Friday, February 13, 2004

yeah, yeah, yeah, I've heard all the various-and-sundry pundits on both sides of aisle, predicting that it's going to be a very close election in November. Bravo Sierra. President Bush is going to wipe the political floor, with the traitorous, cowardly, hate-America, hate-Bush punk, John F(ucking) Kerry, or whatever lowlife, degenerate, liberal *Perfumed Pig* the demokkkRATs put up against him. Don't think so? Guess again. Liberals and demokkkRATs are emblematic of treason, sedition, appeasment and cowardice. It won't be a landslide massacre on the order of what X40 Ronaldus Magnus Reagan did to Mikey Du-ka-ka, back in 1980, but it'll be a clear, concisive win, nonetheless. Truly, extreme liberalism is a mental disease, and the American Voter is finally recognizing that fact. Yes, it matters who gets elected in November. Not voting or voting for a "turd party" isn't the answer. Millions are finally waking-up to the dangers and horrors a liberal-demokkkRAT poses to our Constitutional Republic and our American Way Of Life. What would ensue, class warfare in disguise, is too terrible to rationally contemplate. Liberals, demokkkRATs and liberal-demokkkRATs cannot be trusted on any salient national issue, especially on what really counts: 1) Homeland Security/Defense, 2) The War On Terrorism, 3) Illegal Immigration, and 4) The Economy. Lib-dem garbage cannot be trusted on anything; period. They have a severe disconnect between the rhetoric and the reality. They're wholesale liars, traitors, socialists, seditionists, cowards, commies, America-haters and NWOers. The truth has gone AWOL with those lib-dem losers, and MainStream America sees it. Finally.

Around The Garden Center.
Last Friday's ice/sleet/freezing rain/snow storm wreaked havoc in York and Lancaster Counties, as well as in Northern Maryland; accidents everywhere and traction problems, aplenty. I logged-on at 4am, when I got up to feed my two condo cats, and saw the regional weather radar maps, showing the massive storm, heading up from the Gulf, and dumping upon the Mid-Atlantic Region. Rather than risking an accident, and since I'd supplied Pickle with 2-3 days of dry food, I opted to stay home and wait until the local, county and state road crews got plenty of salt and cinders on the roads. Floods everywhere! Ooooops, looks like we're running out of road salt, after this snow event. Holy shit! Better buy some more in, guys; we've got approximately 50 days of Winter remaining. Now we've got flooded roads all over the area to deal with, too, as the snows rapidly melt.
Looking for The Savage Nation? Direct audio feed, right here. Here's the handy Radio Program Locator, to help you out, if you need additional radio station URLs, for any reason.
Here's Doc Savage's "review" of Mel Gibson's new film, The Passion. Not much of a review; more of an obligatory commentary, as a payback for the pic on his website.
"Researchers said on Thursday they had taken another step toward understanding how plants split water into hydrogen and oxygen atoms — which may provide a cheap way to produce clean-burning hydrogen fuel. Producing hydrogen from water is the stuff of science fiction — and some comments by US President George Bush. But the team at Imperial College London and Japan Science and Technology Corp, in Yokohama said they had taken the best pictures yet of the plant structures that do it every day." KEWL!
Happy •40th• Anniversary, Beatles! I remember, with great fondness, The Ed Sullivan Show, in 1964, and The Beatles premiere, in America. W-o-w, do I feel old! 40 years ago. Seems longer than that, somehow.
Reason # 211 why I carry concealed.
Is the government Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finally getting wise to the carb factor?
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, chili.
The flu nailed me last Sunday, and continued through mid-week. I have no idea *where* it came from. I don't go to shopping malls or doctor's offices, where the sickly hang out. I assiduously avoid crowded places. I frequently wash my hands with antibacterial soap. I'm drinking copious amounts of orange juice (with vodka). Dunno, actually.
After 2 weeks of roof antenna vibration problems with my office's new broadband service provider-ISP, MTWireFree, Doug and Hugh got the antenna stabilized and I'm back on the air at 512k+, up/down synchronous connection, at the office. Hot damn, sure beats the freaking 56k dial-up!
McGraw-Hill-Irwin Co's new textbook features, in the 7th Edition — publish date yet to be released — of Introduction To Consumer Behavior and Marketing Strategy, features in Chapter One, page 3. Here's a mock-up of the galley-proof I received on Thursday, for my approval. Quite an honor, to be sure. If it's linked online, I will also link to it. Otherwise, I've requested a hard-copy, when it's due out.

Terrorist cells operating in 40 states? The government knows it and has done nothing, except keep the borders unguarded and wide open. Terrorists are all over the damned place. More stories about sleeper terrorist cells in the US, here.
US Sen John "Brainless" McCcain (RINO-AZ) is s lowlife liberal traitor, a coward and a scumbag. Crawl back into your slimy hole, McCain asswipe.
Happy 93rd Birthday, President Reagan.
Gov Bob Taft (R-OH) approved one of the country's most-far reaching gay-marriage bans on Friday, saying its adoption was urgent because the nation's first legally sanctioned same-sex weddings could take place as early as this spring in Massachusetts. In otherwords: homoism is subhuman, lowlife deviancy and must be outlawed at all costs. I agree, in toto. Bravo, Governor Taft!
Stand the lowlife, seditionist, lying, degenerate, scumbag, traitorous former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill (TRAITOR-TX), up against a wall.
whack the NEA; just defund it, dammit!
Conservatives angered at GW Bush? Gimme a break, folks. What's the alternative? A liberal-demokkkRAT in The White House for the next four years? Republicans becoming as corrupt as the demokkkRATs are? No freaking way! Truth be told: they're all corrupt. Just two different sides of the same coin. Sadly true.
Thievery by the US Government, of private lands in the west, continues.
NYC Mayor Mikey "ass-Boy" Bloomberg (LIBERAL-NY), is a degenerate lowlife scumbag, for his hatred of the Second Amendment. He's already ruined NYC.

John F(ucking) Kerry (TRAITOR-MA).
Kerry = lying, asswipe scumbag. A Massachusettes-liberal liar and traitor, in the "tradition" of murderous, alcoholic, bloated, drug-addicted, garbage, scumbag, US Sen Teddie-Turd-Boy "Chappadiquiddick Swimmer" Kennedy. He's a moron. He's a liar. He's a criminal. He's a fake, a phony and a fraud. Kerry's a dirtbag, lowlife subhuman, piece of seditionist shit. Here's a good recap of his hugely-flawed record of deceipt and dishonesty. Kerry is a lying scumbag traitor.
Ol' shit-for-brains Ketchup Boy Kerry continues to speak first, think later. He's a lowlife ass-boy, who leeches off of rich bitches. He's never held a real job; he's never done an honest day's work in his entire, pathetic life. His phony, lib-dem bitch-whore wife, Teresa Heinz, is a lowlife, loudmouthed deviant bitch.
John F(ucking)Kerry is a traitorous piece of commie, socialist, cowardly filth. He's a piece of shit. Garbage. Trash, A liar, coward, a fake. shit. A scumbag. A degenerate. A punk. A turd. A fraud. Kerry's a phony gasbag. Kerry's a traitor to America. Any questions, lib-dem filth?
Yes, Kerry's a fake, a fraud and a phony. He's unfit for anything, but pigshit. He's a traitor.
Kerry diddles interns? Like disgraced, impeached, ex-president, liar-in-chief, lowlife scumbag, Bubba Jeffy Klintoon? Kerry is shit!

Liberal-demokkkRAT Losers.
Screw the f*cking Canadian hate-America asswipes.
And while we're at it: screw the hate-America/Islamic terrorist-lover filth in Mexico.
The left-wing wacko NY Slimes's Krugman l-i-e-s?; I'm just shocked. Krugman is one of the worst pieces of lowlife dogshit on this planet. His head's so far up his biased homo ass he can't see daylight. Abject liberal stinking garbage. Phew!
Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley, the corrupt liberal-demokkkRAT sonofabitch, is ruler for life. Where's Lee Harvey Oswald when Cook County really needs him?
Terry McAwful's head's up his lib-dem ass. He's filth.
Liberal-demokkkRATs are traitorous, subhuman, pigshit.
Chrissy Matthews, the lib-dem fag, has his panties in a bunch, once again.
Any doubt that AlGoreBore is mentally-ill? Here's proof.
Lib-dem-owned New York City, is shit.
Costco Wholesale Corp Chairman Jeffrey Brotman and CEO James Sinegal gave $95,000 each in December to a political fund that aims to defeat President Bush in the November election, records filed with the Internal Revenue Service show. Costco is dogshit.
Harold Ford Jr is a lying scumbag.

Lowlife, Degenerate, Lowlife Subhuman Filth.
Wake-up, America. Search the filthy mosques of the murderous, degenerate islamic subhuman garbage, as that's where all the weapons and hate-America literature/films are stored. Bulldoze the mosques and schools (madrassas), stand the imams up against a wall, and shoot them. Muslims are lowlife, degenerate, deviant subhuman terrorist filth.
Yes, wipe al-Jazeera Ialamic Muslim pigshit filth, off the face of the Earth. whack all the terrorists!
Sensitivity training for police about filthy Muslim terrorists? Bullshit! Deport all of the murderous Islamic subhuman terrorists.
Bravo, Israel! Keep Killing the subhuman Islamic garbage.
Salvery reparations? Are you folks kidding? Not going to happen. Ever.
A struggle for the soul of Islam? Personally, I don't believe either Islam or Muslims, have a soul. Good article, though.
Muslim/ Islamic terrorists should not be sentenced to jail time; they should be executed and buried facedown, in liquid pigshit.
I'd sure like to be in South Africa, after the racist pig-shit Mandella dies, so that the Marxists could try to attack and whack me. My AR-15 and AR-10 would whack so many of the suhbhumans, that it would be righteous and great fun. C'mon : time to die, Marxist subhumans.
Diana Ross sentenced to 48hrs in jail, for a DUI? Yawn. Jail the lowlife bitch.
The fat, bloated, sweaty, lesbian, alcoholic, bull-dyke, drug-addicted pig, Rosie O-Donnell, wiped tears away from her bloated botox, AIDS-riddled fat face, just minutes after the final performance of her shitty Broadway musical, "Taboo" over the weekend.Good riddance, whorebag filth, and to your pathetic lesbian "play". May you go bankrupt soon, and crawl about the gutters and sewers, where you belong, sleazoid bitch.
Speaking of lowlife, degenerate, subhumans, the Muslim Student association's terrorist supporters (MSA), needs to be tracked down, arrested, tortured and whacked. End terrorism, whack terrorists. whack all the Muslim-Islamists in America. whack them all. whack them.
North Carolina has issued nearly 400,000 driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants with no social security number. North Carolina is traitorous pigshit. The government of North Carolina cares nothing for the laws of our Nation, or the security of American Citizens. Rise up and overthrow the filth! Violently, if need be. Fran Shubert (CONSERVATIVE-NC) for governor! Charge, track-down, arrest, torture, and execute the other subhumans. Like this dirtbag, US Rep Jim "Baghdad Jimbo" McDermott (SCUMFILTH-MI). Along with the lib-dem filth, Mike Thompson and David Bonior, both of Michigan's Islamic/Muslim garbage community, which needs to be deported en masse, or stand them against a wall.
A federal judge Monday ruled that Iowa's law prohibiting sex offenders from living within 2,000 feet of a school or child-care center is unconstitutional. The Iowa Legislature enacted the law in 2002 in an effort to keep sexual predators away from children. Critics called the law barbaric for essentially banishing sex offenders from most Iowa communities. U.S. degenerate District Judge Robert Pratt concluded the law violated the rights of sex offenders in several ways. Stand Pratt-shit up against a wall.
whack all murderous, Muslim terrorist, Islamic filth. whack all of them, wherever they are. Find them and whack them. f*ck Cry me a river, Muslim garbage. Bravo, anti-Muslim advocates! All Muslim terrorists need to be found and whacked, mercilessly. Eyptian Islamics are cowardly pigshit, and need to be whacked. Why are we supporting the murderous Egyptian Muslim garbage cowards? whack them all!
whack the Marxist filth in Zimbabwe Rhodesia. whack the subhuman garbage.
If true, try, convict and whack this Muslim subhuman U.S. Army National Guardsman piece of pigshit. whack him.
Use pig-fat and lard on Muslim shitfilth, everywhere. Contaminate them all. F*ck them up!
Why is this lowlife, subhuman dirtbag lesbian garbage, accorded, marriage? They're less-than-humans, subhuman trash. They deserve death. Any questions, liberal-demokkkATs? Ummmm, thought so.
whack the Mexican murderers, subhuman filth garbage. whack all of them.

Some People Just Need Killing™.
RIP, little Carlie Brucia. May your murderer, tattooed ex-con Joseph Peter Smith, 37, die a horrible and seriously s-l-o-w, painful death. I'd seriously enjoy torturing and Killing him, myself.
I don't give a rat's ass what either of the Beltway Sniper Muslim subhumans' lives were like; both deserve to die for murdering 13+ innocents.
Appropriate punishment for rapists, IMO. Nice going, folks.
A Queens sock vendor pleaded guilty yesterday to molesting and impregnating his girlfriend's 8-year-old daughter and faces 20 years in prison, prosecutors said. Chancellor Drayton, 44, of 4-21 27th Ave in Astoria, was charged with first-degree rape. Wrong: scum needs to die. Not 20 years.
Two South Florida boys are charged with the sexual battery of a 10-year-old girl at an elementary school. Okay, jail them until they're 18; then execute each of the subhumans.
This convicted, murderous Cooper scumbag scum needs to die, pronto.
Both of these murderous subhumans need to die for the murders of their pregnant wives.

Vote By Issue Quiz.
Forget about red-faced rants and ketchup heiress spouses for a minute. PBS Online News Hour and Boston NPR affiliate WBUR invite prospective Democratic voters to blind taste test the candidates on the basis of their platforms rather than their personalities. The premise of this site is simple: read unattributed statements from the seven remaining candidates on 14 topics (tax cuts, gun laws, national security, same-sex marriage, education, etc). Click on the statements that you agree with most. At the end of the quiz, you're presented with a political report card revealing who said what. Tally up who got most of your votes, then decide if your candidate is actually electable. Voila.

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