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Friday, February 5, 1999

anyway, January went by like the proverbial shit through a goose and February promises to be, seemingly, as short a month. Where does the time go when we're having so much fun? As a Nation, our (collectively speaking) morality and ethics have leaked all over the floor in the Senate Chamber; we just can't hold our water anymore. The filthy, stinking liberal-Democrats have effectively short-circuited the Justice that the lowlife, scumbag Clinton deserved. The GOP caved and gave the process a pass, but not without a semi-valiant attempt at staying the course by The House Managers. Close (but no cigar) only counts in horseshoes and with hand grenades. One can already hear The White House's victory celebration three thousand miles away. Clinton is once again free to get away with anything he can. Hey: it's the economy, stupid.

Reno Does It Again.
The most corrupt, ethically and morally challenged attorney general since John Mitchell in The Nixon Administration Janet "the " Reno has again covered the Clintonite's tracks and protected their sorry asses from US Law. After 6 months of stalling, she's again refused to activate the independent counsel statute to investigate crimes by the ultra sleazy, lowlife criminal, Harold Ickes, who ran the crooked Clinton-Gore re-election campaign in '96.
Clearly lying to a Senate Committee and on TV, Ickes dug a perjurious, illegal hole for himself and the Reno bitch threw a life preserver in to get him out safely.
It's truly a shame that there isn't another branch of government which can overrule a corrupt attorney general's attempts at obstruction of justice. She deserves to be run out of the job, tried, convicted and jailed for crimes approaching Clinton's shameful antics.

Clinton The Rapist.
Most rapists spend time in prison for their crimes against another person; Bill Clinton has assaulted and raped numerous women in his life and spends eight years in The White House.
Now that's good, old fashioned American Justice.
I've said in this space, on many an occasion, that rapists along with murderers, armed robbers, child molesters and traitors should be tried, convicted and executed. I stand by that.
The filthy, stinking Clinton has gotten so many passes on so many crimes, it's a crime in and of itself. It's long past time for the Law to take over and apply much-needed Justice to the slimeball.

Execute The Lowlife.
Aw gee, another whining, subhuman scumbag, cretinous-moron is playing the race card. Too f*cking bad, lowlife Tyrone Johnson or whatever your real ghetto name is you whacked a cop; now you must die for your sin. Just like anyone of any color has to do when they murder someone else.
The fact that blacks commit more crime per capita, doesn't merit any special attention or treatment in my book. Get a job and deal with life and now, death, Tyrone.
All those white trash bands should be forced to visit the families of slain police officers instead of promoting a murderer's cause.
Why are we waiting for so many years to execute this subhuman piece-of-shit? Tyrone's been on Death Row for 17 years; that's 16.9 years too long. He should have been executed immediately after the trial and conviction.
If no one in New Jersey has the f*cking guts to do it, call me! I'll drive right over and implement the sentence in the blink of an eye. Gladly, and at no cost to the US Taxpayers.

Niggardly City.
In what has to be one of the most sadly-telling events in the f*cked up town of Washington, DC, semantics has cost a literate and articulate man his job.
The idiot mayor, Tony "the bonehead" Williams, allowed an aide to be forced out of office because a couple of racist blacks didn't know the meaning of niggardly. The black racists should be sent back to high school and force-fed Webster's Dictionary until they become, at least, semi-literate.
Williams is a cowering, piece-of-shit lowlife who has no spine to stand up to the racist blacks in that shithole town. He also needs to have a spine and backbone implant.
Better yet, get all the stupid cretinous-morons in DC a pocket copy of Webster's Dictionary 1999. But first, teach them to read.

Oh Please.
When is someone going to shoot that f*cking Pennsylvania groundhog pest and put an end to that stupid ritual of seeing or not seeing his shadow? How can anyone be weary of Winter? We haven't had a proper Winter yet in 3yrs. Sure it's just hype, but it's ridiculous.

Arizona Chips In.
It's a small step, but a step in the right direction: a subhuman, piece of lowlife shit was executed 19 years after the horriffic murder read the story of an innocent citizen. That's 19 years too damned late, but at least Justice was served.
Anymore than a 48hour delay in executing convicted murderers, rapists, child molesters and traitors in inexcusable; 10-15-20-25year delays are obscene. The subhuman criminal lives on; the victim is still and forever dead. Some Justice System.
Get the stinking liberal filth out of the Legal System, and let Justice prevail. Wasting $40,000 - $60,000 per year per inmate, to keep them alive at Taxpayer's expense that's you and me is also obscene and unnecessary.
At no cost to US Taxpayers, I continue to happily volunteer my services as Executioner In Chief and freely travel around the country, executing all the stinking garbage housed in America's prisons.
Here's a good read.

Stinking, f*cking Cowards.
The Senate is full of lowlife cowards. Old men, mostly shit-for-brains southerners in leadership positions, can't find their own asses with both hands. Pathetic scumbags, all.
These pathetic, sons-of-bitches waffled on US Law, aka The US Constitution, and caved to lib-Dem filth scum and let Clinton off with another pass.
The House Managers were valiant; Henry Hyde in particular. They tried to carry out the Laws of The Constitution, but were short-circuited at every turn. Sad.
The piece-of-shit Trent Lott, another old moron, caved and gave the lib-Dem shit what they wanted; the sleazemeister Larry Flynt has some sexual indiscretions on him and he's turned into a coward anbd lowlife.
The lib-Dem cowards keep advancing the cowardly theory that the Clinton filth's crimes don't rise to the level of impeachment; they certainly do. Crime is crime; what imprisons ordinary citizens also imprisons presidents.
Any questions, liberal filth?

Her father's a felony perjurer and obstructor-of-justice; her mother is a congenital liar and criminal. But Chelsea just keeps on keeping on.

More Stinking, Lib-Dem shit.
Chicago, New Orleans, Miami-Dade County and Bridgeport, Connecticut, are suing the gun manufacturing industry. Philadelphia and Baltimore are among those considering it. Liberal-Dem filth are running the the National Exorcism of Firearms. Never mind The Bill Of Rights.
It's fitting, since the Liar-In-Chief has raped and assaulted 13+ women in 25 years. Some enviable record, NOW Bitches. From lowlife perverts like Rep Barney Frank (D-Conn) to the nasty racist bitch, Rep Maxine Waters (D-Texas), it's a shame and a sham. They're lowlife scum.
On July 14, 1974, in Boynton Beach, FL, I was robbed and shot (.32cal) coming out of Tropical Acres Restaurant, with my fiancee, Suzanne. Needless to say, I'm divorced and still alive.
Buy me a few drinks and I'll tell you the gruesome story...

A Touching Story.
Get past the idiot S.L. Goldman's bullshit and read Coleman Luck's story about the Riverview Amusement Park in Chicago. I grew up in the northwest suburb, Arlington Heights, in the 50s and early 60s, and remember it well. I don't remember the freak show, because I was a chickenshit and wouldn't go in. But the story is very touching and true.

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