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Friday, February 27, 2004

With the advent of warmer temps, now in the mid-40s for almost a week, the snow and ice are melting and people are coming in and calling, right "on schedule", as in years past. I had more visitors and calls last Saturday, than I've had all Winter, combined. Amazing what some warm weather does to folks. Spring's still a way off; Winter isn't finished with us, yet. But the long-range temp forecast is heartening: upper-40s to mid-50s. My daily and weekly birdfeeding ritual continues, regardless of the weather. With thousands of pairs of nesting birds on my 20ac Garden Center & Nursery site, the 60-80lbs of seed I go through each week is almost not enough. One year, I tried suet in the hanging wire containers; another year, I tried peanut asser smeared onto pine cones. The squirrels and foraging rabbits loved them both. The poor birds were robbed blind. So I gave up on that one-trick pony. I really didn't want to wind-up shooting the squirrels or rabbits. Hey, both have to eat and survive, too. I'd erroneously thought that rabbits hibernated in Winter months; I was wrong. They're active as hell and they do damage to anything above ground. Time to get out the AR-15/ .223cal. Mmmmmmm, rabbit stew or broasted rabbit! Just kidding, just kidding; I wouldn't shoot Peter Cottontail and Bugs Bunny. Heh, heh, heh...

Around The Garden Center.
It snowed hard all-day Tuesday, but the warmer ground temps of 33°F-plus, melted almost everything before it stuck and froze; just wet and messy roads. Total accumulation would have been around 4-5", so it looks as though we dodged another of Winter's bullets.
Gas prices are up steeply, once again, in the York (PA) area. I just filled-up with 89oct, instead of the usual 87oct, and it was $1.69/gal. 91oct is up to $1.76/gal. Get ready for $2-3/gal gas in the Spring and Summer.
I'm looking to get a .50cal BMG rifle, in the Spring. But trying to find a 1,000yd+ shooting range is the challenge. I'm working on it.
Tuesday was Fastnacht Day, in York County (PA), while in New Orleans (LA), it was "Fat Tuesday". Yeah, I bought a few and ate them. Tradition, you know.
Think you have good vision? Try this eye test.
Remember this day? Here's the motherlode archive of FR.com links. Never, never forget.
With a massive Harley-Davidson plant here in York (PA), I sure hope this doesn't happen anytime soon.
No, I haven't seen The Passion of the Christ, yet. But I hope to, soon. You?

RIP, Spot, First Dog. Some good pics of her.
Gutless wonders, all. Alabama governor, cowardly scumbag Bob Riley (RINO-AL) is a piece of shit garbage, for allowing the Muslim bitches to wear headscarves in their drivers license pics. He's pigshit, as are the Islamic filth from the whining, terrorist-supporting scum at CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations). Riley's also a one-termer. Hopefully, the new governor will rescind that stupid order. This is America, not some turd-world Islamic shithole.
Speaking of gutless: California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (RINO-CA) announced that the marriage licenses San Francisco is issuing to same-sex couples are illegal, after the city sued the state over a law banning such marriages. Hey Arnie: arrest and jail that asswipe, ass-boy mayor of San homoismo, Gavin "Any Twosome" Newsom. He's broken state law; jail and execute the scumbag.
Yes, demokkkRATs and liberal filth are lying, negative-view, tax-raising cowards, and finally, President Bush said so. Uhhh, Mr President: you're going to need to be a lot more forceful than that, sir. But, at least it's a start, after so many months of silence.
Bravo, President Bush! Thanks for finally standing-up for The Real America.
Arnold Schwarzenegger is an moron, never to be President of The United States, as will no other foreigner, ever. Not as long as I have breath in my body, and lots of guns and ammo.
Wake-up GOP: deport the illegal alien illegal alien Mexicans!
US Senate candidate Jim Oberweis (CONSERVATIVE-IL) knows what he's talking about: illegal aliens are Killing America. Lowlife, subhuman, cockbreath homo filth, hate-America, degenerate liberal-demokkkRAT trash, like State Rep William Delgado (GARBAGE-IL) "It is men like this gentleman who continue to project the old Archie Bunker mentality. Those stats are prostituted and fabricated," said Delgado. "They're very irresponsible." Hey Billy-Bob: Bite me!
GOP Senators John Warner of Virginia, Mike DeWine of Ohio and Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island are traitors to America; worse, they're RINO scum and should be stood against a wall.
Bravo President Bush and Judge Bill Pryor! Do whatever it takes to defeat the lib-dem scum obstructionists.

John F(ucking) Kerry (SCUMBAG-MA).
Still no able to differentiate between fantasy and reality, the Kerry Moron is a certifiable liar, in addition to a liar, a fake and a fraud.
Kerry is a lowlife dirtbag, a coward, a fake and a fraud.
Here's the motherlode of disingenuous Kerry links. See and read his lies and hypocrisy, for yourself; don't just take my word for it, lib-dem morons. Read on, lowlifes ...
John F(ucking) Kerry is a liar and fraud.
John F(ucking) Kerry is a liar and a fake.
John F(ucking) Kerry is a liar and a phony.
John F(ucking) Kerry is a liar and a scumbag.
John F(ucking) Kerry is a liar and a poseur.
Teresa Heinz Kerry, wife gravy-train bitch of Liberal-demokkkRAT presidential front-runner John FR(ucking) Kerry, said Tuesday that she believed the country would eventually move toward acceptance of gay marriage. She's a stupid, whorebag slutfilth, African American moron.
John F(ucking) Kerry is a fraud, a phony, a fake and a liar.
John F(ucking) Kerry is a fraud, a coward and a traitor.
John F(ucking) Kerry is a cowardly turd-boy.

Liberal-demokkkRAT Lowlife Scum.
"No Name-Calling Week" to be observed March 1-5, 2004? Sponsored by homo organizations and liberal-demokkkRAT schools across America. Pathetic creatures.
Joey Stalin, the Soviet Union, Lenin, communism and socialism are subhuman, murderous lowlife garbage. Does that burst the left-wing, liberal-demokkkRAT wacko bubbles? Awwwww. 30 million people murdered? Something to really be proud of, isn't it, liberal filth? Hitler was nothing compared to Stalin and communism/ socialism. The greatest murderers in world history. Fakes, frauds, lowlifes and degenerates, as are all liberals.
There are no Muslim moderates; they're cowardly pigshit filth.
Yawn; another liberal-demokkkRAT whorebag, alcoholic Maureen Dowd lame, impotent, barren, sterile screed. Y-a-w-n, bitch.
The male version of mentally-ill MoDowd CBS's 60 Minutes moron, Andy "Looney-Tooney" Rooney farts, once again. Hey, geriatric mentally-ill scumbag Rooney: crawl back under your slimy liberal-demokkkRAT rock.
The criminal, lib-dem Martha Stewart bitch, is guilty; convict and jail the elitist, criminal whore.
No, Mr Sec'y Rod Paige; the NEA isn't a terrorist organization, they're subhuman lowlife lib-dem homo garbage. Okay, they're a terrorist organization; you're right. The NEA is vile, subversive homo pigshit, and a terrorist organization, out to detroy America from within. Education Sec'y Rod Paige, was 100% correct. The leadership should be duly arrested, and stood against a wall, and executed. Time to cleanse America to its morally-correct base.
The New York Slimes and John F(ucking) Kerry; perfect morons, together.
STFU, traitorous, criminal lowlife Hitlery Rotten Klintoon bitch.
DemokkkRAT Gov Eddie "The Scumbag" Rendell's job-performance rating is lower than former Republican Gov Tom Ridge's after one year in office, according to a poll released Tuesday. Surprised? I'm not; Rendell's a liar.
Jail the fat, stupid Sharpton criminal racist filth.
Boycott the Heinz Co; they're lib-dem garbage.
Boycott Costco; they're lib-dem garbage.

Subhumans and Other assorted Garbage.
And consumer advocate perennial loser, Ralphie "I Hate America" Nader, a lowlife dirtbag arab, is back as an left-wing wacko independent, to mess-up the lib-dem's election chances. He'll siphon 3-4% of the mindless, left-wing wacko lib-dem voting fringe off, and easily hand the General Election to W& Co. Luvit.
Yes, track down, jail, torture and duly execute all the subhuman pigshit filth associated with the hate-America, destroy-America Tides Foundation, including the Heinz-Kerry bitch, CAIR pigshit garbage etc. The Heinz-Kerry commie-socialist bitch is involved in destroying America, through the evil Tides Foundation. She should be duly charged, tried, convicted and executed. She's a subhuman deviant, most worthy of duly-legislated execution. All at Tides Org, should be stood against a wall, and shot.
The ACLU is America's greatest internal enemy. All associated with the commie-socialist, terrorist cell, should be tracked down, arrested, tortured and duly executed. The ACLU is subhuman degenerate filth.
Black History Month> Minute? Puke. The garbage, degenerate, deviant Euro-weenie filth need to be executed. All of the subhuman traitors.
Not Killing this murderous, subhuman, lowlife Muslim degenerate filth at GITMO, is a huge mistake. All 600+ should be executed, and buried, face-down, in liquid pigshit. Islam is a murderous cult and should be exterminated, worldwide.
whack Yow-sir Arrid-fart, the Muslim terrorist. Destroy the Palestinian Authority; whack everyone.
Yeah, I'd pay $20 on CATV to watch bin Laden The Muslim Coward, die. I'd pay $500 to whack him, myself. Can you say "head-shot"? Yes, I thought you could. Islamics are cowardly pigshit filth.
The commie-socialist ACLU is America's true enemy; all of the lowlife subhumans should be arrested, duly tried and executed. The ACLU is filth and garbage.
The EUs are wimpy, commie-socialist cowards. Why is Israel surprised and annoyed?
Sharia Law is pigshit, as are all Muslims and Islamic garbage. whack them all. Cleanse the world of subhuman, murderous, terrorist filth.
Here's how we handle pigshit coward Osama bin Laden, when we catch him.
f*ck Eff you, Froggie filth! Keep your rotten meat-shit over there. We don't want your cowardly shit over here. f*ck Eff you, cowardly Frog trash.
Jesus was black, not white? Sure, scumbags. Wink, wink, nod, nod, racist scumbags.

Some People Just Need Killing™.
This bitch needs the death penalty for doing what she did to a 2 year old child, not just 60 years. I'll bet she doesn't come out of prison alive.
All subhuman, lowlife pedophiles and child molesters, as with all murderers, rapists and traitors, should be executed upon conviction. Ergo: zero recividism and no more damage to society's innocents.
A Springfield (OR) man, convicted of raping an eleven-year-old girl, while his own daughter looked on has received a 30-year sentence. As he stood before the judge in shackles and handcuffs, Henry Wallace Bohannon told the court that he was sorry and pleaded for forgiveness. whack him!
Why is this subhuman Manson filth still alive? Or any of its subhuman group? Why weren't they all whacked back in the 60s? Why are tens-of-millions-of-Taxpayer Dollars being spent to keep the murderous garbage alive? JFC!
Fry this scumbag, Eagle Scout or not.

Great Web Videos!
Some Journal readers and cyber friends have sent these Brit TV ads, US Military and LA car chase videos. Check 'em out:
Brit TV commercial #1; Brit TV commercial #2 and Brit TV commercial #3.
A HUGE formation of US Military helpcopters Commanches and Chinooks moving around Iraq and landing for special operations.
Wednesday morning car chase in LA, where the criminal perp is whack by 3 police firing 11 shots (3.6 shots per cop) at a moving car through window glass. Nice shooting, boys.

Abandoned Bicycles of New York.
It's been said that once a person learns to ride a bike, the swhack is never forgotten. While the adage may be true, this site proves the bikes themselves are often forgotten. Snapped in and around New York City, these photos show the lonely lives of orphaned bikes left to fend for themselves sometimes without a wheel or seat on the cold, hard streets of the big city. Some of these bikes have been exposed to the elements for so long they hardly resemble the modes of transportation they once were. The life of an abandoned bike is a forlorn existence, but take solace in the fact that some of them find friends.

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