Friday, February 16, 1996
Trying to sleep when there's so much to do and so little time to do it in, is tough. I often wake up at 3am, feed the cats, have a cigarette, think about the day ahead and then it's too late; I'm up for the day. Grab a shower, coffee and out into the cold dark morning. I hate not being able to sleep peacefully; instead I'll doze off at the computer, my face mashed against either the keyboard or screen. Dumb. Real dumb.
The dreams that I'm now having are almost exclusively about The Web. Probably because, outside of work, there's nothing significant happening in my life right now. Like I'm trapped in a looping .gif animation, never ending since there's unlimited RAM, then someone puts the .gif into a gif construction program, disassembles the construct, and frees me. Only to run right into a JavaScript applet and be stranded eternally in a scrolling message that keeps generating painful JavaScript Error: line termination 31, out of memory, blah blah blah.
I really need to find a life.

Can I Find A Life?
In subsequent pages, I'll chronicle my quest to find my previous life, Pre-Webbie, that is. Soon.

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