the season of rest

Friday, December 8, 2000

winter has often been called the season of rest or deep sleep, following Fall, oft called the season of dying. I can't agree with the dying bit, because most plants, animals and insects don't die, they merely shed old skins or leaves and hibernate/ go dormant until Spring awakens them to go forth and multiply, after shedding their Winter coccoon and skin. Winter is a period of renewal; shortened days, long nights, ice, cold and snow pack. Though I prefer Spring and Fall as my personal favorite Seasons, Winter and Summer my least easily-endured or favorite persist and often seem to dominate everyone's psyche. And it looks like the once-robust US Economy is soon going to take a sustained rest, too. Here in Pennsyl-tucky, we call that a major "dump". What goes up, must come down.

Around The Garden Center.
Last weekend was the first for our new Winter Hours regimen: 10am to 5pm, Monday-Saturday, and Closed on Sunday. It sure was nice to sleep in till 8am on Saturday, though Pickles couldn't quite figure out why I was so late in arriving. He was curled up and asleep on his chair in the Main Greenhouse when I opened up at 9:30am. Due to the Holiday Season, it was a busy day with customers wanting live Christmas trees, Gift Certificates, Cyclamens, Christmas Cactus, Orchids and Poinsettias.
On the way home Saturday, I buried two male cats along the roadside; on Sunday, I buried two more males on the way to the Garden Center Complex at 11am, to feed Pickles, and do some paperwork. Well, at least they won't be hungry, scared, lonely or cold anymore. Once again, I curse the human owners of those pets who allow them to run loose and breed wantonly; may the owners rot in Hell someday real damned soon. What is it with all these dead male cats?
On the way home, I stopped at The Paddock for a few drinks, and just before I left, went ballistic: one of the barmaids was eating a huge plate of veal. Normally, it takes quite a lot to piss me off, but that really set me off. I yelled at her, one of the uncaring and mercenary owners, lowlife scumbag, shitfilth Greeks who'd sell roasted human fetuses if they could make a dinner out of it and dime on it and several other patrons for not having the scruples, principles and morality to purposely avoid such cruel cuts of meat. Think I'm nuts? Look at these pictures of the poor baby veal calves, and these pictures of the horror and cruelty they go through before slaughter. I won't ever go back to The Paddock. And no, I'm not a member of PETA, but I do believe in a modicum of compassion and dignity for all living creatures except murderers, rapists, armed robbers, child molesters and traitors they need to die painfully and horribly for their crimes.
Gas prices are once again creeping up here in the York (PA) area. At $1.59.9 (89oct), it cost $35 to fill-up the Jeep Grand Cherokee V8 LTDs 22gal tank with 21.887gals. I've also noticed a 15% increase in natural gas (LPG) prices in the area; since my business heats with LPG (3 x 1,000gal tanks) and the condo heating-cooking is all gas (pipeline), a year-over-year comparison shows the startling increases. I've completely shut down GH-1, the Potting House, to conserve fuel this Winter. It's going to get worse before it gets better for a lot of people.
Who said anyone in Harrisburg (PA) the "Palm Beach" of Pennsylvania could measure or count? Apparently, no one up there knows shit about shinola. All of 'em, dumb as rocks in a box, when it comes to sqeezing a very large Christmas Tree through a smaller door opening and severely damaging the Capitol Christmas Tree. Pathetic, indeed. Down here, we either make the doors bigger or the tree smaller. Natch.
With all of the out of state (NJ, MD & VA) garbage trucks bringing waste into Pennsylvania, you'd think someone in the State Capitol of Harrisburg would be trying to emulate Nova Scotia's innovative recycling industry. But noooooo, the idiots in charge of The Communistweath of Pennsylvania led by Gov Tommie "The Commie" Ridge (R) are brain dead when it comes to forward and innovative thinking. Figures.
I'm glad to see that the EPA is getting rid of another toxic chemical, diazinon, which is unnecessary but makes billions in profits for the chemical industry. There are effective natural controls available to both the lawn & garden industry, as well as homeowners; no need to further poison the Earth's future.
On Tuesday, I took Pickles to nearby Leader Heights Animal Hospital to have a lump on his side checked. It was on October 3, '90, that I'd taken the little 2lb stray kitten soon to be known as Pickles The One-Eyed Cat for emergency medical work after I'd rescued him from certain death and decided to keep him at the Garden Center. They did a needle biopsy of the lump and it was a benign, fatty mass. I'll have it checked, via needle biopsy again in July 2001 when he's in for his yearly distemper and rabies shots.
I took Thursday off and slept in until 10am. The I went food shopping for any remaining assernut squash at several local supermarkets in York County (PA). I'll do some more roasting and freeze the bisque for later use over the Winter. I also made potato-onion latkes for lunch at the Garden Center on Friday. Snow squalls moved through on Thursday afternoon, with a 1" accumulation predicted for the evening and Friday. Well, at least my condo cats, Murphy and Mama Kitty, enjoyed me being hime for the day.
Like the Energizer Bunny, the unending, seriously-flawed 2000 Election From Hell continues and continues and continues and continues, thanks to the GoreBoreFilth.

America Held Hostage: Day 31.
Democracy, an unwieldy beast even on its best days, has under the stress of the presidential election collapsed upon itself. Our system, which allows for self-determination while trying gamely to make sure nobody ever gets wronged, has become stuck in its own defenses, bouncing through an endless cycle of lawsuits, legal changes and judicial interpretation.
The presidential election may never end, and even if it does, it seems unlikely that Florida will ever stop recounting its votes or that either candidate will give in. If you look long enough, it seems every ballot can be challenged and every voter's intentions interpreted a different way. Perhaps this whole mess has happened because Florida uses a balloting system only slightly more reliable than gathering the whole state in a field and asking those who support each candidate to say "aye." They might as well have voted using the honor system or held the election on the Internet and just given their electoral votes to Howard Stern.
At this point, I'd gladly accept Stern, Ralph Nader, Strom Thurmond or even Grandpa Munster as president if the media simply promised to stop talking about the election. It's not that I'm anything but disgusted at the idea of having a breast-obsessed DJ, a socialist, a barely lucid career politician or a delusional former minor celebrity running the country; it's just that I want it all to go away.
Every day's newspaper brings some new piece of ridiculousness, and every evening's television schedule gets interrupted by a speech in which one candidate or the other tells America why this is all for us, not them. That sounds a lot like a guy telling his wife he had an affair, but only to make himself a better lover for her. Under this mess of litigation, arguments about just how indented a"dimple" is and partisan election commissioners pretending to offer impartial opinions, I simply no longer care. I may marginally support Bush, but I'd let Gore be president if he promised to not interrupt prime time and only appear in the papers during legitimate national crises.
Unfortunately, neither candidate will ever give up, and even the definitive decisions in this race seem to have the legitimacy of a heavyweight title fight that gets sent to the judges. After Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris certified a winner in the race for her state's electoral votes, I even half expected Michael "Let's get ready to rumble" Buffer to take the floor and announce "the winner and new President of the United States, George W. Bush."
Maybe these two should just get together on pay-per-view and punch each other in the head until one guy concedes. In that situation, I'd have my money on Gore, because he seems willing to do anything to win, and it wouldn't shock me if he clocked Bush with a domestically produced "foreign object" when the referee turns his back. Whether it's boxing, wrestling, a pie-eating contest or a game of "one potato, two potato," this simply must end soon. No American cares about chads anymore, and precious few of us care about Palm Beach's idiot democRATs, as long as GWB moves into the White House.
Yeah sure, I listened to the NetCast and read the transcript of the historic US Supremes case of BUSH V. PALM BEACH COUNTY CANVassING BOARD. Great historic stuff. Yawn. When's it all gonna end?
Apparently not anytime soon. The GoreBoremorons got their sorry lib-dem asses kicked twice in one day, but on they go, holding America hostage. Scumbags, all.

Lowlife DemocRATS.
This poll succintly shows everyone how f*cked-up New Yorkers truly are: four out of 10 New Yorkers believe Hitlery Rotten Clintoon will run for president in 2004. But they voted this arrogant, lying criminal bitch slime into office over a homegrown Rick Lazio. Just amazing how dumb those "Big Apple People" really are.
It's still very difficult for me to believe that the lying stinking criminal bitch Hitlery Rotten Clintoon has escaped prosecution and prison and is firmly ensconced in the US Senate, with all the other criminals we're supporting. What an arrogant lowlife bitch dog she is. Yes, she's the same lowlife bitch who tried to "nationalize" 1/7th of the US Economy into soclialized medicene (HitleryCare) back in '94; and thank God it failed. She's filth.
The liberal media bias is clearly seen at pMS-NBC News.

Execute This Subhuman Filth.
If running over and Killing a woman school bus driver in a fit of so-called "road rage" isn't grounds for execution, nothing is. The clearly murderous scumbag who did it will probably get off with a whole lot less than what he truly deserves.
A Texas couple made millions of of kiddie porn websites and now they're headed to prison for 40 years to life. I disagree: execution would send a clear and poignant message to all traffickers in child pornography. A preceedent should be set with a public execution of all involved.
A convicted murderer on death row nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize? What a f*cking joke. Apparently those stupid Swiss moron morons on the nominating committee have too much time on their hands. The executioner should be nominated for ridding society of all that subhuman filth.
Oh be still my beating heart: Texas put its 38th piece of murderous subhuman shitfilth to death and it's a new record! I love it. I'm dancing in the aisles! Why? He was convicted and sentenced to die for the November 11, 1988, slaying of 7-year-old April Marie Wilson. She was raped and bludgeoned on the tailgate of a pickup truck near Merkel, Texas. Her body was dragged through clumps of prickly pear cactus before it was left in a cotton field. That's why. No pity at all. None. Zip. Zero. Nada, baby. C'mon, bring on the whining, bed wetting liberals.
Here's a murderer who truly needs execution: OJ Simp-scum. He's in trouble again after being let off the hook for two murders a few years back. Jail the scumbag. If that idiot murderer came after me in an altercation, I'd blow his stupid ugly idiot ass away with my .357 Magnum. End of problem.
Wow! The first federal execution of a lowlife subhuman piece of shit in 37 years? I'm already dancing in the streets if the scumbag lying moron Bubba Jeffy Clintoon doesn't block it and leave it to GWBush, his successor. But who cares? At least the illegal alien murderer will die, one way or the other. And in the final analysis, that's all that counts.
A mere 20 year sentence for three men for torturing a young mother, cutting up her body and stuffing her skull into a Hello Kitty doll? Huh? What happened to execution? Subhuman filth like those three lowlifes need death. Well, after all, this is the shithole of Hong Kong.
I remember when it happened: LENNON SHOT DEAD! blared all over the MYC media and around the World. The papers and electronic media went ballistic with coverage. The whacker became as famous as the victim. Dec 8, '80. Twenty years ago today. Pity; he had so much more to give and live for. A tragic waste. Yet his whacker lives on. What's wrong with that picture? A 9mm in Mark David Chapman's empty f*cking head would have saved the US Taxpayers that's you and me well over $2.3million. That's the "tab" so far for keeping that piece of shit alive.

Racist Bigot Filth.
Yep, you guessed it, I'm talking Irrev Jesse "Hymietown" Jack-scum and Irrev Fat Al "interloper Jew scum" Sharp-scum, two loathsome idiots who have no visible means of support and who shakedown American corporate businesses on a regular basis. They both are lowlifes, degenerates and parasites. Each is a crime against Nature should have been aborted before birth and their people should have been assassinated like Malcom X-crement. Both have made an immoral industry out of racism. Why the DOIJ (Dept of InJustice) hasn't nailed the two frauds is beyond me. They're cowards and scumbags, making millions off the backs of all Blacks, who mistakenly think each is a hero. The NAACLP (Nat'l assn for the Advancement of Liberal Colored People), another phony lib-dem dodge, is in the same corrupt league as Jack-scum and Sharp-scum, preying upon Blacks for their own greedy profit. None of them want better racial relations, as it would interrupt their cash flows and force them to find honest, real work to earn a living.
These racist bigot lowlifes have even penetrated the Presidential Election results in Florida. Un-Civil rights leader Irrev Jesse "Hymietown" Jack-scum on Friday met briefly with U.S. Attorney General Janet "Waco" El-Reno. The two discussed Election Day irregularities alleged by the NAACLP in the Florida vote. Kweisi "Whites are the root of all evil" Mfume (aka Sleazy Buffoomey), leader of the National association for the Advancement of Liberal Colored People, has asked the InJustice Department to investigate alleged election irregularities and minority vote dilution he means stupid idiots who can't vote correctly on Election Day. Mfume says the alleged irregularities may have violated the 15th Amendment to the Constitution, and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. He also called on the federal government to oversee a vote recount.
Here's a racist idiot bigot who needs a bullet in his empty head: Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) president Bobby "the idiot shithead" Mugabe, for stealing 3,000 White farmer's farms and illegally "redistributing" them to lowlife idiots who can't farm or find their own sorry black asses with both hands. The Whites built that country. The idiot filth will quickly ruin the country without the Whites. Actually, the Whites should leave en masse and let the pathetic country's economy quickly collapse, as it will without them.

Lowlife Scumbags.
Protestors in Seattle again? Disrupting the peace? Causing a riot? f*cking A; if I was police chief, I'd have ordered their empty heads to be broken wide open with night sticks, and let them bleed to death in the gutters where they belong.
Aw gee whiz, too bad. Lib-dem scumbag Palsy Welfare (Minn. Sen Paul Wellstone) was almost assassinated in Columbia, but the plot was foiled by the normally incompetent Polizia. He's one piece of shit for brains homo cocksucker who deserves a quality lethal hit abroad.
CATVs lowlife dogshit channel, Showtime, has sunk to the bottom of the morals barrel: a TV show about subhuman queers. This series leaves nothing in the closet. "Queer as Folk" takes an unflinching look at the contemporary gay lifestyle through the eyes of five gay men and a lesbian couple living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Total garbage.
Now the f*cked-up New York City school scumf*ckers have cut ties with the Boy Scouts of America, "because the organization discriminates against gays and lesbians." First LA, now NYC and Chicago, San Francisco and San Jose and Minneapolis. Okay, now it's time for war: the BSA should go on the offensive and publicly attack the homo-dyke subhuman filth in a massive PR campaign like the USA has never seen before. Give the queer scumbags a fight they'll never forget: tell everyone about the perverted, degenerate lifestyle, disease-riddled, ultra-high-per-capita murder rates etc that homoism brings to a community and why it's important to ostraczize scum like them from normal society. Exterminate if at all possible.
For those who think McDonald's is a "four star restaurant", think again. I've never eaten their so-called Chicken McNuggets, and never will. Yuk.
These punks got off too lightly for kidnapping and torturing a dog. They should have to spend 5 minutes each with the gog's owner with a baseball bat inside a locked room, and no charges filed on the owner for beating the scumbags to death. BTW, the dog survived, but that's beside the point of justice.
Ford Explorer Deathtraps are back in the news. Here's why I drive a Jeep. Never had the problems a Ford, GM, Chevy, Totota etc do; never will. It's the original design, not the seriously flawed production process.

Disturbing Search Requests.
Connoisseurs of baffling search results and obsessive web site creators who study their referrer logs will appreciate this collaborative journey to the dark side of search requests. Try Disturbing Search Requests. Here's the deal: If you create a weblog of annotated links and update it often, it's likely that your site is indexed regularly by major search engines. Then, random combinations of words from different days' entries can result in your pages showing up when people type in obscure, arcane, or perverse combinations of keywords. We might be witnessing the birth of a new genre of wordplay: the search pun. Many of the examples here are best suited for mature audiences.

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