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Friday, December 6, 2002

hat it's going to take another Massacre of September 11th to get our government to finally act in securing the borders, on behalf of its beleaguered Citizens, is both frightening and maddening. In the early 60s, approximately 62,000 illegal aliens came across the Mexican border, and the INS considered this notable and worthy of action. Now, in the first decade of the 21st Century, hundreds of thousands millions of illegal aliens enter the United States across the Mexican border each year and the impotent INS declares the problem too big to tackle because nothing stems the tide. American Citizens are now patrolling the border, in leiu of adequate INS enforcement. Federal immigration laws clearly state that sneaking into America without going through the INS Border Patrol stations is illegal. Hiring an illegal alien is illegal. Sheltering an illegal alien is illegal. Employing an illegal alien is illegal. And keeping knowledge from law enforcement as to the whereabouts of an illegal alien is illegal. With Agenda 21, the politicians are looking at every way possible to give those who break these laws a pass by granting amnesty and American citizenship to illegal immigrants. Agenda 21 means effectively removing the borders between Mexico and the US. NAFTA has just re-opened our roads to tractor trailers from Mexico. This situation will become much worse as I-69 NAFTA SuperHighway becomes a true pipeline for illegals, drug smugglers and terrorists, between Canada, the US and the Mexican shithole. This problem has been ignored in just about every city and county in America while costing exorbitant amounts of taxpayer dollars, spent on social welfare and the education of illegal aliens. Ignoring this problem also comes with the cost of an increasing crime rate resulting in too many American citizens being victims at the hands of illegal aliens. Governments at all levels, federal, state and local are not protecting America's Federal nor State sovereignty, nor are they protecting American Citizens. The words "protect the people" are found in virtually every Oath of Office taken by elected and appointed officials in the US, including the police chiefs, mayors, county sheriffs, state legislators, governors, congressional representatives, and senators. Sadly, not one of these spineless officials on the public dole is taking their Oath of Office seriously when it comes to the issue of illegal immigration. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that the feds cannot force state, county or city law enforcement officers to enforce federal laws (including immigration laws), and our local and state officials use this as an excuse to turn their heads on the problem of illegal immigration while our communities slide steadily downhill. Gutless government officials continue to demand higher taxes to keep the illegal immigration problems under "control", yet we can only sit back in wonderment as they pay lip service to the problem while actually enacting legislation and policies that encourage people to emigrate to the US illegally, with promises of social welfare and education benefits. Being an American is a primarily a state of mind for all of us — being a proud American is based on the idea of freedom and self-reliance. We are all immigrants from one country or another, and we — or our ancestors — became Americans by consciously subscribing to these ideas. We came here legally, we obey the laws and we promote the idea that others obey the laws in the same way and assimilate themselves into American Culture. Are we supposed to sit and wait while the political class comes up with the so-called "politically correct" solutions that fail to keep America strong and our families safe? Sure, it's a rhetorical question, but does anyone have an answer which will work? Apparently not. Without secure borders and complete immigration control, the new concept of The Department of Homeland Security is just a bad joke. And after 9-11, I'm frankly not in the mood for any more bad jokes. You?

Around The Garden Center.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, Thanksgiving "leftovers"; it'll be turkey this and turkey that with lots of stuffing/filling, mashed potatoes, gravy, peas, pumpkin pie etc for the foreseeable near future. Oh boy, am I having fun?
Driving into York (PA) for a landscape meeting on Sunday afternoon, I noticed that both the multi-billion gallon reservoirs were almost full again, from the Fall rains and snow we've had so far. Full is good. Full is much, much better than half-empty. By Spring, I hope they're overflowing from all the snowmelt.
I quietly turned 53 on Monday, thankyouverymuch; just another linear year, and a few more minor aches and pains to mark the passage of time miles. Remember, it's the miles, not the years which take their toll. I "celebrated" by roasting 7 large assernut squash, Monday evening in 5 batches, and making assernut Squash Bisque, in anticipation of my new Frigidaire® 7.2 CuFt Chest Freezer, which arrived Tuesday from Sears (on sale at $179!). Now I can store tons of Omaha Steaks™ filet mignon and porterhouse steaks, large tubs of homemade Pesto Sauce and the assernut Squash Bisque, among other things, and not clog-up my condo or office freezers. Should have done this years ago.
Coincidentally, Monday was also the first day of Deer/Buck Season in Pennsylvania. No, I'm not a hunter, but at dawn's first light, I heard dozens hundreds of shots coming from the surrounding woods. I gabbed Pickle and brought him inside the main buildings, just in case. In 12yrs, we've never had a building or greenhouse hit, but there's always a first time.
Deadly Winter storm kicks ass? Yeah, all the weather websites were swamped and overloaded. Big time. 3-6" forecast; we got 13-15". Wednesday evening, I started a Winter Storm thread on, and it ran all day Thursday. I was up at 4am to feed the cats, check the weather forecast sites, and went back to sleep until 9am. By 9:30, I was on the road for the 14 mile drive to my Garden Center Complex, which is a 25min ride; took me almost 2½ hrs. 2WD cars and trucks littered the road, stuck by the moron owners' idiocy of not waiting until the roads were fully-plowed. The 4WDs I saw disabled, were crashed into ditches, and not buggering-up the traffic flow. I fed Pickle, got the JD 675B SkidLoader out, and began plowing. We'd mounted a 7ft steel plow blade the day before, and it worked beautifully. After 45mins, I came back inside, drenched, cold and ready for lunch. Did paperwork, paid bills. Ummmmmm, Memo To Self: get a full cab foul-weather enclosure before next Winter. At 53, you're ((((too old)))) to be plowing snow in an exposed cab.

The Massacre of September 11th.
Never, never, never, never forget what subhuman Mooooos-lim garbage and Islamic pigshit terrorist filth did to the US on 9-11-01. To put the destruction into proper scale, this GroundZero photo essay helps. As do these remarkable photos, even more drive home the point that it was a massacre of innocents. Here's another picture gallery of the sad events of that horrific day. And if you'd like to ratchet your anger and hatred up, as mine has been since that awful day last September, read this account of the dozens of people jumping from 100 stories from the WTC Towers. As this reporter says, "Embrace the rage". Here's another very moving tribute; worth the wait to load in your browser. And The Washington Times weighs-in with their commemorative edition of 9-11.
The missiles that were fired at an El Al airplane filled with Israeli tourists as it left Kenya's resort city of Mombasa, on Thursday, are exactly what hit TWA 800 in '96, Killing all 231 on board. I've been ranting about this for over 6 years, and many people called me a "conspiracy nutcase", badly in need of some tinfoil. And of course the stupid, filthy subhuman Mooooooos-lims in Kenya blame the US and Israel for all the rioting and murder that they did; Mooooooos-lims are too stupid and backward to take any kind of responsibility for their own actions.
Hey, the predator drone did a nice job of Killing Mooooooos-lim terrorists; don't debate it guys: use the hell outta them! whack the Islamic filth where you can find them! A most excellent use of American tax dollars, BTW.
I said the binny shithead tape was a fake. He's still dead and maggot food. They're just trying to "gin up the troops" and create support.
Mooooooos-lims and Islamists are evil and violent; read their shitty Koran if you doubt me. It's full of evil and hate for Christians and Jews. If you doubt that, view these videos of Mooooooos-lim atrocities and carnage.
Here's a Muslim who makes sense; one man alone in a wilderness of violent extremists trying to whack everyone else.
Soooooo, it'sthe US' fault that the Arab World is poverty-stricken? More correctly, it's Islam's fault, not ours.
Need a scorecard to keep track of all the subhuman lowlife Islamic boy-buggering Mooooooos-lim terrorists? Here's one.
As the Pentagon girds for possible military action against Iraq, it is having problems providing US troops with state-of-the-art protective gear against chemical and biological attacks, lawmakers from both parties said this week. What's the problem? Money? Heck, we US Taxpayers pay millions billions of dollars in taxes; take all funds away from the subhuman deviant, perverted, degenerate AIDS crowd, let 'em die. Use the funds for what the troops need. Any questions, mooooooor-rons in DC?
Things are not getting better for our National security; in fact, they're getting much worse and the INS is the root cause of the mass invasion of illegals into America. We're in bigger trouble than we thought. We have to get this dangerous situation under control and get rid of all illegals.
As always, the socialist-commie UN is a joke, especially during the Iraq inspections. "Kofi's idiots" will require the US to decimate Iraq and fine the true WMDs. But heck, we all knew that long before those UN Buffoons went into Iraq.
The Truth About Islam? Pigshit is the truth, no matter who speaks it.
Bravo John Howard, PM of Australia: time to find and whack the subhuman Islamic lowlife, boy-buggering, women-mutilating, Mooooooos-lim pigfilth terrorists, wherever they are. whack them before they do damage to civilized society. America welcomes your Nation's help in the WOT.
Another Saudi financing terrorist cells. The FBI is investigating a payment from the Saudi Embassy in Washington to an Islamic charity that has been identified by the Bush administration as one of the principal conduits of financing to the al Qaeda terror network. Investigators are probing a $400,000 payment made in the late 1990s by the embassy to the International Islamic Relief Organization, a Saudi-based charity whose offices were raided and shut down in March. First it was that lowlife bitch wife of Saudi ambassador Prince Bandar bin Sultan who paid terrorists. Now this. Time to whack all Saudi filth.
Israel's Mossad has activated "sleeper" agents in Saudi Arabia and Yemen after Prime Minister Ariel Sharon ordered his secret service head, Meir Dagan to track down the planners and perpetrators of last Friday's dual attacks in Kenya. I like the Israeli Mossad; they do nice work in Killing Arabs and Mooooooos-lim filth. Time for the CIA to get active in some assassination activity, worldwide.
Europe, more specifically Belgium, has erupted in violence with the subhuman Islamic garbage rampaging through the streets; Mooooooos-lim filth is everywhere in Europe, and it will be here in America soon, too, if we don't shut down the borders, stop all immigration, round-up and deport all Mooooooos-lim vermin, and execute all known terrorist cell members, ASAP!
This article explains why Mooooooos-lim men are boy-buggerers and want to martyr themselves for the "rewards of heaven". Disgusting and sick stuff, that religion cult of insane murderers.
Did Timmy "Room Temperature" McVeigh have Iraqi helpers in the OKC Bombing? No, he was their helper and the criminal Klintoons ordered it covered up.
Yes, TWA 800 was shot down by a shoulder-launched missile in '96, as I've said for the past 7 years. Slowly but surely, it's coming out into the open that it was Mooooooos-lim terrorists, and that the criminal Klintoon filth who covered it up.
I agree 100%: American citizens working for Al Queerda overseas can legally be targeted and whacked by the CIA under President Bush's rules for the war on terrorism, U.S. officials say. The authority to whack U.S. citizens is granted under a secret finding signed by the president after the Sept. 11 attacks that directs the CIA to covertly attack Al Queerda anywhere in the world. The authority makes no exception for Americans, so permission to strike them is understood rather than specifically described, officials said. Sounds good to me; whack 'em all.
The Saudis are liars, scumbags, deviants, degenerates, terrorist supporters, lowlife filth, no matter how much they protest to the contrary. They're deserving of death, right after Iraq. Adel al-Jubeir, a top adviser to the de facto Saudi ruler, Crown Prince Abdullah, is a goat-humping homo liar.
Yeah, a war between the deviant, pig-sucking, degenerate boy-buggering, women-mutilating perverts in Islam, and the Western Civilizations, is inevitable. Bring it on, Mooooooos-lims.
If this is true — the FBI is guilty of cover-up over anthrax suspect — we've got internal problems of such magnitude, it's way beyond scary. In just over a year, I can't imagine the vaunted FBI not cracking this case.
Here's why BJ Klintoon and Reno are directly to blame for 9-11; prepare to be outraged.
Poll suggests deep Muslim anger at United States. Who the f*ck hell cares? whack all Mooooooos-lim filth.
This is very, very wrong: A U.S. citizen accused of plotting to explode a radiological "dirty bomb" in the United States must be granted access to an attorney to challenge his detention as an enemy combatant, a federal judge in New York ruled yesterday. The ruling, part of a broad, 102-page decision by Michael B. Mukasey, chief judge for New York's Southern District, rejected the Bush administration's assertion that allowing Jose Padilla access to his attorney would impede intelligence gathering and jeopardize national security. He should be interrogated, tried by a military tribunal and executed. Next traitor?
Islam is the enemy. Make no mistake about it.
The end of Ramadan has stirred renewed concerns over the threat of a terrorist attack against U.S. citizens and the nation's allies. Earlier this week, an al Qaeda statement posted to the Internet threatened a strike to coincide with the end of the Muslim UN-holy season — which is December 5 and 6. The statement said, "You have not learned your lesson." Bring it on, diaperhead homo filth!
Who the f*ck cares what the world thinks? Morons, all.

US Attorney General John Ashcroft is said to be ready to close out a key aspect of his Justice Department investigation into the Clinton pardon trading scandal, effectively confirming that both the ex-president and his New York senator wife are now officially above the law. Hmmmm, my blood pressure is spiking; I'm taking an aspirin now. Truly, the more things change, the more they remain the same.
Someone put a gag in "Jumping Jim" Jeffords' mouth; this RINO (Republican In Name Only) scumbag needs to be taught a severe lesson in party loyalty.
Yes, I disagree with Bush's public interpretation of Islam, but I understand why he's saying what he says. What I don't understand is his complete disregard of the massive and dangerous immigration issue which. Been to LA recently? Eeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwww!
Looks like the traitorous greaseball democRAT, ex-Bush Administration employee DiIulio is a liar, too. Surprised?
Our so-called governor is an moron. With no fanfare or public ceremony, Pennsylvania Gov Mark Schweiker (RINO-PA) on Wednesday, signed a bill that gay and lesbian leaders say marks a giant step forward for gay rights in Pennsylvania. The bill, passed last week by the state House, adds "actual or perceived ... sexual orientation, and gender or gender identity" to triggers in the state's Ethnic Intimidation Law that raise the grade of, and enhance punishments for, crimes found to be motivated by hatred against victims because of race, color, religion or national origin. The changes, which take effect immediately, mean anyone convicted of intentionally attacking a gay man or lesbian — or other defined groups including people with mental or physical disabilities — would receive the same enhancements. Schweiker, in a prepared statement, cast the bill as an anti-crime measure.
Though he's mostly useless and senile these day, living to 100 is quite an achievement. Happy Birthday, US Sen Strom Thurmond (R-SC)!

Lib-democRAT Lowlife Scum.
Are they kidding? LBJ was a piece of philandering, control-freak, lying scumbag left-wing criminal dogshit, and now the lib-dem scum are trying to re-make his legacy in history.
Humanity should be 10% male, 90% female, so says left-wing nutcase, wacko femi-nazi, lesbian scuzbag BC Prof, Mary Daly. This lowlife bitch
The homeless problem is finally coming to roost in the left-wing wacko San Francisco. Build asylums and "house them", there, where they should be, as 99% are mentally-ill. I have no sympathy for SF's plight; the lib-democRATs brought it upon themselves, and have spent millions billions on it, and made it worse.
Here come the "legions of homeless people" stories, just in time for the Holidays during a GOP Administration; no mention of them at all during the scumbag Klintoon's 8 horrid year reign of crime and corruption. Proudly brought to you by the degenerate lib-democRATs.
The liberal scumbags and democRAT morons are crawling out of the cellars, from under slimy rocks and dank pipes, now that their party imploded in '02. US Sen John Kerry, (Socialist-MA) announced Sunday he will take the first step toward a 2004 presidential bid by filing papers this week to establish an exploratory campaign committee. This shit is news? Kerry is so stiff, wooden and clueless, he makes AlGoreBore look positively lucid and energetic. Poor dems in '04; it's gonna be another slaughter.
An infamous Los Angeles private detective scumbag lowlife deviant, Joey "The Turd Boy" Pelicano, who was busted by the FBI last week, with an arsenal of explosives big enough to arm a small al Queerda terror cell was deeply involved in disgraced, impeached, lying ex-President Bubba Jeffy Klintoon's efforts to intimidate his ex-girlfriends into silence, according to senior Bush White House advisor Mary Matalin. Bravo.
Anything for a buck, Disney Dizzey whores? Sure, those lowlife, homo lovers: promote Islam The Religion of Peace™. America has finally figured out that you're all liars, deviants, degenerates, scumbags and perverts. Walt is spinning in his grave.
The NY Slimes is "changing"? Howell Raines is a card-carrying, rump-raiding, fudge-packing, lib-democRAT homo, and he's taking that piece-of-shit, fishwrapper rag into total irrelevance, with him and his cadre of subhumans. Good riddance, scumbags.
The washed-up, lowlife dimwit, has-been, never-was, lib-democRAT scumbag, untalented "actor/poseur" turd-man-boy homo, Robert Redford lecturing GW Bush, on anything? What a f*cking freaking laugh-riot! Him and Pauley "Mooooooor-ron" Newman dumper-licker. Choice morons, aren't they?
ol' shit-for-brains, disgraced, impeached, liar-in-chief, lowlife ex-president scumbag Bubba Jeffy Klintoon still doesn't understand that he's totally irrelevant, but still giving faulty advice to the imploding lib-democRATs. Wake up, turd-boy mooooooor-ron!
???Winona Ryder, the lowlife shoplifter, lying, mentally-ill, two-bit drug-addicted slutbag, should be in prison with 300 raging lesbian-dykes pumping dildoes and toilet plungers, for 3-5yrs. Instead, the scum-sucking degenerate wacko left-wing bitch gets probation and community service, depriving bull-dykes of 'fresh meat'. Sounds like discrimination to me.
This is the twisted, perverted, lunatic agenda of the left-wing wacko environmentalists: putting a sub-species Delhi Sands flower-loving fly over the welfare of human beings. A f*cking freaking fly; can you imagine that shit?
US Rep Barney "The Rump-Raiding Harelip Fudge-Packer" Frank (Fag-MA), voicing strong support for US Sen John Kerry's Mr Theresa Heinz' presidential ambitions, yesterday urged former loser ex-Vice President AlGoreBore to stay out of the 2004 White House race. "GoreBore would lose," Frank said. "I don't think he should run ... His negatives are too high." Like yours, Barney The Fag? Please get AIDS and die. Please.

Lowlifes, Scumbags & Morons.
Oh gee whiz, the faggy Frenchies are whining again; this time about American wine and champagne. Hey Froggies: I fart in your general direction!
The Euro-weenies' slide into irrelevant socialism continues, with another once-proud nation headed "south": the Norwegian Government has proposed a total ban on smoking inside all public places by 2004. Dumb asses; just like New York City and a hundred other lib-dem wacko controlled cities in the US.
The fat, ugly, stupid, alcoholic, drug-addicted Lizzie Grubman-piglet, is out of jail, after serving 37 days of a 60 day sentence for attempted murder with her SUV. Grubman, the daughter of a high-powered entertainment attorney, had built a thriving business promoting careers and parties for the likes of untalented singers Britney Spears, rapper Jay-Z and the Backstreet Boys. She intentionally backed into and injured at least 16 people after allegedly shouting racial epithets at a club bouncer. Some witnesses said her actions seemed were drunken, cocaine-fuelled and deliberate, but Grubman said they were an accident. Grubman is a liar.
A United Nations weapons inspector was expected to resign yesterday after he was revealed to be a leading member of several sado-masochistic sex rings. United Nations officials in Iraq were left squirming with embarrassment after the Washington Post newspaper outed the inspector, Harvey "Jack" McGeorge, a former US Marine and Secret Service agent, as a founding officer of "Leather Leadership Conference Inc". Typical UN personnel: deviant socialist filth.
This is what happens when a civilian population is disarmed: England and Wales now have the highest crime rate among the world's leading economies, according to a new report by the United Nations. The survey, which is likely to prove embarrassing to David Blunkett, the Home Secretary. shows that people are more likely to be mugged, burgled, robbed or assaulted here than in America, Germany, Russia, South Africa or any other of the world's 20 largest nations. Only the Dominican Republic, New Zealand and Finland have higher crime rates than England and Wales.
These cruise ship morons still can't figure it out: an employee is infecting the ship on purpose with vials of bacteria, and no matter how many times they "clean it", it's still going to be replaced. A Disney cruise liner marred by a second outbreak of a flu-like virus returned to port Saturday, and workers once again began disinfecting the ship after 218 people became ill during its latest voyage. In the past few months, about 1,000 passengers and crew on two voyages of the Magic and four voyages of Holland America's Amsterdam have contracted a Norwalk-like virus, one of a number of common illnesses that can cause diarrhea, stomach pain and vomiting.
Determining the age of rocks? Finally the liberal mooooooor-rons in Canuckistan are good for something.

These People Need Killing™.
A group of retired state and federal judges is urging Illinois' criminal Gov. George Ryan (RINO-IL) to commute the death sentences of any inmate whose conviction was tainted by flaws in the state's capital punishment system. Bullshit; execute them all.
It's a sad state of affairs when no executions take place for days/weeks/months on end, and there are thousands of subhumans waiting to die, on death row, all over the country. Bums me out that all their innocent victims are still dead and that so many murderers are still alive.
Ahhhh, here are two lowlife pieces of subhuman shit who need Killing, for beating a blind man to death.
All rapes should be capital offenses, punishable by death: a Lubbock (TX) jury deliberated for 18 minutes Tuesday before convicting a nursing home worker of attempting to rape a 74-year-old patient suffering from Alzheimer's disease. Earl F. Currie, 48, was found guilty of attempted aggravated sexual assault.
The lowlife, degenerate, subhuman, deviant, child-molesting, rump-raiding, fudge-packing homo filth who murdered Mary Stachowicz, homosexual Nicholas Gutierrez in Chicago, should be tried, convicted and executed, immediately. Why America wastes a thin dime on AIDS is beyond me. If "death by AIDS" was quicker, they should be injected by the most virulent strain and let die a horrible fitting death. Subhumans, all.
A Kansas City pharmacist who admitted diluting potentially life-saving drugs to thousands of cancer patients was sentenced to 30 years in prison on Thursday. Wrong; he should die for his crimes against all those trusting innocents.
What do they mean, "drop convictions" in the Central Park Jogger Rape Case? Bullshit, execute the idiots and illegal alien subhuman filth. Antron McCray, Kevin Richardson, Yusef Salaam, Raymond Santana and Kharey Wise were all 14 to 16 years old at the time of the Central Park assault. Wise served more than 11 years in prison for the attack, while the other four served about seven years each. But Matias Reyes, currently serving a 33-year sentence for raping and murdering another woman in 1989, told prison guards in January that he alone was responsible for the Central Park rape. DNA testing determined that semen found on the jogger belonged to Reyes, and his pubic hair was on her sock. The Central Park jogger case has been among the most controversial of Morgenthau's 27 years as Manhattan's top prosecutor. Defense attorneys for the five men claim their clients were targeted for prosecution because of their skin color. The victim of the attack is a white woman, while the men convicted of the crime were African American idiots and Latino illegal aliens. whack them all; end of future problems. Rape should be a capital offense crime, punishable by death.
This site illustrates what happens when good buildings go bad. Sure, the site is the demolition industry’s "worldwide source for news and information on building implosions, blowdowns and all other types of structural blasting projects." In that respect, it accomplishes its goal of providing an informational resource for professionals. But in addition to those worthy pursuits, the explosive content provides an entertaining forum for those of us who don't know the difference between dynamite and RDX. The Photos section features demolitions of sports stadiums, public housing developments, hotels, and more,while Blasts from the Past chronicles unique and challenging projects from around the world. If you're looking for more action than a still photo can provide, check out the Cinema Explosif', a collection of the "finest in explosive cinematic adventures." Because when it comes down to it, who doesn't like to watch a good implosion?

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