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Friday, February 2, 2001

"Oh what the hell, let's do it, sir. Reformat and reload the whole damned thing on all the machines. First though, we'll copy all the data, folder by folder, onto Zip® Disks for safekeeping. Don't worry about the program apps; we can reload them later and add-in the data so that everything works, sir. That'll take the better part of 2 days. I want the entire staff onboard for this project; okay sir? By then we'll have a better feel for what we're up against, and why the machines didn't quite work right in the first place, since we took over and moved in. Next, let's selectively re-install program apps critical only to the work we're doing here for 'the bosses'. No damned games and frilly wallpaper and idiotic screensavers, sir. Plain vanilla, very fast units to get the work done in a timely fashion, sir. Networked, of course, all over the world, sir. Hey, wait a minute: what happened to the W key? All the W keys. They're missing on every damned keyboard. Forget the reformat and reload shit, sir; we just gotta get some new keyboards. Phone lines cut, cabinets glued shut. Pranks? Sabotage and vandalism is what it is, sir. Goddamned lib-dem shithead scumbag white trash Clinton filth; they're like a bad case of the clap. Criminals right up to the end. I'm going out for (quite) a few drinks." [Source: conversation overheard at the Old Executive Office Building in the White House complex.]

Around The Garden Center.
Except for a light dusting of snow and 40mph winds which arrived Saturday, the weekend was uneventful. I had a few landscape appointments at customers' homes on Saturday, did the estimates when I returned to the office, worked on my production greenhouses inventory with two other employees, readied another damage loss report in the Main Retail Display Greenhouse for the insurance company and met with several people who dropped by to inquire about landscape design and water garden installations. Looks like it's starting already. On Sunday, I went down to the GC&N Complex to feed Pickles and do some watering in the greenhouses.
The Super Bowl? Nah, I slept through most of it. No interest anymore in those kind of over-hyped, high expectation, low output events. I'd rather watch the older, classic ads and the new entries for posterity. (5pm, 1/28/01, Stab-in-the-dark: Giants 14, Ravens 9.) You? Final Real Score: Ravens 34, Giants 7, (6am, 1.29.01).
Invade a home, invite a bullet. Bravo, I love the AG of South Carolina's attitude. Ditto that.
Gas prices in the York (PA) area have steadied at $1.52.9 (89oct) for over two weeks, at least at the stations I frequent. I've seen a few "super stations" doing volume for the same grade at $1.49.9, but waiting behind 5-6 cars (self-serve, of course), just to save a few pennies, isn't my idea of super or quick. I don't mind paying a few cents more to get in and out quickly.
Happy 55th Anniversary (Feb 1st) to my Mom & Dad, from me, sister Becky, and The Staff at John Shelley's Garden Center & Nursery!
Though part of the same storm, conditions Tuesday and Wednesday were drastically different here in the Mid Atlantic. We got almost 3" of rain while the Plains and Midwest got huge amounts of snow. Personally, I've had the shits of snow; I'll gladly take the rain.
Although I like the respite that Winter brings to my business, I'm bored outta my skull and now anxiously await the advent of Spring, with its accompanying adrenaline rush of business; the jazz. I'm doing 15x7x270 then, non-stop. I love the sounds of landscape crews loading the truck with plant materials for jobs, equipment chugging around the complex digging trees, loading mulch, customers shopping in droves asking for help. I miss the jazz at this time of the year, although there's plenty to do to get ready for Spring.
Many people think that I — the owner of multi-million dollar Garden Center & Nursery — go to "the tropics" for the Winter Season, lay around on the beach and gather orchids or something. Oh, would that it were true. But it's not. And almost all are surprised that I don't have a deep tan. Such idle speculation amuses me no end. Actually, 99.9236574635211% of us spend the Winter in the same northern digs, getting ready to re-open in the Spring. Lots to do in the interim, Sherlock, lots to do. And I'm glad I work for myself, rather than one of the faltering and failing dot coms.
Oh boy, here we go again with Punxsutawney Phil, the weather-predicting groundhog. Why hasn't someone shot that varmint by now?
A terrorist attack on the US with a weapon of mass destruction? Sure, I've been saying that it'll happen one day soon, for the past 4 years, and we're not prepared for it. Sure doesn't take a bunch of idiot disgraced political has-been suits to predict that scenario.
Lynn, my General Manager, and I worked on getting the front counter area ready for the new computers and upgraded units that Jeff will be bringing in on Saturday. Lots of cables and hardware had to be re-routed and readied for the Saturday project. A years accumulation of "stuff" was under the counters and had to be sorted and cleaned out. New "toys" are always exciting.

Dumb Republicans.
Looks like Ws AG Nominee, John Ashcroft, is digging a hole for himself and the lib-dem shit filth are gonna fill it in on top of him. Stupid move, guys.
Bush should get the Ashcroft nomination through on a "recess appointment", just as BJ Clintoon moron did with several of his commie appointees. That'd fix those lib-dem filth scumbags.
So far, W is doing the safe and smart thing. No problem, so far, one week into Forever.
Hmmmmmm, the truth finally comes out about Watergate.
Ashcroft made it in as AG. Now W, learn to check the mics before you open your mouth.

Criminal democRATs.
Another lowlife shit for brains mobster democRAT has been indicted and will be spending some time away from society. Ron Carey, a corrupt moron democRAT, was indicted for committing perjury and making false statements during the investigation of a fundraising scandal that led to his downfall as head of the nation's largest private sector union, aka Mafia organization, called the Teamsters. Does the name Jimmy Hoffa ring any bells? Good riddance, moron.
Speaking of lowlife, corrupt filth , the Irrev Jesse "Hymietown" Jack-scum is in tax trouble. The racist bigot has been running an elaborate extortion scheme, collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars (if not millions) from corporations that had rather settle out of court than try to prove they're not racist. And he's got some answering to do about all the cash given to his whore and bastard kid. I'm loving this. Fat Al "interloper Jew scum" Sharp-scum, you're next.
Is anyone shocked that the details of the Clintons' move out of the White House last week read like a Little Rock police report? There was a written confession of perjury, pardons for convicted criminals who contributed to Hillary's campaign, vandalism and graffiti inside the White House aimed at the incoming president, packing up an obscene $190,000 in "gifts", and the pillaging of Air Force One for presidential mementos. As if the country needed any more reminders that the first and most important order of business for George W. Bush is to keep his campaign promise of restoring character and integrity to the Office of the President of the United States. The corrupt criminal Clintoon & stupid loser GoreBore Staffs exiting The White House and Old Executive Office Building, have trashed both places. True to their scummy lowlife form, they removed the W keys from computer keyboards, phone lines were cut, rendering them inoperable, voice mail messages were changed to obscene, scatological greetings, (one Bush staffer had his grandmother call from the Midwest. She was horrified by what she heard on the other end of the line.), many phone lines misdirected to other government offices, desks found turned completely upside down and trash deliberately left everywhere, computer printers that were filled with blank paper but interspersed with pornographic pictures and obscene slogans that would be revealed only as items were run off the computer, "W" keys weren't just pried off more than 240 keyboards, some were glued on with Superglue®; some were turned upside down and glued on, filing cabinets glued shut, VP Office space in the Old Executive Office Building found in complete shambles, (Mrs. Gore had to phone Mrs. Cheney to apologize), and lewd MagicMarker® graffiti found on one office hallway. And you and I, the US Taxpayer, has to pay to "fix it" for Bush-Cheney & Co to conduct the Peoples' Business. Thank God "the children" are finally gone, and "The Adults Are Back In Town". Eight years of painful sucky horrible wasted pathetic criminal declasse Clintoon-ista-ism is enough to destroy a society. Mercifully, it's almost finally over, but I'm disappointed that W didn't allow the Rule of Law to take its course, as he should have. Some of the Clintoon filth and GoreBore scum needed to go to prison for destroying Taxpayer-purchased, US Gov't property. Is anyone really surprised, considering who we're dealing with?
Of all the idiot apologists for the criminal Clintoon-GoreBore filth, the media has been the worst in covering up, spiking stories and ignoring facts. Finally, they're waking up to all the recent corruption and political payoffs, not to mention the highly questionable pardons. It begs the question: where the f*ck have you partisan morons been for the past 9 (Gennifer Flowers admission, '92) years? Answer: now that the Clintoon filth are out of power and the vindictive IRS audit isn't an option anymore, the media are beginning to find their balls. Pitiable lot, all of them.
Ol' US Sen (D-NY) Hitlery Rotten Clintoon is back in the news, covered in slime and scandal. Just days after the systematic looting of The White House and Air Force One, and the destruction of almost $300,000 of US Taxpayers' — that's you and me — property (computers, desks, cabinets, carpets etc), Tipper's the only one to apologize for it; I like her and her brass ovaries. Wonder if she still has 'em? The theft of almost $200,000 is now well known. This is the way it'll be for the next 6 years, if the criminal bitch can last that long. Bet she cracks up and we have a "major incident" in The Capitol. Any takers?
Not only was Bubba Jeffy Clintoon's "exit" from the presidency a PR debacle and embarrassing to all Americans, he's such a f*cking moron that he can't even stand on his feet. Here's hoping for a fall bad enough to cause a prolonged coma or quadrapalegic condition, Bubba. I'll drink to that.
The cretinous lib-dem shitheads in Florida are still trying to manipulate the votes in Palm Beach County to conform to their unholy wishes that GoreBoreLiar won. Such pathetic creatures have nothing better to do than continue to meddle and delve into illegal activity. The U.S. Supreme Court made it clear that the disputed, dimpled ballots should not count.
This piece of subhuman shitfilth, Marc Rich, should have been assassinated prior to BJ Clintoon's pardon. Rich is a scumbag, but I like all the trouble that the pardon is going to cause for Hitlery Rotten Clintoon and Bubba Jeffy, the morons. Wallow in it, you liberal lowlife scumbags.
I am shocked, just shocked! The filthy Clintoons are crooks? No way!
Fat stupid alcoholic murderer Teddy "Chappaquiddick" Kennedy continues to "question" a venerable John Ashcroft, for the AG spot. Kennedy, a lowlife piece of fat Irish (my ancestors are turning in their graves) shitfilth alcoholic, is "leading the lib-dem filth" questioning. He's not fit to shovel pigshit at any farm in America; he's a junkie, alchy murderer. Too bad the "folks" who wasted your moron brothers didn't get you too. Hell, I "voted" for it, alchy-bum.
More f*cking of America by BJ Clintoon, the lowlife moron.
Here's an moron, Jeff Bezos, whose company, has never made a (cent) profit in 6 years and has hemorrhaged red ink, and is just now laying-off thousands of worker bees. This shoulda happened years ago. (The dotcom industry was an illusion; nice and profitable — I made a lot of money — but very illusory in the long term.) He was "selected" as TIME's "Man Of The Year" in '99; why? no one f*cking knows. He's a loser and so's his pathetic company.
You think I'm reading this white trash shitfilth lowlife Clintoon shitpolla book? No f*cking way. Not even at gunpoint. Shoot me, please.
$700,000 a year for office space for Bubba the disgraced ex-president? Sure, why not? Nothing for the very best — more than twice as much as all the other former presidents combined — for the liar and rapist, courtesy of US Taxpayers. The Clintoon piece of shit ought to be using a double-wide in Arkansas; that's more befitting his corrupt stature.
Hold on to your socks, the Clintoon Recession is about to hit this Spring and it could be "pronounced and pervasive".
shit, here we go again, bailing out the lowlife liberal wacko environmentalist extremists from California for their energy problems of the past 20 years. Why should the US Taxpayer spend billions when it's their f*cking fault? Answer: we shouldn't. Let the f*cking shitheads freeze to death and the f*cked up state shut down. Their refusal to build more power plants is their problem. I'm nice and toasty warm here in Pennsylvania. We do what needs to be done.
Another Kennedy murderer goes on trial; this time 26 years after the fact, but better late than never. Kennedy nephew Michael Skakel will be tried as an adult in the 1975 murder of Greenwich teen-ager Martha Moxley, whome he beat to death with a golf club. Luvit. Camelot? I f*cking doubt it. Fat alcoholic Teddy: you're next!
The Irrev Jesse "Hymietown" Jack-scums' whore's payoff documents are revealed here. Some role model this piece of shit is.

What It Takes To Be A Liberal.
Now, let me get this straight — If I want to be a modern day liberal, I have to believe that guns are out to murder people, and therefore we need to eliminate guns before they eliminate us; that we should rehabilitate guilty murderers but whack innocent unborn babies; that human life is equivalent to rocks, plants and animals; that political incorrectness justifies protests, media outrage, character assassinations, IRS audits, lawsuits and death threats; that global warming is not a natural weather cycle, but a result of Freon in conservative’s refrigerators; that heterosexuality and gender differences are malicious rumors started by right wing conspiracy nuts; that the Civil War was won by the ACLU and the NAALCP; that socialism will prevail In America, even though it has failed everywhere else; that money is better spent by intelligent government officials rather than by the dummies who worked for it; that the NRA should be outlawed and LSD should be legalized; that health care is better coming from government than from doctors; that social security taxes are more important than food, shelter and clothing; that giving cigarettes to a minor is a crime but giving nuclear technology to the communist Chinese is something we should "get over"; that unwanted pregnancies are the result of a lack of government funding; that food stamps and illegal immigration are rights guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution; that no crime committed by a liberal ever rises to the level of impeachment; that James Carville is more knowledgeable than Thomas Jefferson; that if us "ordinary citizens" had done what BJ&HR Clintoon did, we'd already be rotting in prison; that BJ Clintoon's legacy is more important than life as we know it.

Lowlife Degenerates.
She's dead and that's all that counts. Madalyn Murray O'Hair, 77, was involved in successful court battles in the 1960s to ban prayer and Bible-reading in the nation's public schools. Good riddance, liberal whore filth bitch. I hope her murder and death were both painful, prolonged and very tortuous.
Too damned bad we can't do this just act over here. It would take a whole lot less time than the current f*cked-up appeals system, and the lib-democRAT filth would be having cows. Well, we all know the NOW-NAG Bitches are sterile lesbian shitfilth; "so it doesn't really matter, anyhow". The AIDS-riddled ACLU and race pimp NAACLP (Nat'l ass'n for The Advancement of Liberal Colored People) are frothing at the mouth.
So, Bill Gates & Co are donating $100million to AIDS research? Why? Only garbage and subhuman filth get and are infected by AIDS. Cancer research is the real problem; AIDS can be prevented and therefore should even be a concern. Gates is an moron for wasting the money on AIDS; but hey, it's his money.
Remember the piece of shit illegal West African immigrant the NYC cops fired 41 bullets at, but only hit him 19 times? Hell, those four cops should go back to the firing range to improve their aim. But I digress. They've been found innocent of all charges and counts, but the illegal's family is still going forth with a $61million lawsuit. Hell, that lowlife piece of shit wasn't worth $10. Throw it out of court, judge(s) and send the scum back to Africa. Time to clean all that subhuman filth off of NYC's streets.

Execute This Subhuman Filth.
It's all a lie: imitating the moron wrestler scumbags on TV caused this piece of shit 13 year old punk to beat a 6 year old girl to death. At 13, the shithead knew better. He should be executed when he reaches 18.
Los Angeles' so-called "Angel of Death", Efren Saldivar, needs to die immediately after conviction for 6+ murders of elderly people in LA hospitals. No mercy, a quick and sure end to this lowlife piece of subhuman shit is called for.
Prisoners rioting and causing damage? Why the f*ck does anyone tolerate this shit? I'd personally execute these violent offending pieces of subhuman filth in a heartbeat. Racially motivated or not, all deserve to die for crimes against society's innocents. The true measure of a civilization isn't how it treats its prisoners — as the moronic miscreant lib-dem shit-for-brains filth are wont to say — but rather is how it protects its innocent citizens from such lowlife filth. Heeeeyyyyy! Let's give 'em all 9mm's, a 2lb bag of crack, plenty of clips and let 'em have at it! End of problem.
This stinking redskin injun murderer of two FBI Agents deserves no presidential parson; he deserves death. It's been 25 years since he executed two young FBI Agents. Why the f*ck is the lowlife piece of subhuman shit still around, at US Taxpayers expense? Peltier should be executed.
Thanks you Texas, for doing your duty. I'm just sorry it took 20 years for the rapist-murderer to be executed; should have been done right after the sentencing of a delivery truck driver who raped and whacked a 19-year-old waitress nearly two decades ago.
Huh? Denver's paying $1.2million to a teenager who was shot by the police three years ago, moments after he had burglarized a house. The shooting left the young man, now 15, a quadriplegic dependent upon a respirator to breathe. So f*cking what? He's a f*cking criminal! He should have died; the fact that the lowlife piece of shit lived is his f*cking problem. Somehow, things are way out of order in the Nation.
And thank you Oklahoma, for doing your duty, too, by executing another subhuman piece of filth for Killing an elderly woman by beating her and setting her on fire. Along with Texas, you're seemingly the only two states making a dent in the 3,700+ subhuman lowlife filth on death row.
Uh oh, the dick sucking, hand wringing, bed wetting liberal lowifes in Illinois are trying abolish the grossly underused death penalty. Bill Ryan, president of the Illinois Death Penalty Moratorium, is the chief lib-dem fudge packer, is whining about how the death penalty is "unfair". Hey Bill, you dumb moron, what about the dead victims and their families; how f*cking unfair is it to them that the murderer continues to live?
Once again, the US Supreme Court has f*cked up: staying the execution of a convicted cop whacker because of "being possibly victimized by an unfair trial". Bullshit. Fry the murderer, Tennessee.

Societal Role Models.
Hardly, these people are degenerate dogshit. In every generation, kids looked up to sports figures, of every stripe. Heros, character moulders, pushers of the envelope... okay, so they were accorded way too much respect. Most of the so-called sports heros were white trash, blacks, hispanics and other garbage. We're just starting to find this alarming and disgusting stuff out. Bummer.
Here are the criminals and lowlifes in just this year's SuperBowl. Just football. The tens of thousands of criminals and arrested in all the other sports combined would fill dozens of stadiums. A prodigious amount, in all colors and from all walks of life.
The Irrev Jesse "Hymietown" Jack-scums' whore's payoff documents are revealed here. Some role model this scumbag is.

The Moustache.
For years, sexiness was practically defined by the size of one's mustache, but when goatees resurfaced in the nineties, all concept of sexy facial hair was lost. Luckily, the folks at Direct Hit haven't forgotten about the mustache, and they certainly haven't forgotten about the sexiest ones ever worn. This is the 15 Best of All Time.

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