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Friday, February 9, 2001

rat on a plate
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Can you really imagine sitting across from the lowlife sleazoids disgraced ex-president Bubba "The Liar" Jeffy and disgraced current-senator Hitlery "Sticky Fingers" Clintoon — filthy lowlife White Trash, both — and notorious unindicted criminal Terry "shithead" McAuliffe, new DNC Chair-scumbag, at a dinner table, at a Lib-democRAT fundraiser, watching those three slimeballs make nice with the moneyed people they're fleecing? I can't; I'd lose my lunch. The insincerity and criminality would be so thick you could cut it with a chainsaw. I wouldn't be able to touch food, let alone keep it down, but I could sit and do shots or vino; getting plastered would be the only way I could stand even being in the same room with such filth. But since my chances of ever going to such a criminal gathering of degenerates and deviants are somewhere around zero, it's all a moot point. I'm going out for some Chinese dim-sum; anyone else hungry?

Around The Garden Center.
Six more weeks of Winter? Hell, it's only the beginning of February; of course there'll be six more weeks of Winter. Spring doesn't arrive for another 8-9 weeks, around here, so what's the big deal? Why hasn't someone shot that damned folklore varmint?
BREAKING NEWS ...SCHOOL INCIDENT... less than 1 mile north of my Garden Center... An incident around 11:30 Friday morning 2/2/01, at North Hopewell/ Winterstown Elementary School in the Red Lion School District, sent 3+ injured adults to Memorial Hospital. The school district business manager says a man from Tennessee (no, it wasn't AlGoreBore) followed a parent into the building, and then pulled out a machete and baseball bat. The man, who was taken into custody, attacked the principal, several teachers and 4-5 students. It's believed the children were not seriously hurt. There is no word on the condition of the injured adults. The School District says parents may pick up their children at the School Entrance near the Tennis Courts at any time. All remaining students will be dismissed and bussed home at the regular time... Local newspaper story, Friday evening.
I think a good case can be made for arming and training either/ both the principal or a teacher with a 9mm, in case things like this happen. (I wish I'd been there with my .357 magnum or 9mm; it would have been over in less than a heartbeat: NO scumbag perp "in custody"; rather a "tag it and bag it" situation.) Heck, it even made CNN, ABCNews, Fox News, CBS News, AP Newsm, USA Today and The Washington Post on Friday evening. Not quite another Columbine, thank God, but a scary incident for all involved, nonetheless. When I drove by at 3:15pm Friday, on my normal route from my Garden Center to my condo in East York (PA), the school was like a fortress and a media circus. There were easily 50 police cars, ambulances, the perp's car from Tennessee (no, it wasn't AlGoreBore) news media trucks, satellite dishes, film crews, reporters, mobile vans, exec cars and limos, kleig lights were everywhere. It was a circus. I've driven that route 3-5 times per day for 11 years; always heretofore a non event. But Friday, it was bedlam.
From 12noon on to around 3pm, when I closed and left, reporters and their caravans of films crews and broadcasting equipment, came up and down my GC&N Complex driveway, asking directions to the school and police station. Just another day at The Garden Center. Hey Toto, let's go back to Kansas and chill. Yawn.
Here's the York Daily Record's extended coverage, with photos of teachers, students, the lowlife wacko perp and local color.
Apparently, the guy had "problems". Well, duh, very astute, Sherlock.
Jeff stopped by the Garden Center on Saturday with a carload of new computer parts to upgrade the two existing front counter units. Both the cash register station and Lynn's (my GMs station) got major upgrades: from 233 & 333 mobo/CPUs to 600 & 700 mobo/CPUs, new cases, keyboards, DC-RW, and mice. (Mine was done months ago.) The older HDs (with app data) were installed behind the new 20GB HDs, so a transfer could be made more quickly than trying to "port" the data remotely. These upgrades, combined with a Win98 Version 2, should give us more reliability, space and speed for the coming seasons of use. Bigger, faster, better toys.
After working on Part 1 of The Sea Change for the GC&N Computers, I went to Jeff & Denise's for dinner on Saturday, around 6pm. They're as wired into gourmet cooking and food and dining as I am. One of their specialities is pizza, made from scratch, and oh-so awesome. I've been over for pizza over the past 5 years and don't remember any duplications; each pie, vino and evening conversation are unique unto themselves. Gratzi!
My home SAG® 933 is a different story. Since Wednesday, the keyboard has been acting funny: half the keys don't work, some stick and all kinds of clicking noises are coming from it upon start-up. I tried 4 different keyboards — I have a parts museum down the basement from 19 years of computers — and all have replicated the original SAG® keyboard. On Sunday, I found the 5-year old, cruddy old Dell keyboard and tried it. It works fine. Go figure. Jeff thinks it's a mobo conflict, yet there's nothing that flashing to BIOS and resetting parameters do to resolve it. He's off to some technical message boards of the mobo manufacturer for advice.
I slept in Sunday and went down to the Garden Center Complex around 12noon to feed Pickles, clean up from Saturday's "computer upgrade session" and do some paperwork. I took along the 2 SAG® keyboards which were causing my home unit problems, and tried them out on the 3 office units. Yep, I have two identically bad keyboards. First thing Monday, I called SAG® for 2 replacements. They arrived Friday.
Gas prices have dropped again from $1.52.9/gal (89 oct), just 2 weeks ago, to $1.46.9 (89 oct) in the York (PA) area. I filled up the '95 Jeep® Grand Cherokee V8 LTD with 21.651gals for $31.81 on Sunday, just before Monday's snowstorm hit us. Some of the "superstations" in the area are selling 87 octane for $1.36.9 and 89 octane for $1.41.9, but the long lines are a definite deterrent to my schedule.
Jeeez, I thought my $193 gas bill for January was high — and it was; my January 2000 bill was $86 — this woman in DC got a $750 heating bill for a 4 bedroom home. I have an 1800SqFt condo which I keep at 70°F when I'm up and around, and at 50°F at night and when I'm at work. Something's very, very wrong with this Nation's natural gas program and supply. I sure hope W and Dick Cheney can fix it.
Want proof that anytime humans get into trying to "manage Nature", we screw it up? Read this story. As a Nation, we haven't learned to let Nature take care of Nature, and stay the hell out of the way. The Federal, State and Local Governments keep screwing things up by getting involved in multitudinous environmental wacko causes of every stripe.
Monday morning brought one of the most beautiful Nor'Easter snows that I've seen in years: wet and sticking to everything, huge snowflakes gave the entire region a frosting-like coating; and virtually no wind made it seem surreal. It took me 45mins to drive 14 miles to the office, mainly because of the 2WD cars slipping and sliding all over the place. I had to make calls and re-arrange some scheduled appointments, do some plowing and shovelling, feed Pickles and work on some landscape estimates which our designer had faxed over the previous evening. (She delivers the actual two-dimensional plan graphics on a weekly basis during the Winter months; daily during the "season".) I left and went home about 2pm, knowing that because it was still snowing so hard, I'd be doing it all over again on Tuesday morning. The snow event ended around 6pm. Final tally: we got about 10-12" in Southern York County (PA). All in all, a nice, quiet day.
The "front counter computer upgrades" are almost complete. Jeff's been back twice to do some tweaking, BIOS flashing and driver upgrades, and Lynn is busily working on installing MS-Office® 2000, Synchronics® POS Point Of Sale, the printers, modems etc, so we can get back to "normal" around here and begin preparing for all of the incoming nursery stock arrivals.
By Thursday, temps were back up into the upper-40s and lower-50s, and the recent snow was receding into memory. But Winter isn't through with us yet. More storms are building in the West and South, and they always seem to come through our neighborhood.

California Bad Dreaming.
California is famous for starting American fads. Surfing. Hula Hoops. Charles Manson. Jefferson Airplane. Cool custom cars. High taxes. Beach Boys. Herpes. AIDS. Now, California is about to start a new "thing." Ten years ago, in a blissful attempt to commune with Mother Earth, California outlawed new power plants. No more burning that icky fossil fuel and stuff. Those tree-chopping, coal-belching, ozone-depleting, Bambi-Killing, money-grubbing industrialists were brought to their knees! Like wow, man.
Then came seven million more people. And then 13 million more. And Silicon Valley. And an economic revolution. Since 1990, California power usage has doubled. So, where does more power come from? Good question. There's no more nukes. No more coal. No more oil and no more gas. Unfortunately, there's also no more electric. California now faces massive rate increases and third-world electric blackouts. Surprise. Not.
Here is the "short version" of this Left Coast boondoggle.
Across America, deregulation has been needed to cut energy costs for a long time. Each state has control over how this gets done. In California, lowlife shitfilth liberals have held political sway for decades. In a ridiculous attempt to deregulate energy while placating environmental extremist wackos and democRAT socialists, California completely screwed up the supply/demand equation. They deregulated energy, which is smart. But they refused permission for power companies to build new power plants, which is stupid. Then, they deregulated the wholesale energy market, which is smart. But they regulated retail energy prices, which is stupid. They created a fixed supply while demand exploded. As demand approached maximum production, a nasty equation of supply and demand created skyrocketing prices and "rolling blackouts." So, what will Californians do? What liberal scum always do when they screw up: blame everyone else.
Already, the utility companies are being targeted. The deregulation legislation is being attacked. It's only a matter of time until George Bush, Ronald Reagan, and maybe the Boy Scouts will be blamed. Soon, there will be a plea for a Stalinist snatch-back of energy production from private enterprise. However, California's energy crisis is the direct result of democRAT environmental hysteria, and won't end until they build new power plants. Big, unreliable ones. But those plants won't get built until courts plow through a thousand petitions filed by a hundred environmental groups to save the Spotted Chicken Whales, the Leaping Snipe Darter, or whatever else they can dredge up. This will be a long, messy nightmare.
California won't like being forceably removed from the Federal Money Teat; that means they'll have to start producing their own energy rather than rely upon democRAT government largesse, as they've done for the past 52 years.
As usual, the brunt of bad liberal (non)policy will be thrust upon the aching shoulders of the poor. Alec Baldwin and Barbara Streisand won't lose a wink of sleep over a $1,300 electric bill. But a single mom with two kids in Compton? That is food for a month. No doubt Gray :shit for brains" Davis, Maxine "racist bigot misery profiteer" Waters and Barbara "subhuman lowlife liberal" Boxer will call for a new government program to pay for this mess. Meanwhile, the environmental terrorists and socialist dunces who instituted this policy disaster will escape their deserved blame.
As always, this latest Utopian f*ck-up won't get fixed until Republicans ride to the rescue with free markets and common sense conservative solutions. That is the story of American history. Reagan's tax cuts rescued America from a miserable Jimmy Carter economy. The Gulf War saved poor people from massive oil bills. The 1995 Republican Congress passed Welfare Reform, rescuing millions from government slavery. New jobs were provided by a great economy spurred by Republican capital gains cuts. And that giant, bloated government safety net is paid for by the hard-working rich. Even as the poorest Americans whine, you can make a plausible case that they actually enjoy a middle class lifestyle of TV's, cars, free housing and free food, all granted by the largesse of twenty years of a low energy-based economic boom.
Yet every time Republicans rescue the downtrodden from their own stupidity, they get their hand bitten in a jealous, naοve rage. The great underclass keeps tempting Atlas to shrug, hell-bent on snatching failure from the jaws of victory. It is a sad, obvious truth, but the rich are rich because they do smart things and the poor are poor because they do stupid things. California has done an incredibly stupid thing by putting Marxist enviro-nut-wackos in charge; of energy policy. Then again, California has been leading the way in stupid things lately. Say, for the past 55 years?
Maybe someone will flip the switch and enlighten them? Maybe not. Who cares? Becky, time to move East, kid.

Lib-democRAT shitfilth Lowlifes.
Not content with having f*cked America for 8 painful years — thanks to all the morons who elected and re-elected the lowlife sonofabitch BJ Clintoon — he's now on a money hunt to make up for all the corrupt, criminal schemes that he and Hitlery Rotten Clintoon f*cked-up and screwed other people on, but managed to wiggle out of prosecution. Ummm, Whitewater, FBI Files, Travel Office Firings and Castle Grande immediately come to mind.
In a clear case of quid pro quo, the disgraced ex-president Bubba Jeffy Clintoon pardoned a lowlife piece of shit felon, Marc Rich, for cash payments in the past and for his future "assistance". Even Clintoon's allies say the pardon, at the very least, was a conflict of interest, particularly given that Rich's sluttish ex-wife had showered the Clintoons and the Democratic Party with her largesse. Denise Rich has donated more than $1 million to support Democratic candidates, including both Clintoon and his ugly, hagged-out, criminal bitch wife, disgraced current senator Hitlery Rotten Clintoon. She also gave the Clintoons an expensive table and chair set they took with them upon leaving the White House. Slimeballs, all.
Then, there's the illegal gifts they've taken, and the outrageous rent for office space Bubba doesn't need and won't use. I have no problem with the disgraced ex-president BJ Clintoon collecting $100,000+ per speech on the corporate speaking tour, if corporation are indeed that f*cking dumb and desperate enough to pay such ludicrous amounts of money to a criminal. The f*cking of America and its Taxpayers continues by the criminal ethic-less Clintoons. Where's Lee Harvey Oswald when the Nation really needs him?
The lowlife, race-baiting, misery profiteer, hypocrite liar Irrev Jesse "Who’s Your Daddy?" Jack-scum is also back in the news, for illegally allowing his whore bitch and half-breed bastard kid to take $40,000 from his highly-illegal "non profit charities" for "living expenses". When the f*ck is the IRS going to investigate this criminal scumbag Jack-scum?
Think I'm being too hard on the racist criminal Jack-scum? Read this about his blackmail and shakedown activities. He's just a lowlife racist bigot criminal, after all.
The stinking Bubba and Hitlery Clintoon took $28,000 as gift items from the White House that were not intended for them, when the lowlife trash finally left. A spokesman for the Clintons, Jim Kennedy, rejected the notion that the gifts in question had been made to the White House rather than to the Clintons. He said it was his understanding that the furnishings in question were on the White House gifts office list and that the Clintons were entitled to rely on that in deciding each year which gifts they were going to keep. Gee, why am I not surprised?
Without The White House "War Room" or Spin Machine to lie, obfuscate, divert and stonewall, the Clintoons were forced to return the $28,000 they took illegally; most definitely a first. This point in time is a watershed, a sea change. This again points out that, without the proper "back-up" of like criminals, both Bubba Jeffy and Hitlery "Sticky Fingers" Rotten Clintoon, are just stinking white trash criminals.
Isn't it just amazing that the lowlife Clintoon moron scumbags can "take" furnishings worth $28,000+ from The White House and simply return them. Simple mistake? If you or I'd done that, we'd be arrested for "grand theft" and would already be serving time in a federal prison. Equal justice under the Law? Not here, not for everyone, not anymore.
It's time to stop the lowlife Dept of InJustice's liberal demonic crusade against the Nation's police departments, in the name of "racial discrimination". AG John Ashcroft can do it by cleaning house of the criminal element the stinking Clintoonista administration installed when it fired all attorneys in the Bush The Elder DOJ in '93. The festering, fetid stench of Reno & Co's "Reign of Error" still lingers. Anything less is unacceptable. The criminal Deputy AG Eric Holder should ben charged with treason and be immediately imprisoned, as should hundreds of other slime, including Ol' Shakey Janet "Waco" El-Reno the , alcoholic, cokehead.
I don't know about you, but the word squaw has been around for decades, and I don't f*cking care that it means "indian slut"; it's part of another group of names of places which are part of American Folklore. f*ck the indians, lib-dem shitfilth, any and all, "pc correct" scumbags. It's what places were named and it should stay as is. Leave it to the alcoholic, unemployed, lazy, drug-riddled lowlife indians to come up with this problem. They need to get off the booze and drugs and welfare and get some f*cking jobs, redskin morons. The should try for once in their f*cking miserable worthless lives to act like human beings.
Bill Clinton's $100,000 speech to junk-bond traders at a Morgan Stanley Dean Witter & Co. conference in Boca Raton, Fla., has enraged some of the investment firm's shareholders and clients; me being one of the clients. I am closing my IRA and other investment accounts and moving them elsewhere on March 1st, with a letter detailing my anger at MSDW.
So Clintoon and GoreBore had some very frank words after GoreBore's concession speech in December, when their hijacking of the '00 General Election in Florida failed. If they'd have written, it might have gone like this: Al Gore's Last Letter to Bill. And Bill Clinton Replies to Al Gore.
No surprise here: the criminal embezzler lib-dem contributor's whoredog slut wife, Denise Rich, takes the 5th Amendment to all questions in response to questions submitted to her by the House Government Reform committee investigating disgraced ex-president Clintoon's pardon of her ex-husband, fugitive lowlife scumbag Marc Rich. If there was nothing to hide, no crime committed, the 5th wouldn't be necessary. Silence speaks volumes, doesn't it?

Trash and Garbage.
Continuing the "proud tradition" of lowlife criminal athletes, Mark Chmura, the former Green Bay Packers tight end accused of sexually assaulting a former baby sitter. It's not that he's innocent, it's rather that they couldn't prove it beyond a reasonable doubt, based upon available evidence. There is so much white trash, blacks and hispanics in so-called "pro sports", it's a criminal enterprise unto itself. And those lowlife pieces of shit are outrageously paid billions, collectively, to be role models. They should be either imprisoned or executed. All are dogshit, especially the XFL: losers, has-beens, never was'ers and wannabes.
I have this theory: that any moron — most especially MIT students — who whacks him-herself after a failed romance is a worthless piece of shit, and deserves to die and rid society of another moron. Good riddance, Lucy. If you can't handle the pressure, Lucy bitch, go live in a cave.
This is bull-f*cking-shit: ex-felons in Florida can pursue a lawsuit as a group to overturn a Reconstruction-era state law that bans them from voting for life, a federal judge ruled Friday. Attorneys for the plaintiffs say an estimated 525,000 ex-convicts have been unconstitutionally disenfranchised by the law, and that it disproportionately hurts blacks. Well gee whiz, since blacks comprise only 13% of the population but commit upwards of 45% of the crime, "unfair disenfranchisement" isn't even a consideration here. Throw this shit suit out of court, judge. Case closed on criminal filth. If one is a felon, one cannot vote in my world. One gave that right and privilege up when one became a felon. Again, case closed.
The communist-socialist-liberal slimeballs at Davos got hacked! I luvit! Sure wish I knew how to do that. Any hackers reading this: email me, I want to learn and do.
Who cares? Why is the lowlife liberal scumbag media devoting so many pixels to two third-rate Hollywood scumbags, divorcing? Tom "She's a bitch" Cruise and Nicole "He's an moron" Kidman? Who gives a flying rat's ass?
Like all homo scumfilth say: the AIDS virus can't distinguish skin color; it infects and whacks everyone it touches. I say bravo! Let it whack all of the subhuman filth, regardless of their color. Hopefully, these stronger and resistant strains will defeat all medical efforts at eradicating it. It's the best hope we have for a plague to rid the Earth of the trash.
The lowlife, lib-democRAT-riddled NAACLP (National association for the Advancement of Liberal Colored People) also needs an IRS investigation and to have their tax-exempt status overturned for being so involved in politics, expressly prohibited by their 501-C status.
Rod Stewart with throat cancer. Aw gee, too bad it didn't whack him. I've always hated that Brit fag. Maybe the next tumor will get him and rid the World of his lousy voice and shitpy songs.
Soooooo, the ignorant filth in Chi-Comm Red China want to go to war against Taiwan and the US, if it "interferes". I say waste the chink scum. But hey: what if what Clintoon&AlGoreBore did to the US, is true? Read the paragraph about what they did to the military; 9th, I think. Surprise.
Another miscarriage of American Justice: the good guy goes to prison for Killing a drug dealer in his neighborhood. There ought to be a bounty on their heads and citizens encouraged to waste such filth.
What's happening to this city in the UK is what will happen to the US if we don't keep the lowlife immigrant filth out and protect our birthright in America. This is effectively the end of England. The INS must be given much broader powers to send the garbage back to where it came from, and to prevent it from coming across the borders, in the first place.

Execute These Filth.
The great state of Missouri is doing society a huge favor by executing this lowlife piece of subhuman homo filth and ridding the world of it's stench. Too bad the maggots can't feast while he dies slowly, but at least he's gone.
This was definitely a slow week for executions. shit, with 3,700+ subhuman pieces of filth on death row, you'd think the death chambers would be working overtime to catch-up and rid society of this garbage.

Lingua Franca: Breakthrough Books.
Lingua Franca, the rag of choice for academic types, presents this collection of seminal books that have "defined a particular area of thought." The creme de la creme, the top guns, the grande fromages -- these are the books that rule the schools. From Suburbia to Cognitive Science, the Welfare State to Neglected Fiction, these are the books that the brainiacs worship. And to shamelessly jump on the PBS bandwagon, you'll also find some great books on Jazz.

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