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Friday, February 6, 2004

To say the "Seven Remaining Mindless Dwarves", lowlife liberal-demokkkRAT presidential candidates look like crippled, defective spermatozoa chasing a ripe ovum around the uterus, is an apt scenario for the remaining demokkkRAT primaries. It's an undignified comedy of errors, by liberal-demokkkRAT morons cretins, which the Nation chuckles at, yet spurns overall, as pathologically-necessary for our flawed political process. From the certifiably mentally-ill, nutcase socialist, Howie Dean, to the lying, cowardly, do-nothing botox-er, traitorous, hate-America John F(ucking) Kerry; from to the mentally-ill disgraced ex-general liar, Weasely Clark, to the corrupt trial lawyer piece-of-garbage, John Breck® Girl Edwards; from the perennial-loser and liar, Joe LIEberman, to the mental institution-escapee, Dennis Kucinich; from the racist, bigot, race-pimp, Jew-hater, criminal, bloated scumbag, processed helmet-hair, Irrev Al Sharpton to the disgraced, kicked out of office loser, Carol Mosely-Braun Mostly-Wrong, ignoramus. What a crowd of subhuman loser lowlifes, huh? The entire group of lib-dem trash needs major doses of Ritalin® or Xanax® or anything capable of (((normalizing))) such a collection of degenerate f*ck-ups screw-ups. How about 220v electro-shock? Or... or... or... nevermind. Anyway that one looks at it, they're all liberal lowlife l-o-s-e-r-s, quite pre-destined and determined to take America down the dumper, if elected. This election is about 1) The War on Terrorism, 2) Homeland Defense, 3) Illegal Immigration, and 4) The Economy. Nothing else matters. Period. The lib-dem morons still don't get it. The DNC's world-class fool, Terry McAwful, has much to worry about in the months preceding November.

Around The Garden Center.
Awwww shit, six more weeks of Winter. Dammit!
We got hit with an ice/freezing rain/sleet storm on Tuesday morning, and by 10am, everything had ¾" coating of ice on it. The roads were impassable, accidents everywhere, and I decided to stay home until noon, giving the road crews time to get salt and cinders on the road surfaces. I'd set Pickle up with plenty of food, so he was okay until I got in later that day. Getting into an accident just isn't worth a risky drive to work, when waiting it out is the smart way to go. Besides, I own my own business and don't answer to anyone but myself.
For the fourth week running, we haven't seen temps even near 30°F, and the snow and ice continue to build-up. A brisk -2°F on Monday morning. We've got it pretty bad right now, but not as bad as this town in upstate New York. Yikes! And Europe's getting their asss kicked, too. Yawn. Global warming, anyone? (Okay, okay, I lied; it got to 35°F on Wednesday, but that didn't last even a full day.)
We got whammed again Thursday night and into this morning, with another ice/freezing rain/sleet storm, coming out of the Gulf and travelling up the eastern seaboard. I'd much rather have the snow, than all this darned ice. Once again, Friday was SNAFU-ed.
I'm still wading through Spring nursery stock orders, trying to find shortages from suppliers, and scrambling to make-up the deficits with other wholesale growers. This happens every year, so I'm well used to the ritual by now. I've pretty much got all the "product holes" plugged, and should have it completely solved by month's end, just in time for shipments to begin in mid- March. Meanwhile, bare-root nursery stock continues to arrive and we're potting it up in GH-1, so it's rooted-in for Spring sales.
RIP, Columbia. I remember the day, hour and minute it happened that morning, one year ago, on my way into work. A poem for The Seven Lost Souls.
And while we're at it: RIP, Oldsmobile. Never owned one, but their mid-60s 442 "musclecar", was pretty awesome.
Reason #377 why I don't fly, anymore.
Got an onion-related question? Here's the mother-lode of all onion knowledge. Enjoy.
And here's the mother-lode of worm-virus links, too.
Want to see some great videos of The War On Terrorism? One of my favorite archive places is Grouchy Media. Don't be put-off by the site's name. Lots of videos of US Military Forces kicking Islamic terrorist ass, Killing them by the thousands and highlighting our oh-so-kewl weapons and equipment. Lots of pick and choose from, folks. Enjoy!

Here's why President George W Bush must be re-elected and returned to office, and the liberal-demokkkRATs must be kept out of power for as many years as possible.
The now, re-funded NEA is trash, as is NPR and all the left-wing wacko, taxpayer-funded socialist media outlets. Defund them all; let private monies prop them up. What's the matter with you, President Bush? You're wasting my tax dollars, as with millions of other Americans; NEA is commie, hate-America, traitorous trash. But, you knew that. Is there some strategery that I'm missing here, W?
Michael Savage is, once again, 100% wrong on the issue of calling for President Bush's impeachment, over plans to legalize millions of illegal aliens. Mr Bush is 1,000% wrong, but impeaching him, and allowing subhuman liberal-demokkkRATs to take over, is patently insane. Get your head out of the liberal-libertarian gutter, Mikey boy. You're a mooooooooor-ron, Weiner.
Yes, W: whack the subhuman lowlife degenerate, commie socialist filth, Castro. At all costs, whack him.
The gutless, spineless, ball-less GOP morons cave again, to the stinking lib-dem filth. Grow some balls, Frist and Hatch, dammit! All you cowards do is retreat from the scumbags.
President Bush, I sure hope you're not going to cave on this. In any case, I'm voting for you; I can see no other viable alternative.
Arlen Specter Arlie Sphincter (LIBERAL-PA) is now going around telling how he is trying to simplify the federal income tax. He's a lying, lowlife piece of shit. I'm voting for Pat Toomey.

Liberal-demokkkRAT Filth.
Not only is US Sen John F(ucking) Kerry-Heinz (TRAITOR/COWARD-MA) a liar and a cowardly traitor, he's a botox experiment, in-progress. He's a botoxed bum. Pics still up, here. And his ass-ugly, lowlife, whorebag, scumbag botox, 2-bagger bitch, Teresa Heinz-Kerry, is most worthy of derailing her impotent, hung-like-a-fly, Ketchup Boy, with her big illegal alien mouth. Speak on, scuzzy slut. No, I haven't used Heinz products in over a year; there are many better substitutes available, locally. Boycott the Heinz shit.
The stupid, ignorant, lowlife liberal-demokkkRAT whorebag slutfilth, Oklahoma State Rep Debbie Blackburn (shitFILTH-OK), District 88 socialist slut, is proposing a bill that would tax people for filing state income taxes. Do you want me to repeat that?
Hey, Howard "Mentally-Ill" Dean: want to reconsider your last asinine statement? Ummmm, thought so, commie punk. Looks like Deanie-Weenie is out of money. Buh-bye, asswipe mental.
Another lowlife moron who's wound as tight as the mentally-ill Howie Dean, is shit-for-brains Bobby Knight. He also needs to be sequestered in a mental institution. Both are nuts.
The current Nine Seven Mentally-Ill, Irrelevant Dwarves, march on to political impotence and oblivion.
Study: Gays face daily discrimination? Puke on them all. Get a real life, abnormal homos. Or preferably, get AIDS and die.
The lying, disgraced, scumbag, traitorous, deviant, degenerate, impeached ex-president criminal, Bubba Jeffy Klintoon, resurfaces from his festering, fetid, slimy rock lair. Hey, Klintoon filth: get cancer and die, moron scumbag. Do the world a real favor for once, subhuman garbage.
Hey, liberal-demokkkRAT filth: David Kay has his head up his ass tookus. Iraq's WMDs are in either Lebanon or Syria's Bekka Valley. Kay is a traitorous failure.
The discredited, worthless, lowlife scumbag filth at Rasmussen Reports, reports: Kerry 45%, Bush 44%? What a bunch of liberal-demokkkRAT, turd-sucking, ass-boy scum. Pathetic creatures; all of them blatant liars.
Hard to "classify" the fat, bloated, lowlife, race-pimp, subhuman, degenerate criminal, Irrev Al "interloper Jew scum" Sharpton (RACIST-NY), isn't it? He isn't human; he's a subhuman. Only the shit-for-brains liberal-demokkkRAT scum would lend legitimacy to a racist, bigot piece of shit, like Fat Al Sharpton. He's worthy of being duly charged, arrested, tried, convicted and executed for his myriad crimes against American Society, and especially what he's done to further isolate blacks on the liberal-demokkkRAT "plantation" of moral poverty.
DemokkkRAT National Committee Chairman, Terry McAwful, needs to be duly charged, arrested, tried, convicted and executed, for crimes against America.
The criminal Klintoons destroyed Howard "The Coward" Deanie-Weenie? No shit kidding. No wonder the disgraced, lowlife US Sen John F(ucking) Kerry-Heinz (TRAITOR-MA) is next on the criminal Klintoon's *List Of Death*; ready Johnny?
Irrev Jesse "Hymietown NYC" Jackson, race-baiter, criminal blackmailer, says of Janet "Whorebag" Jack-scum's halftime "performance": "It was an accident. I don't know why everyone is so upset.
Yes, LBJ was involved in the '63 Kennedy assassination; he ordered the hit. Any questions?
Left-wing wacko, death-obsessed, unfunny 70s actor, washed-up never-was Tony Randall? Hey Tony: nobody cares, moron. So die, already. Oooops, the scumbag is already dead; good riddance.
Progressive Insurance is owned by a lowlife, liberal-demokkkRAT, America-hating socialist-commie, Peter Lewis, who's pledged to destroy President Bush and America. Boycott the shitty company. Run his traitorous, scummy ass into bankruptcy.
No other way to say it: Massachusetts has plunged itself into the deviancy of sodomy and homoism. Sad; it was a nice place 40 years ago, before the liberal-demokkkRAT filth ruined it.
Kerry is a criminal. Here's his Watergate.

Lowlife, Subhuman Garbage.
The BBC is lying, left-wing, lowlife, socialist, commie, scumbag pigshit. Drown in your own excrement, subhumans.
Uh oh, here we go again. Ricin toxin, instead of anthrax? Round-up the murderous Muslims, and whack them all. No exceptions; whack them all. Dig massive pits, fill with pigshit, and empty the dead Islamic shitfilth garbage into them, by the millions. Repeat around the world, by the billions. Problem solved.
The 38th Super Bowl Stupor Bowel? No thanks; I haven't watched that fake, criminal-drug-addicted-player shit debacle, in 15+ years. Garbage rapper-shitper "P-Diddly-squat", untalented Whitey-wannabe Janet "facelift whorebag" Jack-scum and other homo "Justin Timberlake Dirtbag" degenerate white trash, subhuman filth, at halftime? No thanks, See-BS (CBS) liberal-demokkkRAT garbage. I'd rather get a battery acid enema, than watch or listen to that trash, after seeing the post-mortems. Did you see Jack-scum bitch's flabby, ugly tit? Sickening, wasn't it? She's an untalented, lowlife, subhuman piece of pigshit, as is the white trash scumbag, ass-boy punk, Timberlake homo. Yes, it's the Toilet Bowl. No doubt about it: CBS is shit, as is MTV and the NFL.
"Illegal immigrant" is now an offensive slur? f*ck no Hell no; illegal immigrants are offensive to me and all Real Americans, dammit! Deport the illegal alien filth, NOW!
Gwyneth Paltrow is following her friend lesbian slutbag whore pal, Madonna, by snubbing British hospitals and having her first child in America. Hey slut: get your illegal bastard out of the USA! Take the subhuman fetus to hell, where you belong, traitorous degenerate bitch.
Get the degenerate Saudi-Islamic-Wahabbi Islamic Muslim subhuman pigshit filth out of America! Or whack them, wherever they're found. whack all the Islamic terrorist garbage.
Oooooooooooooo, the terrorist-supporting, cowardly murderous scumbags, lowlife subhuman Islamic dirtbag filth, at CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) are offended? Cry me a freaking river, Muslim pigshit garbage. Crawl back under your slimy, filthy rocks, Islamic degenerates.
I have no problem with Israel Killing as many subhuman, pigshit-slurping Muslims, as possible. Islam is degenerate and evil, and all within the perverted cult, should be whacked on sight.
Pinheaded IT morons; no other way to say it.
Round-up all Muslim filth, torture for terrorist links and knowledge, and then, either try before a Military Tribunal and execute, or deport the subhuman garbage. The enemy is within our Nation, and must be tracked-down, and whacked. Islam is the enemy. It's a cult of deviants, terrorists, murderers, lowlifes and subhumans.
An excellent article on the roots of Muslim rage.
Responding to France's ban on the Islamic veil, the new head of the Muslim Brotherhood asserted Islam ultimately will triumph over the United States and Europe. Yes, It's Islam vs the rest of the world. Any questions, folks?

Some People Just Need Killing™.
whack Gary Davis, now 17, from Rathmines, south Dublin, for raping a 50-year old homo. In fact, whack them both; cleanse the gene pool of all subhuman, lowlife, deviant homo filth.
These subhuman Muslim pigshit teenage filth, at GITMO, should have been whacked; not released. All Islamic-Muslim terrorist garbage should be executed.
Yes, track down, capture, torture mercilessly and whack all spammers and hackers. No exceptions; whack them all. Skip the trials and US Taxpayer costs.
whack these two subhuman terrorists, just on GPs (general principles). Preventative medicine, FYI. They're ugly as sin, and should be eliminated from the gene pool, on GPs.
Armin Meiwes, a 42-year-old subhuman piece of degenerate filth, needs to die, for murder. whack him! Subhuman, degenerate, deviant homos are normal? Really? Ummmm, don't think so. Duly charge, try, convict and whack all of them, and do society a huge favor.
Kevin Cooper, 46, needs to die, for his slaughter of innocents: the 1983 murders of Douglas and Peggy Ryen, both 41, their 10-year-old daughter, Jessica, and her 11-year-old friend, Christopher Hughes. The Ryens' 8-year-old son, Joshua, survived a slit throat. whack the Cooper filth!
Let the subhuman rot in hell. He should have been executed years ago, and saved the Taxpayers a million dollars. What a waste of money.
28-year-old Daniel Culligan, a lowlife subhuman piece of shit, deserves death for lighting a kitten on fire and Killing it. I volunteer! C'mere, punk: you're dead.
Another lowlife, left-wing liberal-demokkkRAT academic feminist murderer, Mine Ener, assistant Professor at Villanova University, does her thing: Killing her innocent, infant child. Duly charge, try, convict and whack her, and do society a favor.
whack this subhuman murderer, Scott Panetti, mentally-ill or not. It deserves to die for its heinous crimes against society.

Chocolate and Zucchini.
A popular gourmet once said, "Never trust a skinny chef." So what can the scrawny French foodie behind this site tell the rest of the cooking world? Quite a lot actually. Don't let her petite size fool you, 24-year-old Clotilde is quite the gourmand and proves it with sophisticated yet simple recipes, thoughtful musings, and cross-cultural culinary twists. Perhaps her stint in Silicon Valley prior to returning to France gave her a sense of what makes for a good weblog. All the recipes are neatly laid out and easy to find, the pictures are gorgeous (a must on a recipe site!), and her English is impeccable. Also absent is what some may unfairly expect of a French chef snobbery. She's the kind of gal you can imagine rolling up her sleeves, whipping up an amazing meal, and laughing the whole time. So why not take advantage of her serious love affair with food? You'll be cranking out oeuf cocotte and galettes de polenta faster than you can say freedom fries!


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