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reclaiming our country

friday, february 25th, 2022

Americans are basically good and decent people who tend to assume the best of others -- especially those in positions of leadership or trust. But millions of us realize now that that decency has been exploited. Those we have trusted have betrayed our trust; they have lied repeatedly; they are using their power for destructive ends. They are hobbling the economy, flooding the country with millions of unvetted migrants and crippling it with debt, and undermining the rule of law.

[FULL TITLE: "Reclaiming Our Country and Our Individual Agency."]

Human beings are flawed, so there will always be liars, thieves, grifters, opportunists, greedy business owners and corrupt politicians. When betrayal of the public's trust is the exception, it may still draw ire, but it will not threaten the integrity of the system itself. However, when we are bombarded, daily, with proof that those with prominent societal roles do not deserve them, and in fact are using them to wreak havoc, it can become overwhelming. What are average citizens to do?

The answer is both bad news and good news.

The bad news is that the time for complacency is over. We can no longer go about the business of our day-to-day lives, confident that our schools are safe places where our children's mental health and education are paramount; that our media are relentlessly pursuing the truth and holding the powerful to account; that the businesses we patronize will respect (if not reflect) our values; that our institutions of higher education are doing their best to promote and preserve the constitutional liberties that have made America free and prosperous; that our legal system will protect the innocent and punish wrongdoers.

To the contrary, the proof of how terribly naive we have been is everywhere. The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed the government's lust for power and willingness to use that power oppressively, not to mention the hypocrisy of elected officials and other wealthy and powerful people who have demanded masks and lockdowns while blithely ignoring the same restrictions they impose on their fellow citizens. A year-plus of online learning has exposed the seamy underbelly of some of our school systems, including policies that protect sexual predators, insert sexually explicit materials in curricula and in school libraries, promote communism and collectivism, racial hatred and division under the guise of "critical race theory," "systemic racism" and "white supremacy," encourage sexual experimentation and gender confusion in schoolchildren -- and deliberately exclude parents from knowledge of any of this. Instead of promoting the free exchange of ideas and questions, our social media companies now act as de facto censors for the government (as long as it is run by Democrats). City councils and state legislatures are passing laws and ordinances that permit homelessness, open drug use and theft.

Law-abiding citizens and property and business owners are held hostage by governments that extract outrageous levels of taxes but refuse to provide basic police protections. Violent criminals are released without bail or on absurdly low bonds, not only in major metropolitan areas like New York City and San Francisco but even more bucolic areas like Waukesha, Wisconsin, where Darrell Brooks, a serial violent criminal, plowed into a Christmas parade last November, killing 6 people and injuring 60. Brooks had been released on a paltry $1,000 bond just days before, for running the mother of his child over with a car.

The worst abuses of power are taking place at the highest levels of government. Just this week, information released by Special Counsel John Durham demonstrates that Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign paid to have candidate Donald Trump spied on in an effort to fabricate information, create a "narrative" that Trump was colluding with Russia and engage federal law enforcement in what ended up being a multimillion-dollar fraud on the American public. The media, of course, has completely ignored the story because it implicates Democrats in unlawful activity.

Heads should roll for this. And yet everyone I talk to shrugs and says, "Nothing will happen." It is that sense of inevitability that concerns me most. Americans have not only lost faith in our government and legal system; they assume that corruption will carry the day; that the wealthy and powerful will escape the consequences that would befall anyone else.

This is the thinking one sees in backwater banana republics or dictatorships. It is not the thinking that has characterized America or Americans, many of whom fled those kinds of regimes for the freedom and justice they believed they would find here.

There is good news. Americans who have never considered themselves activists are taking up the banner with a long-overdue enthusiasm. Parents are storming school board meetings demanding transparency and change, including an end to the ridiculous and damaging mask mandates for children. State legislatures are introducing bills that would make public school curricula visible and hold administrators and teachers accountable. In Canada, the Truckers' Freedom Convoy has shown how to demand an end to oppressive government policies such as COVID-19 vaccine mandates. (An American truckers' convoy is said to be scheduling for the end of this month). Consumers are boycotting corporations infested with "woke" policies. Citizens are running for office at the local, state and national level. Polls indicate a reckoning is coming in November. Across the country, politicians of all stripes are beginning to understand that Americans are mad as hell and aren't going to take it anymore.

What we do have to take (back) is the power we had handed over -- and never relinquish it again.

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A Day In The Life.

Up at 9:30a on Friday, I went thru my morning finger stick to check my BSL (Blood Sugar Level) and recorded it on my Diabetes 2 chart, made Kona coffee, took a 50mg Tramadol and 5mg Valium for my R/S hip and leg pain, skipped breakfast, had a couple smokes in the semi-cool garage and checked the day's to-do list. It was 38°, cloudy, and snow flurries were forecast from lake effect snow squalls blowing thru the area. I turned on my computer, listened to the "Chris Plante Show" while waiting for the meds to take effect, and had another smoke in the garage with the wonderful Kona Coffee. Sherry was coming by at 1p, so we could visit Hollie at her store, and do some walking at the nearby York Galleria, so I had to get moving; it was already 11:45a.

After the snow squalls passed, it got sunny and close to 40°, but with 30-35mph winds, not quite warm enough to walk outside in the nearby Springettsbury Twp Park. I had a banana for lunch, Sherry arrived around 1p, and we drove to Hollie's shop in nearby Hallam, to visit for about 2hrs. When back at my condo, we talked until after 5p, and as it was getting dusk, Sherry left since she doesn't like to drive after dark. I had dinner, watched Discovery's "Gold Rush" and "Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch", before switching to "Gutfeld!" on Fox, at 11. I closed down the place at midnight.

I wear the new KN95 masks, and have N95 Masks as spares, when needed in crowded situations. Here's what to look for in buying those or any of the many masks.

I was up "early" on Saturday, at 9a, to a sunny-then-quickly-cloudy day, at 33°, and went thru the usual routines. I turned on the Friday's podcast of the "Chris Plante Show", while the meds took effect for my R/S butt/thigh/calf pain, and would have some breakfast a little later. I only needed to go to Rite Aid to p/u a waiting Rx, and get a few other things; no biggie today. Snow squalls from Lake Erie were blowing thru the area from the northwest, dropping snow flurries which melted quickly, and I didn't mind seeing a bit of snow. But with temps now at 37°, it wouldn't stick to anything. I switched over to local WSBA 910 AM to listen to their 11a-2p rebroadcast of last week's "Chris Plante Show", and left for Rite Aid at 11:30a.

The pizza shop counter guy asked me if I wanted my pizza cut into six slices or eight. I told him six, as I didnt think I could eat eight slices. Heh.

I seldom, if almost never agree with Fox News' leftist token black moron idiot, Juan Williams, but on his opinion here, I do agree with about 80% of it. Amazing.

Back from Rite Aid at 12:30p, I was amazed at how crowded the store was, but so many shelves were empty or severely depleted, as the re-stockers worked furiously trying to get the shelves looking "normal", again. I had a couple other errands to do, and on the last stop, a serious snow squall "blizzard" hit the area, reducing visibility to almost zero, with 35-40mph wind -- raging horizontal snow -- and only lasted 1hr. I was home by 2:30p, unloaded and did some computer work, while watching History's "American Pickers" reruns all afternoon. The 40-55mph wind continued all day, with *SEVERE WIND WARNINGS* being posted for our area. The snow squalls were played-out and the sun re-appeared, making it a decent day, except when you're outside. 3 Amazon deliveries were made between 2:45 - 4p, and I got them home, and safely-stowed away, while continuing to watch reruns of "APs".

By 6:15p, I'd done a boatload of condo chores, decided to skip dinner and drop some more pounds, drank some Chardonnay Vino and kept watching "American Pickers" reruns, until the new episodes came on at 9p & 10p. I unplugged at 11p.

I slept-in until 10:30a on Sunday, and by the time I got all the routines done, most of the morning was already gone. I finally finished 2 loads of laundry by 2p, and got the garbage and recyclables ready-to-go to the curb tonite, and had paperwork and filing to do. The NASCAR Daytona 500 was coming on, but I won't watch of that boring, "roundy-round", circle track 200 lap race. Not my cup o' tea. I spent most of the day on the computer, catching-up on correspondence and just being on FR's forum. Lousy day for TV. I also had a couple of Amazon deliveries. By dinner, I watched the end of the race, and switched over to Fox until 11p. Lights out.

Up at 7a on Monday, a sunny 28° morning, I had R/S pain in my buttock, thigh and calf, so I did the usual routines, fired-up the furnace and auxiliary garage and office-sunroom heaters, took a 50mg Tramadol and a 5mg Valium, had coffee, and checked the computer for weather and news. It's "President's Day", whatever that now means for the past 10-15yrs. Forecast for the day was sunny and 62°, supposedly the best day of the week, with ice/snow back on Friday. Hey, it's still Winter! I turned-on the "Chris Plante Show", held-off on breakfast until the meds got into my system and the pain abated. I needed to, according to my daily "to-do list", get down to Red Lion and drop-off a load at DeVono Cleaners, drop-off some plastic containers at my ex-friend's garage, and check the mailbox for deliveries that the USPS have shoved into it. I left at 10:30.

After stopping to fuel-up the Jeep with UnLeaded 90 oct Premium at $3.29/gal, I was back home by 12noon, and found that I was missing a shipment of LUBEGARD BIO-TECH ENGINE PROTECTANT MOTOR OIL CHANGE TREATMENT ADDITIVE 8oz 3-Pack, and contacted the seller to get a replacement/refund. Great product for any vehicle's oil, BTW. I hate the lousy USPS; they can't deliver shit!

I worked on my food shopping list for tomorrow, at Weis Market, while listening to the "Dan Bongino Show" on WMAL, in DC, on the iHeart Radio app. I opened-up the condo's front and back storm/screen doors, to get some fresh air thru, as temps hit 61° by 2p. Other than going out for a smoke every 20-30mins, I stayed in for the rest of the day, and did paperwork, and ordered-in a Domino's Thin Crust Pizza w/ extra cheese, Italian sausage, steak, onions, mushrooms, banana sweet, red and green peppers, and a Philly Cheese Steak (no, not on the pizza).

Jeeeeeeze! I can't take this racism shit much longer! Still think that Michelle, aka Michael Obama isn't a man, and Barry Boy isn't a fag? Watch this video.

I was hungry and ate 1/3 of the pizza; well-satiated for the night, with plenty left. "Tucker" and the evening Fox line-up was on, so I stayed-up until 11p to watch "Gutfeld". Lights out at midnight.

Awake at 8a on Tuesday -- 2.22.22 -- I had some R/S hip and leg pain, so I took a Tramadol and Valium, made coffee, did the finger stick, fired-up the furnace and garage heater, even though it was a cloudy, 51° morning (!), had a smoke in the garage, and turned-on the "Chris Plante Show". Hey, it's 2-22-22! Whoopee-fricking-doo! Happens only occasionally, on the calendar. It's called a "palindrome" (spelled same forward as backward), and the next one will be 03/02/2030. I checked the coming weather and day's news, so far. I knew this "BBC Breaking News" was coming, 2-3 days ago. No big deal. Everytime Lunch Bucket Joey Bidet meets/talks with Putin, he invades Ukraine. First, it was Crimea; now, it's Donetsk and Luhansk. Keep shit-for-brains Bidet away from Russia & Putin! Cause and effect...

I left for errands at 12:15p, stopped at Rite Aid and Weis, and was back by 2. Weis was out of many things, but was loaded-to-the-brim with others, so I'll add those "out" things to next week's list. I paid my 2022 Real Estate Tax of $953.46, at the 2% Early Discount Rate, today, as I always do.

I decided to go food shopping at Weis Market, after the "CP Show" was over, at 12noon, when Bongino comes on WMAL-DC, so I finished-up my short shopping list. The pain shifted to my L/S and was hard-to-handle while pushing a cart thru all those Weis Market aisles.

Today, Gary Brooker, 73, of Procul Harum's "Whiter Shade of Pale, passed away from cancer. Sad, as it was my all-time favorite song from the mid/late 60s. Still is. I'll never forget it, along with "A Salty Dog" and "Conquistador", among their other #1 hits. RIP, Gary.

I had dinner, watched the meager TV offerings of Tuesday, until the Fox line-up came on and called it quits after "Gutfeld" at 11p.

Sleeping-in until 10a on Wednesday, I didn't have to fire-up the furnace or the garage auxiliary heater -- it was 63° and rising -- just made coffee, skipped breakfast, took the 2 painkillers for lower back/leg pain, and turned-on the "Chris Plante Show" until 12noon. I can easily sleep-in on cloudy day, but as soon as the sun comes out, I'm up and at the day. Our CHCA Complex' Mower Crew were outside, cutting back the overgrown, massive "Burning Bushes" all thru the complex, making noise with hedge trimmers, so I opted to get dressed and start the day.

I had the last of the Domino's Thin Crust Pizza for lunch, and still have the 12" Philly Cheese Steak, in the 'fridge. Right now, my 'fridge runneth over, and I need to get rid of some of the food, by eating 3 meals a day. After a couple of errands, I spent an hour-plus watching "Russian Car Crashes" and "Best of Road Rage" on YT. Haven't done that in a real l-o-n-g time. Heh.

I drove my 2022 Real Estate Tax Bill and payment, with a SASE for a return, stamped receipt for my Homestead Rebate Refund ($500), to the nearby USPS, and put the Jeep away for the night, and to heat-up the garage. By 4p, temps were dropping quickly, so I closed-down the condo's screen/storm doors, closed windows and retreated to my Jeep engine's-heated garage, for a smoke. It's forecast to get down into the mid-20s tonite, and we're to get ice and a light snow tomorrow. Hey, it's Winter in PA!

I watched a few of the crazy accident/road rage videos on YT, simply because it was another NBC (Nothing But Crap) TV day and evening. I was glued to The Weather Channel on TV, and AccuWeather.com on my computer, following the path of Winter Storm "Oaklee", slated to impact us Thursday night and Friday morning. We've had less than 6" of snow this Winter, but the coming storm is going to be all ice, for the York area, or so it seems.

Meanwhile, the world is watching Russia invade Ukraine with 200,000+ troops and major hardware. Plus, the "Heels Up Harris 'Ho" and idiot "Lunch Bucket Joey Bidet" are in hiding. Natch.

I watched "Laura" on Fox to get news and interviews about the unfolding events in Ukraine, and then "Gutfeld", until 12 midnight. Whoops, Fox News has pre-empted "Gutfeld" and began its non-stop news coverage of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, so I watched for a while. Lights out at 1:30a.

Awake and up at 7:45a on Thursday, I did the usual routines, turned-on Fox News on my big TV, and the "Chris Plante Show" on my computer, to get details of what's happening in Ukraine. The Stock Market took an immediate dump, as it always does in a world crisis, the largest in Europe since 1945. DJIA is down 826pts, NASDAQ is down 313pts, and S&p Dow is down 91pts. Nice.

Millions of Ukrainians are seen, in this photo, leaving for Poland, Hungary, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovenia, and a few other nearby NATO Countries, last night:

Based on weather reports of imminent sleet, freezing rain snow and ice, I decided to stay inside for the day, since I'd gotten everything I need over the past several day, and didn't need to do any errands. I did 2 loads of laundry, some light condo chores, had a banana for lunch, and listened to Fox News and the computer's news broadcasts of Russia's invasion. By 1p, I saw the ***Winter Weather Advisory*** being posted on all stations:

Winter Weather Advisory
Thursday, February 24, 5:00 PM EST
Friday, February 25, 11:00 AM EST
Source: U.S. National Weather Service, State College, PA
• WHAT: Mixed precipitation expected. Total sleet and snow accumulations of 1 -- 3 inches and ice accumulations of one tenth to one quarter of an inch. The most snow will be closer to Interstate 80, while the lowest sleet and snow amounts are expected along and south of the PA Turnpike.
• WHERE: Portions of central Pennsylvania.
• WHEN: From 5 PM this evening to 11 AM EST Friday.
• IMPACTS: Plan on slippery road conditions. The hazardous conditions will impact the Friday morning commute. Travel disruptions are expected to be significant overnight, and into mid-morning Friday north of Interstate 81.
• ADDITIONAL DETAILS: An initial burst of snow will turn to mainly sleet. Several hours of sleet will be followed by several hours of freezing rain. This combination will create a thick layer of ice. Temperatures will gradually warm to just above freezing in most places before sunrise south of Interstate 81 and later Friday morning north of Interstate 81. Gusty winds on Friday, mainly after the precipitation ends, could lead to power outages.
The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission remind motorists to adjust speeds based on driving conditions as winter weather impacts Pennsylvania roadways.

I had a light dinner, watched the continuing coverage of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine, while doing some other chores, and somehow knew this BS Ukraine crap wouldn't go away anytime soon. Sp be it. I kept watching Fox News Shows, until 11p, and called it a week.

Tomorrow starts a new week here in the "Journal".


A box of raisins is a tragic tale of grapes that could have been wine.

They say we can have gatherings with up to eight people without issues. I don't even know eight people without issues.

Theme parks can snap a crystal-clear picture of you on a roller coaster going 70 mph, but bank cameras can't get a clear shot of a robber standing still.

In movies, when a woman hears a strange noise at night in her house, these things will be evident. She wont turn on any lights or arm herself, and will wander around in the dark, investigating, calling, Whos there, in her nightie. Why?

Someone posted that they had just made synonym buns. I replied "you mean just like the ones that grammar used to make?" I am now blocked.

Dear paranoid people who check behind their shower curtains for murderers ... if you do find one, what's your plan?

The more I get to know people, the more I realize why Noah let only animals on the boat.

Facial recognition software can pick a person out of a crowd, but the vending machine at work can't recognize a dollar bill with a bent corner.

When all this pandemic stuff is over, I still plan to wear a mask. It hides the perpetual look of annoyance I have for most people.

Covid-19 Fact: 87% of gym members don't even know their gym is closed. I never make the same mistake twice. I do it like, five or six times, you know, to make sure.

My train of thought derailed. There were no survivors.

If you see someone buying candy, popcorn, and a soda at the movies, they are a drug dealer. There's no other explanation for that type of income.

After a year of this pandemic, I'm either going out for ice cream or to commit a felony. I'll decide in the car.

Ladies you know it's time to clean out your purse when the car assumes it's an extra passenger who isn't wearing a seat belt.

Dr. Oz says rubbing coffee grounds on your naked body will get rid of cellulite. Apparently you can't do this in Starbucks. And now the cops are here...

Do not vaccinate health care workers first. If it fails, we're all in trouble. Vaccinate the politicians first. If we lose a few of them, it won't matter--(more like it will be a good start!).

In the 1980's I fell off my bike and skinned my knee. I'm telling you this now because we didn't have social media then.

Some people seem to have aged like fine wine. I aged like milk ... I got sour and chunky.

{Anonymous eMail. H/T ppc.)

A Small White Dot.

A kindergarten class had a homework assignment to find out something exciting and relate it to the class the next day.

When the time came to present what they'd found, the first little boy the teacher called on walked up to the front of the class, and with a piece of chalk, made a small white dot on the blackboard and sat back down.

Puzzled, the teacher asked him what it was.

'It's a period,' he replied.

'I can see that,' said the teacher, 'but what is so exciting about a period?'

'Darned if I know,' chirped the little boy ... 'but this morning my sister was missing one, my mother fainted, my dad had a heart attack, and the boy next door joined the Navy.

[From Anonymous eMail.]

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