Friday, February 25, 2005

lib-dem whiners

the biggest collection of losers, whiners, crybabies, liars, criminals and scumbags are what's residing in the demokkkRAT party, these days. Clearly-dominated and negatively-influenced by the hate-America, left-wing wacko liberals, the demokkkRATs are publicly imploding while showing America who and what they really are: the party of hatred and division. And America's noticing; take that to the bank for the '06 and '08 elections. The lib-dem garbage will be lucky to have a toilet seat to sit upon, let alone any seats left in Congress or in The White House. Howard "The Coward" Deanie-weenie as DNC chair? "Dingy" (certainly not "Dirty") Harry Reid as US Senate minority leader? Hitlery Rotten Klintoon for president in '08? What jokes these socialist, hate-America, hate-Christianity scum, are. Pure traitorous, seditionist filth and hate-America trash. Did you have a nice "President's Day Holiday", off from work? I worked, as 97% of Americans did. The lib-dem bastardization of President George Washington's Birthday, is a travesty. Why does Martin Luther King Jr have his own national holiday? He was a racist, willing murderer of blacks, philanderer, liar, plagiarist and bigot. Let's rename MLKs Holiday, and call it Civil Rights Holiday, and return George Washington's Birthday, as it was, before the PC-correctness garbage morons screwed it up. President Abraham Lincoln still has his own Holiday Birthday, on February 12th. C'mon liberal-demokkkRATs: whine, moan, scream and wail your empty PETA heads off about killing and eating dogs and cats, when you actively encourage and permit the murder of 1,300,000+ unborn babies each year, through abortion. Hypocrisy writ large. Raise taxes, lib-dem idiots; that'll fix everything. And when you don't get your way, whine, moan, scream and wail again, and shop the corrupted US Legal System for a "friendly", liberal activist judge who's willing to make law, rather than interpret it, as s/he's supposed to do, as proscribed by The US Constitution. Ahhhhhh, liberal-socialists, choking in their own hypocrisy, having no other options left, and in the greatest of their twisted, perverted ideals, are imploding. It's a true spectator sport. Enjoy!

Around The Garden Center®.
Brutally-cold temps — daytime in the upper 20°Fs and nightime in the low teens — returned, as did some light snow and sleet, just to remind us that Winter isn't over yet. Our regular "President's Day Snowstorm" yielded just a ½" of ice, as compared to the "President's Day Blizzard of '03", just a few years ago, which dumped 31" of snow on this area. I remember that one, all too well. And yes; there are still plenty of idiots who blame all the weather on the bogus lie of global warming.
I bought a slightly-used, in-great-condition, EZ-GO (Yamaha) electric golf cart for $1,200 this week, and am cleaning it up, and preparing a sketch for my local sign painter/ truck letterer to work from, in re-painting the cart in a "horticultural motif": vines, instead of flames, cascading from the front along the sides, to the rear. It's a four-seater, has four cup holders, a recharger, headlights and an ultra-quiet electric motor. I'll fabricate a gun rack for it, based upon the police squad cars carrying a 12ga just off the dashboard. (Just kidding.) With the two extra rear seats, it'll be very useful in ferrying customers around the 20ac. And with my L-5 Vertebrae/ Sciatic Nerve injury last Spring, I won't mind riding instead of walking 12-15 miles every weekend with customers, looking at plant material.
How good are you at focusing on something abstract? Try taking this brief test. Ha!
Yesterday, it started snowing on my way into work at 9am, and got much heavier as the day progressed. I had two meetings at the GC&N Complex, and left around 1:15pm, after stocking-up Pickle's wet/ dry food and water. Film at 11.

Finally, a law to curb trial lawyer and liberal jury excesses in class action lawsuits! Thank you, President Bush! Personally, I'd rather see all the trial lawyers killed, as Shakespeare once suggested.
President GW Bush kissed Socialist-Scum Jacques Chirac's, France's Fag Frog Prez, royal ass, this week. Yuk.
Uh-oh; here's hoping this pandemic doesn't happen anywhere, anytime soon. Truly scary stuff. Is anyone at the FDA or NIH watching this?
Why millions around the world say, softly, God Bless America.
All charges have been dropped against four Christians who were arrested in October for sharing the gospel at a pro-homosexual event in Philadelphia. Charges pending against a minor who was also arrested at the time are expected to be dismissed as well. Last fall, Philadelphia police arrested 11 Christians as they were taking part in street witnessing on a public sidewalk at a "gay pride" event. Charges were dropped against six of the believers in January, but the four adults and one juvenile — all members of the group Repent America — faced serious charges under Philadelphia's "hate crimes" laws. Those five were charged with criminal conspiracy, "ethnic intimidation," and riot. In a case that brought national attention, each of the five faced as much as 47 years in prison if convicted. Finaly, sanity has prevailed. Thank you, Court of Commons Pleas Judge Pamela Dembe.
Maverick Republican Asshole, lowlife, liar, mentally-ill, liberal scumbag, US Sen John "No Brain" McCain (ASSHOLE-AZ) said Sunday that his New York colleague, liar, criminal, thief, America-hater, US Sen Hillary "Hitlery Rotten Klintoon" Clinton (SOCIALIST-NY), would do well if she becomes president of the United States.
One more reason to close the borders, find the illegal alien filth already here, and either deport them or execute them as terrorists, murderers, rapists etc. Are you listening, President Bush?

Liberal-demokkkRAT Garbage.
Mentally-ill, dumbass bitch, Teresa Heinz-Kerry-Kerry-Heinz-Kerry-Heinz-Heinz blames the liberal media for her idiot's defeat. The LSM (lame stream media) actually helped make it closer than it ever would have been. John F(ucking) Kerry should have been buried under a 45-5 state landslide.
University of Colorado's Ward Churchill, that left-wing wacko, liberal turd-eating, socialist shit-drinking, "fake indian" is also a liar, fraud, phony and a fake.
The convicted, criminal bitch, Martha Stewart, is due to be released next week, and will be coming home to 5 months house arrest and confinement. IMO, it wasn't enough. The lying, sleazy, nasty liberal-demokkkRAT should have been sentenced to 3-5 years in a hard-core, medium security facility, not simply 5 months at "Camp Cupcake". Former Enron company chiefs Ken Lay and Jeffrey Skilling, will soon take a huge hit for what crimes they perpetrated; Stewart should have, also.

Lowlife, Subhuman Filth.
Sooooo, "Gonzo Journalist" Hunter S. Thompson, degenerate, drug and alcohol addicted, lowlife, subhuman, garbage scumbag, asswipe of the 60s and 70s, died. No, he killed himself. He was a coward and a deviant. So freaking what? Good riddance and burn in hell, piece of shit, mentally-ill junkie. Buh-bye!
Gay activists Homos are already protesting the announcement of the appearance of a new and deadly strain of the AIDS virus. In reporting the story, the The New York Times wondered aloud about the protests (e.g., who could protest a scientific announcement?), but reported the story, anyway. Hey homos: you reap what you sow, scumbags. Enjoy your slow deaths. Your fault.
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, Britney Spears is angry about photos? Isn't that special? Eff you, ugly porno skank bitch.
A stinking, subhuman, lowlife, pigshit Muslim dirtbag arrested for plotting to kill President Bush? Shocking! Get a rope and hang the subhuman Islamic garbage.
I may have to move this Robert Blake screed to another 'category'. But, after 2yrs of saying he's "guilty"; perhaps... he isn't. Nah; he is.

Some People Just Need Killing™.
A man convicted of killing his mother and three other people in a dispute over money was put to death by lethal injection Thursday in a Texas prison. Subhuman piece of lowlife shit, Dennis Bagwell, 41, was the third person executed this year in the state, which leads the nation in carrying out capital punishment. Thank you, Texas; made my week!
The ex-boyfriend of a missing pregnant woman has been arrested and charged with capital murder in the case of the woman and her 7-year-old son, whose bodies were found Tuesday. Stephen Barbee, 37, of Fort Worth, was arrested Monday night in Tyler and was being brought back to Tarrant County by Fort Worth police. Execute him immediately after conviction; no appeals.
Arrest, imprison, duly charge, try, convict, sentence and kill this subhuman piece of lowlife filth, now. Here's the actual video. Hells, bells. Reason #1 why I carry concealed, baby. Kill both of the subhuman sambos! Oh, too bad; he only got prison. I'd have killed capped him, in a heartbeat.

Gallery of Nostrums.
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