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Friday, February 12, 1999

In lieu of a fully-functioning memory during these shortened Winter days, I'm relegated to making and carrying hand-written lists around. Do this, do that, do this, do that. When at work or home, my computers keep me on track with appointments; merely print out the list of to do's, and go. I've looked into PIMs, HandPilots, PalmPilots, CEs and all kinds of other gadgets designed to help with time and resource management. Most are ineffective at best, underpowered, overly expensive though prices are dropping and fairly clumsy to use. Conversely, I have to make notes and enter the information as soon as I return to either the office or home, in order to keep the machines updated. Sometimes, I have so many pieces of paper with notes that I feel like a walking recycle station. And recycle we do into notepads and sshit paper for further use. Such handheld devices on a Lilliputian scale are for others, not me. Besides, my MontBlanc "Meisterstuck" Pen would be unemployed, and I'm very fond of it. My Dad gave it to me for my 49th Birthday. It's the finest writing instrument in the world today.

Clinton The Scumbag.
shit-for-brains Billy Boy still can't figure it out: he's impeached and guilty in the Nation's eyes as a liar and obstructor of justice. Yet he's ready to celebrate the likely acquittal by the cowardly US Senate as a victory, beating the odds. How f*cking pathetic that he has no morals or ethics, no sense of right or wrong.
And now, the slithering, lowlife, lying slimeball, Sid The Squid Blumenthal is also implicated in perjury, on behalf of Clinton. He's a well-known liar, wife beater and ultra lib-Dem scumbag, who secretly smeared Lewinsky and numerous Republicans with scandalous rumors about irrelevant, past sexual indiscretions. Now, hopefully, he'll get what's coming to him: he'll make some 400lb smelly convict a nice girlfriend in prison. Don't bend over to pick up the soap, Sid!
Perhaps The US Senate is worse than both of the above morons. 100 cowardly old scumbags and scumbitches Republicans and Democrats afraid to do the right thing and remove Clinton from office, have now compromised US Law by allowing perjury and obstruction of justice as okay. There are now different levels of crime for different people, and the president is above all US Laws. Pathetic indeed that those 100 lowlifes are afraid of voting their consciences; afraid of being unemployed by the f*cked-up American Voter who thinks Clinton did nothing wrong in perjuring himself five times and obstructing justice twice.
The pathos also manifests itself in the media, none of whom got it right, except this writer at The Times of London. The US media are collectively shithead liberal filth, themselves and are immune to morals and ethics guiding their thoughts and actions. 99% are mere shills for The White House.
While the Senate cowers, only Henry Hyde and The House Managers had the morals, ethics and guts to pursue the criminal Clinton.
As a card-carrying Eagle Scout November 1963 I agree with this Scouter that the lowlife Clinton should return coveted Silver Buffalo Award because of his lack of character.
Arlen Specter is scum, plain and simple filth. Our so-called Republican US Senator from Pennsylvania caved even before the debate was over and joined two other GOP cowards in voting to acquit Clinton. The slimy f*ck betrayed his constituents and gave Clinton another pass, without voting his conscience. Remember, Specter used to be a Democrat, but switched parties almost ten years ago. Or did he? Apparently not. I voted for him twice, but will not again. If a recall movement is started, I'll join that action quickly.
The filthy, stinking, sexuallly compromised Janet "The " Reno bitch, Clinton's protector and lawyer, is beginning an investigation of Judge Ken Starr. She's protected and shielded the criminal Clintonites, but goes after the independent counsel whose investigation led to Bubba The shithead's impeachment.
Meanwhile, the real criminal acts Clinton has been involved in continue to go unnoticed by the media, uninvestigated by the DOJ and unpunished by the Law. What a f*cking great country we live in.
God save the country from the now inevitable.

Good Riddance, Mikey Boy.
Getting this psycho lowlife off the streets and back in jail where he belongs was a good day's work for the US Legal System. Tyson's a convicted rapist, convicted of three other, separate assaults and has virtually no functioning brain left. He has no concept of right and wrong; prison is where he belongs. Enjoy your comfy cell, Mikey boy.

Well, Well, Well.
The lifeblood of any garden center or nursery is water. Lots of it.
When I built this 20acre complex 9 years ago, I had two 6" diameter wells drilled: one at 220ft yielding 10 gal/min, the other at 280ft yielding 12 gal/min. Having tens-of-thousands of perennials, shrubs and trees to irrigate every day all year long, a huge and continuous supply of potable water is critical. With the drought we've had for the past two years, the wells run down and stop very easily. Plus, the gal/min flow is slowly decreasing over the years.
I made the decision to drill another well and try to find a commercial grade flow of close to 30-40 gal/min. So I brought back the same driller who'd hit the previous two wells in '90. This time, I told him to drill an 8" diameter hole to 300ft; the 10" wasn't necessary, yet. My landscape foreman got his divining rods or dowsers out and located 5-6 spots, took cross readings and settled on the strongest reading.
Bad news. The drillers went 68ft and hit 30 gal/min, but that's considered mere surface water at that depth and has a tendency to dry up during drought. They went to 308ft and stopped. Net net: not reliable, so let's try a 6" hole along the same vein of water, but farther away from the first drill site. That one also ended as a dry hole: 2 gal/min.
We found another vein across my back road and they set up the rig and drilled that one to 300ft: 10 gal/min. Still not good enough for a commercial nursery.
I took the dowser sticks (forsythia) down to the front of my 20acres and found another hot spot; a most unusual 20ft circular formation. After drilling another 6" hole, we came up with 22 gal/min: a winner! We went down 300ft and the final flow is the same. In late Spring or early Summer, I'll have the well drillers come back to open it up to an 8" hole, thereby increasing the flow measurably.
I closed the 2 gal/min well, but left the casings in the other wells. They're extra, added insurance in case my two current 9 year old wells go down. Down the road, I'll probably construct a 30,000 gallon cistern (reservoir), pump from the new wells during the day to fill the cistern, and irrigate from it at night. Short of finding a commercial grade vein of water, that's the only logical option I have left.
The 6" holes cost $1700 each and the 8" hole cost $3500. It was a damned expensive week.

Execute The Filth.
No, it's not about the subhuman filth murderers; it's about the victims and their survivors.
How can anyone extend mercy to subhuman filth; read the interview which sealed it for me on their execution.
Who speaks for the victims? Do the injured or dead forfeit all rights? Hell, no. whack the stinking, subhuman, filthy criminals! What is the problem with this f*cked up society? Jeeeez, I would enjoy the living shit out of executing that subhuman garbage. They rape, torture and brutally murder others, then want forgiveness and leniency. Bullshit. Terminate with extreme prejudice.
And this piece-of-shit monk finally got his just reward after 18 years of life; his two victims have been dead all this time.
Hey, religious zealot, lowlife liberal, scumbag, braindead nun: crawl into the cell with the murderer of your choice and offer to cook breakfast for him/ her, and see how fast they f*ck you up or whack you. I'd love to drag your tortured, dead, rotting carcass out of the cell with a hook-&-chain. You liberal, bed wetting, hand wringing, garbage filth make me puke.
And execute this Unabomber piece-of-shit, too. Mentally-ill murderers don't deserve any special consideration. Murder is murder, after all is said and done.
Throw all the whining liberal scum-filth into prison with the murderers, rapists, armed robbers, child molesters and traitors, who they're so concerned about, and let's see what happens. Make sure the victims' families can see it all, too.

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.
It exploded 36 years ago (1963) this month, and the World has never been the same. The "it" was The Beatles and I still remember every word of every song they wrote and sang, when they changed the face of music.
I have the original 9 or 10 Capitol Record 45rpm records and all of the albums in their original jackets; they're appraised at just under $6,550, but I probably won't ever sell them. They're part of an extensive 60s and 70s vinyl collection.
Those days were good memories, until things like VietNam crept into the picture; then it got ugly.

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