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friday, january 4 th, 2007

gosh, I guess that The islamofascists' War Against The Western World is over? Did I miss it? When did it end? Our intrepid FBI's going after DB Cooper, a moron who jumped from a airliner with $200k, in 1971, and who most likely died in the jump. So the worldwide, murderous muslim-islamist jihad crap is all over, now? And we don't have to worry about "Sudden Jihad Syndrome", here in the US? Subhuman, murderous muslim-islamist filth like the "Lackawana Six" and "Liberty City Seven" and countless other islamofascist scum are not a domestic threat, anymore? And no such barbaric, 3rd century crap like "honor killings" in the US? Wow, that's just great! We can all sleep with "visions of sugarplums dancing in our heads", now, can't we? I don't freaking think so! What the hell is the FBI wasting time and manpower looking for a "cold case" like DB Cooper? Where is DHS? Is anyone on the bridge watching over "The Good Ship Lollipop", these days? Dear God, I hope so! Meanwhile, I'm cleaning guns and buying more ammmo.

Around The Garden Center™.
I took a "personal leave of absence" the day after Christmas, last week, and spent some serious time "rejuvenating" myself, both physically and spiritually, after seriously-running-myself down over the past 1-2yrs. Getting totally and completely away from everything for 6 days, was necessary for my physical and spiritual health. I abandoned my almost 12-yr old "Journal's" last entry for 2007, and put-up a •••Leave of Absence••• notice, with no link behind it. (Even though it was written, I deleted it) I had over 630 emails asking what happened to it, when I got home on Monday. I hadn't even heard about Bhutto's assassination, until Monday. Good to be back in the world, refreshed and rejuvenated.
Thankfully, this winter storm went just north of us. Just rain, here.
Lots to catch-up on when I got back. Dad handled 90% of it, thankfully. My "To Do List" was huge. Doug (owner) of MTWireFree replaced my office network's router, and 'fixed' the front counter wireless mouse. We fed 2 prime rib dinners to our "mystery dog", and she dispatched it plus a bowl of dry food, in minutes. The JD 317 was picked-up, and the JD 70 tractor delivered to Atlantic Tractor Inc, for routine service, before Spring arrives. Bills had to get paid, faxes sent, calls returned to customers with 'emergencies', etc. And I had some Rx refills to pick-up, as well as food shopping to do. Several employees stopped by for a brief mtg. Busy day; I like that. Inactivity is not good.
So far this Winter, we've been lucky. Rain instead of snow, except for 2 relatively-minor ice storms, and >4" of snow. But the bitter cold arrived on Wednesday, with 26°F, 25-35mph winds and a wind chill of >11°F. The 10-day forecast is 40s-50s & even 60s! I'll take the rain, anytime.
On Thursday, I and my Key Staff met with our largest nursery sales rep, to 'review' the Spring '08 Orders, from the 12-13 nurseries we buy from, in his repertoire of 25-30 nurseries in North America. Alan, James, Jennifer, Bob, Dad and I met with Jim at 10am, and cut-back numerous nursery stock orders, since we have so much leftover nursery stock from last year, due to The Drought From Hell in '07. I've got some "personnel personality problems" to get straightened-out, in the coming week and had the first talk with one of them, today. The other will be in next week, and I'll deal with the both of them, then. (((sigh)))
Best, most awesome-tasting, fresh (not-from-concentrate) juice products, anywhere in the world? Right here, from the Simply Orange Juice Company. At your local stores. You're welcome.
16°F with a -5° wind chill, on Thursday morning, at 5am, as I got up to turn-up the heat from 60 to 75. I couldn't get warm, dammit! This Alberta Clipper from Canada is making life miserable.
Our "mystery dog" has disappeared for Thursday, after feeding her prime rib, yesterday. I hope she found a warm place to hole-up, for the previous and coming bitter cold nights. I worry about her safety, with a large fox in the area, too. I called 3 local animal rescue organizations, and all have gone out of business, for lack of funding. Even the local SPCA is referring all calls to 911, as they have closed, too. Dammit! I don't know how we're going to catch her and get her into my Main GH, where it's warm and she can sleep and eat, in comfort and safety. She just won't let us near her.

Things Which Make Your Head Explode™.
If we don't forcibily remove all the nukes (est 100+) from Pakistan, quickly, and let the murderous muslims-islamists turn the place back into a Bronze Age theocracy, the US is in great peril. As is the entire world.

Global Warming BS™.
Have you seen this video: "BBC: The Great Global Warming Swindle"? It was outright-banned from leftist, hate-filled, dirtbag lowlife scumbags, Google.com's and YouTube.com's websites, by the mentally-ill dirtbag, subhuman, left-wing, global warming idiot wackos, but I've preserved it, for posterity, aka you, me and *ours*. Watch, be informed and download it for others to see. It's on my corporate server, and will stay there, BTW.

Some People Just Need Killing™.
Jane Fonda, 70, shold have been tried-convicted-executed for treason/sedition/sabotage, back in the 70s, IMO, and should STILL be headshot, today, IMO. She was/is a traitor to America, and should be killed, dammit! Fonda needs killing, IMO! Shoot the f•cking, lowlife dirtbag bitch! KILL HER!
Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed Haza al-Darbi, needs killing, IMO! Kill the subhuman muslim-islamist! Anyone/anything evenly-remotely-associated with 9-11, needs immediate slaughter/murder/killing, IMO! Kill the fucking muslim terrroists!

Wikipedia's List of Unusual Deaths.
In 458 BC, an eagle clutching a tortoise mistook "a bald head for a stone" and dropped its catch on the shiny cranium—which, unfortunately, topped the body of the Greek playwright Aeschylus. Thus did the great bird bring to a close the life of the legendary philosopher-scribe. But what an ending! This tale and others like it may, just may, "be apocryphal." But that doesn't diminish the enjoyment to be found in reading through Wikipedia's list of outlandish historical deaths, (or the rumors thereof). From burial by book to drowning by wine, the famous fatalities recounted here are sure to amaze you. We all know Isadora Duncan departed this life thanks to her overreaching scarf, but how many culturally literate folk know of Frank Hayes, the jockey who suffered a heart attack, but still won the race? Or that Henry I loved lampreys that much? Read, enjoy, and keep an eye-out for large birds of prey, toting reptiles and winging overhead. Duck!

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