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Friday, February 15, 2002

t simply means "begging the question" — that the truth of the conclusion is assumed by the premises; often, the conclusion is simply restated in the premises in a slightly different form; in more difficult cases, the premise is a consequence of the conclusion — and it can be readily applied to The Massacre of September 11th. While the disgraced, impeached, lying Bubba Jeffy Clintoon and his feckless band of criminals fiddled and diddled, terrorism grew at an unprecedented rate worldwide and domestically, and they cowered, acquiesced and appeased terrorist nations with a policy of cowardice while hiding the truth from America, all for re-election in '96. That 3,100 innocents paid the ultimate price and W is handed a war, isn't the condemning point; rather it is that BJ Clintoon is still trying to manipulate the facts and build his legacy through lies, spin and personal deviancy. Still worse, almost 36% of America continue to view both the criminal Clintoons favorably; seemingly oblivious to their crimes, treason and sedition. I consider anyone who voted for Clintoon, still either supports or looks upon his/her criminal asses favorably, as traitors. Knowing that — despite all the facts which have and are now coming to light — s/he'll never be tried, convicted and sentenced for so many heinous crimes against America and its trusting Citizens, I feel ill. I need a refill of Glenfiddich. Make it a double adult beverage.

Around The Garden Center.
In the short space of a week, we've gotten really busy. Not only are we trying to prepare for the York Mid-Atlantic Garden & Flower Show, February 28 - March 3rd, at The York Fairgrounds Exhibition Halls, we're out landscaping a condominium project. I called in the A-Team and we spent a week getting a double cluster of 10 units done.
This article was not unexpected, but disturbing, nonetheless. Pressure-treated timber — injected under great pressure with Chromated Copper Arsenate (inorganic arsenic), a pesticide that prevents weathering, rot and pest infestation, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — is now banned, in part no rational thanks to the idiot parents of a Downs child, in the aforementioned article. Any moronic parents who'd let a child eat CCD shavings/dust should be imprisoned. The building and landscape industries both use the hell heck out of this product, IF one is not stupid enough to inhale the dust or fumes, like so too many do. Simply apply common sense, folks. They've effectively ruined the industry by the abject stupidity of end-users. The shit-for-brains EPA has hundreds of materials so much more dangerous than PT Timber, to investigate and regulate. What a load of shit and a loss for all of us.
The water situation is looking grim here in York County: Gov. Mark Schweiker on Tuesday declared a drought emergency for 24 counties in eastern and southern Pennsylvania. Susquehanna Valley counties — York County is where I live — are among those affected. State officials said the way things are going, this could be worse than the drought of 1999, so now they're asking Pennsylvanians conserve water. So far, the area is 13 inches behind in rainfall. Reservoirs and creeks are at record low levels, and with no significant snow, things are only getting worse. A drought emergency means mandatory restrictions on nonessential water uses can be imposed, and probably will, unless we get a 36"+ snowfall soon.
Gas prices have dropped to $1.14.9/gal (89 octane) over the past week, due, I'm guessing to continued low demand. Most stations are close to each other, until you drive down into Maryland; there's it 10-15% higher. Which explains the huge numbers of Maryland plates filling-up here in Pennsylvania. Natch.
In the Pennsylvania Dutch "tradition", Tuesday was "Fasnacht Day" or "Donut Day", and while the symbolism and general meaning are the same, the Amish don't get quite as rowdy as those crazies down on Bourbon Street. They just eat some donuts. Ummmm, I'll pass.
Governor Mark Schweicker has declared a drought emergency for 24 counties including York and Lancaster. The Governor is urging people to reduce their water use by 10 to 15%; groundwater levels are at historic lows in the affected areas. Mandatory water-use restrictions include not serving water in restaurants unless requested and closing down indoor and outdoor water fountains, artificial waterfalls, and pools unless they are needed to sustain aquatic life. The last time the area was in a drought emergency was the Summer of 1999. It took two hurricanes to get the emergency lifted at the end of September that year. It's looking grim for Spring.

The "halo" effect? Sure, W&Co are basking in the glow of an honest administration after 8 horrible years of the corrupt, sleazy Clintoon scum, and America is finally recognizing it. The War On Terrorism has also lent its stamp of approval to the Bush Administration. Be afraid; be very afraid lib-dem slimballs.
While the Euro-trash continue to bash America and bleat like the silly liberal lowlife idiots they are, one clear voice of reason and a true friend of America and freedom — Margaret Thatcher — rings through the nasty French stench. It's well worth the read and yes, by all means, register; only takes 20secs or so.
A "bi-partisan Congressional probe into US intelligence failures"? Sounds like another whitewash job to me.
The idiot RINO (Republican In Name Only) Mikey "I'm a lefty liberal" Bloomberg, faux-mayor of NYC, wants to raise cigarette costs to almost $7.00 per pack, in the moronic belief that kids won't be able to afford them. Hey Bloomie, you stupid turd: Jersey's right across the river, and the new black market smuggling industry, which he'll automatically create by this dumb act, will be prolific. Also, Bloomie said he wanted to take the city out of the state’s bottle-redemption program, and instead use the nickel deposit consumers pay for containers at the time of purchase to fund recycling programs. Well, heck, there goes all the homeless bums' pocket money. That's gonna piss some people off. More shit-for-brains ideas from a RINO; and there goes NYC back into the sewer.

The Massacre of September 11th.
After reading this most lucid, coherent piece about the Saudi scum being behind it all, I'm for replacing this goat f*ckers humpers completely.
Meanwhile, 2,200 body parts are still unidentified in the morgue's body bags and families are having to supply more DNA samples tgo help identify the recovered bits and pieces.
While the US is nuking Iraq, it's also time to turn Iran into a piece of glass with 30 mega-ton nukes. Iranians are the subhuman towelhead filth who harbor and encourage Hizbollah, Muslim coward pork-sucking Allah filth Islamic garbage. whack 'em all. Hey, it's a pork fat thing!
To allow this Walker lowlife, traitorous piece of Marin Cty, CA dogshit, even the semblance of US Law, in a US Courtroom, is perverted. He deserves a fair trial, and then execution. We've set a bad precedent here. These are terrorists and murderers, not just common criminals. Huge difference.
When is the world going to wake-up and realize that the stinking Arab, fat lowlife Muslim turd, Yow-sir Arid-fart is just a Islamic terrorist, and needs Killing? I volunteer.
Another lowlife, pork-sucking Muslim towelhead Islamic scumbag bites the dust: Afghan officials want the former Taliass-head foreign minister who turned himself in Friday to be tried for crimes committed during the militant Islamic regime's rule. Mullah Wakil Ahmed Muttawakil was the highest-ranking known Taliban official to be taken into custody since American and British airstrikes began Oct. 7. By all means, give him a fair trial and then hang him.
Oooooooooooooooo geeeeeee whizz, Mo-ham-head scumbag pork-sucker: the lowlife Muslim shitfilth in Tehran are giving us a warning? Nuke the Islamic, Allah-boy-buggering scum. Turn the entire place into a glass tray. End of problem.
I love it: Iranians united against the USA! Bring it on, subhuman, towelhead, lowlife Muslim shitfilth Islamic scumbags. We can turn your 9th century shithole of a "country" into a "glass serving platter", boy-buggerers, in 5 minutes or less with a 30 kiloton Hydrogen Bomb. If my finger was on the trigger of the "Football", you'd have been "toast" 15-20 days ago. Bzzzzzzzzzzzz! Boooooooooooomn!
Nice opening ceremony for The Corrupt World Olympics, and a very moving tribute to The Massacre of September 11th Victims. I usually don't watch Olympic events, since the politics which pervades the judging is offensive and arrogant.
Federal agents began arresting thousands of men Monday as part of a crackdown on illegal aliens and investigation into terrorist activity. I've been saying do this! for the past 4.5 months. Finally, they're getting around to it.
Oh gee whiz, another "terrorist attack imminient"? Get these ugly, lowlife subhuman pork-sucking Allah-humping, sandidiot deviants outta the USA. I've been saying that for 5 months! Wake the hell up, FBI, INS and NSA. ID those diaperhead scum and let's round-'em up and execute/ deport the boy-buggerer Allah garbage. C'mon, give me a clean shot at that filth.
Oh golly gosh oh gee whiz: an "American woman" traitor whoredog bitch "dies mysteriously" after aiding lowlife, subhuman pork-sucking towelhead goat-f*ckerhumper, boy-buggerering Muslim garbage on September 11th? Why was that bitch out on bail? She was a witness And now that she's dead, burned beyond recognition, does it tell anyone that there are extremist Islamic-filth terrorist cells opertating in the US? I would freaking think so; even I can ascertain that one. She deserved death, hopefully painfully and horribly, IMO, for her treason.
Anyone still think that we're safe? We're not; read this and this. They're still here and soon ready to strike.
Examples on Wednesday: An attempted fuel tanker truck hijacking in North Carolina; Possible Teddy Bear bombs from Wal-Mart and an incident with a tow truck and multiple fake IDs at the Pentagon. In each case the participants are described as "middle eastern looking men". Racial profiling? You betcha. Round 'em up, and either deport or execute the towelhead scum.
Go ahead, DC; ID this lowlife subhuman Islamic diaperhead murderous Muslim shitscum with your new system. I don't live there, don't care and won't worry about it in Penna. ID 'em, round 'em up, intern 'em, try and convict 'em, execute 'em all is the best course. Dead terrorists do not commit crimes against innocents.
Federal authorities have "ratcheted-up" an investigation into suillegal alienions of money-laundering, weapons violations, and other aiding and abetting of terrorist groups by a militant sect of black Muslims that is operating out of rural communes throughout the United States. The Muslims of the America, a tax-exempt corporation registered in several states, has documented ties to al-f*ckra al-Fuqra, which has been linked to numerous firebombings and murders in the United States and Canada. Huh? numerous firebombings and murders in the United States and Canada? Why haven't we heard of these subhuman pork-sucking criminal diaperheads before this, so we can go on the offensive and hunt them down and whack them?

Lib-Dem Garbage.
US Sen Fritz Hollings (D-SC), a dottering old KKK redneck, who couldn't find his own ass with both hands, lashed-out at W&Co last week in the Enron Mess; wow, was he ever the perennial liar and misinformed idiot. Typical Hollings moron.
This is what happens when legal guns are removed from citizens: a massive increase in crime, since only criminals now have guns and can run rampant. This is why I have a CCW and carry a Glock Model 32/ .357sig or a Colt Trooper MkIII .357 Magnum 6". No damned lib-dem gun grabbers are ever gonna get those pieces away from me.
Good riddance to the lib-dem homo Michael "Would You Like To Have Sex, Little Boy?" Kinsley, former editor of MS' Slate junk e-zine. He quit, probably because of AIDS from all the queer bathhouses he's frequented. I sure hope it's a painful and slow demise. Everything that turd-eating lib wrote was junk; not a cogent word amongst the trash.
In 39 years of driving, my civilian weapons have never whacked — unlike Ted Kennedy whose Oldsmobile who's whacked more people than my Glock Model #32/ .357SIG — anyone, though I've come close. I then, I relented. After a few "adult beverages", I'll tell you the (NYC) story. Bring along another Depends®.
Politically correct Bibles? Read this; it'll make your blood boil at what the NOW-NAG FemiNazis have done.
Remember when the disgraced, impeached lying ex-president Bubba Jeffy and and ex-First Bitch Hitlery Rotten Clintoon looted The White House and took hundreds of things which didn't belong to them, as well as didn't report all the "gifts", as required by US Law, in 2001? The official report is out.
Little "Tommy The Dwarf" Dass-hole, D-SD and all-around lowlife lib-dem scumbag, is questioning W on The War On Terrorism. He's akin to any and all traitors the US has experienced. When are the people in SD gonna get rid of that midget scumbag?
Teddy "The Senile Wacko" Turner now says the 19 subhuman pork-sucking lowlife Muslim shitfilth Allah-moron terrorists who committed The Massacre of September 11th, were "brave, but probably a little nuts", and that "George Bush is like Caesar". Turner's a lowlife lib-dem extremist wacko moron, and his sterile ex-wifey bit, Jane "The Hanoi Whore" Fonda were both sterile, so luckily they couldn't breed and further pollute the already-affected gene pool.

Other Wacko Garbage.
Watch out, here comes the EU Euro-Trash scumbag whiners, carping about the US' unilateralism and willingness to take on terrorism, unlike the weak European cowards. I wish they'd crawl back under their slimy rocks and stay put.
This is laughable: Australia's idiots subhuman aboriginal lowlifes are filing a lawsuit over the kangaroo. In a copyright claim currently ruffling feathers — and furs — across Australia, Kevin Buzzacott, an aboriginal elder, has claimed that Qantas cannot use the flying kangaroo as a mascot without the permission of the marsupial's indigenous "owners". The Aussies should have exterminated the filth when they settled the country.
Funny that blacks don't mind profiling towelhead filth for terrorism, but get their collective panties in a bunch when they're profiled for crime, even though they commit 60% of the violent crime nationwide, yet represent only 13% of the population.
A counselor at a Mount Pleasant center for troubled teens was in serious condition at the Westchester Medical Center yesterday after surviving a savage attack by eight girls who police said beat her, set her afire and poured chlorine bleach on her face. Typical idiot — not black — behavior; send them back to the jungles where they belong.
Hey Japs: when you apologize to the World for the horrrendous atrocities your pathetic country intentionally committed before and during WWII, then I'll feel sorry for the couple of lowlifes who were accidentally drowned on the shitbox Ehime Maru, by a US Submarine. Until then, f*ck buzz off, quit wasting my time and go home, scumbags. PS - stay the hell out of the US Navy's way! They were doing what they were trained to do: whack people and break things.
This is hilarious: a lowlife named Ellis Cose, who is the consummate "victim", and who literarily confers the sorry mantle upon Successful American Blacks who've taken responsibility for their actions and made something worthwhile out of their lives, which he's afraid to do, so he hides behind the enablers at News-weak. This twerp's a true Uncle Tommie Boy, unable to comprehend why he's a weekly rag pencil pusher and writer of 4th rate paperbacks, and other American Blacks are running major US corporations. Ellis still has shit-for-brains, the lib-dems gave him, years ago.
All the whining blacks who are calling for the free handout of "reparations", should read this article on slavery, and their fellow blacks' involvement in it, from the very beginning and continuing through today. An eye opener.
Nooooooooo, I don't have the black guilt complex; get your own monies, scumbag racist bigots.

Execute This Subhuman Filth.
The death penalty is overused? What a load of shit shit. Gotta be hand-wringing, bed-wetting libs saying something as stupid as that; gotta be. And shit-for-brains Columbia University law professor James Liebman argues that seeking the death penalty in cases that do not involve highly aggravated — or reprehensible — crimes increases the chance of prosecutors gaining flawed convictions and sentences. Huh? Since when isn't murder highly aggravated or reprehensible? There are 3,700+ subhumans sitting on death row for such crimes and worse, and we're allowing them to live while the victims are still dead? What an moron idiot. How do those lib-dem lowlifes sleep at night?
Virginia now says they won't execute the "mentally retarded" — an IQ under 70 — and joins some other cowardly states who also won't. Hey, if they are "smart" enough to use a weapon to whack an innocent, they deserve to die and releive the societal gene pool of a defective. I've lost all respect for their pathetic legal system.
Wow, I didn't know York County had a death row, until this week. Awesome stuff! Now, if we could only dispose of this lowlife, subhuman garbage quickly. Hey, I volunteer with my new Glock Model #32/.357SIG, Fellow Citizen. Here's where we execute the filth; this place should be a statewide shrine. Has my vote.
Remember the homosexual pedophile cannibal murderer who molested, whacked, cooked and ate little boys? His trial is coming up and some pretty nasty stuff is going to come out. I vote for a quick head-shot, as "he was trying to escape". It'd sure save the taxpayers a lot of money and the dead boys' families a lot of grief and horror. Me, me, me! I volunteer to do the shot.
Jack Henry Abbott, a murderer and robber, whose prison writings became a best-selling book, hanged himself in his cell Sunday, at Wende Correctional Facility, Alden, NY. Good riddance scumbag. And thanks for saving the US Taxpayers all the future cost of housing your worthless carcass.
Wow, what a stroke of genius! Drug overdoses whack hundreds of inmates every year inside prisons. The answer? More and more high-quality heroin, and up the rate to thousands per year! Wonderful! What an elegant solution.
Nikolay Soltys, the troubled Ukrainian accused of Killing six members of his family with a knife last year in a bloody rampage that drew national attention, hanged himself in the Sacramento County Jail early Wednesday. Great news! Saves the US Taxpayers from spending any more keeping the subhuman piece of garbage alive.

Banished Words List.
It all began on New Year's Day 1976 when Lake Superior State University published the first tongue in cheek Banishment List as a publicity ploy for the school. Since that day, the list of "Words Banished from the Queen's English for Mis-Use, Over-Use, and General Uselessness" has become an annual phenomenon. Over the years, thousands of words and phrases have been nominated for inclusion (or exclusion, depending on how you look at it). From At This Point in Time to Yuh know, the site really takes it to the next level.

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