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Friday, December 4, 1998

as much as I enjoy these pages as a forum for my personal viewpoints, what I alone think really doesn't count for much in the overall scheme of things. It would take millions nay tens-of-millions of like thinking people to affect any meaningful change in this country. And I've given up that hope after seeing the polls tell a sad story about America's loss of ethics and morality. The pendulum has begun to swing to the immoral Left. The Erosion Factor continues to take its daily toll. Yet the Journal will continue as long as I can type this hype and FTP it to my ISP's server.

Getting Older.
Turning 49 the other day, I realized the unending aging procession is a steamroller: I'm powerless to do anything about it. The inevitable process marches on regardless.
Case in point: Just over two weeks ago, I slipped and fell coming down my condo's stairs, landing on my lower back's right side. It was a horrific fall and I'm still in great pain. I have a 2ft purple skid mark where I landed and slid. Five years ago, it wouldn't have been a big deal; I would have mended quickly. Within the past 5-6 years, I've noticed a gradual lengthening of the healing process required to get me through such unpleasant events. I'm now figuring the key is to stay away from unpleasant events as much as possible.
I always try to remember: it's not the years, it's the miles. And I've put some pretty hard miles on this chassis over the past 49 years.

Lying Bastard.
Maybe it's the fact that Clinton is a scumbag of such proportion prefaces each of his lies on this standard form drafted by Rep Henry Hyde, R-IL. Clinton can't even answer truthfully to any question posed to him without weaselly legalese. He needs 20-30 lawyer morons to mouth an answer. Bubba Clinton is the major liar of the 90s; no one else even comes close. Except the congenital-lying bitch, Hitlery Rod-shit Clinton.
This is a man who takes weeks and dozens of lawyers (at $300-400/hr) to answer some questions; characteristically, in an evasive, perjurative format. Clinton's lies must be disproven; that is the taking of all evidence to the contrary directly into the face, as with the graphic portions of the Lewinsky sex details. Those were necessary to dispute Clinton's lies.
Need further convincing? Read the terse, evasive, legalistic mumbo-jumbo reply from Bubba's lawyers. Denying multiple, major lies. The entire world knows Clinton is a liar, and yet he keeps up the front. All 81 lies are visible. Of course, he doesn't want to be prosecuted as a perjurer, so he'll maintain the facade.
What does this sound like? Evolving testimony?
What's the difference here?
The one thing the moronic lib-Dems still can't grasp is that the case against Clinton is about lying under oath, not sex. The lib-dem garbage are still trying to focus on the tawdry sex part of the affair.
The Moderate GOP and centrist Dems were lied to in the infamous 81 Questions which Bubba didn't actually reply to; there are more than a few who'd consider cutting his yellow balls off.

Amazing Discovery.
Reading about the oldest plant and flower fossil yet found in China really piqued my interest. I've found several small plant leaf fossils here on the Garden Center property during the construction period nine years ago, but nothing as beautifully detailed as what this story shows.

The Website Works.
I've just finished helping five people who drove down from Connecticut, find some real treasures. Although many things are indeed put away for the coming Winter, I know where they're stashed and can quickly locate what people want or need. If they just want to look around, I can get them started in the right direction.
Each weekend, we get more and more people serious plant collectors as well as the curious who visit and leave with many treasures they'd never seen before. On some weekends, the out-of-state license plates outnumber PA plates 4-to-1. I enjoy seeing someone find a treasure; their eyes light up and their aura shines visibly.
I'm happy where I've taken so far, and look forward to evolving it further as time goes on.

It's simply common sense yet, somehow the stories still persist: idiots living in a desert where there is no hope of growing food and are starving by the millions. Didn't they receive two legs when they were born? Okay, shoot the cripples and get on with the march. Use them and walk to another country which grows food, not famine and pestilence.
It's always Africa. Some population in some shithole corner of that shithole continent is always in trouble. So what happened before the UN (aka USA) came along and started all those foundations to collect money, ship millions of tons of food, and mildly alleviate the famines? The populations starved by the millions. C'est la vie!
This month it's Somalia, as it was just a few short years ago. I don't have any sympathy for them anymore. Repeating the mistakes of the past dooms them to endlessly repeat them in the future.
Same for these morons: move out of the flood plains, idiots.

Why? What For?
Now the lib-dem scumbags want to f*ck up the InterNet by having the US Taxpayer that's you and me fund InterNet projects in developing countries. Why? What's the point?
Actually, keeping millions of chattering, screaming cretinous-morons off of the InterNet would make a whole lot more sense. Those shithole nations can't even feed themselves yet, we're going to give them technology to go online, clog up the already suffering bandwidth and buy delicacies from Neiman-Marcus or Omaha Steaks? Golly Bubba, that sounds like a real stupid idea.
The Clintonian idiots don't want the InterNet to become a playground for the rich. Sounds a little socialistic and communistic? Of course it is. It's the Clintonite filth, at it again.
I've already flamed The White House email bins with nasty and evil email comments about this stupid idea. Here, send a note to Bubba and tell him what a lying, moronic scumbag he is.

f*cked Up Legal System.
It's hard to believe something as asinine as this: a convicted whacker of a 16-year old boy, is whacked in prison by a guard, and his degenerate family filth are awarded $2.3mm by a jury of miscreants. Hell, the guard who whacked the son-of-a-bitch should be rewarded for freeing-up space in the prison and ridding society of that subhuman garbage.
How can a jury of 12 so-called citizens give that kind of money to a murderer's family? What kind of moron-idiot-cretins is America made from? These 12 lowlifes need to be put behind bars for 72hrs with some whackers; they'll wake the hell up fast after being in the Death Row lineup for 3 days. Ahhh, these are California liberal scum, not real American citizens.
The death penalty was made specifically for this piece of subhuman shit. Any lib-Dem filth disagree? Speak up scumbags.
And what are Death Row filth doing outside exercising? Nay, escaping they were. Execute the garbage! That's what the hell they're there for. No exercise. Execution. There, that's better; much better.

Never Buy A Dell Computer. Part II.
The saga continues unabated. Trying to upgrade simple memory from 128mb to 256mb in a Pentium II 333 has become a daily nightmare.
Do yourself a favor: don't ever buy a Dell.
After six weeks of endless phone calls to Dell Tech Central, we're no closer to a resolution than in the beginning. Dell Tech has suggested trying the same proceedure over and over and over and over and over and ... Well, it's now my considered opinion and that of Lynn, the Garden Center's General Manager that Dell should simply replace the faulty unit. But they're stubborn and they've spent close to a thousand dollars more in tech visits, shipping memory chips (at my credit card's expense) than it would cost to merely replace the unit and write it off.
Do yourself a favor: don't ever buy a Dell.
There comes a point at which one must make the hard decision to either continue fishing or cut bait. That time has long since passed for Dell v Me. I've been inconvenienced enough for six weeks; I probably won't buy another Dell unit.
Do yourself a favor: don't ever buy a Dell.
Hey, hold on there before doing anything rash! If-if-if-if-if you buy a Dell Computer, make sure there's a Bantech Tech Service nearby. A very good repair tech, Chad responded to four service calls and filled the repair order, to the T. Unfortunately, 3 of 4 were dry holes. The fifth proved to be of seminal quality.
Do yourself a favor: think long on buying a Dell.
After spending nearly $1,755 on 8 x 128mb SDRAM DIMMS memory chips from four different countries, the erroneous decision was made to replace the motherboard. When one of BanTech's on-site Tech VPs spotted the issue with Diamond the OEM Diamond 8mb Video Card won't support more than 196mb Memory, regardless of ECC or non-ECC chips he alertly sent out a new video card & drivers (cd). It all worked: I'm finally running 256mb SDRAM at 1600x1200 at 32-bit color.
Do yourself a favor: think long and hard before buying a Dell.
If BanTech of Harrisburg, PA, hadn't figured the problem out for Dell Computer Co, and fixed it to my penultimate satisfaction, I'd be in Maximum Security for wiping Dell off of the face of the Earth. No shit. Right behind Lynn, whose heritage shines through, everytime.
Do yourself a favor: buy a Dell only if Chad Smith is nearby with a BanTech Service Operation. The kid knows what he's doing. Dell still doesn't.
Better yet, go to SAG Electronics and look at the desktop offerings. I've got one of their 450s at home. Dell lost that sale.

Leave it to the Hitlery bitch to whack another tree if she can while lying to the environmentalists and conservationists about how concerned she and Bubba are about the Earth. Not.
A cut, dead tree is still a cut, dead tree. It's no more a lousy end if it's in Joe Smith's double-wide, or the slimy White House.
If the nasty, arrogant, congential-liar, theif, Hitlery had any morals or ethics and everyone knows she's severely challenged in those departments she'd have read my ad about The Dead Tree Merchants . A live Christmas Tree; what a novel idea, Hitlery.

Hard To Believe.
Both McDougal and Espy had OJ Juries to get them off such solid cases of obvious crime.
The US Legal System in particular the Jury aspect is seriously flawed. Twelve idiots ignore airtight cases and dismiss crimes based upon emotion or the evil race card. What shit.

Hell, I know it's Fitshaced Magazine. Dammit, what was the URL? This is a good read.

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