all in a dream
Friday, February 22, 2002

I don't even pretend to understand dreams, and no, I don't analyze them. Mostly, they're so weird and dis-jointed, I don't even remember them. But one, which I had the other night, stayed with me all day: an island of sanity in a bizarrely-insane world. Where do I begin? Well, after the second terrorist attack — a massive "dirty nuke" hit on the Left Coast which destroyed several cities, and whacked hundreds-of-thousands — we seal the borders; all US borders, with military, INS, FBI, DEA, BATF, US Customs, National Guard — whatever it takes to stop the flow of illegals. We — well-armed US Citizen militias — hunt down, root-out and imprison/intern all existing illegals and suspected mideast terrorists. We "interrogate/torture" each before deciding upon a course of remedy: deport, execute or return to their homes. Carcasses of known and suspected terrorists are piled high for disposal. I'm loving this, and it's what we should have done immediately after The Massacre of September 11th. But I digress. The subhuman, boy-buggering, female-hating-desecrating, lowlife Muslim pedophilic, murderous, non-religion, cult of deviants, perverts, lib-dem apologist wackos and Islamic pork-suckers is eradicated from the Western Hemisphere and, eventually, the rest of the world. I'm sooooo happy that we've eliminated wacko Muslim extremist Islamic terrorists. The Earth feels good again; it talks to us all, saying it "feels good" that so much subhuman garbage has been eradicated from the load it carries daily. The Island Of Tranquility/ Western Culture, survives intact, though slightly damaged and in the healing phase. Western Values survive, too. The diaperhead death-toll is high: a billion subhuman filth are compost. Americans are armed to the teeth; SF (US Army Special Forces) work hand-in-hand with our guerrilla bands, full-well knowing we are dominant. The funeral pyres glow red for months. Prevailing winds blow west to east, carrying the smoky stench out to sea. And then I wake up, thinking that it's all a dream; and hear of another terrorist-related act in the US. Lock and load; be safe. Take no chances.

Around The Garden Center.
The "Dog Days" of February continue, with no appreciable rain or snow in sight. Temps in the upper-40s up to the mid-50s have dried out the ground moisture once more. Sure, my landscape crew is getting work done, bringing in income in the usually quiet month of February, but truth be told: I'd rather have the precipitation and cold, for the plants' long term health and benefit. Here's the reason, say some "researchers" why we're getting less rain. The entire East Coast is seriously affected, and it's getting worse by the day: reservoirs are empty, wells are running dry, spring-fed farm ponds are down significantly or are dry, and many water-supply companies are now pumping from nearby rivers. Grim indeed.
Wednesday, depending upon how you style it — 20.02.2002 (20022002) — is palindromic, meaning it reads the same backwards as forwards. There's only a few of these dates each century. We've already had a couple, but we'll be dead when the next ones occur. Remember 2.02.02 (20202)?
As the clock ticks over from 8:01PM on Wednesday, February 20th, 2002, time will (for sixty seconds only) read in perfect symmetry. To be more precise: 20:02, 20/02, 2002. It is an event which has only ever happened once before, and is something which will never be repeated. The last occasion that time read in such a symmetrical pattern was long before the days of the digital watch (or the 24-hour clock): 10:01AM, on January 10, 1001. And because the clock only goes up to 23.59, it is something that will never happen again.
Sure, I'm considered a "farmer" (agricultural grower designation in Pennsylvania), but I don't receive any government subsidies, as these farmers do. I wouldn't take it even if I was eligible; it's wrong to take Taxpayers' monies for not planting a crop. IMO, it's wrong to take fellow Taxpayers' monies for anything. If they can't make a living from what they're currently doing, then change what they're doing and get into a profitable crop (no, no, no that that stuff), or get into another line of business. US Taxpayer subsidies (discourtesy of the lowlife lib-democRATs), of any kind, are wrong.
A huge storm passed through the area Wednesday night-Thursday morning, dropping copious amounts of moisture far to the north, but less than 1/10" on us. Barely even wet the mulch. And on Thursday, when I left for work at 7am, it was 55°F; heck, several people in t-shirts and shorts came into the Garden Center Complex to inquire about when we'll be opening up and off the winter hours regimen. C'mon, it's still February, people! We still have March — a typically harsh Winter month — to get through.

The Massacre of September 11th.
Read this story; then I dare anyone — ANYONE — to tell me that "Islam is a religion of peace". It's a deviant Muslim cult of subhuman filth, murderers, perverts and fanatics. And over one million of the Islamic garbage will be at their annual hajii; time for a nuclear strike, W. Here, let me push the assons, please!
Feeling safer at our Nation's airports? You shouldn't: about 10 percent of city employees at Atlanta's Hartsfield International Airport have criminal records, including felonies such as drug dealing, weapons violations and forgery. You should feel afraid, very afraid. That's why I don't fly anymore, and haven't since the '96 shootdown of TWA 800 by Muslim terrorists.
A former Soviet air force officer has been named as the chief supplier of arms and equipment to Osama Bin Laden’s network in Afghanistan. Victor Bout, a mysterious Russian whose air freight firms are accused of flouting United Nations sanctions across Africa and Asia, is alleged by intelligence sources to have operated flights to the Taliban and Al-Qaeda until just days before the September 11 terrorist attacks. Victor Bout? That punk? That little boy-buggerer? That cock-breath, half-breed, lowlife subhuman scumbag? Bout? Bout? whack him!! He's a piece of lowlife trash who deserves assassination. $25million to the assassins. US Gummint will pay-up. Same price as Osama bin hidin' 'cause he's a coward. I'd love to pull the trigger on his head-shot, on a Glock; my Glock Model #32/.357SIG. Splatter!
Students For Justice in Palestine? Another bunch of left-wing wacko homo scumbags in Berkely, CA, no doubt. Traitors and seditionists. Justice in Palestine? Sure, I'm for it: give Israel the green light and let them unleash unholy hell on the stinking lowlife subhuman Arab towelhead terrorist murderers.
A devout Muslim who murdered his 24-year-old daughter after discovering her "secret" boyfriend has been jailed for life. Faqir Mohammed, 69, flew into a rage when he came home from evening prayer in June last year to find his daughter, Shahida Perveen Mohammed, with a boyfriend in her bedroom. Manchester Crown Court (UK) heard Mohammed stabbed Shahida 19 times in the head and stomach. No wait, it can't be: "Islam is the religion of peace and love". Isn't it? If anyone's stupid enough to believe that shit, I've got a bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell you.
Yes, we missed the whole possibility of terrorists using airliners as flying bombs, or did we, prior to The Massacre of September 11th? We'll probably never know the truth, as a Nation.
Another lowlife Muslim shitfilth suicide bomber whacks Israeli civilians — no, no, no, Islam is tolerance and peace! — and the death toll mounts. When is Israel going to unleash almighty hell upon the Palestinian Islamic towelhead garbage, and whack them by the tens of thousands?
Hey Israel, you gotta be Killing 1,000 - 2,000 Palestinian terrorists per week; personally, I'd like to see those numbers as a per day statistic. Instead, the lowlife, pig-sucking, cowardly PAs are kicking your ass. Forget helicopter, rocket or missile attacks on "empty police buildings" and abandonded cars; go for the terrorist cells. Tell the US to "f**k off", and do your own protection/offense thing there. Screw the $2.5 billion the US gives you yearly. Heck, we in the US have got our own unique problem(s), just now; you people do what needs to be done to survive and prosper. See you on "the other side".
And now for something completely different: Sock Osama! The put the pork-sucking diaperhead sandidiot into the blender. Bzzzzzzzzz! Sigh, I wish it were that easy.
Any doubt that Muslims and Islamics are murderous lowlifes, perfectly content with training their children to die as martyrs? Read this disturbing article.
If this was true, it was a major mistake. Of course, one must consider "the source", a booze-sodden subhuman, left-wing wacko, homo-lowlife scumbag, blackmailed lib-dem moron reporter. 'Nuff said.
Money-transfer agents in 14 states were raided in an effort to stop the illegal wiring of millions of dollars to Iraq, US Customs Service Commissioner Robert Bonner, said Wednesday. About time, but nowhere close to what's truly needed to cripple terrorists here in the US. Stay armed, stay safe.
Like I've said many times before, bury the lowlife subhuman Muslim towelead garbage filth in pig stuff: pork guts, shit or skin. Bury them face-down so they can't see their false Allah scumbag, and in copious amounts of pig fat or shit. I love the symbolism.
For the past 4-5 years, I've ranted about the shootdown by terrorists of TWA 800 in July '96, and how the Clintoon administration, FBI and NTSB covered it up. Well, it's still happening, as reported by eyewitnesses and The Washington Times.
Yeah sure, Islam's "a religion of love and peace". Tell that to Dan Pearl's widow and unborn daughter.

I'm greatly disappointed in W's lack of leadership in defeating the anti-First Amendment, and hugely-flawed Shays-Meehan Campaign "Finance Reform" Bill, which is an obvious assault on everyone's right to free political speech. Seems that W's broken a campaign promise.
Hey, Billy Bob Safire "The RINO", weighs in with a rare, but nicely coherent op-ed piece. Yawn.

Lib-dem Morons.
Finally, a piece of sanity in a Nation of lib-dem gun grabbers run amok: the Georgia Court of Appeals has dismissed a lawsuit by the city of Atlanta against gun manufacturers and trade associations, saying that only states have the right to regulate firearms.
Well, well, well, our "first black president" — the disgraced, impeached, lying scumbag, Bubba Jeffy Clintoon — will have a lot of black businesses and shops near his lowlife presidential library, since they think a lot of blacks will be coming to pay homage to Clintoon, who hated blacks in Arkansas and used the word idiot! tens of thousands of times, publicly documented. Can they really be that stupid?
Scratch one more lib-dem socialist-communist scumbag from the Earth's oxygen users: John Gardner, who helped launch Medicare, founded Common Cause, and who led the communist and socialist Carnegie Corporation, a junk operation, is finally dead. Good riddance, lowlife.
The sub-headlines screamed barely croaked, "Judge Rules Gays 'Immoral'; Leaders Fume". BFD. Hey deviant, degenerate subhuman homo filth: get AIDS and die quickly. Please?
Oh my gosh-o-golly-gee-whiz, Katie the two-dollar whoredog lib-dem piece of shit for brains colon cancer slutbitch of her dead hubby Couric idiot? Sure; $55,000/ day salary? And the tramp can't handle the hours? Aww gee whiz, ugly sleaze-bitch. Perhaps you'll get a cancer too, and die, and rid the World of your evil/ugly/empty presence? Thanks, in advance.

Lowlife Scum & Filth.
The Olympics are still corrupt, and the Skating Competition further proves it. The Frog Bitch Judge threw her vote to the flawed Russians, while the perfect Canadians were relegated to 2nd place. Now, the IOC has kicked out the corrupted Frog Bitch and awarded another gold medal to the Canucks. Double gold medals? Pathetic shit. Reason #217 why I don't watch the Olympics anymore.
Who the hell heck cares anymore? It's rigged, scammed, bogus — as it always was, just more Americans saw it firsthand — decrepit, political, deceitful, crooked, junk WINTER OLYMPIC GAMES. Pure garbage.
About $1 billion in federal AIDS money, of the $13 billion spent annually on the deviant disease, has already been wasted on perverted homo shows, giveaways, sports tickets, meals and hotels and other expenses. Why we're spending one damned dime on subhuman homos and their easily-avoided disease, is beyond me. Let them die by the tens-of-thousands; their perverted and degenerate lifestyles deserve a horrible death. No sympathy here.
Big mistake for the corrupt IOC to award the Canadian skating pair any gold medals, without first rescinding the lowlife, undeserving Russian's gold medals. And an even bigger mistake for the Canadians to accept them; they should have refused and they'd be world heroes. But no, they're greedy.
Another mindless, stupid f*cking piece of shit garbage "scientific and medical observation" — people who sleep 8hrs a night die earlier than those sleeping 6 or 7hrs — which means nothing and isn't at all valid. It was culled from stats unrelated to anything meaningful, and the lib-dem lamestream media treat it as gospel. Actually, the death rate, no matter how long you sleep is 100%. Eventually.
In a recent poll, Lincoln was first among whites, but second among blacks, who overwhelmingly chose Clinton as the greatest president. Huh? Are they all really that stupid? Guess so. Freaking amazing.
The murderous ex-black panther idiot, H. shit Brown, aka Jamil Abdullah "Moe-ham-head" Abdullah Al-Amin Boy, is on trial for Killing another police officer. I fear another "OJ Jury" has been selected: all biased idiot scumbags, who are going to turn a murderous, idiot subhuman loose. Convict, sentence and execute this Muslim shitfilth idiot, H. shit Brown, aka Jamil Abdullah "Moe-ham-head" Abdullah Al-Amin Boy, for what he did to a black American deputy LEO (Law Enforcement Officer).
Calypso Louie Farra-Con-Man is out of the wacko Muslim, pork-sucking, Nation of Islam nuthouse again. He's spewing his racist, bigoted hate against America and W, over The War on Terrorism. This — no other word for him — idiot is nuts, and so are all the filth who follow him and wallow in the lies.
Hmmmm, AOL Time Warner stock dropped just over 10% on Wednesday, while the Market was up 2% overall. Good, I despise those AOL Time Warner scumbags; I'd like the whole operation to do an Enron.

Clearly Deserving Execution.
A 16-year-old boy has been sentenced to seven and a half years in prison for the fatal beating of the 15-month-old child of a girl he thought had spurned him. Huh? Beating a tiny infant to death is murder, not manslaughter. The system is corrupted. The teen should be executed when he turns 18.
Another homo pedophile child molester sentenced to 20 years; what'll happen to him in prison is worth letting this subhuman piece of garbage "live". I'd pay to hear the screams at midnight; betcha he commits suicide or is whacked within 2 years.
If the murderous bitch Andrea Yates doesn't get the death penalty for murdering her 5 small children, the US Legal System is fatally flawed and should be totally torn down and rebuilt. "Post partum depression" is a bullshit NOW-NAG-FemiNazi excuse.
Ohio made my week. Convicted whacker John W. Byrd Jr., who once chose the electric chair for his death to make a statement against capital punishment, was executed by injection on Tuesday after a federal appeals court refused to grant a stay. Byrd, 38, was sentenced to die for the 1983 murder of Monte Tewksbury, 40, who was stabbed during a robbery at the suburban Cincinnati convenience store where he was moonlighting to pay for his daughter's education. Good riddance, scumbag.
I strongly disagree with anyone who says mentally ill murderers shouldn't be executed; they should and the gene pool will be the better for it. The tired old lib-dem argument "that they didn't know or understand what they were doing" doesn't hold any water with me; explain what they did to them, as the death syringe is going in. Strap the retard into the chair and tell him "it's a really fun amusement park ride". They can sort it out in Hell. I'm hoping the SCOTUS doesn't rule against it.
Only 9-10 years in prison, for the homo homo pedophile ex-priest, John Geoghan, in Boston? he should be executed for all the damage he's done to young boys. Hopefully, an inmate will whack him. Then, parole that guy.

Cheese Racing.
You won't find any thoroughbred cheeses participating in this "sport". In fact, plastic-wrapped Kraft slices are the cheese of choice. But there is an odd thrill to be found when sitting around a BBQ with friends, watching bubbles of packaged hot cheese inflate and rise from the grill. Will the plastic seam burst? Is the grill the perfect temperature? Whose cheese will leave the greasy bonds of the grill first? Before you attempt to race your own cheese, do heed the experts' rules: no overlapping cheese, no touching the cheese, and the plastic wrap must fully inflate for the cheese to win. Also, a disposable BBQ works best, and "cheese racing on a veggie BBQ is not recommended." Go, cheese, go!

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