrams was the “real” governor of Georgia or the yarn that Donald Trump was illegitimately elected? How exactly did Jeffery Epstein and Harvey Weinstein operate as sexual perverts and high-profile, liberal-benefacting deviants for years without media scrutiny? Who created the cable news myth of now-felon Michael Avenatti as presidential timber?

Chronological Manipulation

Why, after the midterms, did we suddenly learn that Donald Trump did not, as in the case of Barack Obama’s Lois Lerner skullduggery, manipulate the IRS for political purposes to go after James Comey and Andrew McCabe? Why suddenly post-election did we read that his presidential papers at Mar-a-Lago really did not contain “nuclear codes” and “nuclear secrets” or stuff intended for sale? Why did we learn after November 8 that a special counsel was suddenly appointed? Why did we discover the Ponzi scheme of Sam Bankman-Fried only after the midterms and why is he treated as an aw-shucks teen in bum drag rather than a calculating and conniving crook?

The answer is the same as why, just days before the 2016 election, we were assured suddenly by the media that the DNC’s planted stories about Christopher Steele’s dossier “proved” that Trump was a Russian stooge.


When did the media finally dribble out that Obama’s memoir Dreams From My Father was chock full of lies and thus was intended all along to be read as “impressionistic” rather than factual?

We only learned belatedly that Hillary Clinton did not brave the front lines in virtual combat in Bosnia. We were assured that she was completely out of the loop on the Uranium One deal and thus knew nothing about the cash that poured into the Clinton Foundation and Bill Clinton’s honoraria from Russian sources?

Did the media ever fully report that Hillary Clinton: 1) broke the law by using a personal server to communicate while Secretary of State; 2) lied about the missing emails by claiming they were all personal about “yoga” and “weddings” and such; 3) destroyed subpoenaed evidence by smashing her devices; 4) had her husband accidently bump into Attorney General Loretta Lynch on a Phoenix tarmac who was supposedly investigating Clinton at the time; and 5) became our first major election denialist by declaring “Russian collusion” to be true, Donald Trump to be illegitimately elected, and the 2016 balloting to be “rigged”?

Unethical Behavior

Our once lions of network news were long ago revealed to have feet of clay. Dan Rather insisted that “fake but true” memos “proved” George W. Bush got special exemptions from military service. Brian Williams fabricated an entire Walter-Mitty fantasy existence with ease. The Wiki Leaks Podesta trove revealed blue-chip reporters checking in with the Clinton campaign and the DNC to “fact check” and brainstorm their pre-publication puff pieces.

Throughout the Obama years, Ben Rhodes, the failed novelist and deputy national security advisor distorted U.S. foreign policy, as CBS News, overseen by his brother, warped its coverage of him.

Do we remember the commentary on MSNBC of the brilliant Vanderbilt professor and MSNBC “analyst,” presidential historian Jon Meacham? He periodically praised Joe Biden’s eloquence and moving addresses without informing his audience that he contributed to or indeed helped write what he gushed about. No problem. Even after finally being fired, Meacham is still at it, offering his input on Biden’s September 1, Phantom-of-the-Opera “un-American” rant.

CNN Sums It Up

The long, slow death of Jeffery Zucker’s CNN is emblematic of all the mortal sins listed above of our present-day corrupt media.

It is ancient history now and thus forgotten that the self-righteous MSNBC anchorman Lawrence O’Donnell falsely claimed that Deutsche Bank documents would prove that Russian oligarchs co-signed a loan application for Donald Trump.

Over a decade ago, CNN’s Candy Crowley—remember this impartial “moderator” of the second 2012 presidential debate?—infamously transformed before our very television eyes into an active and shameless partisan by attacking candidate Mitt Romney. CNN commentator Donna Brazile topped Crowley when she unethically leaked primary-debate questions to candidate Hillary Clinton. When pressed, Brazile serially denied her role.

CNN’s former Obamaite Jim Sciutto is known as a serial offender of journalistic ethics and was recently the subject of an internal investigation. Sciutto has also alleged, falsely, that the CIA had yanked a high-level spy out of Moscow because of President Trump’s supposedly dangerously reckless handling of classified information. Sciutto joined CNN’s Carl Bernstein and Marshall Cohen to falsely report that Lanny Davis’ client Michael Cohen would soon assert that Trump had prior knowledge of an upcoming meeting between his son and Russian interests.

Another CNN trio of Thomas Frank, Eric Lichtblau, and Lex Harris were forced out from CNN for their mythologies that the Trump-hating Anthony Scaramucci was directly involved in a $10 billion Russian fund.

CNN’s Julian Zelizer fabricated his own tall tale that Donald Trump never reiterated America’s commitment to honor NATO’s critical Article 5 guarantee. The quartet of CNN’s Gloria Borger, Eric Lichtblau, Jake Tapper, and Brian Rokus all were exposed wrongly assuring that former FBI director James Comey would unequivocally contradict President Trump’s prior assertion that Comey had told him he was not under investigation.

CNN reporter Manu Raju in December 2017 trafficked in lots of fake news stories that Donald Trump, Jr. supposedly had prior access to the hacked WikiLeaks documents. And he offered another fable that Trump, Jr. would be indicted by Mueller’s special-counsel investigation. But then, who at CNN did not blast out such “bombshells” and “walls are closing in” lies?

The once supposedly great Chris Cuomo—finally fired for softball incestuous interviews with his brother Andrew while serving as confidant to his sibling’s sexual-harassment dilemmas—had been caught on tape screaming obscenities. He also lied on the air when he assured a CNN audience in 2016 that it was illegal for citizens to examine the just-released WikiLeaks emails.

Julia Ioffe was eagerly hired by CNN after Politico fired her for tweeting that the president and his daughter Ivanka might have had an incestuous sexual relationship. CNN Anderson Cooper was every bit as creepy. He harangued a pro-Trump panelist with “If he [Trump] took a dump on his desk, you would defend it!”

Erstwhile CNN religious “expert” Reza Aslan was not so subtle. He trashed Trump as “this piece of sh**.” The late CNN cooking show guru Anthony Bourdain openly joked about poisoning Trump with hemlock. Recall CNN New Year’s Eve host Kathy Griffin posing with a bloody facsimile of Trump’s severed head. Was there something in the CNN contract that stipulated CNN journalists had to be obscene, vulgar, and threatening?

The CNN circus also hired as a “security analyst” the admitted liar James Clapper. So, was it any surprise that on spec Clapper did what he was hired to do—by falsely claiming that President Trump was a veritable Russian asset?

But for that matter, former CIA director Michael Hayden preposterously alleged that Trump’s immigration policies resembled those in the death camps of Nazi Germany. Was it any wonder either that CNN host Sally Kohn and her roundtable panelists raised their hands to reverberate the “hands up, don’t shoot” lie of the Ferguson shooting?

Do the bias, invective, and lack of ethics of the media even matter anymore?

In truth, media corruption has changed the course of recent history.

Had the true nature of the contents of the Hunter Biden laptop been reported, the 2020 voters have polled that the revelation may well have made a difference because they would not have voted for a candidate so clearly compromised by foreign interests.

Tell the full story of death, destruction, arson, looting, and injured police of the post-George Floyd rioting and what emerges is not the MSNBC denial of violence or the August 2020 CNN lie of a “fiery but mostly peaceful” sort of idealistic protestors.

The Kavanaugh and Smollett fake news accounts helped further to tear apart the country and greenlighted the new assaults on the Supreme Court, from Senator Chuck Schumer’s (D-N.Y.) rants and threats to the would-be assassin who turned up near the Kavanaugh residence.

The Russian collusion hoax and the first impeachment media hysteria virtually ruined a presidency and have had grave foreign-policy consequences vis à vis Russia.

The media, moreover, matter-of-factly assumed Twitter was an arm of the Democratic Party. Mark Zuckerberg and the FBI worked together to suppress any news embarrassing to the Biden campaign. Do not expect much media coverage of Elon Musk’s serial disclosures of Twitter’s efforts to suppress free communications.

No thanks to the media, after nearly three years we are finally learning that the Wuhan Lab proved the likely source of the COVID pandemic and that the media-sainted Dr. Anthony Fauci subsidized gain-of-function viral research in Wuhan.

Despite the lies, Americans assumed that Officer Brian Sicknick was not killed by Trump supporters as reported. The public shrugged “of course” when the media did its best to suppress the name of the Capitol policeman who lethally shot Ashli Babbitt for attempting to go through a broken window inside the Capitol. And on and on.

In sum, there is no media. It has ceased to exist, and the public plods on by assuming as true whatever the Pravda-like news outlets suppress and as false whatever they cover.

© 12.04.2022 by Victor David Hanson, "American Greatness".

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