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Friday, February20, 2004

'm following my own advice, and throwing up my hands at what's going on in the so-called political arena. Frankly, I'm sick of the entire process. It's gotten so ugly, boring and mundane that I can't stomach the process. The adjective — putrid — comes quickly, to mind. Not only can no one seemingly focus on the real issues at hand — 1) Homeland Security & Defense, 2) War On Terrorism, 3) Illegal Immigration, 4) The Economy & Jobs — they all seem to be obsessed with minutiae. President Bush's National Guard service in the 70s? Kerry's extra-marital affair? Can anyone tell me why that shit is even on the radar screen? There are so many more important issues in this Nation, and in the world, fer crissakes! Kerry's a coward. Kerry's a traitor. He's shit shit. Kerry's a fake and a fraud. Simultaneously, Kerry's delusional and mentally-ill, and unfit to be President and CIC. This election isn't about VietNam. But the liberal-biased media are carrying the demokkkRAT's water, ignoring the facts, and covering for Kerry. It's truly sad that almost fully-one-half of America are ignorant morons and mindless, idiotic morons. DemokkkRAT realism? No, it won't be a landslide, but it'll be a formidable win in November. Take it to the bank, folks. Okay, maybe it's just me. Maybe I need another chill pill. Pass the whole bottle, please.

Around The Garden Center.
I'm really enjoying the "Winter Hours" — Mon-Sat, 10am-3pm, Closed Sun — regimen that I'm on, since late November. Sleeping-in until 8:30am, but getting up at 5am to feed the condo cats and make either French Toast, Eggs Benedict or plain old Bacon, Eggs & Toast/ Muffins. Then, back to sleep for a few hours, before a leisurely drive into work at around 10am. You see, from early March through November, or so, I'm up at 4am and into the office before 6am, and don't leave until after 5pm. So this is my *vacation* period, which I cherish. But, rather than go to Cancun, Miami, Tahiti or Eleuthra in the off-season, I spend these months just getting ready for Spring's rush. Trust me: there's a lot to do to get ready for The 14th Open House (Saturday, April 17th: mark your calendars!) in Spring. It's all coming to a rather abrupt end, in a few weeks. Back to (((:::reality:::))). Sigh.
Are you ready for what's going to happen when a UFO arrives? I'm not.
Bravo, Jimmy Hunt of York, PA! I'll buy you a beer for that one. Nothing in the local papers about it; had to read it on FR.com's site.
Here's some pics from 2003's President's Day Blizzard, in February. And here's some nice pics of the latest storm we had this month. Enjoy.
Here's why I'm voting for Pat Toomey in November.
Once again, Microsoft hoses us all. Yikes! Patch your computers.
And speaking of yikes!, I've just discovered that I don't have a valid Pennsylvania Last Will & Testament; my old New Jersey document doesn't hold any weight here. Now I'm scrambling to get one drawn-up with my attorney in York, PA.
Last Sunday, after driving down to the Garden Center Complex, feeding Pickle and doing some paperwork, I stopped by Mom & Dad's for a mid-afternoon, leisurely "York County Brunch". Homemade pork sausage and Pon Hoss — courtesy of my landscape foreman, Alan, also a farm butcher — hominy, fresh, brown-shelled eggs, sshitple, lots of syrup and asser, toast, coffee and some reminiscences of bygone days. I remember eating Penna Dutch foods as a child, when we visited York, when my Grandparents were still alive, back in the 50s and 60s. It's pretty rich, and very historic fare, and certainly not for everybody. Mom & Dad grew up on the food; my Sister and I were actually raised in West Virginia and Illinois — no such Penna Dutch ingredients there — so the only chance we had to partake of such Penna Dutch food, was when our family would spend two weeks every summer, on vacation here in York County, visiting all the Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles, and my many Cousins. The "Family Reunions" were spectacular events. Sadly, most all are gone now.
Great Daytona 500 race on Sunday, too. No, I'm not a big NASCAR fan; I prefer Formula 1 or IMSA, actually. I missed W's appearance at the beginning, but check out these pics of Air Force One buzzing the track. Awesome.
For months, when I did weekly maintenance on my condo's ultra-fast computer, using Symantec SystemWorks2002/ Norton Win-Doctor, I had a missing program file, called mscoree.dll and nothing could repair it. On Sunday, I Googled the file name and found these entries, downloaded the zip file, extracted it to C:/Windows/System32 and re-booted. It fixed the problem. If you've got that glitch, it'll work. Any problems, let me know.
Hey! Roots & Shoots is back, in print and online, after a 2 year hiatus! If you aren't getting a copy of my quarterly newsletter, and want one, let me hear about it.
(((Woof))), Stanley! Good boy! Hey, idiot owners: carry a Kimber Ecl ipse Target II 1911A1 .45cal ACP, and Stanley won't have to save your sorry human asses asss, and be put into danger, by you negligent morons. Step up to the plate, and take responsibility, folks.
The Ohio Sniper is why every American should be armed and carrying a large caliber gun. As it was for the two DC Sniper Muslim murderers, last year. Find them and whack them, Citizens. The police can't seem to handle it, I'm sorry to say.
Looking for some cool military action videos? Right here.
Hmmmmm, cow-Killing Rottweilers in York County. Reason # 211 why I carry a Kimber 1911A1 .45cal ACP, concealed. I'd have whacked those dangerous mutts in a heartbeat; the owner, too, if she got in my face.
Naw, France still sucks. Wouldn't buy anything from that commie-socialist shithellhole.
Is your shower curtain Killing you?
Yup, I want one.
Everything you need to know about the Laws of The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Yawn, but a good resource.
Reason #277 why I carry a Kimber 1911A1 .45cal ACP. Any questions?

Hey, President Bush: if a little Euro-Weenie shitsnothole like The Netherlands can deport 26,000 illegals, why can't the USA deport 5-6 million illegals? Huh? I'll wait, Mr President...
If they're True Conservatives, they don't back gay homo, deviant, subhuman degenerate homo marriages. If they do; stand them against a wall.
Bravo, Virginia Senate! No more damned illegal subhuman filth: SB521, a bill that requires most people claiming Virginia residence to prove that they are lawfully in the US.
Arnie urges end to gay-wed blitz? Hey, moron: arrest the SF fag mayor, and jail his lib-dem ass! Waiting for the US Senate to act? Fuggedaboutit; they're cowards!
Yes, W will survive attacks from The Right.
Here's why W's so-called immigration amnesty proposal is a very, very, very bad idea.
White Scholarships are just fine and dandy with me. Screw affirmative action racism shit. Problems, scumbags?
Yeah, Dick Cheney!
Pat Buchanan's an moron. Crawl back under your slimy rock, pattie-boy.
Yes, I'm voting for GWB in November; no question. The alternative(s) are too terrible to contemplate.

Liberal-demokkkRAT Garbage.
Imagine that the leading demokkkRAT, John F(ucking) Kerry is a horn-dog, just like the disgraced, impeached, lying scumbag ex-president Bubba Jeffy Klintoon, was/is. The more things change, the more they remain the same.
F*ck the Teresa Heinz Whore Bitch; Kerry's a dead issue piece of traitorous, subhuman pigshit. She's an ignorant, blathering, left-wing, turd-bitch, who can't find her own ass with both hands in a well-lit room.
John F(ucking) Kerry's a traitor, commie, socialist, lowlife, piece of shit, trash, garbage scumbag, lowlife traitorous ass-wipe. Kerry's a pigshit coward.
The Couric whorebag gets another facelift.
Lib-dem Conan O'Brien is an moron for apologizing to the Frog-Cannucks.
Arrest and stand the lib-dem homo mayor of SF against a wall, and execute him. He's a subhuman.
Kerry's sex scandal? Yawn.
The Heinz ketchup heiress bitch, is a left-wing, wacko commie-socialist whorebag slut.
Kerry's a fake, coward, traitor, lowlife scumbag. He's no hero. He's left-wing wacko lib-dem shit.
A double standard from Judge Roy Moore to the SF homo mayor Newsom? Yep.
I agree with Ann Coulter: disgraced, lowlife ex-US Sen Max Cleland (shitHEAD-GA) is a coward, traitor and a lying scumbag. What's the matter, lib garbage? Does the truth hurt your sorry commie-socialist asses? Ummmm, thought so, punks.
AlGoreBore is certifiably mentally-ill: "Gore argued that terrorism is not a threat, so shouldn’t be feared." Yeah, sure, moron.
US Sen John Edwards (moron-SC) has no heart; he's a stinking trial lawyer, who should be executed for crimes against America, and treason.
Billy Bob Richard-scum for president in '08? That fat, stupid lowlife, subhuman criminal illegal alien illegal alien garbage can't find his own ass with both hands, in a well-lit room. Richard-scum is pigshit.
Only a dumb, asswipe, scumbag, lowlife liberal-demokkkRAT moron could imagine USAG John Ashcroft as a Nazi. Blech, left-wing wacko subhuman garbage!

Subhuman, Lowlife Filth.
I agree 100%: track down, find, torture and whack all spammers. Show no mercy to any of the subhuman filth.
Hang this traitor: Ryan G. "Turkey" Anderson, Pullman, WA, Muslim-convert piece of pigshit. whack the Ryan Muslim pigshit filth. whack the Ryan subhuman garbage. Get all the pigshit Muslim filth out of the US Military; they're all traitors.
Hey, Froggy Cannucks: you suck endless bags of pigshit. You're vile, disgusting, and humorless scumbags, in addition to being a haven for terrorists and criminals.
Don't release the terrorists/murderers/subhuman Islamic pigshit filth at GITMO; whack them all! The lowlife, murderous Muslim pigshit should be whacked. No exceptions.
Swedes are subhuman, lowlife, bestial filth.
Undermine Islamic values? Islam has no values; it's murderous, lying pigshit. Muslims are social degenerates (women-chatteling, boy-buggering), pigshit-slurpers and murderous terrorists. They're subhuman filth. Here's a glimpse of Islam's "history", for you to marvel at. Nice, isn't it?
Bill O'Reilly (moron-FOX) is a stinking sack of shit.
Never a hockey fan, I'd have to say, good-bye NHL, and good riddance to bad rubbish.
Hey, Gerard Arpey American Airlines CEO: you suck, asswipe. The chief executive moron of American Airlines apologized after the pilot of a recent cross-country flight got on the intercom and asked all Christians aboard to raise their hands. The pilot, Rodger K. Findiesen of Annapolis, Maryland, has been grounded while the February 7 incident is investigated. America was founded on Christian values and morals, Arpey idiot. You're one of the reasons why I'll never set foot on American Airlines, ever again, scumbag.
If anyone doesn't think the left-wing, socialist-commie ACLU is America's Enemy #1, read this article.
"The Federal Aviation Administration said today that it hoped to propose a rule this fall that would require the airlines to cut the risk of fuel tank explosions like the one that destroyed TWA Flight 800." Hey, FAA morons: TWA 800 was shot down by Islamic terrorists, you moronic, lowlife morons! Go here, and read the truth, scumbags.
Subhuman filth who do this to animals, should be tracked down, tortured and whacked, v-e-r-y slowly.
Don't just takeover; destroy The Sierra Club. Then destroy all the enviro-wacko groups: The Garden Conservancy, ELF, ALF, GreenPeace etc. whack them all.
Yes, Hutton Gibson's a nutcase. The Holocaust was real and did happen.
Arm American Citizens; protect the Police, whack the criminal filth.
So what? Yawn.
Martha Stewart's a criminal; jail the bitch. She's a lowlife, criminal bitch. Jail the pig.
The commie-socialist ADL is traitorous, lowlife, subhuman pigshit.
Heavy metal rocker Ozzy Osbourne said on Thursday he fears he may not be able to perform again after an accident on an all-terrain vehicle late last year that left him in a coma for eight days. Hey, Scuzzy Osbourne & Whorebag SlutWife Garbage: die, and rid the world of subhuman filth! DIE!

whack This Subhuman Filth™.
whack the murderer of 11-year-old Carlie Brucia. Torture *lavishly*, and whack him. whack him. whack him. whack him. whack him. whack him. whack him. whack him. whack him. whack him!
Spewing profanities at his ex-wife standing a few feet away, an angry former auto mechanic was executed Tuesday evening for the deaths of his three young children in a fire at their home two days before Christmas, 12 years ago. "The only statement I want to make is that I am an innocent man convicted of a crime I did not commit," Cameron Willingham, an Ardmore, Okla., native, said. "I have been persecuted for 12 years for something I did not do." DIE, you f*cking, lowlife subhuman piece of degenerate filth! DIE, asswipe. DIE, DIE, DIE!
Death Row Cookbook? Luvit! BTW, I'm poster #16.
I don't give a rat's ass rearend if they're retarded: whack them all upon conviction.
Kevin D'Amour, 28, of Owls Head, deserved to die if he fled from police. Good riddance, moron. Rot in hell, scumbag criminal.
Sorry to say it, but this ex-FBI guy needs execution, for child molestation. John H Conditt Jr, 53, has pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a 6-year-old girl and has admitted he had a history of molesting other children before he joined the bureau for what became a two-decade career. whack him, IMO.

The Food Section.
When it comes to cooking ability, not everyone is created equal. While some amateur chefs can sizzle up a steak worthy of Iron Chef, those less blessed have trouble boiling water. No matter what your culinary swhack level, you're sure to find The Food Section's menu quite tasty. Featuring articles and photos from Josh Friedland, the site offers ideas and recipes on everything from the perfect appetizer to delicious (and unique) desserts. And, for those whose home insurance doesn't cover home cookin', there's a great section on eating out. Bye-bye belt!

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