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leftism's unholy religion

friday, february 8th, 2019

Leftism publicly pretends to be both a political and social system of thought, but it is nothing more or less than a secular religion of anger, self-hate, deception, rejection, rape, abortion, infanticide, violence and murder. Privately, it is far, far worse than that.

Here are the 14 subhuman, hate-filled, death-loving pieces-of-shit Catholic US Senators, who made infanticide and child murder possible: Washington Maria Cantwell – Washington Susan Collins – Maine Dick Durbin – Illinois Kirsten Gillibrand – New York Heidi Heitkamp – North Dakota Tim Kaine – Virginia Patrick Leahy – Vermont Ed Markey – Massachussetts Catherine Cortez Masto – Nevada Claire McCaskill – Missouri Bob Menendez – New Jersey Lisa Murkowski – Alaska Patty Murray – Washington Jack Reed – Rhode Island. God will deal with them.

It is godless, but godlessness is the most bigoted and intolerant of all belief systems, and the Ultra-Orthodox Church of Atheism adheres to no doctrine more fanatically than the impossibility of a Blessed Creator. That accounts for its worship of Darwinism – evolution by natural selection – even though many great agnostic scientists like Sir Fred Hoyle have demonstrated the impossibility of Darwinism. It also explains the deliberate misnaming of theories other than Darwinism as "Creationism", although even the most average honest mind grasps that Creationism and Intelligent Design are independent theories.

What is the religious dogma of leftism? There are several sacraments, each made utterly resistant to treason, experience, or logic by the druid clergy of leftism. (1) There are immutable classes of victims and victimizers beyond remediation except through a constant procession of human sacrifices. (2) There are institutions that demand more and more resources and that can never been considered failures. (3) Nations are to be compressed into provinces of a world government and peoples into a single undifferentiated humanity.

If a leftist, liberal-demokkkRAT idiot fell into a pond, and hopefully drowned, they'd be skimming stupid off the surface for a month.

Consider how this religious fanaticism plays out in practice. Women, blacks, and other groups are automatically deemed hapless subjects of a heartless patriarchal, white, Christian, English-speaking... blah, blah, blah class of oppressors. This is so even though the utterly unconstitutional practice of affirmative action has been in operation for half a century, and even though

nearly every institution of society both public and corporate goes out of its way to present these "oppressed" groups as smart, sensible, and responsible. The reality that anyone who is concerned about such prosaic values as truth knows is that the consequence of demonizing the notional oppressor classes are justified contempt towards the notional oppressed.

The infiltration of leftists into every institution of society – not just government and academia, but giant corporations and non-profit organizations – means that subtle pressure is being constantly exerted against individuals in society to adopt, whether they are aware of it or not, the party line of leftism. So scientists who ought to know better are pushed into endorsing the religious doctrine of man-made global warming, and every research project ends up with the same result, no matter how the data going into the research may have changed. Surprise! – the result always conforms to the catechism of leftism.

The federalization of all politics and the globalization of much of federalism, along with the idiocy of the whole world full of Americans who have just not found the best way to get into America, means that centralization is deemed righteous in the eyes of the congregations of leftism. Centralization also means that successes and failures, which are the result of individual achievement and talent, are drowned in the common septic tanks of the left.

The religious nature of leftism requires that Conservatives and other normal people must, as nearly as they can, simply ignore all the pious whining of leftists and to treat these deluded folks as the village idiots they are. They must create informal structures of media, communication, and entertainment that are utterly independent of the hoary and rotted churches of leftism.

Guns kill people, pencils misspell words, cars drive drunk & spoons make you fat.

More and more, leftists know they are seen by more and more Americans as simply irrelevant in every way to the lives of honest, serious, and productive people. What, after all, do these leftist priests and acolytes do of any value in our lives? They scold, but even their scolding is hopelessly canned and utterly predictable without any reflection of reality – simply a regurgitation of what their dummy teachers and professors have "taught" them.

What ought Conservatives do to hasten the process of de-institutionalizing these leftists? Many are simply basket cases with no hope for a normal life. But some may not be beyond redemption. They need killing. The brash challenging of the Religion of Leftism by POTUS Trump and by Brett Kavanaugh are examples of the right approach. The inevitable House hearings on this or that imagined crime of Trump will be another opportunity to direct challenge the Left and its dreary dogma. This does not mean that a change of language and rhetoric might not be helpful, but it does mean that treating leftism as a grim, stupid, and vile form of religion is the right strategy.

© February 8, 2019 by JS.

A Day In The Life.

I got up at 8a on Friday, 10° outside and snowing lightly, turned-on the heat and computer, made coffee and rye toast, grabbed a shower as soon as the condo warned-up, and checked the weather and news. I watched the Weather Channel on CATV for the forecast, turned on the "Chris Plante Show" at 9a, and relaxed. Lunch with Sherry at Marino's, at 11:30a, tomorrow, so I'm as hungry as a starved wild dog.

As soon as the news came on, I was reminded that it's now "Black History Month Minute" – massive welfare, laziness, drugs, alcoholism, prostitution, robbery, rape, murder, vandalism, anger, resentment, theft, highest jail/prison rate, hate-filled, self-loathing, Whitey-hating, poverty, disease, stupid, peanut butter, blues, jazz – and it's ironic that it's the shortest month of the year. The preceding adjectives apply specifically to ghetto-rat niggers, not to black Americans.

Sherry and I had a wonderful lunch; she had Veg Stromboli, while I had Meat Ravoil, Onion Rings, fresh-baked Garlic Bread, and brought home another dinner of Angel Hair Pasta w/ Garlic Cream Sauce and more fresh-baked Garlic Bread. After getting home, I stored the extra meal and leftovers in the 'fridge. Andrew, my GC (General Contractor's) painter/electrician/plumber showed-up to fix a few items on my small "punchlist" from the condo's 8-week, total-rehab last Fall. I watched 8 or 9 episodes of History's Ancient Aliens, some amazing episodes I'd never seen, but which some "buttons inside my mind", I finished-off the night with one of "The Real Chicago's" Last Concerts" in 1970, and I packed-it-in by 11:45p.

Awake and up at 6:30a on Saturday, a bone-crushing -5° outside, I fired-up the heat, my Dyson® Hot+Cool Fan Unitin the Office/Sunroom, and computer, made coffee, and checked the weather map and news. My usual routine; natch. For breakfast, I had some OJ (lotsa pulp) and made Sunny-Side-Up Eggs, Homefries, Toast, and Bacon. Andrew is due back here at 9:30a, to finish sanding and re-prime and re-paint the settling crack he patched yesterday afternoon. I cleaned-up the plaster mess on the Oriental Rug and plank floor with my trusty Dyson® V7 Handheld vacuum.

I've always been a dreamer, and I've always dreamed a lot. From here, I see the end of Camelot.

The groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, predicts that Spring comes early, but he's 90% wrong. Don't get too wound-up about it. Shoot that fat rat.

Saturday was another "NBC" (Nothing But Crap) day, on CATV, so I revert3ed to ROKU and watched old episodes I'd missed, and new episodes I'd not seen. All of a sudden, both my History Channels on my computer's CATV and wireless ROKU quit working. I worked on the ROKU for an hour, zeroing my user codes, and re-inputting new codes, and I got that fixed. The computer was another matter. I had to call my buddy Dan, an xfinity/Comcast Tech, for a 2p Monday appointment, to make a tech-house call, on his day off.

I bagged it at 10:30p, after some Red Raspberry Gelato and fresh Red Raspberries. I needed to sleep-in until 10a or laster.

Up at 9:45a on Sunday, there were no F1/IndyCar races again on Sunday, but there was all the hype about The Stupor Bowel LIII; a usually overblown shitbag game that I really don't care about, but sometimes tune-in the 4th quarter, to see the ending. I turned-up the heat, made coffee, had oatmeal w/ fresh red raspberries, fired-up the computer, shaved and grabbed a shower, and started some loads of laundry. At 24° outside, we were "having a heat wave", and by 3p, it was a tropical 49°, comparatively-speaking. I heated-up some of the Angel Hair Pasta w/ Garlic Cream Sauce and more Garlic Bread I'd had at Marino's on Friday, for lunch.

At precisely 5:15p, my ROKU unit went sideways, rendering the 82" Samsung unusable. I pulled it out from the wall, on its flexible mounting bracket, unplugged and re-plugged the ROKU unit, tried 2-3 different HDMI slots, and got it working again. Damn. I watched some "American Pickers" and "Ancient Aliens" episodes, and then tuned-in the Super Bowl game's last quarter to see a paltry 13-3 "win" by New England. Pitiful and pretty sad game. Shitty commercials, too. By 10:30p, I'd had enough, pulled the plug and went up for some sleep.

Up at 7:30a on Monday, because of seriously-weird dreams (from the Ambien), I fired-up the furnace and computer, made coffee, and had a smoke in the cold garage, while still remembering that last dream. I continued to sit in the garage, having another smoke, still trying to figure out the dream, parts of which I did remember; I couldn't make any sense of any of it. Probably better that way.

I drove down to Red Lion, to my new shirt cleaners, to drop-off 7 or 8 shirts for cleaning/starch/hangars, and one for some minor repairs. High for the day was 51°, and the snow melted fast. For lunch, I re-heated the last of the extra meal I'd taken from Marino's, last Friday, with Sherry. I watched 2 "Ancient Aliens" episodes and an all-day "American Pickers" Marathon, with a new 9p episode. Apparently, I have an account on History Channel, using Opera v57, which HC doesn't recognize xfinity/Comcast anymore, and won't let me watch "locked" episodes. So I'm using Chrome and Pale Moon browsers, using other email addys that I have, and can "unlock" all episodes and watch them. F•cked-up crap. I'm working with the A&E and HC Support Teams, to try to find out why Opera v57 is excluded.

By 11p, I'd unplugged and headed upstairs to bed. 10a my w/ Seth, at Becky's condo, who was my superb Stone Mason for 11yrs at the Ol' Garden Center & Nursery.

Is celery juice the new "miracle" elixir, or is it breathing? You decide. I'm trying some of it; waiting for it to arrive from Amazon. (Hint: it's all fake on social media).

On Tuesday, I was up at 8a, 41° outside, and the snow continues to melt. I fired-up the furnace and computer, made coffee, skipped breakfast and checked the weather maps and news. I have a 10a mtg at Becky's w/ her and Seth, my former Stone Mason, about replacing her concrete patio, and then try to get south to Red Lion and get a haircut at Walt's Barber Shop, if it's not too busy. I left at 9:30a for the patio meeting and a haircut.

Democracy dies in darkness, and the lights are off at all American media companies.

Seth, as usual, was great at explaining things to Becky, took measurements and brought samples of patio stone. He'll get an email estimate off, plus pics, and then she and I will visit his business and his stone yard, below Stewartstown (PA) in Southern York County. After the 45min meeting, I left for Red Lion and Walt's Barber Shop, and got a seat in the chair within 5 mins. Then, I drove south to Winterstown, where my Ol' Garden Center used to be. It looked like an A-Bomb went off there. Destruction everywhere. I was so depressed after driving thru, and talking to the new owners' son. I lost my appetite and skipped lunch, too. Yeah, I know I sold the place and the new owners have a wholly-different plan, but it used to be so beautiful, and now it's a unbelievable mess. Okay, enough.

After getting home, I got the past few days mail, paid some bills, and listened to the morning's "Chris Plante Show", which I'd missed 9-12, on podcast. I finally made a Ham & Swiss w/ Lettuce and Tomato on Rye Sandwich, and got over my feelings about the Ol' GC&N. I opened the condo's Front/rear storm/screen doors, to let some fresh 63° air thru. By 6p, temps were dropping into the low-50s, and I closed-up the condo's dual-purpose front/rear doors.

I watched new episodes of both Curse of Oak Island (good), a Project Blue Book (excellent), a new episode of Garage Rehab (very good) and called it a day at 12:30a.

Up at 7:30a on Wednesday, I turned-up the heat, made coffee and checked the weather maps and news. After a quick shower, I decided to continue to work on 2018 Income Taxes today, but first needed to get the Jeep cleaned inside, washed/waxed outside, and fueled-up. After I got home, Tammi stopped by with my LR's couch small pillow, and I gave her a check for recovering Dad's 2 talkback chairs's seat cushions, which'll take 3 weeks. I made Eggs Benedict w/ Ham Steak & Homefries for lunch, turned-on Rush and worked on paperwork for a couple of hours.

Go iron your hair and make some pancakes, far-leftist nigger racist sambette bitch skank, Jemele Hill. You want Trump assassinated? Bitch, if I could get the shot on you, I'd take it.

High for the day was 50° and the rain started around 3p. Normally, I'd go to the DIY carwash, just a few blocks away, but with my R/S shoulder/neck Trapezius Muscle Group hurting so badly, I didn't feel like wrestling with that 15ft, 4" vacuum hose, which can suck the carpeting right out of your vehicle, so I went to the local Mister Carwash, which I have a CC for 5 washes/waxes, undercoating and inside cleaning. I took some 81mg coated aspirin, and an Rx 10mg Valium, and it worked. Pain gone.

I watched a new episode of Discovery's Garage Rehab and Homestead Rescue and History's American Pickers, until 11:30p, and pulled the plug for the night.

Up at 6:45a, due to some bizarre Deep-REM, Ambien® 12.5 CR-caused dreams, I quickly tried to get the dreams out of my head, fired-up the heat and computer, made coffee, had a couple of Ensure® MAX Protein Nutrition Shakes in lieu of breakfast, and scanned the news and weather. It'd rained most of last night and this morning, but was clearing off. At 38°, it was tolerable to sit in the garage, with the Jeep, and have a smoke. Sure was good with my first cup of coffee. My two amazing cleaning ladies, JoAnn & Karen arrived by 8:30, while I was having a smoke in the garage. Since I was parked in the garage, I was parked-in and couldn't go anywhere until the left. I just needed to go to Weis Market to get a few things, and got that done later.

Known "Blackface offenders": VA Gov Ralph Northam(R), VA Sen Tommy Norment(R), Joy(less) Behar(D), Ted Danson(D), Joni Mitchell(D), Tom Hanks(D), Tyra Banks(D), Paula Deen(D), Beyoncé(D), Julianne Hough(D), Shane Dawson(D), Kylie Jenner(D), Luann de Lesseps(D) and dozens of others (Google it). And the Republican guy was the only one who got into trouble. My admission: when I was 4-5, I used burnt cork to put camoflauge stripes on my face, going out as a soldier for Halloween. Dad helped me with it, as it's what his US Army platoon used in WWII, fighting the Nazis. Come get me, you lowlife PC mutherf•ckers!

Something to look forward to: another dangerous Snow/Ice Storm Maya coming Mon-Tues. Oh, boy. Just had my Jeep cleaned inside and washed/waxed outside. Looks so purdy, I hate to mess it up with snow/salt/cinders. But, HEY: IT"S WINTER!

Two of my favorite articles today: "LA City Hall Overrun By Rats" and 70% of SF Will Sink In 70 Years, just made my day. No surprise, here. Now, if Portland can just break-off into the ocean and siappear. (((SIGH)))

Tonite's another "NBC (Nothing But Crap) Night", so I'm listening to some of my playlists on YouTube: Chicago, Peter Cetera, Billy Joel, Boston, Blue Oyster Cult, Vivaldi, Moody Blues, Procol Harum, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Fleetwood Mac, Santana, Jefferson Airplane, The Ronettes, The Beatles, Dire Straits, Amy Grant, Foreigner, Bryan Adams, Eagles, Kansas, CSN&Y, REO Speedwagon, Alan Parsons, Cyndi Lauper, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Pink Floyd etc etc etc. Too much for one night, but I have my favorite selected tracks on separate lists. Time to get to bed early, at 10p.

Tomorrow starts a new week here in the Journal, and the weekend and next are clear before 2-4 weeks of doctors, ops and procedures begin again. Damn, but Ithink/hope/pray I'm thru the worst of it, after this next round. Light a candle for me, please.

Trump Did Not Fail Us; We Failed Trump.

I have deliberately tried not to read the articles and comments of the last couple of days since President Trump’s announcement on the deal to end the government shutdown.

The reason being was the kind of negative comments and wailing that the President had caved and no longer deserved our support. I flatly reject that argument.

None of can truly know the immense pressure the President was under to find a way to end this imbroglio. I, like many, had hoped that the President could tough it out and get the Border Wall Funding that is needed. The truth is the President went further than any one before him on Principle, but at some point it became an issue of diminishing returns politically, and the Democrats refused to bargain in good faith.

The real truth is that President Trump is one man who has been battling not only the Democrats, but his own party that have refused to stand with him, not only on the Border issue but many others as well. What could we the voters who put President Trump in office really expect?

President Trump in two short years has accomplished more than any of us could have realistically expected given the circumstances. A man who was not a professional politician and had come up through the ranks to become President, but one who was a independent outsider that by a fluke won and beat all the professionals, and badly at that.

We have to take note and realize that both political parties are corrupt, in fact they are beyond the Pale kind of corrupt and one man cannot take them on and win without unqualified support. We the voters that put Mr. Trump in office in many ways have failed him, and failed him miserably.

When exactly was the last time that people took to the streets to really protest anything or marched on Washington D.C. to demand any change? There were certainly many protests and such during the Vietnam War as well as Civil Rights Demonstrations in the 1960’s and early 1970’s.

The one time though that I can recall from history that people actually went to Washington D.C. for a real protest was during the early 1930’s. It was during the Depression and it was the Bonus March where veterans of W.W. I came to get the monies they were promised for fighting in W.W. I. Over 43,000 people came and tent cities sprang up all over Washington.

The Army was called out to disperse them, they were under the command of then Chief of Staff Douglas MacArthur , tear gas and guns were used, people died ,and it was a shameful period in out history.

My point in bringing this up is this, at what point do we as Americans, finally decide we have had enough of the corrupt parties in D.C. and finally march on the city and demand our Government do what we elected them to do?

Recently we have seen those in France, The Yellow Vests, do exactly that. The people there were finally pushed to the braking point tax wise and were able to cause a General Strike and for the most part were able to force the Government to it’s knees and they aren’t finished yet as they have been emboldened to press on and try to get other reforms.

The question arises when do we in this country do the same, what is the tripping point here? Will people ever get motivated to come out of their little cocoons, put down their cell phones, get away from the video games, etc. and etc. to demand that government be accountable to them and have our elected officials do what we elect them to do or we will just go along, silently assent and acquiesce?

Because if we aren’t going to so what is necessary to demand our Politicians be accountable then how can we hold President Trump responsible?

President Trump isn’t perfect and we knew that when we elected him, but we also knew he wasn’t a Boy Scout either, he was a New York Street Fighter and that was what was needed. Like or not Donald Trump is the only game in town for us, The Deploreables. If what the Democrats propose and want doesn’t scare you then I don’t know what to tell you.

I will continue to support the President through thick and thin as there is no other alternative for the future of our country and Constitution.

Maybe we won’t get the Border Wall, but it won’t be for lack of trying. President Trump has put it all on the line for us because I think he loves his country, we need to find more ways to support the President.

My dream would be 10 Million of us march on Washington D.C. and demand what we know is right and the politicians be Damned.

The question is what will it take to make us do that?

How Best to Age? Do it Your Way.

I can hit the golf ball any way I can and laugh if it goes in the lake. That's the breaks. I'm just happy I can still hit that golf ball.

As I've aged, I've become kinder to myself, and less critical of myself. I've become my own friend.

I have seen too many dear friends leave this world, too soon; before they understood the great freedom that comes with aging.

When we're kids, we can't wait to grow-up. When we're grown-up and getting older, we just hope time will slow down.

Whose business is it, if I choose to read, or play, on the computer, until 4 AM, or sleep until noon? I will dance with myself to those wonderful tunes of the 50, 60 & 70's, and if I, at the same time, wish to weep over a lost love, I will.

I will walk the beach, in a swim suit that is stretched over a bulging body, and will dive into the waves, with abandon, if I choose to, despite the pitying glances from the jet set. They too, will get old.

I know I am sometimes forgetful. But there again, some of life is just as well forgotten. And, I eventually remember the important things.

Sure, over the years, my heart has been broken. How can your heart not break, when you lose a loved one, or when a child suffers, or even when somebody's beloved pet passes? But, broken hearts are what give us strength, and understanding, and compassion. A heart never broken, is pristine, and sterile, and will never know the joy of being imperfect.

I believe in simple things, like the miracle this day brings.

I am so blessed to have lived long enough to have my hair turning gray, and to have my youthful laughs be forever etched into deep grooves on my face.

So many have never laughed, and so many have died before their hair could turn silver.

As you get older, it is easier to be positive. You care less about what other people think. I don't question myself anymore. I've even earned the right to be wrong.

So, to answer your question, I like being old. It has set me free. I like the person I have become. I am not going to live forever, but while I am still here, I will not waste time lamenting what could have been, or worrying about what will be. And I shall eat dessert every single day (if I feel like it).

Why Do So Many Young People Embrace Socialism?

It’s not youth and inexperience. It’s not even government-run schools and idiotic celebrities. Not primarily.

Why do so many young people embrace socialism?

For the same reason any middle-aged or older person embraces socialism: Anxiety and envy.

By “anxiety” I mean neurotic anxiety, which means a false or exaggerated belief that one will be unable to properly survive or take care of oneself, so that unspecified help is needed to ensure survival.

Envy is often a byproduct of anxiety. If one starts out feeling, “I’m unable to care for myself,” then it’s not a stretch to look at someone else who has more than enough and say, “That’s not fair. He can more than provide for himself, and I’m unable to do so for myself”.

What about the fact that young people have not yet earned much money, and therefore don’t appreciate the value and justice of private ownership, i.e., being able to keep what you earn? Not all young people feel this way. Some young people understand the justice of keeping what you earn. Some do, and change their minds later and become socialists in middle-age.

Regardless, unless you have a significant amount of neurotic fear and/or envy, it’s unlikely socialism would grab your fancy for even five minutes, much less for years (and elections) on end.

It’s true that public schools are teaching the ideology of self-sacrifice and blind service to others (the same premises as Nazism and Communism) as self-evident givens in today’s government-run schools. But these faulty ideas are not new to the present era. Yet in earlier eras, the majority of young people did not turn as socialist as they appear to be doing today.

The more likely contribution of today’s mediocre schools — as well as an increasingly irrational culture — is that young people don’t know how to think. Thinking is your basic tool and precondition of survival. If you feel inadequate to think critically, rationally and objectively, you’ll develop a neurotic and pervasive sense that, “I’m not equipped to survive.” In a land of plenty, particularly, it seems logically appealing when someone comes along and says, “No worries. We’ll pick up your college tuition. And health care. And tons of other things too. You’re entitled to it, after all.” It comes as a relief to the anxiety-ridden souls who embrace socialism.

In older folk, and in some young people born into wealth, there’s the factor of guilt and atonement. That’s a form of anxiety, too. “I’m rich and I don’t deserve to be. It’s not fair.” So it becomes a form of virtue-signaling merged with a psychological tonic to make sure others see you support socialism.

It’s not that most young people are depraved and stupid any more than most older people are totally depraved and stupid. And it’s not just inexperience. It’s fear. And the envy that gets ignited by fear.

It’s truly sad. And yes, it’s dangerous for the future of a free society, but dangerous most of all for those young people who now seek to embrace socialism. It’s not going to end any better for them than it did for anyone else. And if they get their wish, and socialism gets enacted completely, then their fears will quickly become rational.

Scientists Discover New Element – Pelosium.

A major research institution has just announced the discovery of the densest element yet known to science. The new element has been named Pelosium. The chemical symbol of Pelosium is Pu. Pelosium has one neutron, 12 assistant neutrons, 75 deputy neutrons, and 224 assistant deputy neutrons, giving it an atomic mass of 311. These particles are held together by dark particles called morons, which are surrounded by vast quantities of lepton-like particles called peons.

Pelosium’s mass actually increases over time, as morons randomly interact with various elements in the atmosphere and become assistant deputy neutrons within the Pelosium molecule, leading to the formation of isodopes. This characteristic of moron-promotion leads some scientist to believe that Pelosium is formed whenever morons reach a certain quantity in concentration. This hypothetical quantity is referred to as Critical Morass.

When catalyzed with money, Pelosium activates MSNBCobnoxium and CNNadnausium, both elements that radiate orders of magnitude more energy, albeit as incoherent noise, since they have half as many peons but twice as many morons as Pelosium.

Since it has no electrons, Pelosium is inert. However, it can be detected chemically as it impedes every reaction it comes in contact with. According to the discoverers, a minute amount of Pelosium causes one reaction to take over four days to complete when it would have normally occurred in less than a second. In the presence of anti-morons, Pelosium can be extremely corrosive. Botox seems to distort and smooth it’s surface, without impeding it’s ongoing decay.

Pelosium has a normal half-life of approximately two years, at which time it does not decay, but instead undergoes a transmutation, appearing in a new location but displaying the same properties. In this process, assistant neutrons, vice neutrons and assistant vice neutrons exchange places. Some studies have shown that the atomic mass actually increases after each transmutation.

Research at other laboratories indicates that Pelosium occurs naturally in the atmosphere. It tends to concentrate at certain points such as government agencies, large corporations, universities, and anywhere there is news coverage occurring. It can usually be found in the newest, best appointed, and best maintained buildings.

Scientists point out that Pelosium is known to be toxic at any level of concentration and can easily destroy any productive reaction where it is allowed to accumulate. Attempts are being made to determine how Pelosium can be controlled to prevent irreversible damage, but results to date are not promising.

DemokkkRATs' Wet Dreams.

Rather than deal with Illegal immigrant wave number 2, the Democrats on the Hill engage in wet dreams and socialism.

A 70% tax rate?? This is the proposal that will bring in American votes - Yeah Right.

Government run healthcare "Medicare for all". Yeah Obamacare skyrocketed premiums. So instead lets Tax them to a literal death with European style healthcare.

Abolish the Electoral College so that New York, California, and Illinois rules - the little states be Damned.

100% renewable Energy. Lets just ban gasoline and diesel vehicles like Trucks and Cars, and depend on wind and solar energy for our needs even though they are not dependable nor sufficient.

Ban Guns. Who cares if illegal Aliens come across the border with them. Our Ranchers deserve to die and don't need no stinking 2nd Amendment. For that matter so do US Citizens, they don't need to protect themselves from MS-13, we Democrats will get around to protecting them eventually.

Democrats please engage in some more wet dreams. We are excessively entertained during this Shutdown.

Where's The Chaos?

The government shut down Dec. 21 over Sen. Chuck Schumer and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi petulantly not wanting Trump to have any border wall funding. The federal government spends $4.4 trillion a year; the $5 billion Trump wanted is one-tenth of 1 percent of that. About the same percent that Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren is Native American.

If you are like me, you are more worried about government starting back up than it being shut down.

Who will open our open-air national parks? Who will answer the phones when we call? Who will give us the runaround at the IRS? Who will put us into intractable wars? Who will use the Justice Department to go after political opponents? Who will put us $22 trillion in debt?

Most of NASA is shut down, including the division that we pay to monitor to see if aliens in outer space try to contact us. I trust they put their “Out of Office” message on their email before they went home, in case aliens contact us.

Shouldn’t there be chaos? Why are you not looting Target for a flat-screen TV? Who will let me know when the panda cam is back on at the Washington Zoo?

Two things become clear during a government shutdown: how little we need most of government, and how petulant public servants can be when they do not get their funding. Under Obama, there was much petty government intimidation. Remember how he hired extra people to make sure our open-air national parks were kept shut so citizens could not just walk through them?

Heavy-handed goons run a swollen government monster that intimidates its funders, the taxpayers. It is structurally incapable of spending just a little less than it did the year before and seeks revenge when asked to live within its means. This shutdown teaches us that it is no big deal getting 25 percent of the government out of our lives. Americans will adapt. Let’s shut down most of the government and just hire back any part that we miss.

With historically high employment, I suggest we let about one-third of government employees find real jobs in the real world. You know, jobs that require accountability and productivity. Trump should keep government closed. If you can find it in the Yellow Pages or online, government does not need to be doing it.

Washington and the Deep State hate Trump no matter what he does, even when he does Obama-like things. He has done prison reform, run a huge deficit, is pulling troops out of Syria and Afghanistan, etc. If Trump doesn’t stop acting like Obama, he might ask to see his own birth certificate.

Since the Democrats won the House, the stock market has cratered. The Dems want to investigate, not legislate. House Speaker Paul Ryan has ceded power and decided to let someone else not get anything done.

Schumer, Pelosi and fellow libs run our overreaching, ineffective and expensive government. Should we be happy when government is back? It feels to me like my niece got back together with an abusive husband when that happens.

Trump made an unannounced trip to Iraq over Christmas. With Mueller on his tail and Democrats spending inordinate time wanting to use the blunt force of the federal judiciary to investigate him further, Trump stands as the only president to go to a war-torn area for peace and quiet.

Government shutdowns have become a well-worn path of a dysfunctional Washington. It is like Schumer and Pelosi are walking the marble halls of the Capitol and 20 feet ahead of them they see a banana peel. They both say, “Here we go again.”

The government shutdown over border wall funding is petulant politics at its best. Government means more to Democrats like Schumer and Pelosi because it is their lives. There is no easy off ramp for either side on this standoff. Now it is a waiting game to see who blinks first. And Nancy Pelosi has had so much work done on her face that she can’t blink anymore. So expect her to not rest until she fully embarrasses Trump (a particularly hard man to embarrass) or she captures all 101 Dalmatians.

When the federal government was not working, Trump probably called Tech Support in India to get advice. He told the guy government isn’t working, and the Tech Support guy said, “Just try turning it off for a while, then back on and see if that does the trick.”

The Fake News Media Doesn’t Even Put Up A Pretense Anymore.

All fake news, all the time. If you still do not believe that our national media establishment is 100% in the pocket of the Democrat Party and coordinates messaging with that political party on a daily basis, consider the following story.

We are now in Day 9 of a partial “government shutdown” that exists over the issue of illegal immigration. Early this week, in the midst of this “government shutdown,” a California law enforcement officer was murdered by an illegal alien who he was attempting to arrest for what would have been the illegal’s THIRD DUI crime. Yes, that’s right: thanks to California’s sanctuary laws, this illegal had already been arrested for and convicted of two DUIs, has known gang affiliation, and despite all of that had been allowed to just get out of jail and roam free on the state’s highways to put more lives in danger.

Behold a pale horse, and he who sat on it had the name Death; and Hell was following with him. Authority was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword and with famine and with plague and by the wild beasts of the earth.

Anyway, that murder took place four days ago now, and in all that time, not one Democrat officeholder has been asked by one intrepid “journalist” to comment on the situation. Think about that: California has 53 members of the house and 2 U.S. senators, and not one of them has had to field a single question about how they can continue to support open borders and sanctuary laws when their state’s police officers and citizens are being murdered by illegal aliens.

The reason why is obvious: The media and the Democrats are coordinating on a narrative, and that narrative dictates that only Republicans must field difficult questions about illegal immigration. Any “journalist” who violates the narrative runs the risk of being dis-invited from all the best dinner parties. This is not complicated, folks.

Speaking of fake news... – two other fake news stories dominated the fake media this week, and boy, were they doozies.

First, you had the “bone spurs” story. This story, which we’ve heard many, many times before, made a comeback this week, with “new” information. That “new” information came in the form of the two daughters of the doctor who treated Donald Trump for bone spurs in 1968 claiming that her father – who is conveniently dead – told them that he faked the diagnosis on orders from Trump’s father Fred Trump, so that Donald Trump could avoid the military draft in effect at the time.

1968 is half a century ago, for those who are chronologically challenged.

So, first of all, who cares? Other than a bunch of pedantic Millenial soy boys and valley girls staffing the fake reporter desks at CNN and MSNBC, that is.

Second of all, why should we believe these two women? In all seriousness – there is literally no reason at all to believe they are anything other than liberal attention-seekers. They bring with them zero supporting evidence – no documentation, no statements from their father or any other doctor. No media outlet would have dreamed of going forward with this story were it leveled at a Democrat president, yet every media outlet in America has parroted the claim this week.

Third of all, who cares? Yes, that deserves repeating.

The next big fake story of the week came from the pathetic McClatchy News Service, which updated its claim from earlier this year that ex-Trump lawyer Michael Cohen had visited Prague during the 2016 campaign to hold secret meetings with Russian agents. This story has been debunked more times than the one about the moon landings being faked, but that didn’t stop McClatchy running with an update claiming that...

“A mobile phone traced to President Donald Trump’s former lawyer and “fixer” Michael Cohen briefly sent signals ricocheting off cell towers in the Prague area in late summer 2016, at the height of the presidential campaign, leaving an electronic record to support claims that Cohen met secretly there with Russian officials, four people with knowledge of the matter say.”

Those “four people with knowledge of the matter”? They are not merely anonymous sources – they are anonymous sources being quoted by other anonymous sources, as Brit Hume so ably pointed out:

Brit Hume? @brithume It turns out that the new McClatchy story on Michael Cohen in Prague is not based on intel their sources saw but what their sources’ sources said they saw. The story remains exclusive. (https://dailycaller.com/2018/12/28/michael-cohen-prague-mcclatchy/)

5,914 11:42 AM – Dec 28, 2018 Twitter Ads info and privacy

Michael Cohen Report Is Based On Third-Hand Information, Reporter Reveals McClatchy reporters did not see Cohen intelligence for themselves.

(dailycaller.com) 3,741 people are talking about this Twitter Ads info and privacy The reason why McClatchy’s story remains “exclusive” is that it is so obviously faked that none of the other fake media outlets want to touch it.

This is the sort of nonsense your OUR President has to put up with on a daily basis. It is intentional, it is relentless and it is unending.

The lowlife filth at AP clearly demonstrated their fake plan and hatred for Conservatives in the obit for Bre Payton, a conservative writer at The Federalist and frequent guest on television news outlets including Fox News Channel. AP is filth.

EVERYTHING can be blamed on Anthropogenic Global Warming.

Here is the short list of things the media blamed on AGW:

Acne, agricultural land increase, Afghan poppies destroyed, Africa devastated, Africa in conflict, African aid threatened, African summer frost, aggressive weeds, air pressure changes, airport malaria, Agulhas current, Alaska reshaped, moves, allergy season longer, alligators in the Thames, Alps melting, Amazon a desert, American dream end, amphibians breeding earlier (or not), anaphylactic reactions to bee stings, ancient forests dramatically changed, animals head for the hills, animals shrink, Antarctic grass flourishes, Antarctic ice grows, Antarctic ice shrinks, Antarctic sea life at risk, anxiety treatment, algal blooms, archaeological sites threatened, Arctic bogs melt, Arctic in bloom, Arctic ice free, Arctic ice melt faster, Arctic lakes disappear, Arctic tundra to burn, Arctic warming (not), Atlantic less salty, Atlantic more salty, atmospheric circulation modified, attack of the killer jellyfish, avalanches reduced, avalanches increased, Baghdad snow, Bahrain under water, bananas grow, barbarisation, beer shortage, beetle infestation, bet for $10,000, better beer, big melt faster, billion dollar research projects, billion homeless, billions face risk, billions of deaths, bird distributions change, bird loss accelerating, birds shrinking, bird strikes, bird visitors drop, birds confused, birds decline (Wales), birds driven north, birds return early, bittern boom ends, blackbirds stop singing, blackbirds threatened, Black Hawk down, blood contaminated, blue mussels return, bluetongue, brain eating amoebae, brains shrink, bridge collapse (Minneapolis), Britain one big city, Britain Siberian, brothels struggle, brown Ireland, bubonic plague, budget increases, Buddhist temple threatened, building collapse, building season extension, bushfires, business opportunities, business risks, butterflies move north, camel deaths, cancer deaths in England,cannibalism, cannibalism again, caterpillar biomass shift, cave paintings threatened, childhood insomnia, Cholera, circumcision in decline, cirrus disappearance, civil unrest, cloud increase, coast beauty spots lost, cockroach migration, coffee threatened, cold climate creatures survive, cold spells (Australia), cold wave (India), computer models, conferences, conflict, conflict with Russia, consumers foot the bill, coral bleaching, coral fish suffer, coral reefs dying, coral reefs grow, coral reefs shrink , coral reefs twilight, cost of trillions, cougar attacks, crabgrass menace, cradle of civilisation threatened, creatures move uphill, crime increase, crocodile sex, crops devastated, crumbling roads, buildings and sewage systems, curriculum change, cyclones (Australia), danger to kid’s health, Darfur, Dartford Warbler plague, death rate increase (US), deaths to reach 6 million, Dengue hemorrhagic fever, depression, desert advance, desert retreat, destruction of the environment, disappearance of coastal cities, disasters, diseases move from animals to humans, diseases move north, dog disease, Dolomites collapse, dozen deadly diseases, drought, ducks and geese decline, dust bowl in the corn belt, early marriages, early spring, earlier pollen season, Earth biodiversity crisis, Earth dying, Earth even hotter, Earth light dimming, Earth lopsided, Earth melting, Earth morbid fever, Earth on fast track, Earth past point of no return, Earth slowing down, Earth spins faster, Earth to explode, earth upside down, earthquakes, earthquakes redux, earthquakes redux 2, Egypt revolt, El Niño intensification, end of the world as we know it, erosion, emerging infections, encephalitis, English villages lost, equality threatened, Europe simultaneously baking and freezing, eutrophication, evolution accelerating, expansion of university climate groups, extinctions (human, civilisation, logic, Inuit, smallest butterfly, cod, ladybirds, pikas, polar bears, possums, walrus, toads, plants, salmon, trout, wild flowers, woodlice, a million species, half of all animal and plant species, mountain species, not polar bears, barrier reef, leaches, salamanders, tropical insects) experts muzzled, extreme changes to California, fading fall foliage, fainting, famine, farmers benefit, farmers go under, farm output boost, fashion disaster, fever, figurehead sacked, fir cone bonanza, fish bigger, fish catches drop, fish downsize, fish catches rise, fish deaf, fish get lost, fish head north, fish stocks at risk, fish stocks decline, five million illnesses, flames stoked, flesh eating disease, flood patterns change, floods, floods of beaches and cities, flood of migrants, flood preparation for crisis, Florida economic decline, flowers in peril, fog (more) in San Francisco, fog (less) in San Francisco, food poisoning, food prices rise, food prices soar, food security threat (SA), football team migration, footpath erosion, forest decline, forest expansion, frog with extra heads, frostbite, frost damage increased, frosts, fungi fruitful, fungi invasion, games change, Garden of Eden wilts, geese decline in Hampshire, genetic diversity decline, gene pools slashed, giant oysters invade, giant pythons invade, giant squid migrate, gingerbread houses collapse, glacial earthquakes, glacial retreat, glacial growth, glacier grows (California), glacier wrapped, global cooling, global dimming, glowing clouds, golf course to drown, golf Masters wrecked, grandstanding, grasslands wetter, Great Barrier Reef 95% dead, Great Lakes drop, great tits cope, greening of the North, Grey whales lose weight, Gulf Stream failure, habitat loss, haggis threatened, Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, harmful algae, harvest increase, harvest shrinkage, hay fever epidemic, health affected, health of children harmed, health risks, heart disease, heart attacks and strokes (Australia), heat waves, hibernation affected, hibernation ends too soon, hibernation ends too late, HIV epidemic, homeless 50 million, hornets, high court debates, human development faces unprecedented reversal, human fertility reduced, human health risk, human race oblivion, hurricanes, hurricane reduction, hurricanes fewer, hurricanes not, hydropower problems, hyperthermia deaths, ice age, ice sheet growth, ice sheet shrinkage, icebergs, illegal immigration, illness and death, inclement weather, India drowning, infrastructure failure (Canada), industry threatened, infectious diseases, inflation in China, insect explosion, insurance premium rises, Inuit displacement, Inuit poisoned, Inuit suing, invasion of cats, invasion of crabgrass, invasion of herons, invasion of jellyfish, invasion of king crabs, invasion of midges, island disappears, islands sinking, itchier poison ivy, jellyfish explosion, jets fall from sky, jet stream drifts north, Kew Gardens taxed, kidney stones, kidney stones again, killer cornflakes, killing us, kitten boom, koalas under threat, krill decline, lake and stream productivity decline, lake empties, lake shrinking and growing, landslides, landslides of ice at 140 mph, lawsuits increase, lawsuit successful, lawyers’ income increased (surprise surprise!), lawyers want more, legionnaires’ surge, lives saved, Loch Ness monster dead, locust plagues suppressed, Lopsided Earth, lush growth in rain forests, Malaria, mammoth dung melt, mango harvest fails, Maple production advanced, Maple syrup shortage, marine diseases, marine food chain decimated, Meaching (end of the world), Mediterranean rises, megacryometeors, Melanoma, Melanoma decline, methane emissions from plants, methane burps, methane runaway, melting permafrost, Middle Kingdom convulses, migration, migration difficult (birds), migratory birds huge losses, microbes to decompose soil carbon more rapidly, minorities hit, monkeys on the move, Mont Blanc grows, monuments imperiled, moose dying, more bad air days, more research needed, mortality increased, mountain (Everest) shrinking, mountaineers fears, mountains break up, mountains green and flowering, mountains taller, mortality lower, Myanmar cyclone, narwhals at risk, National security implications, native wildlife overwhelmed, natural disasters quadruple, new islands, next ice age, NFL threatened, Nile delta damaged, noctilucent clouds, no effect in India, Northwest Passage opened, nuclear plants bloom, oaks dying, oaks move north, ocean acidification, ocean acidification faster, ocean dead zones unleashed, ocean deserts expand, ocean waves speed up, oceans noisier, opera house to be destroyed, outdoor hockey threatened, ozone repair slowed, ozone rise, Pacific dead zone, penguin chicks frozen, personal carbon rationing, pest outbreaks, pests increase, phenology shifts, plankton blooms, plankton destabilised, plants lose protein, plants march north, plants move uphill, polar bears aggressive, polar bears cannibalistic, polar bears deaf, polar bears drowning, polar bears eating themselves, polar tours scrapped, popcorn rise, porpoise astray, profits collapse, prostitution, psychiatric illness, puffin decline, radars taken out, railroad tracks deformed, rainfall increase, rape wave, refugees, reindeer endangered, release of ancient frozen viruses, resorts disappear, rice threatened, rice yields crash, rift on Capitol Hill, rioting and nuclear war, Rise and Fall of Rome, river flow impacted, rivers raised, roads wear out, robins rampant, rocky peaks crack apart, roof of the world a desert, rooftop bars, Ross river disease, ruins ruined, Russia under pressure, salinity reduction, salinity increase, Salmonella, Salmon Decline, satellites accelerate, school closures, sea level rise, sea level rise faster, seals mating more, sewer bills rise, severe thunderstorms, sex change, sexual promiscuity, shark attacks, sharks booming, sharks moving north, sheep shrink, shop closures, short-nosed dogs endangered, shrinking ponds, shrinking shrine, ski resorts threatened, skin cancer, slow death, smaller brains, smog, snowfall increase, snowfall heavy, soaring food prices, societal collapse, soil change, songbirds change eating habits, sour grapes, space problem, spectacular orchids, spiders invade Scotland, squid aggressive giants, squid population explosion, squid tamed, squirrels reproduce earlier, stingray invasion, storms wetter, stormwater drains stressed, street crime to increase, subsidence, suicide, swordfish in the Baltic, Tabasco tragedy, taxes, tectonic plate movement, teenage drinking, terrorism, threat to peace, ticks move northward (Sweden), tides rise, tigers eat people, tomatoes rot, tornado outbreak, tourism increase, trade barriers, trade winds weakened, traffic jams, transportation threatened, tree foliage increase (UK), tree growth slowed, trees in trouble, trees less colourful, trees more colourful, trees lush, tropics expansion, tropopause raised, truffle shortage, truffles down, turtles crash, turtle feminised, turtles lay earlier, UFO sightings, UK coastal impact, UK Katrina, uprooted - 6 million, Vampire bats, Vampire moths, Venice flooded, violin decline, volcanic eruptions, volcanic eruptions redux, Iceland volcano eruption, walrus pups orphaned, walrus stampede, war, war between US and Canada, wars over water, wars sparked, wars threaten billions, wasps, water bills double, water scarcity (20% of increase), water stress, weather out of its mind, weather patterns awry, Western aid cancelled out, West Nile fever, whales lose weight, whales move north, whales wiped out, wheat yields crushed in Australia, wildfires, wind shift, wind reduced, wine - harm to Australian industry, wine industry damage (California), wine industry disaster (US), wine - more English, wine - England too hot, wine -German boon, wine - no more French , wine passé (Napa), wine stronger, winters in Britain colder, winter in Britain dead, witchcraft executions, wolves eat more moose, wolves eat less, workers laid off, World at war, World War 4, World bankruptcy, World in crisis, World in flames, Yellow fever.

Best Explanation Of A Politician.

While stitching the hand of a 75 year old farmer, whose hand was caught in the squeeze gate while working cattle, the doctor struck up a conversation with the old man.

Eventually, the topic got around to politicians and their role as our leaders.

The old farmer said, "Well, as I see it, most politicians are 'Post Turtles'."

Not being familiar with the term, the doctor asked him what a 'post turtle was.

The old farmer [rancher] said, "When you're driving down a country road and you come across a fence post with a turtle balanced on top, that's a post turtle."

The old farmer saw the puzzled look on the doctor's face so he continued to explain. "You know he didn't get up there by himself, he doesn't belong up there, he doesn't even know what to do while he's up there, he's elevated beyond his ability to function, and you just wonder what kind of dumb arse put him up there to begin with."

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