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Friday, February 27, 1998


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How it works to whack.

A Sick-O's Manifesto
Here's one of the nutcases', who was caught in Las Vegas, treatise on his love affair with death.

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Anytime, Anywhere
It's random and unpredictable.

Fear and Death
The new tools have arrived.

Who Has It?
Here's some of the crazies who possess the deadly weapons.

Who Is Likely To Use It?
Here's more of the crazies who'd unleash the deadly weapons on fellow Americans.

Budgeting For Death
Anti-terrorism budgets explode.

In Perspective
Controlling the coming holocaust.
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there's just something wonderful about the smell of a fresh batch of military grade, biological or chemical weapon residues being released at sunrise and wafting through the dewy first light of dawn. Goes so nice with Eggs Benedict and a cup of steaming French Roast coffee. Anthrax, botulism or whatever; those microbes floating lazily through our atmosphere and into our (collective) lungs brings chills to my spine and numbness to my spirit. The very thought of millions of people American people inhaling and being infected with this stuff is horrific; worse yet, the very thought of another American doing this to his own countrymen and women is beyond rational thought. The death penalty is made specifically for this type of crime and person(s). Thanks to the FBI, we'll all live a little longer.

It's Started Already.
Deeply involved in my Garden Center & Nursery projects for the coming Spring, news of the arrest of two nutcases for possessing biological weapons didn't strike me the way it should have at first; it later sat me down in a chair in a cold sweat with its futurific ramifications.
Merely possessing that evil stuff is crazy in and of itself; what could any rational person want with it, except to do great harm and death to thousands or millions? What for? Wiping out Las Vegas or unleashing it in New York City to make an irrational, perverted point?
I've been saying for several years before the infamous '93 World Trade Center Bombing that the World Trade Center or Empire State Building would be ground zero for a nuclear terrorist blast. That guess, fortunately, was off by 1200ft and the idiot towel-heads probably saved thousands of lives by setting it off underground, rather than up top and raining death on to tens of thousands below; it was contained in the parking garages.
What's coming is not an attack from foreign terrorists, but rather an attack from terrorists within. They're readying their sick scenario now and it will be devastating, like the OKC Federal Bldg bombing. Kooks. Weirdos. Wing Nuts. Who knows? Christ, I sure hope someone in authority does.
How does the government protect the rights of the many while trampling on the rights of a few? In a perfect world, the situation never arises; ours is a far from perfect world. Inequities abound. Revenge, not justice, is pervasive. What's a public to do to allow protection from potential terrorists and mass death? Actually, whatever it takes to contain and eliminate them. Whatever it takes will become the operative phrase.
The FBI, BATF (Bureau of Alcohol & Firearms) caught a lot of undeserved flack for both the Ruby Ridge and Waco incidents. Neither deserved the Nation's wrath for rooting out radical scum. Any extreme action, in my view, is justified in defense of continued safety and freedom from fear for the general populace. Simple gun control laws won't do it. In the 60s, I would rather have had my tongue cut out than say that; time changes everything according to the circumstances, doesn't it?
To say that America's institutions and systems are vulnerable to terrorist attack is a gross understatement. With such a free, open society as we have, everything's possible. Detection before it happens is the only way to deal with it. If an attack ever does occur, many of those freedoms will end as we'll be forced to clamp down hard on every possible suspect within the borders. It'll make Nazi Germany look tame, by comparison. But there's really no other choice with heinous crimes such as these.

The Unthinkable.
The Civil War (a true oxymoron in semantic terms) is long past, yet Americans whack other Americans every day. Murder, robbery, rape and dozens of other crimes reach yearly proportions that any civilized country should not see as part of its social fabric. I wouldn't mind if the criminals just whacked each other that would be wonderful but the harsh reality is they don't do that exclusively.
It's called a poor man's nuke, but personally I'd rather be nuked and vaporized instantly, instead of suffering the horrible effects of a bio- or chemical agent for a few terrible, lingering hours or days.
Having been a robbery and shooting victim myself on July 14, 1974 in Boca Raton, Florida, I can say that it's frightening and the legal system is overwhelmed by the sheer numbers. I still (not by choice) carry a .32cal bullet in my left hip from the experience. I also still carry a Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum Trooper Mk III in a shoulder holster. (Yes, it's duly licensed.) Just in case. The old adage, once burned, twice learned readily applies.
But for Americans to whack Americans on a wholesale basis, through the ultra-deadly biological or chemical agents is beyond rational thought. Way, way beyond. I can't even imagine the seething hatred for either our American system or for others that these people would carry in their sick, twisted minds. As I said, the death penalty is tailor made for these scum. If the anthrax they were carrying tests positive as military weapons grade, then execute those two scumbags immediately, right after a fair trial.
This time it was non-lethal.

Daddy's Chubby Whore.
Finally, the misfit daddy of Monica "get my presidential knee pads" Lewinsky has opened his stupid mouth. But unlike his sluttish daughter, he didn't get a presidential penis jammed into it.
I didn't see his so-called interview with ABCs Ba-Ba Wa-Wa, but just reading the transcript makes me cringe. He's simply another piece of liberal garbage, fleeing from a severely dysfunctional family and now, backed up to the wall when asked for his opinions, assumes the protective mantle of his little girl's protector. This lowlife's a scumbag.
He'll be surprised when he has to visit his (not so) little whore in federal prison and his ex-wife, Marcia Lewis, who also may be headed there for lying and conspiracy.
Seems the Lewis woman conspired on tapes that Ken Starr now has, to keep her sluttish daughter from testifying by lying about ...a broken foot; yes, that's a good lie... and other perjurative items. She also claims to have been verbally abused by the grand jury's questions about her sluttish daughter's sexual preferences: spitting or swallowing. What a pathetic act the woman put on; she looked a mess on the second day of testimony. What a misfit, dysfunctional family of liars and scum. Go figure.
Both parents are hypocritical scumbags; no wonder the daughter turned into a tramp and has shamed her family even worse than the psychotic father did years ago. It's easy to now understand the reason behind why Monica is like she is, but difficult to condone that kind of immoral behavior.

Cracks In The Wall.
As the sordid events continue to unfold, more and more of Slick Willie The Bubba's most trusted advisors and friends are being dragged down into the morass with him, in order to protect his version of the affair.
Asking friends and advisors to cover and lie for him is seriously damaging the few friendships that Clinton has made in Washington. For them to stonewall is one thing; to lie and perjure is another matter altogether. Public disgrace, rapid unemployment and prison usually follow quickly. I suspect none of his tenuous friends or advisors relish that possibility. Better to leave Bubba and Hitlery twisting in the wind, than to do hard time as their fall guy/ gal. Just a guess.
Lying to his friends as he obviously has done, Clinton is playing for time, hoping this whole matter will either reach a dead end on its own, or lose public attention and the independent counsel, Ken Starr, will fall from grace and be reigned-in. In fact, neither will happen. Events will take their course as happened with Nixon and Watergate in the early 70s and Clinton will receive his just due. Whatever that is.

Subsidize A Slut?
Ha. Not even if it was tax-deductible would I spend $1 to help pay the Lewinsky whore's legal bills. Bubba should, though, since he got the benefit of all that vacuum action.
But Bubba and Hitlery have their own legal woes. Their so-called defense fund died, so some Arkansas idiot opened a new one, with much higher donation limits. It basically means that if you donate to help the Clintons out of their own self-inflicted legal mess, you'll get some serious consideration from The White House in whatever you need done. Buying access, again, is another name for it.
In a pathetic news conference, the Arkansas idiot said that the Clintons were innocent and dedicated public servants, unfairly picked upon by a vast right-wing conspiracy there's the Hitlery paranoid phrase again and had insurmountable legal bills that threatened to bankrupt them. To the tune of $4 million so far.
What he didn't say was as telling as what he did: the Clintons are scum and criminals and their legal problems are a direct result of past and current criminal activity. If they'd just go to prison and declare bankruptcy like well-behaved criminal scum, their problems would soon end.

A Real Pair of Cretins.
The McDougal criminal has paired herself off with the Lewinsky whore as two bimbos maligned by Ken Starr. What a joke.
In addition to serving 18 months for refusing to testify in front of a Whitewater grand jury, McDougal is also awaiting trial for embezzling $150,000 from classical conductor Zubin Mehta and his wife, while she worked for them in Los Angeles. Hopefully, enough evidence exists to keep the McDougal bitch in prison for 7-15 years on that charge, in a concurrent sentence for her present jail time. I've heard she's quite a favorite of all the butches in the women's detention center anyway. No sense in breaking up such good relationships.

Execute Them.
The US Supreme Court finally did something positive for the victims: allowed Megan's Law to protect the innocent children and punish the subhuman sex offenders.
Imagine: a group of sex offenders suing to get the law removed so that their rights aren't violated. Imagine the pomposity of them thinking that they even have rights after what they've done. All should have been executed after conviction. No mercy should have been shown. They are true subhuman filth.
Rapists should get the very same punishment: death after conviction. There's very little more personal than either raping or molesting someone, except Killing someone. All three crimes should carry the death penalty.
How many people have to be murdered, how many women raped and how many children molested and whacked before our so-called society wakes the f*ck up and protects its citizens and innocents from scum and predators?

First Criminal Website
Hitlery is at it again: polluting cyberspace with a newly-opened website devoted to her activities as so-called First Lady. In fact, all past First Ladies are detailed and highlighted therein. At least most have had something positive to contribute. Hitlery's criminal record speaks for itself.
What's left out is Hitlery's criminal activity and the multi-million dollar investigations that have ensued. Her socialist-communist leanings and questionable sexual preferences are also omitted. Too bad; it's now an incomplete site only telling a fraction of the story about The First Bitch.

NOW Squeaks.
After years of outright cowardice about Bubba's sexual transgressions and months of deafening silence on the Lewinsky slut's adventures with Clinton's zipper, a courageous NOW Chapter has spoken out.
Though little more than a wimper, it's at least something the coward Patsy Ireland hasn't dared to do, for fear of pissing off Bubba and Hitlery, their only so-called supporters.
NOW used to be interested in women's rights; now all they're concerned about is their political future. They've lost all morals and ethics. A perfect fit with the Clintonite criminals.

Good Riddance To Junk.
Ellen was always a lousy show. Since its inception in '94, it was one of the most un-funny half hours ever aired. I think I saw 1 or 2 of the initial episodes in '94, but it was such a stretch for a talent-less bimbo, I soon lost interest. And since Ellen Degenerate (aka DeGeneris) formally announced last year that she was a lesbian and the show has revolved around that theme exclusively, it's sunk even further down into the realm of pathos. ABCs dumping it and Degenerate will have to find a real job somewhere else. But what's a talent-less idiot to do?
There are some good shows on TV I found several after not watching TV for almost 3 years and I'm very selective now that I'm watching again. This piece of unfunny shit is one which I would never have regularly watched in the first place.

Damned Hypocrites.
The sons-of-bitches who profited most from illegal monies whacked the campaign finance reform bill by filibustering it to death. Just short of being outright criminals, scum like Trent Lott, a stupid redneck and dozens of others who originally called for the investigation into criminal Democratic methods, balked when the reform threatened their illegal methods of raising money.
Those who often yell the loudest about reform and fairness are the biggest liars and criminals. The squeaky wheel does indeed get most of the grease.

GOP Crook.
For all the teeth gnashing and whining this lout's done, the tables are turned on him now. The once powerful, GOP chief of ultra right wing conservatives is a hair's width from being indicted. Haley Barbour is about to be issued a bad wardrobe for an extended stay with the federal gov't housing program. Prison is not worth the price of any criminal gain. Nope.
Barbour is one of the GOP's most insidious criminals. A prison cell next to Bubba would be a fitting end to his shameful so-called career.

Another Pass?
This lying bastard Clinton has more lives than a proverbial cat. Despite all the evidence against him so far, and what's to come, voters polled give him another f*cking pass on the truth. When the hell are they going to wake up and find out he's a congenital liar, like Hitlery
Again, the poll points out that, Democrat or Republican, the only concern is how the bank accounts are doing. No concern for morality is expressed, only a minor glitch about lying to the American public in a speech two weeks ago. Pathetic American morals are on display for the world to laugh at. I am laughing at it all.
Still, the parade of lowlife, garbage, subhuman liberal filth continues to whine before the grand jury, signifying what kind of trash they are. All in support of Slick Willie The Bubba. Little do these morons and cretins know that they'll be left twisting in the wind for Bubba's sins. At least Jordan wasn't that stupid.
Want to have some fun? Manipulate this poll after you've voted. See the lowlife democrats call Clinton honest and trustworthy. What a bunch of stupid f*cking morons. They can't even see the truth. Or maybe don't want to.

The Winter of '98.
So far in late February, no plants have received what they really need to flourish: cold and snow. At least not in USDA Hardiness Zone 6, where I live and work. And from what I can gather from friends living around the country, neither have the other regions gotten what they need, either.
Some regions have gotten a lot more than they needed and disasters are in progress.
To say that's it's not really been a Winter at all is not altogether incorrect so far.
Come Spring, many plants will push new growth and seemingly be all right for a while. And then die suddenly. Their germplasm hasn't received the cold, dormant period it needs to reproduce successfully. Unlike humans, who only need the urge to merge and a great bottle of '94 Sebastiani Cabernet Sauvignon to reproduce, plants have specific requirements. The Winter of '98 didn't even meet the basics. Many won't survive Spring; even more will die in the Summer and Fall from stress-related factors.
And it's all El shit-Head's fault.

York Flower Show.
It begins in earnest on Thursday afternoon, and goes for 4 days. Pictures coming up in next week's entry.

Landscape Requests.
Usually, all hell breaks loose just after The York Flower & Garden Show, but because of the weirdly-warm weather this Winter, it's started a few weeks early.
There were several large jobs we didn't finish as the '97 season ended abruptly with rains, so they'll go first on the agenda. Maintenance work for our long-time customers comes next.
I'm looking forward to getting back to the Spring-Summer-Fall routine; this year, Winter's been a bore instead of a time of rest for me. Ho-hum.

Political Satire.
For the very best in political satire, visit The Capitol Steps. It's a fresh as the last scandal or idiotic statement made by our esteemed lawmakers.

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