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insanity of biden’s open border

friday, february 2nd, 2024

There have been more than 8 million illegal entries into the United States since Joe Biden was elected president. He appointed Alejandro Mayorkas as Secretary of Homeland Security, whose apparent prime directive was to destroy the southern border.

[FULL TITLE: "The Utter Insanity of Joe Biden’s Open Border."]

That task is precisely what Mayorkas has now accomplished. The result is that the border is neither “porous” nor “problematic,” but nonexistent, kaput, vanished—and by design. It’s not insane at all when your goal is to collapse the Republic.

In one of the most surreal experiences in the history of the United States, each night Americans see video clips of thousands of foreign nationals crossing the border en masse with complete impunity—as if the entire corpus of federal immigration law has been dynamited.

But by whom? And why?

[Here are the 3 treasonous American presidents, who've helped engineer this border catastrophe and destruction of America, with their leftist-globalist commie agenda. Try, convict and execute.] We are witnessing the utter destruction of the greatest, freest, most prosperous and most powerful nation in world history and it is being done in the quickest of any other in world history. And our elected politicians do absolutely nothing other than to let it happen.

As millions of citizens watch this travesty, they hear only from Mayorkas, Biden, and his Pravda megaphone, Karin Jean-Pierre, that the border is “secure”—a Baghdad Bob narrative that they know that we know is an utter lie.

Surely, this deliberate effort to destroy an entire border, to invite in millions of unchecked illegal aliens, and to violate oaths to execute faithfully the laws of the land are impeachable offenses for both Biden and Mayorkas. If not, what are?

Stranger still, Americans have no real idea why these revolutionaries are destroying our border.

Are they nineteenth-century anarchists who want to undermine the United States itself? Are they cynical “Demography is Destiny” and “The New Democratic Majority” leftists who need new dependent Democrat constituents to find votes for agendas that most Americans reject?

Do they want to create billions of dollars in new entitlements and subsidies to grow government, hike taxes, and make the upper middle class pay, as Biden puts it, “their fair share?”

Whatever the cause of this nihilism, there are at least 10 ways their open border is insidiously destroying the United States.

Legal immigration

Does legal immigration still exist? Are we still requiring those who would enter the U.S. legally to provide required documents, undergo audits, and complete background checks?

Is not the current policy de facto punishing those who follow the law by tying them up in bureaucratic red tape for years as we reward unlawful behavior by greenlighting amnesties for lawbreakers?

Is the Biden administration’s policy designed to deflect those from South Korea with MDs, or from Mumbai with PhDs, or from Taiwan with MBAs, by putting their applications on a slow, second-track pathway? Is DEI at work in the sense that America does not want here the accomplished who earned degrees and possess vital skills, as if they are thereby condemned as “privileged?” Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? (Who watches the watchers?)

Does Biden realize that his legacy of inviting in “surging” millions, in contradiction of the law, will soon erode all support for immigration, legal or otherwise?

Lawless US

Does the utter lawlessness at the border contribute to the general coarseness and current mockery of the rule of law in general—an epidemic that plagues our cities with homelessness, smash-and-grabs, car-jackings, and random assaults?

Is the rationale that if you can walk freely past border security guards, who cares whether you ignore a summons, throw away a traffic ticket, or skip reporting some income?


If the first thing a foreign national does is to violate the law by crossing the border without permission, and the second is to reside illegally in the US, and the third is to apply for some sort of food, housing, medical, legal, or educational subsidy, then is that really the type of new resident we desire?

Apparently, what the United States does not want is the immigration model of old, one in which immigrants applied legally, came here lawfully through authorized ports of entry, and were self-supporting upon arrival.

In other words, it may be hard to shake from Biden’s likely 10 million illegal aliens their initial assumption that, 1) in America, the laws do not apply to them and, 2) their new naïve or guilt-ridden hosts, not themselves, are responsible for their welfare.

Cui Bono?

We suspect the Left and employers welcome illegal immigrants; the more en masse and without audit, the better.

But how do millions simply leave their homes, cross international borders, and get waved on to El Norte? What is the mentality of Mexico that facilitates this mass exodus northward from its neighbors and from itself?

Is Mexico a frenemy?

Do we even care that some $60 billion leaves the U.S. as remittances into Mexico, mostly by illegal residents here who are on state and local subsidies to free up their billions of dollars to support people inside Mexico that Mexico City has no intention of helping?

Is such a gargantuan cash outflow, then, Mexican socialist President Obrador’s cynical idea of payback for supposed historical Yanqui sins? Does he think a new, huge expatriate community will continue to lobby for Mexico to do what it pleases on our side of the border? Does illegal immigration warp U.S. foreign policy itself?


Does anyone worry that among the millions moving northward are hundreds of Mexican cartel functionaries loaded with tens of thousands of pounds of dangerous drugs, fentanyl most prominently?

Do we even care that the U.S. is enriching the cartels through its tolerance of drug importation and alien smuggling? With open borders, are we not abetting the annual 100,000 or so deaths of Americans through overdoses, often by the counterfeiting of fentanyl to resemble less toxic illicit drugs and prescription tranquilizers, sedatives, and painkillers?

Is there any other enemy in the world—Russia, China, or Iran—that has helped kill more Americans than the cartels, along with the culpable Mexican government that deflects cartel criminality and violence northward?

Trashing Citizens

Illegal immigration is insidiously diminishing citizenship by equating illegal aliens with, if not making them preferable to, American citizens. Is there anything an illegal alien cannot do in Biden’s America—work in a campaign, vote in some elections, serve in the military, receive government subsidies? Crisscross international borders without a passport?

To put it another way, why did we expel 8,400 US military personnel for the “crime” of passing on the required but experimental mRNA vaccinations (most of the discharged had natural immunity from prior COVID infections), while we let in millions of foreigners without worrying whether any have been vaccinated for anything, much less have had COVID tests?

Why are we forcing every American to recalibrate, at great expense, their identification to a “Real ID” to ensure security within our airline industry while putting tens of thousands of illegal aliens, without any documents, on flights throughout the country?

Does the Biden administration policy translate into something like, ‘We know and therefore don’t trust Americans, so we must apply airline boarding standards to them that we certainly do not need with more reliable and trustworthy illegal and unaudited aliens?’

Why, in bankrupt cities like New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles, where social services are overwhelmed with thousands of needy citizens, are we imploding such facilities with influxes of illegal aliens?

Do we prefer the latter to the former? Does the Biden administration’s message again read something like, ‘We care more about the health status of those south of the border than our own citizen poor in our own inner cities, so please surge on up?’

Who Pays?

At $34 trillion in debt, and with budget deficits normalizing at near $2 trillion a year, where does America find the hundreds of billions, if not eventually trillions of dollars, to welcome in millions of the unaudited—all in need of immediate no-questions-asked entitlements, and for some years on end?

Is California the model, where currently an estimated half of all illegal aliens reside and 27 percent of the resident population was not born in the U.S.?

California, while experiencing hundreds of thousands of new illegal entries and a $70 billion annual budget deficit, just extended free health care services to non-citizens who entered unlawfully. More than half of the state’s births are already paid for through Med-Cal. One-third of Americans living on assistance live in California. A fifth of the population struggles below the poverty line while the state runs up a $70 billion annual deficit with the nation’s highest income taxes and gas taxes and among the highest sales taxes.

No wonder over a quarter-million upper-middle-class taxpayers flee the state each year, unable to endure a 13.3% non-deductible, top state income tax rate on top of the 37% of their income that goes to the IRS.

No wonder there is a catastrophic current 25% drop in California income tax revenues when a single 1% of households pays 50% of all state income taxes—and is stampeding out of state. Is Governor Newsom federalizing California, or spreading the idea that far too privileged Americans owe the poor of the world massive subsidies as a reward for breaking their laws in coming here?

Ending Deterrence?

There are many reasons why foreign thugs are testing the United States—Putin in Ukraine, the Chinese with a spy balloon over our native soil, Hamas by murdering Israelis, Iran’s satellites by rocketing our military installations and ships abroad.

No doubt our woke, manpower-short military that fled from Kabul, leaving a multibillion-dollar trove of weapons, has lost the ability to deter opportunistic belligerents.

The Biden administration’s obsequious courting of Iran, contextualizing Chinese aggression, and announcing our reaction to a Russian invasion of Ukraine would hinge on whether it was “minor” have all eroded deterrence. Now, in circular fashion, President Obrador no longer fears any reaction to millions from his country swarming into the United States, as he had in the past when Trump pressured him to control his side of the border. That he helped to blow up the border with impunity also, in turn, reminds aggressors abroad that a nation too afraid to protect its own sovereignty can hardly defend that of its allies.

The DEI Narrative

We, the hosts, no longer believe in the melting pot. Instead, cultural Marxists divide America into the automatically victimized, by nature of their nonwhite status, versus the victimizers defined by whatever “white” is conveniently classified at the moment.

Class, history, and individual merit matter not so much in this 24/7 effort to reduce everyone to either oppressed or oppressor.

Under this racist binary, 99 percent of illegal aliens—who will be instantly categorized as the so-called nonwhite—will enter the U.S. with innate claims against the majority. Thus, they will become instantly eligible for everything from affirmative action preferences in hiring and admissions (the Supreme Court ruling will be a minor inconvenience for the Left, in the manner of the easily ignored California Prop 209) to race-based targeted equity programs and subsidies.

And the message we send to the illegal immigrant? Certainly not unity, integration, and assimilation. Instead, we emphasize ethnic, racial, religious, and linguistic differences and fuel such divides. Such separatism pays cultural, social, and economic dividends in such a way that assimilation and integration earn rebuke, if not ridicule.

Cruel Irony?

The woke Left defines America as incurably racist. So how could the nonwhite in the millions possibly flee their home countries, where they compose a majority of the population, only to seek out the one country in the world where they are told toxic “white privilege” is unsurpassed?

Did the millions swarming the Rio Grande not listen to the horror stories of Ilhan Omar or Rashida Tlaib? Do they not read the warnings of systemic this and that from Professor Kendi? Have they been briefed on endemic something by Ta-Nehisi Coates? Are they unaware of the messaging from BLM and Antifa? Were they not warned by President Obrador of the Inferno waiting ahead to the north?

None of the millions apparently wished to be diverted to a quite diverse India, or China, a land of mandated equity, or the inclusionary lands of the homogenously Islamic Middle East.

If the amorality of illegal immigration were not so deleterious to Americans, its absurdity would be laughable.

© 1.02.2024 by Victor Davis Hanson, "American Greatness".

[JS: These 3 commie, rat bastard former presidents -- Clinton, Bush, Obama -- are also hugely responsible for founding another corrupt, criminal-abetting NGO to help criminal, illegal alien invaders illegally come to our crippled Nation, further weakening us all.]

A Day In The Life.

Up at 7:30a on Friday, I went thru my finger stick to check my BSL (Blood Sugar Level) and recorded it on my Diabetes 2 chart, made coffee and breakfast, took two 50mg Tramadol and a 300mg Gabapentin for various pains, fired-up the Win-7 Pentium HP desktop to let 32 million lines of code load, had a couple smokes in the semi-cool garage and checked the leftover errands list. Just the Farmers' Market this morning, to p?u a waiting order.

If you don't read the news, you're un-informed. If you do read the news, you're mis-informed.

It was a warm, rainy 55° morning -- almost Spring-like -- I fired-up the furnace and garage heater. to take the slight chill off, and scanned the news and weather sites. A ***Dense Fog Advisory*** was again in-place; same fog conditions as yesterday morning. I tuned into my Daily Talk Radio fix: "Chris Stigall Show LIVE" (CS Show) from 6-9a, and then the "Chris Plante Show LIVE" (CP Show) 9-12noon, and Rob Carson Show LIVE (RC Show) 12-3p. I have a waiting food order with Pasta Plus, at the New Eastern Farmers' Market, so I'll get that done late-morning.

Hells bells, I'm already tired of Winter"; I'd much rather be out in the park, or over at the humongous York Galleria on bad weather days, walking with Sherry. She's been busy all week, with a new project -- helping son Corey get his wildly-successful auto performance business' business procedures working more smoothly. At 11a, I left for the Farmers' Market, and will catch the 3rd hour of the "CP Show" on the podcast replay, later this afternoon. Maybe.

• WHAT: Visibility one quarter mile or less in dense fog.
• WHERE: York, Lancaster, Adams Counties.
• WHEN: Until 9 AM EST this morning.
• IMPACTS: Hazardous driving conditions due to low visibility.
• ADDITIONAL DETAILS: Some of the lowest visibilities will be on the ridge tops.
• If driving, slow down, use your low-beam headlights, and leave plenty of distance ahead of you.

I just read about this -- "...the J6 “attempted assassination” of Kamala Harris". Did the SS know beforehand? It sounds like a BS, "manufactured plot", to me. I need to spend some more time on it.

Spring will soon be here. It's lighter earlier, and darker, later.

Sherry stopped by around 2p, for a couple hours, and for hugs & kisses. We had 2 very good hours together, and with some stops to make on the way home, she left around 4p. At 65°, it was still like a Spring day, but temps started dropping by dusk. Severe, heavy fog rolled-in and obliterated the view of anything beyond 30-40ft; worst fog I've seen in many years, and glad I'm not out somewhere driving. I had some smokes in the garage, fed the squirrels, and finally closed-up around 5:15p, as it got dark. After a light dinner, I watched Discovery's "Gold Rush" series until 11:30, and unplugged.

Awake and up at 5:30a on Saturday morning, a nippy, damp 39° morning, I fired-up the condo furnace and garage heater, made coffee, and scanned the powerful desktop PC's news and weather. I tuned into some "CS Show" Podcasts on iHeart.com Radio's website for a few hours, checked eMail and did some computer 'house cleaning' chores. After an Onion Bagel for breakfast, I went thru and sorted yesterday's pile of mail, pulled some folders for Monday's afternoon Dr app't, and just lounged around until noon. After lunch, I picked-up mail at the CHCA mailbox, took a short walk around the complex, and tried to get a short snooze, but couldn't. No paperwork to do, so I alternated between watching the prestigious Barrett-Jackson Auction on History Channel, and "Expedition Unknown" on Discovery, until midnight. Lights out.

Sleeping-in until almost 9a(!) on Sunday, a rainy, 39°, damp morning, I fired-up the condo furnace and garage heater. With the good coffee, I had a couple smokes in the warming garage, and scanned the weather and news headlines. Snow is now forecast for tomorrow morning, and I have an early afternoon Dr's appt... meh. Damn, it's almost February and Spring will be here in another 6 weeks or so -- March 19th), or so, 2024 is a "leap year" and February will have an extra day. (A year may be a leap year if it is evenly divisible by 4. Years divisible by 100 (century years such as 1900 or 2000) cannot be leap years unless they are also divisible by 400. (For this reason, the years 1700, 1800, and 1900 were not leap years, but the years 1600 and 2000 were).

159 attacks on our US Military in the Mid-East, and we've not obliterated the subhuman muslim(SPIT!) Iranian filth, and their proxies, so far. And Ol' Shit-For-Brainless Joey Bidet f•cked-up again, but this time another 3 US Military were killed, and several dozen wounded, some badly. Nice going, asshole. My BP's going up way too fast.

Hey, America: We were not ready for the seizure of our embassy in Tehran. We were not ready for the Marine Barracks bombings in Beirut. We were not ready for 9/11. We were not ready for the fall of Kabul. We were not ready for the takeover of shipping in the Red Sea near Yemen. What aren't we ready for next? We only have so much time to wait around and find out. Something's really wrong here...

After breakfast, I tuned into some "CS Show" Podcasts, and started working on my "2023 IRA Tax" files. My DR (Dining Room) looks likes it "snowed" paper everywhere. Heh. By 6p, I'd had enough sort, piling, trashing and categorizing... and I haven't even gotten thru the forms and instructions my CPA sent last week. The Wells Fargo 1099s and Brokerage Accounts' Dividends/Losses Spreadsheets are always late, so I don't rush this whole procedure.

I had a quick lunch, and worked on the large receipts file until 5p, and gave up for the day. After dinner, and checking tomorrow's Dr app't and errands list, I watched Discovery's "Homestead Rescue" until 11:30, and called it a day. Good night, Irene.

Up at 6:30a on Monday, to a 37°, no snow, damp from overnight rain, morning. I did the usual routines, had smokes and coffee in the garage and tuned into the "CS Show" until 9, then switched over to the "CP Show", 9-12. No, I didn't watch any football playoff games, yesterday. IMO, it's all crap -- "bread and circuses for the masses" -- like Rome had.

I had a couple Croissants for breakfast, got ready for the day and made sure that I had everything I needed for the DR's app't. Around 12:30p, I left for Red Lion and Dallastown, south of York, and then further south to Apple Hill Medical Center for my scheduled 1:50p visit. I stopped at DeVono's Cleaners to drop-off/pick-up loads, and made it to Apple Hill Med Ctr in plenty of time. My Dr was running behind -- lots of sick patients and overbooked with make-up app'ts -- which amounted to 35mins behind, so I didn't get out of there until almost 4p, and then a stop at the Oreck Store to get my repaired Dyson Vac. Traffic was heavy on the way back, and temps were dropping as I unloaded the Jeep.

I called Sherry to talk and make plans for later in the week, had some dinner, and settled-in to watch History Channel's "Histories Greatest Mysteries" series until 10:30, with a break for some news from Fox. Lights out.

Sleeping-in until 8a on Tuesday, a nippy 34°, cloudy but no frost nor snow, morning, I fired-up the furnace and garage heater, made coffee, and tuned into the last hour of the "CS Show". The news headlines weren't any different than last night, so not much has happened in the world, yet. Fox News' website is so full of pop-up videos -- I have to turn-off AdBlockPlus or I get a blank page -- and insidious trackers, just to read the various stories' headlines, that I'm now seriously looking for an alternative source.

Damn, another food processing plant -- this one's a chicken plant in Bryan TX -- goes up in flames and is destroyed, further crippling our Nation's already-crippled food supply. Shit.

I started a load of laundry, left to go to Rutter's Convenience Store, Rite Aid Pharmacy and Weis Market. Back 2hrs later, I unloaded, put stuff away, moved the laundry to the dryer and had a pint of Häagen Dazs "Rum Raisin" Ice Cream. Mmmmmmmmm! After lunch and a 2hr snooze on the LR couch, I did some 2023 Tax paperwork -- more sorting thru a 3" pile -- and fired-up the evening news. Motor Trend's "Iron Resurrection" new season was on, as was History's "Curse of Oak Island", which I watched until 11:30p, and unplugged.

Awake and up at 6:30a on Wednesday, I did the usual routines, had fresh Espresso Coffee and a couple of smokes, and tuned into the "CS Show". Another cold 35° and cloudy day, with an unseasonable 45° high for the day. Must be 'global warming'... heh. I had a Blueberry Bagel, slathered with KerryGold Irish Butter, for breakfast, made a 2nd carafe of coffee while listening to the "CP Show". Sherry arrived around 1p.

"Trump wanted to shoot migrants and build a wall guarded by alligators and flesh-piercing spikes." Sounds damned good to me! We should started doing all of those in 2018, or earlier! FAKE NEWS!

We spent 3hrs having a good time, and she had to leave to get some food shoipping and an errand done. I tuned into History's "American Pickers" Marathon, and watched some great past shows until the new episode at 9, and stayed with it until 11:30. Lights out.

Up at 7a on Thursday, a cloudy, nippy 32° start to the morning. After the usual routines, I tuned into the "CS Show", had some much-wanted coffee and smokes in the warming garage. Somehow, it din't "feel" that col;d, and while there was nop frost, all other nearby area temps were in that range. Hard to believe it's February 1st today. February is a leap year. To be a leap year, the year number must be divisible by four – except for end-of-century years, which must be divisible by 400. This means that the year 2000 was a leap year, although 1900 was not. 2024, 2028, 2032 and 2036 are all leap years. BFD.

I scanned the Fox News, NEWSMAX, CNN, ABC and Drudge headlines, comparing each organization's treatment of related subjects; nothing's changed with the left-wing bias.

For the past two years, I've been thinking that a massive US Bank crash is coming, but now I'm worried that it's getting even closer, and I might not be prepared enough for it. Time to rethink things, BEFORE it hits us like a hammer.

I left at 1p for Wells Fargo Bank, and Taco Bell, to get some *large* cash and a few crunchy Taco Supremes, and got back sround 3. After some lunch, I called Sherry to make some plans for tomorrow, and crashed from the daily coffee buzz, and got a 2hr nap. Temps began dropping as the sun set, so I buttoned-up the condo, had a light dinner, watched the evening news, Discovery's "Iron Resurrection", NEWSMAX's "Chris Plante The Right Squad" until 11:30, and bagged it for the night.

Tomorrow starts a new week here in the "Journal", and the Dr app'ts begin with a trip to the Opthamologist, but a mostly clear week. I have the 2023 Tax receipt paperwork and CPA Forms to get done, while waiting for the final Wells Fargo Brokerage Accounts' docs to be posted on WF's site.

Home Security.

I took down my Rebel flag (which you can't buy on EBAY any more) and peeled the National Rifle Ass'n sticker off my front window. I disconnected my home alarm system and quit the candy-ass Neighborhood Watch. I bought two Pakistani flags and put one at each corner of the front yard. Then I purchased the black flag of ISIS (which you CAN Buy on EBAY) and ran it up the flag pole. Now the local police, sheriff, FBI, CIA, NSA, Homeland Security, Secret Service and other agencies are all watching my house 24/7. I've NEVER felt safer and I'm saving $69.95 a month that ADT used to charge me. Plus, I bought burkas for me to wear when I shop or travel. Everyone moves out of the way, and security can't pat me down. If they say I'm a male wearing a burka, I just say I'm feeling like a woman today. Hot Damn...Safe at last!

(H/T ppc.)

New Study: ‘CO2 Can Have No Measurable Effect On Ocean Temperatures’.

“There can be no climate equilibrium state that can be perturbed by an increase in the atmospheric concentration of CO2…” –Clark, 2023

The anthropogenic global warming paradigm has a magnitude problem – especially when it comes to the assumption that we humans can warm the ocean with our CO2 emissions. [emphasis, links added]

New research suggests that the sensitivity of the ocean latent heat flux to wind speed is about 15 W/m² per meter per second, and the solar daily flux varies from 1 to 2 megajoules per square meter per day (1-2 MJ m?² day-1).

In contrast, the total accumulated downward longwave flux to the surface from a 250-year CO2 concentration increase of 140 ppm is just 2 W/m², which translates to just 0.17 MJ m?² day-1.

Thus, the impact from CO2 “can have no measurable effect on ocean temperatures.”

Not only this, but the depth of influence for downwelling longwave for greenhouse gases is only about 1/10th of a millimeter (0.1 mm, or 100 microns) at most.

Wong and Minnett (2018) insist the depth of radiative effects for CO2 is ten times smaller than 0.01 mm, or one-one-hundredth of a mm.

Therefore, the 0.17 MJ m?² day-1 of CO2 influence “is simply absorbed within the within the first 100-micron ocean layer and dissipated as an insignificant part of the total surface cooling flux.”

Simply put then, “there can be no ‘climate sensitivity’ to CO2.”

© 1.25.2024, by Kenneth Richard, "Climate Change Dispatch".

WEF Totalitarians Seek to Euthanize the West.

Totalitarianism is the warm bath in which civilization slits its wrists.  It envelops the people with petty rules, strange dogmas, immoral duties, and forced sacrifices.  It warms its victims with intoxicating promises of the government’s false love.  It leaves the citizen naked — stripped first of his free will, then the thoughts in his head, and finally anything he once called his own.  It slowly dispossesses each person of his personhood, until the population withers into frail, colorless facsimiles of the bleak, omnipresent State.  Without the courage to act, the desire to think, the wisdom to pray, or the conscience to object, human purpose disappears.  Society is exsanguinated of its vitality, creativity, spirituality, and mirth — until it slips beneath the water and stops breathing.

This was the story of Lenin’s Soviet Union and the imprisoned nations trapped behind Stalin’s Iron Curtain.  It was the story of Hitler’s Germany, Mussolini’s Italy, Mao’s China, and Pol Pot’s Cambodia.  It has been the story of Kim’s North Korea, Castro’s Cuba, Chávez’s Venezuela, and the ayatollahs’ Iran.  For over a century, humanity has endured one form of barbarous totalitarianism after the next.  It slithers into unsuspecting countries — often hiding behind the mask of democratic elections.  It misrepresents itself as just one political party of many before announcing itself as the only party for all.  It seeks to eliminate opponents in stages: first it proselytizes, then it intimidates, and finally it murders.  With a couple hundred million victims over the last century alone, it is a governing philosophy that specializes in mass executions, dank prison cells, killing fields, and concentration camps.  Totalitarianism infiltrates society with lies and builds nothing but the machinery of death.

With the Earth still wet from so much blood, Western governments now seek to turn the twenty-first century into the twentieth century’s even bloodier reflection.  It is humbling to realize that we humans repeat so many mistakes through the course of history.  It is infuriating, however, to watch today’s political leaders push humanity down the exact same paths that led to such monstrous tragedies in the recent past.  When will the lesson be learned that censorship of opposing points of view leads to irreparable social division?  When will governments grasp that coercion only intensifies the human desire to be free?  When will courts realize that two-tiered justice and political persecution ensure the rule of law’s demise?  How many more lives must be lost before those who exercise power understand that tyranny always leads to terror?

Totalitarian control over each citizen’s life was the driving force behind the outbreak of WWII and the prolonged isolation of closed societies surviving under the blanket of communism during the Cold War.  Germans uniquely possess the social memories of both totalitarian perpetrator and victim — first driving the Nazi ideology across the European continent and then suffering through a half-century of bifurcation and Soviet oppression in the East.  They experienced the temporary euphoria of trading their individual lives for the greater glory of the German State and the torturous agony of submitting to an occupying force that required absolute obedience.  If any nation of people should have learned the harsh repercussions of totalitarianism, it is Germany.  

Instead, today’s German leaders seek to ban opposition political parties and silence dissent.  They micromanage economic activity under the dangerous propaganda campaign of “climate change.”  They disrupt social cohesion and cultural unity by opening Germany’s borders to illegal aliens from unassimilable civilizations.  They use the horrors of their own past to slander political protesters as “fascists.”  Nearly a century ago, German Nazis rose to power by dehumanizing much of Europe.  Now their ideological descendants dehumanize those who oppose growing German totalitarianism by ironically branding them as Nazis.  And in this strange milieu of historical contradiction, the German Klaus Schwab has built the World Economic Forum as an engine for making oppressive government universal.  Even after the devastation of WWII and the Iron Curtain, it seems Western leaders still have no “vaccine” for the totalitarian disease.

It is a strange sight to see Western nations send their parliamentary leaders, foreign ministers, military generals, and prominent business executives to Schwab’s WEF powwows, where they may organize how best to dominate and manipulate their respective national populations without even the pretense of a democratic mandate or constitutional legitimacy.  This time around, totalitarianism returns to the West not on the heels of invasion and annexation but rather with light bacchanal celebrations in the crisp air of the Swiss Alps.  It seems that the only thing aspiring Western tyrants learned from the twentieth century’s carnage is that would-be totalitarians should not waste resources fighting one another when their common enemy has always been the people.  During the age of monarchies and empires, the easiest way to conquer foreign lands was to purchase their nobles.  That is what the World Economic Forum and its cabal of globalist conquerors do today.

Perhaps the most pungent indicator that Western totalitarianism has returned with a vengeance is the World Economic Forum’s Orwellian insistence that its members are working to combat “threats to our democracy.”  Financial and political oligarchs pretending to protect the people’s will is indistinguishable from a fox entrusted to guard the henhouse: the vulnerable always end up dead.

There is nothing “democratic” about labeling dissent as “disinformation.”  There is nothing “democratic” about conspiring with tech companies to censor public debate as “hate speech.”  There is nothing “democratic” about imposing top-down “climate change” regulations that do nothing other than strip private property rights and centralize economic control.  There is nothing “democratic” about mandating what farmers may grow, what meats may be eaten, what people may own, what words can be said, or what experimental “vaccines” are required to work.  There is nothing “democratic” about using central banks’ manipulation of digital monies to control the public’s behavior.  The World Economic Forum is a totalitarian machine that undermines the democratic will of all Western peoples and an existential threat to human rights.  As one astute commenter sardonically advised: “I say we nuke the WEF from orbit.  It’s the only way to be sure.”  It is certainly true that neither global war nor the proliferation of Iron Curtain police states around the world sufficed to eradicate tyrannical fantasies in the minds of brutal men or bury the miseries of totalitarianism for good.

Fundamentally, the WEF’s totalitarians misunderstand history.  They believe that easily manipulated people are governed by lies when, in fact, people are desperate for authentic truth.  WEF-ers such as Bill Gates, Al Gore, and John Kerry think so little of ordinary people that they terrorize them with scientifically fraudulent warnings of a looming “climate change” apocalypse built around the preposterous notion that poor and middle-class communities can be saved only if they hand over their private property, live in tiny cubicle apartments in fifteen-minute cities, abandon any fondness for personal freedom, and subsist on a diet of bugs.

The fear-inducing power of such malevolent lies does not tend to last.  It is why Central and Eastern Europeans rebelled against Soviet communism and collapsed the Iron Curtain.  It is why the Chinese Communist Party is so desperate to legitimize its totalitarianism with the pretext that it divinely operates under a “Mandate of Heaven.”  It is why the Canadian “Freedom Convoy” confronted Justin Trudeau’s tyranny.  It is why Dutch, Polish, German, Romanian, Irish, and French farmers are fighting back against insane “green” policies today.

Because Klaus Schwab’s evil club has effectively disenfranchised the people, there is now a growing popular revolt throughout the West that could easily combust into an anti-Establishment “Reign of Terror.”  The WEF desires the West’s suicide.  Let us band together and choose life instead.

© 1.29.2024 by J.B. Shurk, "American Thinker".

5G Wireless Technology Is a DISASTER Waiting to Happen.

As 5G technology continues to be rolled out globally, concerns over its potential health and privacy impacts have reached a fever pitch. While some areas are actively embracing the latest generation of wireless communication, others are imposing moratoriums or outright bans.

Global Research has listed 13 reasons, exposing the dangers of 5G and shedding light on the potential risks that could turn into a colossal health and privacy catastrophe if not addressed promptly. (Related: 5G Danger: 4 Ways 5G wireless technology can seriously harm human health.)

5G hijacks your sweat ducts

Scientific findings indicate that 5G frequencies can influence our sweat ducts, essentially turning them into antennae. This revelation, as highlighted by scientist Dr. Ben-Ishai, raises concerns about the manipulation of our largest organ, the skin, through 5G interaction with sweat ducts.

5G amplifies EMF damage via VGCCs

Dr. Martin Pall’s research suggests that 5G can intensify electromagnetic field (EMF) damage by activating Voltage-gated calcium channels (VGCCs), potentially causing harm to fertility, brains, hearts and DNA.

Pulsed wave far more damaging than continuous wave radiation The pulsed wave radiation emitted by 5G, unlike continuous-wave radiation, raises significant concerns. Dr. Pall’s research indicates that pulsed wave EMFs may be more active and harmful than their continuous wave counterparts.

5G promotes deep EMF penetration

Children, in particular, may be more vulnerable to 5G due to their smaller body size, which allows for deeper penetration of electromagnetic fields. Studies have linked mobile phone base stations to increased cataract formation in newborn calves, highlighting potential risks to human health.

5G is a weapons system disguised as a consumer convenience

Controversial claims by Mark Steele assert that 5G is a weapons system disguised as a consumer convenience. Steele argues that the dielectric lens found in 5G hardware is evidence of its weaponized nature.

LA firefighters develop ailments after being too close to towers

Reports of firefighters developing ailments after prolonged exposure to cell towers raise concerns about the health implications of 5G infrastructure. Similar cases suggest potential risks for other professions and the general public.

5G has same frequencies used by military for crowd dispersal

The millimeter-wave frequencies employed by 5G are the same frequencies used by the military for crowd dispersal, raising questions about the potential for harmful effects on human health.

5G is mutagenic (causing DNA damage) and carcinogenic (causing cancer)

Studies suggest that 5G may cause mitochondrial DNA damage, leading to mutagenesis and potential carcinogenesis. The long-term implications of 5G on genetic purity and its links to cancer warrant further investigation.

Phased array densification

The massive infrastructure creation required for 5G densification, with numerous transmitters and broadcasters planned in residential areas, raises concerns about the potential health effects of prolonged exposure.

Insects, birds and children are highly vulnerable to 5G

Insects, birds and children are considered highly vulnerable to 5G due to their body size. Claims that 5G may lead to the extinction of insects pose serious ecological concerns.

Space-based 5G

Plans to deploy 5G from space using thousands of satellites in low- and medium-Earth orbit raise questions about the unprecedented scope of the 5G grid. The integration of 5G into a broader command, control, surveillance and AI agenda is highlighted.

Re-radiation inside the body

Research suggests that 5G electromagnetic pulses may re-radiate inside the body, creating internal antennas and potentially causing unforeseen health effects.

Insurance companies refuse to underwrite wireless corporations

The refusal of insurance companies to underwrite wireless corporations against 5G-related claims raises eyebrows and underscores the lack of comprehensive safety testing.

The rollout of 5G is a significant technological leap, but the potential health and privacy risks associated with it cannot be ignored.

As concerns grow, there is a pressing need for comprehensive and independent research to assess the true impact of 5G on human health and the environment.

© 1.23.2024 by Richard Brown, "Liberty Daily".

The Fake Book Library.

A fake book is a collection of musical lead sheets intended to help a performer quickly learn new songs. Each song in a fake book contains the melody line, basic chords, and lyrics - the minimal information needed by a musician to make an impromptu arrangement of a song, or "fake it." The fake book is a central part of the culture of playing music in public, particularly in jazz, where improvisation is particularly valued. Fake books are not intended for novices: the reader must follow.

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