"Only in Texas is it illegal to criticize dead meat."

hypocrisy 'r us
Friday, February 13, 1998

isn't it ironic that as well as being the land of diversity, we're also the land of hypocrisy? Sure, diversity is necessary to keep the human species alive and well, but saying one thing and doing another is ultimately unhealthy. Do we really need 106 brands of shampoo or 217 breakfast cereals? Umm, probably not. But, as a nation, we prosecute the tobacco companies for what they've done to millions of peoples' health, yet allow them to continue to dispense an addictive drug, nicotine, through a lethal delivery system (read cigarette). Not to mention the cancer, emphysema and heart disease aspects of the problem. (Okay, okay I'm a shit-for-brains Marlboro smoker.) The FDA winks and allows meat packers to grind up dead animal remains to be fed back to living animals who we then eat and get serious disease from. Some states own and run liquor stores (Penna is one) yet have massive DUI programs and harsh penalties for offenders who buy from the state stores and do stupid things like driving while impaired. Double standards of morals and ethics are both prevalent and on parade on a daily basis Clinton readily comes to mind and while he'll probably get a pass on his latest intern-affair, others suffer terrible personal and professional consequences.

Dead Meat.
I have never been and am not now a fan of Oprah Winfrey. Her kind of trash TV and so-called urin-alism (journalism) is blatant garbage; in the genre of that scumbag, Geraldo Rivera. It's a major stretch of any rational-thinking human's imagination to call that drech newsworthy material. Yet the case she's involved in speaks to the very core of the First Amendment for everyone, and is worth following for it's redeeming legal value.
Reading some of the press accounts of what's happened so far illustrates how a government-protected cartel of scumbags can bend The Constitution to their own liking and get away with it publicly, in a so-called court of law. The system sucks. Circumventing USFDA food and health laws in 3 of 5 meat processing plants and not being called for it tells anyone with a brain that the government inspectors are in on the scam, too. The lines of responsibility and accountability seem to diverge rather than converge.
There's no sense of public outrage as long as there's plenty of Big Macs and Whoppers on special promotion locally. 2 for $1! Hey honey, grab a bagful of dead meat burgers for me and the kids for tonite when we watch the Super Stupor-Bowl. Ridiculous? You bet your life.
How the people in the Cattlemen's association figured out that free speech impacted their market several million dollars in value is beyond anyone with a functioning brain. They simply needed someone to blame for wavering market factors. Don't get me wrong: I love an 6oz or 8oz filet mignon, but would give it up in a heartbeat if that would silence their delusional rationalizations of who can we blame next for our own troubles?
I doubt the trial will be fair, since it's being held in the homestate of the Cattlemen's association. We'll see.

Clinton Gets Another Pass.
This whole sordid scenario boggles the rational-thinking person's mind. Clinton will, it seems, get away with another huge batch of public lies and denials while a sluttish, 24-year old White House intern gets fried in court. While she deserves legal problems for lying too, he's the one who needs and deserves prosecution (read impeachment). Fat f*cking chance. Ken Starr hasn't accomplished shit so far with Whitewater, Filegate and whatever else he's investigating 3 1/2 years and $35 million later and he seems to have botched this one, too.
Represented by an incompetent, bumbling, attention-craving, ambulance-chasing attorney, the intern, her story and all relevant facts are now becoming secondary to the personalities involved. From the judge to the special counsel, the defense attorneys and subservient players, what matters is the public perception of what happened, and not what really happened.
Afflicted with a severe lack of short term memory, the American public (collectively speaking) is refusing to believe a plethora of facts about Clinton that coincide with a demonstrated past of philandering, womanizing and misogamy since his draft-evading, pot-smoking college days.
America's tolerance of immorality and unethical behavior in high places has increased since 92 when Clinton got into The White House; we all (collectively speaking) blinked and suddenly, there he was. I didn't vote for him either time, and I'm damned proud of it. But we're all suffering as the very moral fabric becomes severely tattered and the bar noticeably lowered.
And this judge, one of Bubba's former students, is one of the main reasons he'll get a pass. She's an honest and hardworking judge, but uses her husband for a sounding board; he admires Clinton's prowess with women. Read his so-called comment about Slick Willie's sexual feats. The system rolls onward and downward into the unethical abyss.

The Lack of Morals.
Between the lying, philandering, womanizing Clinton and this piece-of-shit DNC Chairman Roemer, the liberal Democrats have enough ethics and morality to half-fill a thimble. Almost the same could be said about some of the GOP folks; it cuts both ways.
Face it: f*cking is f*cking, no matter how the words are cloaked in semantic garb. This scumbag Roemer lied to everyone in both 90 and 94; it seems that liberals still have that infamous truth block in their limited vocabulary. Try to pull a Clinton seems to be in vogue now. A private detective filmed Roemer; the Lewinsky bimbo was taped.
What the hell is wrong with the American public? Can't we (collectively speaking) see through this shit? Is it that dense? Questions, questions, questions... How about some answers?

Feet First.
Slick Willie The Bubba will probably get away with this whole sordid, immoral mess with the Lewinski woman. It is almost certain he won't resign peaceably; it'll require impeachment and horny, naked women to get him out of the Oval Office. Or a visit from Hitlery, thoroughly pissed-off that he loused up her last couple of years in The White House. Or carrying the Bubba out feet first. After prying his cold, dead hands from any (pick one) 21-year old intern's panties.
After almost 4 years and $35 million (okay, okay I've said this before...), the so-called special counsel, Ken Starr, just can't get quality convictions on anyone. Sure, a few low-level idiots were convicted and jailed, but the real culprits Bill and Hillary are still roaming unfettered and free to sin again.

Crooked Cabinet.
As a brief aside here: fully half (50%) of Clinton's original White House Cabinet level members in 1993 have either died, have been or are being investigated, have been indicted or convicted of crimes. And it's not over yet; there's a few more scenarios to be played out. This fact alone speaks volumes about ethics and morality in this corrupt administration of liberal Democrats.
Here's the scorecard so far. And it looks very sad for Bubba's initial boast of "the most ethical administration in US history." Just another of his many lies.
The latest lying crook is the Babbitt scumbag; truly a liar not well-versed in that fine art as Clinton is. The Senate Committee spotted his lies last year and warned him about treading on thin ice, but he ignored it and kept lying. Now, he'll probably pay with perjury charges, unless anothe deal is cut behind-the-scenes.

Military Terms.
Since a (so-called) war with the towel-head dogs from Iraq is imminent, becoming familiar with the special military jargon will be all the more important, as soon all we'll hear are incessant reports from (scum-)Baghdad.
You can bet the talking heads from the TV media are already studying the phrases; they'll be living that scenario for quite a while. If we'd have whacked the son-of-a-bitch back in 91, we wouldn't have to be doing this exercise all over again. But, there are new weapons that need testing and a real war is an excellent test-bed for that. A no-brainer here, right?
What's really amazing are the dozens of countries who still believe that a peaceful, negotiated solution is possible with that towel-headed piece of shit, Saddam (aka Sodomy Insane). He needs to be whacked and the entire government overthrown. very special Special Forces troops could, with medium difficulty, accomplish that. But the occupation of a country of 23 million would be of inestimable cost for the US; something we're not willing to do again. Does Vietnam mean anything?
Stroking the situation in a foreign war is one way for a president to divert attention from his (or her) woes to another theater of public viewing. Distract the public's attention on the homefront, fight and win a no-brainer against a bunch of illiterate towel-heads and presto: no one remembers what was happening before it all started. They don't call him Slick Willie The Bubba for nothing.
Hell, the world may be fighting the Russian commie sons-of-bitches too. It seems they've been selling and supplying illegal materials and weapons for years, behind the world's back and under their noses, to the towel-headed scum in Iraq. Even though they said they're not commie filth anymore, I've never trusted Russia. Nuke the scum, too.

At last, someone with a brain. California's governor, Pete Wilson, has had enough of this shit about prisoner rights and privileges. The subhuman scum should have none, so he's taken away weight-lifting and law books. Good move for starters, Pete.
For two years, I'd advocated taking away anything resembling privileges when anyone commits a crime, they should automatically forfeit all rights and privileges and punish these scum to the fullest extent of the law. Put the filth to work in a constructive mode. Forget license plates; they can be made more efficiently by private firms. Use the prisoner scum to do work no one else wants to do. Like medical experiments and ...
Now, I doubt Pete reads this weekly Journal, but at least someone else sees these societal misfits and criminals in the same light as I do. Good, solid thinking, people.
I disagree about the rehabilitation part of their slimy liberal philosophy. I believe more should be executed: all murderers, rapists and child molesters should have one (1) appeal within a one (1) year period, and then be terminated with extreme prejudice. No exceptions. Bang zoom: end of problem(s).

Fry The Bitch.
No tears here; another murderess scheduled to die for what she's done. Just as the Tucker scum died from lethal injection, this murderess needs to die. I'll be cheering the person who pulls the switch.
Seems this woman is also from Texas, as was Tucker; wonder if it's something in the water down there?
I take particular delight in hearing about a murderer being executed. Rapists and child molesters should also be terminated. What? Sounds harsh? I'm playing God? No, not at all. Society is doing what should be done to protect its citizens from subhuman filth.

The Gore Whore.
Al I didn't do anything wrong and I won't do it again Gore is a scumbag, pure and simple. He's on the take, just as Slick Willie The Bubba is. Those liberals are garbage; bought and sold by a bunch of stinking foreigners for pennies.
I'm sick of our so-called government whores selling out for penny-ante change; this once again proves Clinton, Gore and all related filth are political sluts, taking what they can get behind-the-scenes and selling American principles out for pennies. Typical liberal lowlifes.

Bad Weather.
The El Nino phenomena is wreaking havoc everywhere. While the east coast has had a lack of weather so far this Winter, Californians are getting too much weather right now. Fortunately, my sister's home in Mill Valley, just north of San Francisco, is up on a hill and isn't in danger from the flooding; unfortunately, mud slides are a very real possibility there. Seems all the neighbors are tarping hillsides to allow the rains to run-off and not dislodge the saturated ground any further than it already is.

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One or several of my older Journal entries pops up every time amongst the many entries. Amazing what's archived by those busy little web-crawler spiders.
I wonder how many other phrases I've used about Bubba and Hitlery are now permanently cross-indexed somewhere out there for posterity?

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