Friday, February 21, 1997

Getting Closer

with Spring technically less than 30 days away, I'm getting anxious. The flower buds are now swollen on all of the trees and shrubs, just waiting for the first few temperature days in the 70s to open and show us their stuff. Okay, okay it's still the middle of February and we've a piece to go before Spring really gets here, but with the warmer, sunny days, it almost feels like Spring. (I hear they're forecasting snow for tonight.)

Many wild animals have been out of their dens mating and getting ready for their newborn offspring's first venture into the new world. Others already have sired young and are teaching them the ropes of survival. Many won't make it, however; crossing highways and roads is deadly business. Pickle apparently got into a fight with a large groundhog and got cut-up pretty bad, but he's recovered now. I have to track the critter(s) down and waste them with my .357 Magnum before they do any more damage to the growing fields and building foundations, not to mention Pickle. I dislike Killing anything, but proper control of malicious animals is paramount in an operation this size.

On the bright side, Spring is one of my favorite times and it can never come soon enough. I'm tired of the cold, snow, ice and slush of Winter.

Another way I can tell that Spring is near is by the amount of email I'm getting about landscape design, plant material, pricing and the ever-present garden problems. Upwards of 10 per day arrive now. Soon, I'll get 80-90 per day and spend hours researching the problems and answers for people writing in.

It appears that Slick Willie's so-called budget team can't even add up the 1997 figures properly. A just-released Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report said that a $50 billion deficit will occur in 2002, and not the surplus that Clinton's still predicting. Amazing how many stupid people he's surrounded himself with, isn't it?

Of course, Newt Gingrich jumped on that item with all the abandon of a cannibal and predicted that he's got enough votes for a balanced budget Amendment. I think that's going to be a mistake too. To require the kind of majorities in both the House and Senate that it would take to balance a Constitutionally-mandated budget would be presumptous that all would cooperate. We know they all won't. I don't believe that any Constitutional Amendment will balance the budget; it's going to take some hard work, strong will and non-partisan determination to get it done. Three things that Congress doesn't have and can't seem to find.

We all balance our personal checkbooks and try to live within our means, so why shouldn't the federal government? Absolutely no reason why it shouldn't. There's too much waste and excess in Washington that could and should be cut and just not spent.

On Saturday evening, my good friend Jeff Horn and I went to dinner at the Bel Paese restaurant in York, Pa. It's an amazing little Italian restaurant with no appreciable atmosphere except the variety of customers but some of the very finest Italian food I've had in years, since leaving New York City.

He arrived at my condo at 6:30pm, and we spent the next 20 minutes looking at some Websites on my home Pentium 586/150-32 unit. My two cats Murphy and Mama Kitty were attracted to this newcomer with three cats of his own, and just as Jeff was starting to pet Murphy, Murphy smelled the other cats and pissed on his slacks. Geeeeeeez, what an aroma!

Jeff got some cold water on the spot right away, but the smell lingered and grew more intense as we climbed into his BMW M3 Coupe and headed for the restaurant. When we entered the place, the waiting line was starting to grow. Other people noticed the smell, too. They probably thought Jeff's bathroom culture was lacking or something. After we were seated, I suggested that he apply the lemon from his icewater drink to the spot and neutralize the cat piss. He did and it sort of worked. Well, it works on skunk spray; why shouldn't it work on cat piss?

My dinner was spectacular: an awesome three-lettuce salad; then absolutely perfect Fusilli, with spinach, roasted peppers, mushrooms and garlic in a rich, tomato and basil creme sauce; followed by a breathtaking rum cake for dessert. Wow. Jeff being a vegetarian also had quite a meatless meal, but I can't remember exactly what. This was my fifth or sixth time at Bel Paese for dinner and each time has been a culinary tour-de-force. Service is excellent as well. The only negative: they have no liquor license, so we take our own wine, as do the other diners. I brought a 1994 Sebastiani Cabernet Sauvignon and he brought a sturdy but young Allegro Vineyards 1993 Cabernet. The Sebastiani easily won the comparison. 1994 is the finest year for California wines in recent memory. Any '94 is great.

Top quality restaurants never vary in their food quality or service from visit to visit, and Bel Paese is one of the most consistent places I've ever been to. Several people disagree with me; they say they've had mediocre and bad food. I think their palates aren't as sophisticated as mine is and they should stay with McDonald's instead. After 17 years in midtown Manhattan and eating in all the finest places in NYC and around the world, I have to say that Bel Paese is a highly-ratable experience. Except for the cat piss smell that someone brought in with him. (Sorry about that, Jeff...)

Bubbling To The Surface
In the continuing investigation into improprieties in campaign fund raising activities by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and The White House, former White House deputy chief of staff and ultra-liberal Harold Ickes says he'll now hand over thousands of records and notes to the House Oversight Committee to avoid the new round of subpoenas coming out this week. He's the highest ranking liberal democratic official yet involved in the foreign influence peddling job the liberals did in the 1996 election.

Thousands of liberals who feverishly worked for Clinton are being subpoenaed this month to hand over documents or give depositions. The rats are really running now. With Ickes named, penetration is into The White House inner sanctum by the investigators. Just like Watergate when the burglars were caught. No doubt, they'll try to cover for Clinton, yet some very damming documents already have show his oblivious attitude.

The preliminary evidence of a US policy shift on Guam has now appeared after another fund raiser attended by Slick Willie's co-president, Hillarious Clinton. Guam is still a US territory from the Spanish-American War in the 1800s, and desperately wants political independence, yet wants US funding because it can't stand on it's own two feet. Hell, there's 140,000+ natives living there; I guess that the market for sandals, necklaces and netted-raw fish burgers isn't that big afterall.

Coupled to the Indonesia-China connection and a few yet-to-be-uncovered abnormalities, it's the clearest example yet of liberal fund raising for favor tradeoffs during the 1996 election. I just can't believe that these people can be such unabashed whores for the money as the evidence is proving they are. No morals, no ethics and no character at all in any of them. The all ignored the NSCs warnings of impending problems.

Now, they've got a witness to the money laundering activities of John Huang, as described by Slick Willie as, "One of my long time, old friends." Tsk, tsk Bill; time to quickly back away and say you don't recollect John Huang.

Part of the illegal trail of crime, lies and coverup the Clintons and their criminal cronies are involved in is called Whitewater; kind of a catch-all phrase for a number of illegal goings-on by them and others prior to Clinton's presidential run in 1992. Here's a great chronological history of Whitewater.

And speaking of Whitewater, the chief cousel leading the investigation Kenneth Starr has just announced that he'll leave the investigation on August 1st, for a law school dean post at Pepperdine University, also known as Malibu U. William Safire of The New York Times said that's a load of cowardly shit that Starr's pulling. This is the same William Safire who said, "Hillarious Clinton is a congenital liar" back in early January. Tell it like it is, Bill.

Hillarious is out in the world again after a much-noticed hiatus from public eye searching for her new role as Slick Willie's co-president. After her disastrous effort at socializing welfare, she was reigned-in and gagged by Bubba's staff. Can't keep a good liberal down for long.

If you want a really good laugh at a pathetic, southern liberal newspaper's views on the Clintons and their criminal activities, read The Arkansas Times version of what really happened, according to Bubba. They really believe the big, bad world is out to get Slick Willie and Hillarious and that the meanie Republicans and nasty Conservatives are the bad guys. Calling this quality editorial and reporting journalism is a real stretch.

Here's the mother lode of the Clinton's criminal activities compiled by The Washington Post so far. Read several hundred well-researched, in-depth articles about the illegal activities of the DNC and get your blood pressure up over the outright arrogance and illegality of what they did. What they're concealing is potentially far worse than than either the Watergate or Iran-Contra scandals. Hopefully, most or all of it will come out.

Although many people will take blame in this situation, the ultimate responsibility is Clinton's, pure and simple. He should be held directly accountable for what his minions of volunteers did, and he should serve the time and pay the fines. That core example would teach current and future leaders to mind the store a little more closely and not try to pass the buck and blame to others. But of course, in the political arena, that's what subordinates are for.

New High Five Site
By now, anyone who has been on The Web for over six months has heard of or been to David Siegel's High Five. It was the original excellence in design website and still is the most popular.

Dave and his design studio company verso built a new look recently and it's Third Generation, exactly as described in David Siegel's No.1 best-selling book, Creating whacker Web Sites: The Art of Third Generation Site Design. It's available through Amazon Books, Border's and a host of other fine stores that have quality Internet Sections.

The System Needs Repair
Any time that a heinous, capital offense incident occurs because a criminal was released early from jail, one has to pose the rhetorical question, "Are we too lenient on serious offenders?"

Here's the grisly story of a rapist-mutilator who is paroled and goes the previous crime one step beyond after his initial release. This is about the old scum that raped a 15-year old girl, took her to a secluded location, cut both of her arms off, raped her again, tied her up and left her to die. Somehow, she got loose and got help. And this subhuman, piece-of-shit only received eight years in prison, was paroled and has now murdered another young woman. The worst possible fears have come true for the people in a small Florida town.

The legal system in this country is truly f*cked up in allowing this to happen twice. That scum should have been executed the first time around.

Gosh, if they're having trouble finding juries with any guts of course, the so-called OJ Jury and real guts are oxymorons I'd volunteer. I'm sure there's eleven more out there who could help me make up a realy hanging jury. And if they're having trouble finding someone to either pull the swtich or push in the needle for the execution, uhh, hey I'm volunteering. Full time. I'll be glad to travel around the country and pull all the damned switches and push in all the lethal injection needles for all the executable criminals they can find.

One of the best solutions to heinous crimes is: "... all murderers, rapists and child molestors should be executed. Limit of three appeals." I think that pretty well sums up how most of the country feels. Too many ultra-liberal organizations keep it from seeing the light of day, but it has some valid points. The liberal scum ruin things again for society.

A Personal Note
I get so tired of reading about the shit that the Clintons, Democrats, liberals, Republicans, Conservatives and politics in general, are involved in, there are times when I feel like moving to another, more remote country. It's embarassing that they do the same shit over and over and still get caught. And do it over and over again. Don't any of these people have the brains to know the difference between simple wrong and right? There's no grey area there; it's pretty clear cut. If it seems shady and risque, it's probably illegal and unethical. To my way of thinking, it doesn't take Werner Von Braun to figure that no-brainer out.

Enough, stop. I figured it out and it's scary: 60% of what I bitch and moan about is the political mess in this country. If I didn't have that as fodder, things would be so much calmer and quieter in these Journal pages, I probably wouldn't recognize my own rants.

Yes, it would have certainly been a more palatable eight years of the Clinton regime than what we've had and will have had coming up, when it's finally over. He is the most corrupt and investigated president in history. Personally, I'd rather not get so pissed off about it all. Personally, I'd rather write about other things that are infinitely more useful to myself and others. I'll start down that path next week.

But Slick Willie and Hillarious wouldn't have it any other way, it seems. They seem to have a poitical death wish and invite all to take their best shot; well, they've gotten their collective wish. Every self-respecting journalist has finally awoken to their tricks, lies, antics and connivings. Thousands of additional liberal journalists remain unconvinced, but they too will soon see the light.

The past four years have been the prelude; we've now in the discovery stage. Next, comes the climax and well, probably the downside to the scenario. It's going to be a big fall for many people in this country as legal things begin to happen to the Clintons at a very alarming rate. Slick Willie's place in history will be radically different than he now believes it will be. This will be the modern day scandal that the pitiful Gen-Xers talk about. Watergate and iran-Contra are really beyond their severely limited memories.

Local Horticulture Website
A few weeks ago, George Sanders wrote to me and asked if I'd write a short piece for use on his new website, called EcoHike. It's a fine effort to detail many things about the world of horticulture that people may be currently unaware of. I was glad to help out with some professional and personal observations on the Gledistia triacanthos var inermis, the Honeylocust.

George will be improving the website as time goes on, refining the graphics, and getting more and more things on-board for you to read. Drop by for awhile, improve your knowledge and tell him I sent you.

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