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Friday, February 23, 2007

right now, it appears that America's heading to a Constitutional Crisis, if you've been following the biased, left-wing news reports, and not living in a cave, or under a rock, for the past 4-5 years. I've known the crisis is coming, for several years, BTW; many are just now seeing the pending implications. And it's a lot to swallow, all at once, unless you've been following it, for some months. The treasonous US Congress voted Saturday, 246-182, to rebuke our CIC (Commander-In-Chief's) President Bush's plan to boost US Troop levels in Iraq. Seventeen (17) treasonous GOPer-RINOs, in the US House of Representatives, joined the treasonous-seditious, hate-America, hate-US Military, hate-Bush liberal-demokkkRATs, in condemning the war, encouraging muslim-islamic-arab terrorists and spitting-in-the-face of Brave, Heroic, American Troops, doing what we've asked them to do: win this war against murderous islamofascism. Seven (7) treasonous GOPer-RINOs in the US Senate jumped ship and sided with the treasonous-seditious trash, hate-America, hate-US Military, hate-Bush, liberal-demokkkRATs, in a 56-34 vote, in "gridlocking" the lib-dem-sponsored bill of outright and blatant treason and sedition, in a time of war. Treasonous filth, such as left-wing liberal wacko extremist, US Sen Arlen "I Hate America" Specter (TRAITOR-PA), called on President Bush to forge an agreement with Congress on "sharing power" on the Iraq war, just as the Senate prepares to debate resolutions opposing the president's plans to send additional troops. Over the past 2-3 months, I've noticed myself getting "physically sick", when I read about these so-called, elected representatives of The People, who take every opportunity to put political power above what's right for America and her future. Physically sick; yes! What I want to do to those subhuman, treasonous filth is worse than what I want to do to murderers, child molesters/rapists/murderers, but not by much. The treasonous, seditious, sabotage-bent, "slow-bleed", liberal-demokkkRATs did this national-destructive crap to us in 'Nam, 37 years ago, in the disguised form of the treasonous, "...Cooper-Church Proposal, which did a number of things that can only cause exaltation and hand-clapping in Hanoi and Communist capitals, elsewhere. The amendment also told our then-Asian allies that they can go hang (aka, *screw themselves*), for the cowardly, corrupt, criminal-US Senate, at any rate, had no intention of helping out Asian victims of Red (commie) aggression." The cowardly, criminal US Congress is guilty of TREASON, on a scale not seen since treasonous, seditious, shitbag US Sen John F(ucking) Kerry's (TRAITOR-MA) treasonous/seditious/saboteur VVAW (VietNam Veterans Against the War), along with subhuman whorebagfilth like Jane Fonda, Tom Hayden and other lowlife garbage/trash/scumbags, all of whom need hanging, IMO, in a time of war. Nice going, GOPer-RINO Americans, and thanks so very much, for turning out to vote with us Conservatives, last November. You we sure got what you deserved, and thanks so very damned much for taking the time and energy to not do, what you should have done, dammit!

Around The Garden Center™.
I readily admit it: I screwed-up during last week's snow/ice storm. I should have had the plowing done on Wednesday afternoon, even during the storm, before the ice and snow froze into a solid, intractable surface. Now, it's a real mess at the GC&N Complex, and I have 2 choices: 1) wait until it all begins to melt, 2) hire an excavator to come in and work at breaking-up the ice/snow mixture. In the previous 16 years, I would have gone down there, and done the plowing myself, but now, with a bad back (L5 vertebra) and left shoulder injury, and just plain "getting older" ("tempus fugit"), I chose to rely upon others to do it — again, my mistake — and they didn't get in there to do the job. I've now contracted with a local excavator, with some "serious HD equipment", to come in Tuesday morning, as I've pretty much given-up for the weekend, until temps get into the upper-30°F and mid-40°Fs, next week. The PennDot road crews are still trying to open many roads, clogged with 4-6" thick ice (equals 2-3ft of snow), around the state, and locally, too. As I've said for many, many years: "Mother Nature's in charge; we're just along for the ride™." I should copyright that old quote of mine.
I've never seen such a mess as this ice storm, in the 17yrs I've been open, at the GC&BN Complex, evern with the Blizzards of '93, '96 and '03, and the numerous ice storms we've had through those and other years. Plows aren't working, excavators are having a very difficult time in getting under the ide flows, and breaking it up, and lifting it off the roads/drives/parking lots, just tio get things cleared. The only real hope is that warmer weather will loosen-up the ice, and make it easier to move, before we have to resort to jackhammers, augers and TNT (just kidding!). The other option is to wait days until it melts. I'm now at "Plan B": meeting the excavator on Monday morning at 9am, and having him try to blast throughthe 2ft wall of snow/ice blocking (thanks, PennDOT!) my 1,000ft drive, and try to get the mess removed from the drive and parking lots, so we can get into the Complex and do what we need to do, before next week is wasted on futile efforts. I'm hoping the upper-30°F and mid-40°Fs, next week, will help alleviate some of the "ice problem". Meanwhile, my condo is still encased in¼" - ½" of ice, as is most of everthing else in the York (PA) area.
On my condo's mega-super-fast RAID 0+1 DISPLAY (1 TB HD, 2 GB RAM etc) computer, Netscape's v8.1 Browser keeps locking-up, while FireFox v8.0.0.1 is doing fine, and I'm now using it and MSIE v7.0, both of which have tabbed-browsing and a lot of 'bells & whistles', which make each a pleasure to use. I have Opera downloaded, but not installed. My big bugaboo is an good, safe, secure email elient, which means MS-Outlook and MS-Outlook Express, are out of the running. They're both fraught with major security problems. My Netscape v8.1 Browser is now fully-uninstalled. I still use Netscape's v7.2 email client, on all my machines, with generally no problem. Right now, neither Jeff, who builds my machines, nor I know if it's a hardware or software problem, despite the 'error messages' I'm getting, these days. I hate to think what's coming: a complete re-format/ WIN-XP Pro Re-install/ data re-install. Gaaaawd; I hate to think of all that re-install crap, which will take me many days and nights to accomplish. Any suggestions for an email client, from anyone out there? I'm looking at Thunderbird, as well.
I stopped and picked-up my snow shoveller-helper (Brad), and then met the excavator at the GC&N Complex, on Monday morning, at 9am and we got nowhere, fast. They had a large CAT backhoe/front-end loader, and it made 100ft, before rising-up on the ice and sliding. Underneath the 6-8" of snow was 3-5" of solid ice, and at 17°F, it wasn't going to melt, anytime soon. The forecast was calling for temps, from Tuesday through Sunday, to get up into the upper-40°Fs, and I decided that rather than destroying the macadam drive underneath it all, it would be better to wait until the ice softened/thawed-out. I tried walking on the slick crust, and was going to try to inch my way down to the Main Buildings and GHs, but the thought of falling and 'breaking something' or re-injuring my back, made me abandon that plan. 10-15yrs ago, I would have done it, but at 57, I thought better of it; slipping, falling and 'breaking something', just wasn't appealing, at all. I bagged-it for the day, and went driving around looking for another contractor/excavator's heavy equipment. I found a CAT road grader in Shrewsbury (PA), belonging to an excavation company (in Maryland), called him at his Maryland office, and he quoted me $1,500-$1,750/day for the machinery and operator. Yikes; I don't need to get in there, that bad, at that price. Besdides, the damage to the driveway from that 10ft blade, would have been enormous. Best to wait for the coming warmer weather.
Happy Fastnacht Day (Tuesday)! In Pennsylvania, it is a Pennsylvania Dutch Tradition to eat a type of doughnuts called Fastnachts. The Fastnacht is made from all the sweets and other forbidden items in the household and then consumed on Fat Tuesday, so that one would not be tempted during the Lenten Fast. Today they are made from potato dough and fried, often coated with a sugary glaze. This historically takes place the day before Ash Wednesday. Mark Your calendars for this Fastnacht Day: February 20th. Pennsylvania Dutch Cuisine? Right here. Heart attack, anyone? Ummmm, no thanks. But IMO, that is good eating!
Three years ago, The Blizzard of "03 wreaked havoc and damage upon 3 of my massive greenhouses, which had easily-survived both of The Blizzard of '93 and The Blizzard of '06 damage, to most all-other horticultural/agricultural operations in The Mid-Atlantic Region. Hard to believe it's only been 3 years, but it has. And $34,000+ in damages, was no small piece of chump-change, either.
By Tuesday at 12noon, the local contractor had the GC&N Complex roads (3,500 linear ft) opened-up, one bucket at a time, from back to front, and I drove through. I didn't have any 'weathergear' with me, so I made plans to come back down, early on Wednesday morning, to get the parking lot plowed, and the Main Bldgs and GHs dug out.
Throw out a cookie tin can, or resealeable food container? No way in hell would my Mom ever do that! She's got 10"dia round/square, enameled cookie tins from the 50s and 60s, in mint condition, and she still fills them up with home-baked Holiday cookies, for Dade and me. I still reuse many containers after 5-10-15 years, too. For my Parents, it's their "Penna Dutch" frugality, and also their Depression-Era upbringing, and I greatly admire them for both.
I was back down to the GC&N Complex by 9:45am on Wednesday, with one of my employees who likes to shovel snow, and garbed in full "Winter gear", began to plow the ¾ac parking lot and dig-out the front steps, greenhouses and out-buildings. Once I got the John Deere 675B SkidLoader fired-up and running, it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. The 4-6" of ice under the snowpack just couldn't be easily pushed/lifted, as it weighed more lbs than my machine was capable of moving, so I had to break it up into smaller amounts and take it a bit at a time, which the ½CuYd bucket could handle. I had the excavator come back in, since his machine was still on-site, and push the thousands of tons of heavy, wet snow and ice in the main parking lot, to one end, and I did the rest of the parking lot and roads clean-up. I also cleared-out wide paths to the GHs, propane tanks, and out-byuildings. Brad worked on the front steps, paths to the 4 lower GHs — the 2 upper GHs don't need access paths just yet — and I cleared-out a road to the Lath House on the west side of the Main Retail/Office Bldgs, so we can park there. Damage? Mercifully, NONE! I also put out 40lbs of birdseed, for my feathered friends, and within minutes, there were hundreds there, feeding once again. Nice.
I had several dozen messages on my telephone answering machine, piles and piles and piles of mail to go through, garbage cans to empty, a toilet to clean, sweeping the floors, lightbulbs to change etc etc etc, after nearly 7 days of being "iced-out" of the Complex, and got it all done on Wednesday and Thursday, in addition to the plowing, shovelling etc. Nice to be back inside.
Yes, after bouncing-around at various world-levels, gas prices at the pump, have risen 10˘-plus/gal, in just a week. Unleaded Regular is now at $2.25/gal; Unleaded Plus is at $2.35/gal, and Unleaded Premium is now at $2.55/gal. Both diesel and kerosene (K-1) are 'hovering' around $2.75/gal. The bitter cold weather drove up the demand for heating oil. Complaints? What good would they really do? None. Open your wallet. As long as we acquiesce to the ME, America is truly vulnerable. And NO! thanks to those who stop cold any ANWR or offshore drilling, we are and always will be.
On Thursday, as I was winding-up a boatload of administrative work and details, neglected by being "iced-out" for almost 7 days, it started pouring rain, further melting the standing snow-slush and ice-pack. I'm just so glad that it's 43°F now, and that's not snow or sleet coming down, once again. Ten minutes later, the sun was shining and the run-off from the accumulated ice/snow and new rain, was astounding. Streets and roads quickly flooded, and until the storm drains handled it all, it was a trap for for cars and trucks driving through: lots of stall-outs and more stuck vehicles. The trip home after 3pm, was a mess.
Here's hoping that next week will be better, for all of us.

Things Which Make Your Head Explode™.
If you seriously think this slaughter of America's schoolchildren by muslim-islamist-arabs couldn't happen here, better read it and think again, real, real hard. It will happen; just a matter of "when and where".
The traitors, seditionists and saboteurs in the criminal US Congress, are at it: a symbolic rejection of President Bush's decision to deploy more troops to Iraq on Friday, opening an an epic confrontation between Congress and commander in chief over an unpopular war that has taken the lives of more than 3,100 US troops. The vote on the non-binding measure was 246-182, with 17 GOPer-RINOs voting for it. Hang them all, IMO. Damn it; I don't care if Abe Lincoln said it or not: hang the f*cking traitors, and rid America of those subhuman filth! A Constitutional Crisis, is coming, mark my words. And the corrupt, criminal US Congress must be smacked-down, and put back into their "place", IMO. The very future of this fragile Constitutional Republic, is at stake. IMO, imprison/isolate/hang the subhuman filth. You decide *who they are*; I already know who they are.
The US Constitution's First Amendment To Free Speech, part of the United States' Bill of Rights, guarrantees Americans the "Right To hate", but not the "Right To Hurt (physically)"; it says absolutely nothing/zero/nada/zip about mental or emotional hurt. Nothing. No one has the Constitutional Right to be free of emotional or mental criticism. For the scumbag, lib-dem trash/garbage/filth/junk/crap/shit in the corrupt, criminal US Congress to rule otherwise, is "a clear and present danger", treason, sedition and sabotage, IMO. And they all should be dealt with, accordingly, IMO.
First, it was a private, off-campus party at the racist shithole, called Clemson University, an institution of lower-learning; now it's another private, off-campus party at another turd-world-catering, bigoted hellhole of lower-learning, Santa Clara University. At the Clemson ashithole, this dumbass bitch said this crap: "There was discussion, tears, "and eventually there was hugging," Gail DiSabatino, vice president for student affairs said. Huh? Crawl back under your slimy rock, whorebag-filth-skank! Both places are PC-contaminated, diversity/perversity-rectums of multi-culti-trash-shit-garbage-filth, IMO. They both should be nuked, and we should start over, with real places, not lib-dem shitholes of lower-learning. The scum, filth and trash which populate that shithole, need complete and total extermination, IMO. Show ME anywhere in The US Constitution where "You Do Not Have The Right NOT To Be Offended, Article II. Show me, Niggas® and White Trash scumbags! I'm waiting, subhuman garbage. F*ck the NAALCP (National Association for the Advancement of Liberal Colored People)! And f*ck the ACLU trash! ( All Nigga® and White Trash 'gang-bangers' are lowlife, subhuman filth, and need prison/killing, IMO, not apologizing for, as these Clemson University White idiot dumbasses did. Blacks don't need mocking, but all dirtbag, criminal, lowlife, subhuman, garbage, trash do. Mock them, spit on them, legally-jail them, legally-execute them, and rid society of the scumbags, regardless of their color. White students wearing blackface, is a crime? University president, shit-for-brains asshole, Jim "I Hate America" Barker, and the corrupt, criminal, lowlife NAALCP (National Association for the Advancement of Liberal Colored People) announced "investigations into the party", which was held during dirtbag, criminal, plagiarist, white-prostitute humper, alcoholic, drug-addicted, Martin Luther King Jr's weekend holiday party, after photos emerged online earlier this week. MLKing was lowlife, gutter-living, socialist-commie garbage. Better dead than red, IMO.
I greatly admire the class of all Real Black Americans, who've made *something out of their lives*, instead of demanding and allowing the US Gov't to take care of them, every day of the week/month/year, as other-class 80% of the crack-addicted, alcoholic, crime-riddled, liberal-demokkkRAT-plantation-dependent "Black American" voters, have. They're "Real Americans", as I am, in every sense of the phrase, BTW, and there's no need to single them out as just "black", or another class of people. I have a number of them, as GC&N Complex customers, and I always treat them as well as I do, anyother customer of mine. As with my numerous homosexual/lesbian customers, whom I differentiate from another class of homo/sodomite/faggot/gays in the very negative, I believe that their wishes, need and wants, as well as their money, is as valid as anyone else's, and should be respected as such. Anyone who doesn't "understand the class dfference", needs to do some intensive personal research, IMO. Then, get back to me, and we'll really talk.
Is the so-called "Black History Minute (Month)" getting diluted? It's already *polluted*, so why not *diluted*? Polluted by the lib-dem 'plantation owners', who've kept low-level blacks down on the 'lib-dem plantation', via welfare and affirmative action etc, for the past 65 yrs, and by the race-pimps, Jackson and Sharpton, to name two of a half-million, subhuman racist filth, who profit because of artifical, Nigga®-made, racial divides. So naturally, the corporations will pile-on and profit from it all. Natch. The 'low-class, race industry pimps' are out, aren't they?
Okay, so Monday was "Presidents' Day", a national holiday which closed government and banks, and did little else to further the understanding of what our two most important presidents, Washington and Lincoln, actually did for America. Instead, the gov't has replaced those two mens' birthdays, with an "inclusive diversity holiday", and given MLK his own 'named birthday' holiday. Pathetic crap, IMO.
Can you believe that our returning, wounded soldiers and marines come home to this shit, at Walter Reed Army Hospital, in DC? I donated $1,000 to their capital campaign, in 2006, and the money went down a black hole, never to be seen again, or used to help the place. I am so outraged and angry, my head needs some duct tape! Billions and billions of US Taxpayers', hard-earned dollars are wasted upon f*cking worthless bridges to nowhere, AIDS studies for subhuman homo-sodomite trash, deviant arts funding etc etc etc! Wake-the-f*ck-up, America! Where are your priorities? Something about to get done about it? I freaking-damned hope so! I emailed my congress-critters and called their offices as follow-ups. Heads better roll for this inexcusable crap!
The federal government awarded nearly $1.4 billion in grants to support local homeless programs, Tuesday, a slight increase nationally from the amount doled-out, a year ago. What an industry that crap has become. 90% are mentally-ill and belong in asylums, under heavy medication, while the other 10% are truly needy and should be helped. In the 90%, there is a significant number of die-hard, criminal alcoholics, drug-addicts and outright criminal filth, who need cleaning-up/prison or summary execution. I could solve the problem in under one year, with a lot less US Taxpayer money, BTW.
If you are having a difficult time in getting your arms around the *immigration problem*, then watch this simple video, called "Immigration Gumballs"; it'll open your eyes. And if that video doesn't convince you, maybe this fact will: Illegal aliens are killing more Americans than the Iraq war, says a new report from Family Security Matters; that estimates some 2,158 murders are committed every year by illegal aliens in the USA. Convinced yet? I sure am. Close the damned borders and tightly-control all immigration, Mr Bush! You should be impeached on your gross negligence of that fact alone, Mr Bush!

Time For A Gut Check™.
Soooooooo, let me quote this article: "Hillary Clinton's campaign apparently didn't take too kindly to the harsh rhetoric from L.A. music mogul lowlife, subhuman, piece-of-shit, homo-sodomite-faggot, deviant, degenerate garbage, AIDS-riddled filth, David Geffen (DOGSHIT-LA), courtesy of today's Maureen Dowd. Geffen, who is backing Barack Obama, called Bill Clinton "reckless" and clearly is still upset that Clinton didn't grant a pardon to cause celeb "native" American Leonard Peltier. More Geffen bullshit: "Marc Rich getting pardoned? An oil-profiteer expatriate who left the country rather than pay taxes or face justice?" Huh? Peltier murdered, in cold blood, two FBI Agents, and that subhuman piece-of-lowlife-shity, is a cause celeb; f8ck the "native" American crap. Peltier needs killing! IMO.
The New York Coalition to Expand Voting Rights, an alliance of immigrant-rights activists, renewed their efforts to allow legal non-citizens to vote in New York City elections. The left-wing, wacko-activist alliance — which includes the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund, the Center for Constitutional Rights, the Community Service Society, the Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund and dozens of other lowlife, leftist subhuman-filth groups — urged City Council and Mayor Mikey "I Hate America" Bloomberg to allow legal immigrants to vote in elections for mayor, comptroller and public advocate, as well as for the five borough presidents and 51 council members. Huh?

GOP(Globalist Oligarch Party)-RINO Losers™.
Is there any remaining question in your mind that US Sen John "No Brain" McCain is a liberal, GOPer-RINO sell-out? McCain's filth, trash, garbage, junk and absolute crap. None in mine. McCain's mentally-ill, treasonous, seditious, lowlife RINO dogshit.
While the national Republican platform is decidedly pro-life and has been for the past two decades, the GOP mayor of the nation's largest city believes his party's philosophical underpinnings are more in tune with the pro-abortion point of view. Disgraced, lowlife scumbag, ex-New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani (MURDERER-NY) said favoring the availability of abortion is "more consistent with the philosophy of the Republican Party." Giuliani made his eyebrow-raising remarks at an awards luncheon April 6 sponsored by the National Abortion Rights Action League in New York City, a leading abortion group. Any questions, America?
Yes, Mitt Romney is dogshit, and his religion, Mormonism, has zero to do with it. He's a liar and a scumbag, IMO.
I already support GWB's impeachment for his dereliction of duty, in doing zero for closing the US-Mexican border, and would also if one of the wrongly-imprisoned BP agents, dies, for any reason.

Treasonous, Scum-Sucking, liberal-demokkkRAT Garbage™.
Any doubt in your mind that US Sen Ted Kennedy (DRUNK-MA) is a traitor to America? Read this article and get back to me. Kennedy is a traitor, and should be executed, IMO.
Soooo, the Jew-hating, anti-Semite, Israel-loathing scumbag, disgraced piece-of-shit, failed asswipe, ex-sen John "The Breck Girl" Edwards (RACIST-NC), comes out against Israel, and in favor of the murderous cult of islam? Between him and the bigoted, subhuman filth, disgraced dirtbag ex-president, Jimmy Carter-farter (FILTH-GA), they both need and merit due-trial, conviction, sentencing and execution, IMO. Give each a .45cal, one bullet and a 8x10 cell, and let them kill themselves, and save the US Taxpayers a pile of dough, IMO.
No, Hussein-Obama-Osama; ???we're not. Crawl back under your slimy, socialist-commie rock, and die, scumbag. Where's Lee Harvey Oswald or James Earl Ray, when the country really needs them?
Yes, so-called 'global warming' is a crock of shit, and mentally-ill, lying assholes like Paul Ehrlich and AlGoreBore are symptoms of the mentall illness, and should be locked away in asylums, with daily electro-shock and lithium disages, or better yet, be mercifully-executed, for the good of humanity, IMO. They're lowlife, subhuman filth and garbage.

Lowlife, Subhuman Filth™.
Another piece of lowlife, untalented, homo-sodomite-faggot, turd-burgling, America-hating, US-Military-hating, rump-raiding dirtbag, subhuman piece-of-shit, "Spicky Fartin", aka Ricky Martin, whoever the hell he is, has given President Bush "the middle finger". Hopefully, he'll get AIDS and die and the world will be rid of his pathetic noise and crap. Fartin's biggest 'musical hit' was, "Livin' La Poopa Shoota", filmed in a SF/PR bathhouse, with other subhuman homo-sodomite-faggots, like him/herself. As I said, faggot: get AIDS and die!
Have you been following the two lesbian, drug-addicted, alcoholic whorebag-slut-filth-skanks which the perennial loser, disgraced dirtbag, ex-US Sen John "Ambulance Chaser" Edwards (LOWLIFE-NC) fired? Some two-bit, femi-nazi garbage, named Amanda Marcotte, who "couldn't buy a penis" to satisfy her pathetic, lebso-bull-dyke pedophile desires, and some other dirtbag filth; oh, I forget her name? No need to, IMO. She's a lowlife, piece of white-trash scum, of the absolute lowest order, and so laughable that s/he isn't worth wasting the time on, at all. That's why I haven't said diddly-squat about her, or the entire incident, other than just a casual mention weeks ago, after I low-lighted Edwards' 29,000sqft hovel. Seems Marcotte's got "the hots for Asian women", and Michelle won't accomodate the NOW-HAG-BAG skankette. Funny as hell to see the dyke in a lather.

islam Is A Criminal Organization™.
For 2007, I wish, quite simply, that adherent-to-islam, muslim-islamists-arabs would get their murderous, fragmented, poverty-riddled, destructive, deviant, degenerate, perverted, unholy 'religious' act together, repudiate the blatant lies, admonitions to acts of torture, murder and terrorism which they 'learn' from that unholy book, and from their 8th century "prophet", and settle-down into a peaceful group of a billion of so, practitioners of that currently-demented social and political cult, called islam, which needs to go through a transforming "Reformation", as Christianity did in the 16th century, and rid that evil cult of death and destruction of its evil, death and destructive tendencies and tenets. Only then, will they be accepted by the rest of The Civilized World. Until then, the Civilized World must keep killing them, by the millions, and hundreds-of-millions, to rid the world of the filthy, murderous, destructive plague, called islam. The future doesn't look bright for islam, as many millions will need to be killed outright, to stop the worldwide spread of death and destruction, as espoused by their unholy book's teachings, and frequent exhortations to death and destruction. What a pity so many innocent Christians and Jews (and other muslims) must die, in that pitiful islamic effort to "spread-by-the-sword", the destruction demanded by islam. Whole, new generations of muslim-islamic-arab children are being 'weaned on islamic hatred', and will need either total re-education, or outright killing, to rid the world and Middle East nations, of that murderous, hate-filled disease, called islam. If and when they ever do renounce the death and destruction, and finally learn to get along with the rest of the world, I will once again, begin capitalizing "islam", "muslim" and all things related to them, in a sign of respect. Until then, I spit upon them all, as a sign of anger, hate, rage and gross disrespect, at what they've done to this world, especially on the "Slaughter of 9-11-2001" that Tuesday, and ten thousand other incidents, before and since.
Watch this video about islam. The enemy is islam, not terrorism. That is merely their tactic. islam is NOT a religion. It is a political and social cult. There are NO moderate muslims. They all want the 'umma' or 'caliph' of the world, and will not stop until we infidels are either converted or killed. I've been saying this since 9-12-01. Europe will fall in 20yrs; America is the next target and their murderous jihad is already underway, slowly but surely. What's coming is almost unimaginable, yet some of us know what's just around the corner. Educate yourself and others. Pass this on to whomever you can, and learn from the message within it. (Thanks for the 'heads-up' on this video, Douglas...

Some People Just Need Killing™.
IMO, there are no subhuman filth which need killing more than child molesters/rapists/murderers, and this subhuman garbage in Iowa are no exception: they should be executed and never, never, never released from prison, under any circumstances. Screw the "2,000ft law" crap; kill them all! Protect society's innocent and weak: the children and the elderly.
Following closely on the heels of subhuman filth like child molesters/rapists/murderers, is socialist/commie/nazi-lover, George Soros, and I call for his assassination, as soon as possible, by anyone. I once again offer my $100 to the bounty-pot, for that subhuman, piece-of-shit's death. C'mon CIA; get it done. You used to be so damned good!
Likewise, for the 'umpteenth time', I call for the immediate assassination of Hugo "Football Head" Chavez, socialist-commie-nazi dictator of Venezuela, by anyone. I once again offer my $100 to the bounty-pot, for that subhuman, piece-of-shit's death. C'mon CIA; get it done. You used to be so damned good!
I now charge US Rep Jack Murtha (TRAITOR-PA) with treason, sedition and sabotage, and call for his immediate due-charging, trial, conviction, sentencing and execution, in a time of war. He's a pathological liar, coward, traitor, seditionist, saboteur, lowlife, scumbag, piece-of-subhuman-shit, and should be hanged, as should Kerry and Kennedy, et al.

Cooking Debauchery.
According to Kitarra, a confessed "geek girl" who loves the temptation of the kitchen, cooking shouldn't be drudgery. This gastro-blower enjoys experimenting with food flavors and takes meals to a new level of indulgence, as her richly colorful photos and snappy prose display. To see how sensually-delightful dining can be, share in her long-standing love affair with vanilla and indulge in her recipe for a garlic orgasm. Risotto may strike fear and longing in the heart of the home cook, but a protracted cake anecdote will bring a smile to any chef's face. Whether or not you ever need to stick your hand inside a dead bird, you may learn some handy cooking tips. And all this debauchery will probably leave you hungry. Yawn, and sleepy, too.

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