dreary winter days
Friday, February 26, 1999

it's just amazing what a few weeks of additional sleep can do for the weary human body and spirit. I almost feel refreshed, revitalized, revived, renewed. Almost. The 7th Annual York Flower & Garden Show is now in full gear, having started Wednesday, and will continue through Sunday. It's a tiring 5 days. We've been there from day one, and have a 1st Place - Best of Show, and several Second Place awards. We get a lot of business from that show. This is the first time since '96 that I haven't had my computer there to show off www.gdnctr.com to an admiring public. Last year's Journal entry at The Show was to be a live one; our local GTE idiots screwed up my connection and I got hundreds of emails from people complaining about not being able to see what was going on through the live FlowerShow Cam. This past week has been particularly busy with many people stopping into my Garden Center & Nursery to reserve a spot on my already burgeoning 39 jobs on the books projects list for landscape work, hopefully starting in early April. It'll be a madhouse with all the new ones coming in for landscape plans and estimates once the Flower Show winds down on Sunday afternoon. As more Winter storms bear down upon us, I'm ready for Spring to arrive.

7th York Flower & Garden Show.
I guess that after seven years of doing the same show, I'm getting a little apathetic about it all. Standing in a 8ft x 20ft booth for 12 hours at a time, handing out literature, chatting up thousands of people all day and eating lukewarm cheeseburgers now makes me cringe. I need more life-sustaining pasta than f*cking cheeseburgers.
The upside is that we always do something different each year; my landscape foreman, Alan Miller and his crew constantly amaze me with the final result. I give them carte blanche to get it done. I don't like to stifle creativity over something as trivial as money.
This year, our good friends at New Holland Concrete in Lancaster County, PA, provided the concrete block to build the triple waterfall display and supporting structures. We're now a distributor for their upscale line of architectural block.
In previous years, I would do the entire 5 day show, myself. This year, the booth-hosting duties are well split up between Lynn & Jessica Melincavage, Alan Miller, Ken Butcher and Michelle Wood-Kempske, and I'm getting a bit of a respite from those lukewarm cheeseburgers. Yuk.
What'll we do for an encore next year? Something that ties our website back into the horticulture theme; something no one else can do in this area. It's a nice feeling.

The Rapist-In-Chief.
Wow, that Bubba; he's really something. He rapes a woman 22 years ago when he was Arkansas attorney general, while running for governor, and is still in denial. What a guy. I'll bet Hitlery is once again thrilled; she's got to be pretty used to this by now.
Although most likely true, the woman didn't report it and get a DNA test done. Now, it's just she said, he said, unless she's got some hard evidence which hasn't surfaced so far. There's no blue dress to come to the fore. I believe her, but the statute of limitations has long since run out on that charge. Clinton has a long history of sexual predation against women. He's a piece of garbage.
I find it fascinating that a state's attorney general rapes women apparently many of them and then becomes governor and then becomes president. Just fascinating. If anyone else had done that, they'd have been locked up for years. Yet Clinton gets away with it effortlessly. There are so many to cover up for him, including his bitch wife, Hitlery. What has happened to this Nation's sense of morality and ethics?
He reportedly told her that he was sterile, he had the mumps as a kid, so she doesn't have to worry about getting pregnant. Guess that means that Chelsea, was adopted? Does Hitlery know that? Well... Hmmm... Maybe... Perhaps... And then...But also...Uhhhh, let's don't go there.
Curious about what's happened to many of the people who've worked closely with the Clintonite scum over the years? Here's their collective epitaph.

Justice, Inc.
Allowing murderers to live in prison for the rest of their unnatural lives is wrong, morally and ethically. Murder and rape, armed robbery, child molestation and treason require Justice, and to my way of thinking, that means execution and permanent removal from society.
Ohio finally got its guts off the shelf, where its been in a jar since '63. They wasted a lowlife piece of shit who richly deserved to die many years before. Hey, better late than never; but always better sooner than later.
The whining, bed wetting liberals and now some wimpy moderates have joined them still believe it's better to let 10 guilty people go free than to execute one innocent. Bull-f*cking shit. I'd be glad to pull that innocent's switch if it'd keep the 10 guilty in prison, on Death Row, and ready for execution. If they don't have the guts to do what's right, email me.
Now, the political morons want to give voting rights back to convicted felons. Should the man who raped your sister or whacked your brother be allowed to vote when the piece-of-shit is finally released from prison? I don't think so.
And while we're at it, a big well done, Missouri, for getting your guts back. Don't listen to that pope-a-dope; he's a whining moron, too. Do what's right and execute all that filth on Death Row.
Wait a minute: here's two pieces of Nazi shit who need to die by the most painful method available. These LaGrand Nazi filth scum have been languishing in our comfy US prison system since '82; far, far too long. They should have died many years ago. And now they claim that the death penalty is cruel and unusual punishment. Sure.
Hold it! Here's a real subhuman piece of filth who sorely needs to die for the torture and murder of 11 people, including 2 children.

Turn In That Dildo, Lady.
In what has to be one of the most f*cked up laws and blatant attempts to control peoples' lives, the redneck state of Alabama has banned all kinds of sex aids. Uhhh, don't use 'em myself, but the idea of controlling what a citizen does privately is unconscionable and communistic.
I predict that the so-called law will be struck down in a US Supreme Court ruling this year. Since 14 other states also have similar junk laws on their books, it will probably take a class action suit to overturn these illegal and immoral laws.

Say It Ain't So.
With 23 long, painful months to endure before the Nation can finally get rid of the scummy, lowlife Clintons, the Hitlery bitch now says she wants to be a US Senatorette from New York. That ruined my day.
The impotent, old liberal scumbag, Danny Boy Moynihan who'd originally said Clinton would be convicted and removed from office, but also voted to acquit met with the criminal bitch to explore the move.
Hitlery has so much dirty baggage and skeletons in her closet that she'll be great fodder for more investigations. Problem is: there are so many stinking liberal Democrats in New York State that she'll have a fairly easy chance of being elected. It would be nice if that bitch disappeared from the public view, forever. She's as much stinking garbage as her criminal rapist husband.
At least these two stinking, liberal, piece-of-shit Clintonites got caught.

Flipping The Bird.
I've always wondered what the history of giving someone the finger is; now I know.

A Load Of shit.
Another liberal so-called teacher is fraudulently milking the system for all he can get, and blaming his deviate and sexually-predative behavior on a psychosexual illness.
What a scam.
Without the so-called sexual problem, the pervert teacher/ principal would have received 70% less than he did with the faked disability. Amazing. This piece-of-shit-filth should be executed in between the subhuman murderers, rapists, child molesters, armed robbers and traitors.
Isn't that called The Bubba Defense?

Bellweather Species.
They're likened to the canary in a mining operation: first to die if the air supply becomes polluted with deadly, invisible gas.
Frogs are dying in unpreceedented numbers all over the US and no one knows why.
I still have plenty in my watergardens and ponds, but have noticed that there are fewer and fewer each year.

The Net Hoax Hall Of Fame.
It's all here.

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