Oil-for-Food,UN Scandal
Friday, December 3, 2004

hen something breaks and no longer works correctly, you either try to repair it or simply, replace it. The United Nations has never worked correctly, for the past 60 years, yet no one seems to be in a hurry to make the much-needed repairs or replacement. That the UN is probably the most corrupt organization in the world, is well known. Recent interviews with dozens of former and current Iraqi officials by congressional investigators have produced new evidence that Saddam Hussein micro-managed business deals under the UN oil-for-food program (1996-2003) to maximize political influence with important foreign governments like Russia, Germany, Belgium, Cyprus, Italy and Switzerland and neighboring Arab states. A recent report documents how Benon Sevan, the top UN official who ran the Oil-for-Food Program, purportedly got deals for 7.2 million barrels of Iraqi oil. One focus of investigators is Kojo Annan — criminal son-of-a-bitch of criminal UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan — who once worked for a Swiss company (Cotecna Inspection) hired by the United Nations to inspect Oil-for-Food shipments. The turd-world scumbag was still getting criminal payments as late as February 2004, and the old man said he's "disappointed and surprised" his criminal kid was still on the payroll. When the decision was made to remove Saddam, the Bush Administration was opposed domestically by the liberal-demokkkRATs. At the UN, America was blocked by the backroom machinations of French diplomat Dominque de Villepan, stonewalled by the Chinese, openly opposed by the Russians, while the Vatican issued pronouncement after pronouncement against going to war. All were illegally-involved in the UN-corrupted program. At stake, were the lives of hundreds of thousands of ordinary Iraqis who were systematically being starved and killed — for $21.3 billion in illegal profits — while the liberal-apologist-profiteers blamed the US for the carnage. Had the US lifted objections, the UN would have long since lifted the sanctions against Saddam. In lobbying efforts to have the sanctions lifted, useful idiots from the US and elsewhere produced documentaries depicting the plight of suffering Iraqis dying of malnutrition and disease, thanks to US unwillingness to lift the sanctions. Judas would have been proud. It was this lobbying effort that was responsible for the creation of the Oil-for-Food program in the first place. Between the criminal Kofi Annan's ability to use the fund as a personal bank account and the oil deals, Saddam was subsequently allowed to allocate in return for favors, the world effectively sold out the Iraqi people for money. Make no mistake — Kofi Annan and the top UN officials, together with the French Russians, Germans, Chinese — and even some American liberal-demokkkRATs — KNEW what atrocities Saddam was inflicting on his population. After the Gulf War ceasefire, Saddam rounded up and killed insurrectionists in full view of UN peacekeepers. The UN has failed miserably. It failed the Iraqi people. It failed the people of Rwanda. It is failing the people of the Sudan. It is currently failing the new Iraqi government. It has made a career out of failing the Israeli people. It has failed America. Instead of representing the interests of the people of the world, it represents the interests of a selected group, mainly among the Olde European and islamofascist blocs. The UN isn't repairable; it needs to be destroyed. First, send the lowlife, lying, corrupt, turd-worlders packing to "Olde Europe"; two, tear down the dilapidated buildings, put-up million dollar condos or office skyscrapers; three, help reduce NYC's real estate taxes, and revitalize the business economy in that East River area. Get the US out of the UN, and the UN out of the US. The liberal press is also complicit in helping to squelch stories and articles on the size of the scandal. The magnitude of the scandal, is just now coming to the fore. They all need to be taken out to the public woodshed. Time to act, US Congress: cut-off all funding to the corrupt UN.

Around The Garden Center™.
Last Friday — aka "Black Friday" — traffic was so heavy that Regional Police were directing at the major malls and shopping centers. What was normally a 22 minute drive into work in the morning, took almost 45 minutes. I was glad to see the retailers getting the high volume business; it can't but help the overall economy. Personally, I'm glad for the slackening pace of my business, since I take no vacations and little time off, I will judiciously use the Winter's short "down time", as my hiatus from the hectic world. We dodged a "Winter weather bullet", as a major storm went northwest of us, and we got only 1.1" of rain, instead of all that snow.
Another huge Winter storm blew through on Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning, dumping another 0.8" of rain on the already waterlogged region. Winds were 30-40mph, with constant gusts up to 65mph. Just to the west and north, it was wet snow; looks like we dodged another bullet, thanks to some mild temps. On the bright side, at least Hurricane Season is officially over.
My remaining Landscape Crew got a few says of hard work completed, both around the GC&N Complex and out at the final landscape job for this year. The list of Spring '05 Landscape Jobs and Spring '05 Landscape Maintenance Jobs, grows daily. I did a record number of LSCP Estimates, based upon Alan's and Jeff's LSCP Design work, and am now seeing many of them being called-in for Spring implementation. It's going to be another busy year.
I turned 55 on Thursday, had lunch with friend and customer, Lee at Heavenly Ham, did some food shopping, and worked all day; natch.

Finally, the GOP is *doing something* to fight back at the treasonous, hate-America ACLU — truly The Enemy Within™ — as they try to destroy The Boy Scouts of America. Destroy the ACLU, GOpers.
God Bless the American Heroes who've risked their lives and careers to expose the abject bullshit of the so-called corrupt 9-11 Commission. And because the US Gov't isn't listening, America is screwed.
We're over $7,524,963,287,269.27, now, in National Debt. That's a boatload of bucks.

The left-wing wacko, hate-America crazies, like unemployed scumbag Errol Louis, are back out in full force, after Turkey Day. Dumbass lib-dem plantation boy can't tell the difference between murderous mullahs and America's hate of murdering the unborn.
And then there's dumbass, Klintoon-Kool-Aid® drinking Abe Schestopol, of the "Tallahassee Democrat", pining for the good old days with disgraced, impeached, scumbag, ex-President Bubba Jeffy Klintoon, who did more damage to America that can be counted. Abe's head is up his ass. Natch.
Buh-bye, NBC's Tommie "The Commie" Brokejaw scumbag; good riddance! Crybaby Rather-Blather leaves in March '05, Canuck Jennings can't be far behind. Wonder who'll be the new hate-America, liberal-demokkkRAT-socialist-commie-nazi apologists for the demokkkRATs?
That hate-America, liberal-demokkkRAT-socialist-commie-nazi-fascist scum have sided with terrorists, to bring down America, isn't new. All of them should be rounded-up, duly charged, tried, convicted, sentenced and executed en masse.
Hollyweird taking a stance againt the subhuman, murderous, islamofascist, muslim pigshit garbage? No freaking way; they're abject lowlife and cowards.
Buh-bye mentally-ill, Little Dannie Rather-Blather; you're dogshit and burnt toast, you lying, butt-boy, asswipe.
No WMDs or mass graves, libs? Wake the hell up, scumbags.
The hate-America, liberal-demokkkRAT-socialist-commie-nazi apologists for the demokkkRATs, are still unsuccessfully inventing victimhood.
The demokkkRATs claim there are no heroes in the US Military? BS; all who serve are heroes.
Awwwwwwwww, lib-dem filth upset by psy-ops disinfo? Bite me, traitors!

islam, The Cult of Murder™.
I agree 100% with this author: a massive nuclear retaliation on muslim cities and religious sites, if/ when the US is hit with WMDs.
Theo van Gogh’s murderer, 26-year-old Mohammed Bouyeri, was on welfare after voluntarily interrupting his studies in informatics. He was born in Holland, and while he spoke excellent Dutch, apparently he knew little Arabic: His "manifesto", pinned with a knife on van Gogh’s chest, quoted the Dutch translation of the Quran. He enjoyed dual Moroccan and Dutch citizenship. Widely described as intelligent, he apparently became unhinged after 9/11 and more so after the U.S. invasion of Iraq. He had a history of petty crime and a dysfunctional family, and was recruited by a radical imam, Mahmud El-Shershaby, a follower of the Tabligh movement, in the De Baarsjes neighborhood, a known center of islamic radicalism. Following a path already becoming common in Europe—one followed by, among others, Zacharias Moussaoui, the French-born suspected 20th 9/11 terrorist—Bouyeri was also influenced by a high school buddy, Samir Azzouz, a failed would-be martyr arrested in Ukraine in 2002 while en route to Chechnya. Mohammed Bouyeri needs to be tortured, mutilated and killed over a 3-4 week period, so the pain and agony stays with him in hell, where he came from and where he belongs. Ditto, all pigshit muslim filth.
As usual, Daniel Pipes nails it, about the lowlife, subhuman pigshit muslim filth.
Matthias Döpfner, Chief Executive of German publisher Axel Springer AG, "gets it", about the lowlife subhuman pigshit muslim filth. My advice: get a .45cal, load it w/ 165gr HPs, carry it daily, and kill any muslim you see coming toward you; no exceptions, Matt.
Finally, the rest of the world is awakening to the horror, which is islam, and which has huge amounts of blood on its hands.

Lowlife, Subhuman Dirtbag Garbage™.
Diana, dead ex-Princess of Wales, easily qualifies as a whore.
Kill Chai Vang, 36, of St. Paul, MN: he's a racist, bigoted, murderous, hate-America, islamist subhuman. This is a hate crime.
Speaking of racist, bigoted, hate-America-subhumans, the president of the NAALCP (National Association for the Advancement of Liberal Colored People), Kweisi Mfume (real name: Frizzell Gray, with a long rap sheet), is stepping down. Good riddance, criminal racist scumbag.
My home state of Pennsylvania has curtailed The First Amendment, and continues to cave-in to the lowlife, subhuman, deviant, perverted, degenerate homo lobby; the Ethnic Intimidation and Institutional Vandalism Act – the state's "hate crimes" law – to which the newest "victim" category of "sexual orientation" was recently added. The liberal-demokkkRAT shithole city of Philadelphia, truly screwed-up on this grossly-misguided action.
DISCRIMINATION against gay homo men, lesbians and bisexuals could be responsible for high levels of mental illness and self-harm, research suggested today. A study found that attacks and bullying could be linked to the widespread mental disorder that homos "appear" to suffer. Ummmm, nope: HOMOSEXUALITY is a dangerous behavior and is by definition, MENTAL ILLNESS. Hmmmm, faggots still playing the victim card.
World AIDS Day? Homo deviant, degenerate, perverted lowlife subhuman homo filth, sodomizing other men, women and children, is the problem. The virus isn't the problem; behavior is. Let Africa, India and China die, wholesale. No measurable loss.
Day after, Headline: "AIDS Rate for Gay Men Deviant Homos Climbs". Sorry, subhuman rump-raiding, fudge-packing filth: no sympathy here.

Some People Just Need Killing™.
Kill the subhuman filth, Charles S. Champion, 22, the subhuman lowlife POS, accused of killing Des Moines Police Officer Steven J Underwood was spared yesterday, when he pleaded guilty to the 2001 killing. Kill the murderer.
The "BTK" killer needs to be caught, and head-shot; no trial or prison. Just kill him.
C'mon Texas, fry this murderous subhuman bitch, Frances Newton, 39, who was convicted in the 1987 shooting deaths of her husband and two children, ages 20 months and 7. Kill her. Damn you bastard, Gov Rick Perry!

American Garden Museum.
Some of us just love the smell of fresh compost and the feel of soil beneath our nails. And some of us don't. Regardless of which side of the fence you're on, you'll be inspired by the American Garden Museum. Take a virtual stroll through some of the country's most beautiful gardens. Swing open the gate and follow the path to gardens large and small, public and private. And when you're ready to create your own bit of paradise, the guide to the botanicals offers descriptions of 100 common and heritage species from African daisies to woodland ferns. You're even welcome to submit pictures of your Eden for inclusion in the "growing" archives.

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