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Friday, December 3, 1999

there's no telling when we'll "lose the weather"; my landscape foreman makes that call. But it could be soon, judging from all the snow and ice just to the north and west of us here in USDA Zone 6b, and the snowy-squalls blowing through almost on a daily basis. The past seven Thanksgivings have been either cold, blustery and/ or snowy. This year, we've gotten a "pass". We're stumped and mystified by the moderate weather. By Tuesday, all containerized nursery stock was securely stored in GHs 1-6, with all B&B (balled and burlapped) material staying in-ground and well-mulched. Last year, we had cold and light snow, as we've had since '91. This year, temps in the 60s and almost zero rain almost make it feel like Spring. Despite Hurricane Floyd in the Fall '99, we're still 23" low on groundwater, after three cumulative years of drought. There are a lot of confused plants around again. Spring 2000 will be a bellweather for new growth on all plants: they'll either accept the unusual conditions or die. Nature's in charge there. We're just along for the ride. Speaking of going along for the ride, I hit the big 50 yesterday. Remember: it's the miles which really take their toll and not the years.

Around The Garden Center.
All containerized nursery stock is now stored securely in GHs 1-6, for the Winter. The B&B (balled and burlapped) material stays in ground for the Winter, well-mulched and watered. We'll be getting ready for three priority projects soon: 1) replacing timber along the extensive brick front steps and landing, 2) replacing huge doors on GHs 1-4, 3) additional irrigation systems in the various 20 acres for B&B and field-grown nursery stock.
With the end of the century not the millenium looming, there's a fiery debate taking place between purists and hype-marketers about when to celebrate the millenium. I use the Gregorian Calendar, as does Western Civilization, so I'll go with 2001.
I'm already working on a number of changes to, including changing over all the Journal pages to incorporate the new 2000 page while putting the '99 entries into the Archives, adding the new Newsletter pages to all the navigation bar links on all the existing pages. I don't remember HTML being so tedious and complicated, or maybe it's just me. Another year older and having more senior moments? Perhaps.
Last Friday evening, a powerful storm system blew through just as I was closing up and dumped 2.6" of rain in the area, plus thunderstorms and several tornadoes. No real damage here, but the phones were knocked out and I couldn't get a tech repair person for emergency service from NTE (our long distance carrier) in Harrisburg, until Monday, they said. We "jury-rigged" a couple of lines to get at least voice service for the weekend, but the credit card machine wasn't operative; we had to enter all CCs manually and get verbal approval, rather than automatic. My dedicated computer line was unaffected. Surprisingly, NTE arrived mid-afternoon Sunday and finally fixed the mess at about 4pm; we're good to go.
Yeah sure, it's always a "green Christmas" around here, but we've stopped the aggressive sales of live trees. It was too much work bringing crews in on weekends and getting so many trees delivered or planted. The more lucrative landscape work has been the priority for the past 4 years. Since 1994, I took on the cut, dead tree merchants and forced them to sell live trees too. Now, we feature the high quality houseplants and Holiday plant material and gift certificates.
Here's a Holiday-related, evergreen tree article I did for the once-ubiquitous David Siegel's Journal, way back in '96; it informed and introduced people to the concept of live vs cut trees, as well as garnering between 5,000 and 35,000 hits per day. Quite a lot for back then; not much noise from it now, except around the Holidays. Yet these bastards in Virginia, are still cutting live trees down for a two week orgy of Santa shit.
Lynetta emailed and said DuPont had gained 1lb; considering he was 2.5lbs when we rescued him, that's a major accomplishment in 3-4 weeks. You go, Dupont boy! She and her 12 cats live in Rainier, OR, sort of near Portland.
Wow, speaking of milestones, it's officially my 4th year on the Web, starting back in '95 with Netscape v1.0, Eudora Lite, a 14.4 modem and a Pentium 100. My, how times have changed: cable modems and Pentium 600s are the defacto standard here now.'s four year anniversary is in January 2000; heck, back then, we were the first GC&N on the Web. Now, the Web looks like a trainwreck of badly-done sites. There should be a public service say, The Web Police which scans a site and if updating hasn't been done with a 60 day period forget the content the offending website is removed to a non-viewable area of the server. The so-called owner is notified and if s/he doesn't "revive" the site within 15 days, it's deleted forever.
As is "tradition" here in Pennsyl-tucky, the infamous deer hunting season opened on Monday and idiots of all kinds were running around the woods dressed in orange clothes, shooting trees, rocks, themselves and anything which moved. Whole businesses, industries and towns come to a standstill and close down for this one week period each year. Not at my shop, though. All day long, gunshots ring through the woods and bullets fly everywhere. Needless to say at this point, I don't participate. It's an orgy of stupidity. I can understand hunting if your family needs to meat to live on, or if you're donating it to needy folks, but 99.9% of the morons who hunt do so only for the rack (head & horns). I grimmace everytime I see a local cretin in his clapped-out pick-up, driving through town s-l-o-w-l-y with a deer strapped to the front hood, covered in blood. Hundreds of heart attacks and dozens of deaths occur because most of these so-called hunters are physically unfit all year and try to expend too much energy too quickly without prepping for it. Not to mention all the hunters who shoot each other and innocents who are wounded or whacked by errant bullets. Sure, I know it's a "tradition", but wouldn't it be funny if the deer could see the color orange?
Winter's here. Bitter cold, snow flurries and very strong NW wind have combined to create an environment almost too hostile to work in. My main landscape crew is still out knocking the jobs off as we go into Winter. Soon, it'll become too inhospitable for even the most resilient to work outside.
I bought my Dad (and Mom, even though she won't use it) a new IBM Aptiva P3-500 machine for Christmas; it arrived this week and Lynn and I busily set it up with the software and files he uses. I'll transfer his existing work via Zip disk over the weekend and then take the new unit to their house and set it up. I'm donating his old P1-100 and another office P2-200 to a local day care center. The kids can have some fun using both units.

December Checklist.
Okay, I know this is early, but there's a few things you'll need to do if you want to keep that Christmas Tree in good shape, have forced bulbs all Winter long, and make sure your houseplants don't get root rot:
»Cut back on feeding and watering houseplants (do not feed dormant houseplants),
»Water living Christmas trees (ice cubes work well),
»Pre-chill tulips and hyacinths for forcing indoors (use the vegetable crisper in the 'fridge).

AlGoreBore Scum.
To say that Tony Coelho, Gore's so-called 2000 campaign chairman is a criminal, is an understatement. He's worse; he's a slimeball. Everything he touches turns to sleaze, yet Gore is nonplussed. Still under criminal investigation, Coehlo needs to go to prison where a 450lb murderer can make Tony his "boyfriend" for a couple of years.
Next time the lying moron AlGoreBore says he invented the InterNet, the two guys who did invent it, should speak up and correct the shit for brains veep.
What? Don't believe AlGoreBore is a shit for brains moron? Read this (moderate's) list.
What? Gore trying not to be like Clinton? He is just like Clinton, maybe worse.
The lying, rat-bastard GoreBore is at it again: claiming he started the Love Canal toxic waste cleanup in Niagara Falls, NY. Actually, the incompetent Jimmah Carter started it all. Gore couldn't find his own ass with both hands.

How the hell did this Nations' First-Liar-Rapist-Draft-Dodging-Cokehead-In-Chief's (Billy Bob Clinton) criminal-coke-dealer brother (Roger shithead Clinton) get a "crooning" gig in Korea? Any guesses? It's better, but not as lucrative, than moving tons of poison into this country. Oh, they're doing it as a "cultural exchange"? Ummm, sorry: cultural is defined as art, music, poetry, sports et al not redneck, hillbilly screeching.
Here's a country that will soon whack itself with AIDS.
Here's another piece of minority shit who can't handle the fame and fortune. He's always gonna be trash. Look at his pic: for all the brain cavity, he's a stupid scumbag boy.
No, don't waste money looking for this human garbage; spend it on helping our furry friends survive.
Are your kids collecting the Pokeman shit? Be prepared to bail them out of jail soon. It's becoming a criminal enterprise.
Another example of how the US Legal System is f*cked up: two men get shot in a drug deal in a Ramada Inn room, they sue for $1.7 million and win, but the trial judge excludes the drug deal evidence, making the two dopers appear to be innocent guests. What shit.
And now, the son of a bitch Clinton, perhaps beholden to Castro for covert campaign contributions, has removed the Cuban shithole country from the DEAs "drug dealer" list, even though there's enough coke flowing from Cuba to choke a city.

More Bullshit.
So what? It's just too bad that the Frogs got caught and didn't assassinate Slobo.
Yeltsin isn't sick again, he's just a dottering old alcoholic scumbag, who needs some private binge-drinking time.
Sports hero? Dennis Rodman? Nope, he was punk idiot boy with a long criminal history. Holding this piece of cross-dressing shit up as anything worthwhile for teens is absurd. He deserves execution for spreading STDs and AIDS around.
Whazzamatter LeRoy and Pedro: don't think blacks and hispanics are racists, like some white trash are? Read this screed; it'll change your mind about racists.
Considering that White Males are a minority group now, someone has to take a stand on discrimination against our group. You go, pal!
Talk about idiot racist filth. The Mugabe scumbag needs a bullet through his head. No wonder people drag them behind pick-up trucks.
Yep, racist scum come in all colors. Here's a piece of white trash shit who ran a random Hispanic woman down because of a TV court show, where another Hispanic was acquitted of murder. Put the scumbag away for a long time.

Still More Bullshit.
The WTO protests wouldn't have happened if I was mayor of Seattle. I'd have called in riot police, issued electric cattle prods and and fiftyfold supply of tear gas and mace pepper spray for each cop. Rudy Guiliani would be aghast at what I'd do to those left-wing wacko scumbags. Although the WTO is rife with socialists and communists, it's still the best hope to get things done on a global basis.
I support the US Gov'ts use of "secret evidence" against terrorists; whatever it takes to rid the world of the towel-headed, sand-idiot filth. Find a deep, dark hole and dump them in and throw away the key.
Two whining Japanese companies Isuzu and Suzuki have flooded the world market with deadly SUVs (sport utility vehicles) as proven by Consumer Reports, and are complaining that the tests are rigged against them. The fact is, I've seen both flip over here in York, PA, in street accidents, with one passenger whacked and others badly injured. Both companies need to be sued for billions and either put out of business or forced to remove their deathtrap vehicles from the US Market.
Although I've always liked his music, he is a disgusting, AIDS-riddled, pervert homo: Elton John is now using Cub Scout uniforms in musical skits with homos and other degenerates. Let's hope he dies soon from AIDS.
Giving the Panama Canal away to the stinking Chi-Comm filth is unconscionable. The incompetent, traitorous bastard Jimmah Carter did it in '78 and at the end of this year, they will control everything down there. The lowlife, subhuman piece of shit Clinton won't block it, because he got millions in campaign contributions from the criminal Riady Group and the Chi-Comms in Beijing. He's also a consumate traitor. And you know how I feel about traitors.
The fat, stupid, balding, lying, game-throwing gambler Pete Rose should never be allowed back into baseball. He's addicted to gambling. Period. End of issue.
World AIDS Day? December 1st. Every year. Okay, so how many additional people will shoot-up, have unprotected sex and contract AIDS? Millions more, I hope. Short of a nuclear war, AIDS is a great way to cleanse the Earth of subhuman filth, perverts and lowlifes. It can't be stopped. The medical community should find a way to accelerate death from the disease, rather than to prolong it and tax the world's resources. I'd contribute money to that cause.
The question begs asking: why are we spending millions to find out who is in those Mexican drug cartel graves, when it's 99.9% probable they are drug dealers? Who gives a flying rat's ass? It's just another absurd waste of US Taxpayers that's you and me money, by the idiotic government. f*ck it, let 'em rot where they're at.
Read the latest inane, stupid utterance from the ignorant Clinton bitch. I'm still amazed that more liberal scum haven't seen through her transparent personality, and her lack of morals and ethics and vast history of criminal behavior.
Among the worst racist filth anywhere, the KKK has "adopted" a Missouri highway for cleanup and beautification. That's a real oxymoron. These bigoted scum shouldn't be allowed to participate in anything, anywhere.
Ummm, gee whiz there Sherlock, does anyone think that the reason that Blacks and Hispanics are stopped more often than Whites is that they commit disproportionally more crimes than Whites. Huh? Makes sense to me. I have no problem with racial profiling.
Clearly perverting everything Dr King worked for, the racist idiot piece of shit, Jesse Jack-scum needs to be taught a lesson by the black community, that the content of one's character is far more important than the color of one's skin.

Execution Dept.
It's been a slow two weeks probably has something to do with the Holiday Season for executing the subhuman death row filth all across the Nation. Mercy? Sure, just like the subhuman filth showed their victims. I love the details, as long as they're executed. I'm going through "withdrawl". I really enjoy reading about convicted murderers et al being terminated. There's over 3,700 still waiting at your and my expense of $60-80,000 per year per inmate to get what they deserve: D E A T H. Hell, even the Supremes are screwing things up in Virginia, second only to Texas in executions. I hope they make the death process more efficient, cut back on superfluous appeals and streamline the executions.
I disagree vehemently with this racist shit: a 13 year old white boy raped and whacked by two homosexuals - one black and one white, and it's not considered a "hate crime"; yet two white men shoot a black boy and it's automatically a "hate crime". It's all f*cking bullshit: murder is murder. Execute the murderers. There are enough laws on the current books to deal with situations such as these, we don't any more so called "hate crime" shit laws. Implement the laws as they're written currently and crime will drop.
f*ck the commie, fascist EUs (European Union) wimp stand on capitol punishment: hang the terrorist and murderer Turkish PPK slime.
Depressed or mentally ill, execute this piece of shit for slashing and stabbing church parishoners with a sword.
I mourn the passing of this animal more than the death of the subhuman filth on death row. Let 'em rot in hell. May the maggots have indigestion.
Irregardless of what mental condition they're in or what tormented thoughts motivate them, serial whackers should be executed promptly no appeals after conviction and sentencing, and not sentenced to life imprisonment. Society shouldn't have to bear that financial responsibility and the victims' families should get some sort of "closure".
How is it that this piece of subhuman shit is spared, and this piece of filth isn't? The Crime Library tracks them all. Here's the worst of the worst.
Not only should murderers, rapists and child molesters get the death penalty, traitors should also die. They put entire populations at grave risk and should be executed upon conviction, no appeal.
Thank you Oklahoma! Another subhuman piece of filth gets his just due for murdering an elderly woman. And this piece of shit in Florida should die soon, too.

Eddie The Sketchy, Etch-A-Sketch.
The youngsters will stare quizzically and the parents will scream in horror when they see Ol' Eddie the Sketchy Etch-A-Sketch. Why is Eddie so darn sketchy? Because every five minutes a new dirty doodle shows up on Eddie's belly. Is that a balloon animal? Why is that man standing on his head? Are those elves wrestling? Uh oh! It's just another naughty drawing from Sketchy Eddie. Quick, kids, look at the big multicolored psychedelic schoolbus!

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