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Friday, January 5, 2007

if I really thought anything would change, simply because the linear calendar said it's the next year, I'd be smoking bananna peels, or worse. Nothing's changed; if anything, it's probably gotten worse. The US Congress' collective, corrupt, verminous criminal heads are still firmly-positioned up their collective ass. The battle for a seat at the table of power, goes on. Vacuuous pols of all stripes, are killing America and each other, to get a seat, at the *National Table of Power*. Even those corrupt pols convicted of and imprisoned for crimes, still get pension benefits: US TAXPAYERS' MONIES! (Nice deal, huh?) The will of the people, has become an archaic term. We have been sold down the proverbial river. This country's not for sale, dammit! I should know; I'm one of The Owners! Nothing's changed, except the corrupt, criminal faces of the pols' party, with the calendar. "The more things change, the more they remain the same." The multi-lingual and multi-cultural assault against America continues and is increased under the treasonous liber-demokkkRATs' rule; encourage separate multi-cultural nations within America, and discourage assimilation by all immigrants; encourage 'diversity' rather than American 'unity'; make America a 'chamber pot', rather than a 'melting pot'; keep all immigrants uneducated in a hate-America underclass; promote the underclass 'victimology' to hate and despise the Americans, saying it's 'their fault' that you're being held down from achieving your dreams; 'balkanize' America and introduce as much cultural diversity as possible; make 'hate-thought crime' laws to stifle all talk and protest against illegal immigration; plant liberal activist judges and corrupt pols to rule and legislate against enforcement of all current immigration laws, and prevent new ones from becoming law; censor all books/articles and legally-punish anyone who opposes unlimited, illegal immigration. Remember, The US Constitution's 2nd Amendment is the *RESET BUTTON*, for the cherished US Constitution. I won't hesitate to press it, BTW. Why have the words, 'nationalism' and 'soverignity' and 'border policy' become dirty and pornographic words? Why is 'English only' a (bullshit) racist charge? mexicans aren't a race; they're a nationality. Likewise, muslims aren't a race; they're a murderous religion, mental disease/ cult. This country is facing such daunting problems: the sweeping change of demographics, illegal aliens over-running America; the Voice of Freedom is choking; our elected pols are cowards, criminals, liars and wimps; we don't respect or fear the police anymore; entitlements for the sick and the meek taking precedence over border-language-cultural™ security; why are Our Cultual FoundationsThe Declaration of Independence, The US Constitution and The Magna Carta — now called racist and hegemonic documents?; why is The King Jame's Bible/Gideon's Bible now banned around in many so-called 'civilizations'? F*ck the liberals, demokkkRATs, muslims-islamists-arabs, solipsists, elitists, socialists, secularists, assorted commie filth, and Red Diaper Doper Babies™, who want to shut-me-down. Bring it on, subhumans! The 2nd Amendment Trigger is waiting for all of you! Even with their collective heads up their collective liberal asses, these subhumans pose a clear and present danger to America. And they all require "neutralization", as such, to ameliorate the very real threat that they pose. Irreparable damage will soon be done by GWB&Co, in granting amnesty and US Citizenship, to 20-30 million criminal, illegal, aliens, against Real Americans' demands to the contrary. The Elite, Military-Industrial Complex makes the 'laws', and gets away with 'crimes', which unavailable to us nothing-peon, US Citizens. Heh. GWB's "Guest Worker Program" will all but kill America. Hate crime? Racism? Hegemony? Name yer poison, Whitey matey! The craven, verminous politician liars and thieves, roll-over to The Enemies of America. And the liberal-RINO president, George W Bush, will be giving Social Security benefits to 20-30 million of undocumented workers criminal, illegal aliens. This act alone, will bankrupt America. Happy New Year!

Around The Garden Center™.
It was a comparatively-slow week, with numerous customer calls for getting-on the Spring 2007 Landscape Maintenance, Landscape Project, and simple Tree Installation, Lists. We're already getting filled-up, but there's always room for more to be included on my burgeoning lists; no sweat, so far, as of 12/30/06. It's always 'quiet', until about mid-February, when customers and prospective customers begin calling to get work done. I really appreciate the solitude, over those few months, which helps to make-up for the hecticness of the following 9-10 months. Heh.
About 6-mos ago, my GE Spacemaker Microwave Microhood's lights and exhaust fan, quit working after 18 years. The unit still works fine, and I use it daily, but two of the top ten functions — counter light and exhaust fan — are now kaput. So I figure it's time for a nicer, upgrade replacement. From this Sears' listing, it looks like GE still makes the same model, at a nice price, but the one reviewer doesn't have anything nice to say about his experience. Crap. Time to look around for another model, I'd guess.
Crap, Denver's getting whacked again, and we haven't seen a snowfall, yet, and it's January! I'm thankful for the extra work-time, in Seth's (my mason) final job of the 2006 Season, but I'm not wondering *why* we're not getting any snow, so far. I know why. Blinding, heavy blizzards in Colorado, and deadly tornadoes in Texas, and we're getting zip, out here in The Mid-Atlantic and Northeast Regions. Temps have been up into the mid-and-upper-50s, all week, with a few periods of rain. All kinds of weather records have been broken and set. If I remember correctly: "Mother Nature's in charge; we're just along for the ride."
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, sandwiches: Grilled Cheese; Reuben; Cheeseburger; Corned Beef, Swiss & Rye; Chickensalad; Turkey, Ham & Bacon Club; Egg & Olive Salad; BLT; Roast Beef & Horseradish. Chips? Cream of Tomato, Chicken Noodle or Cream of Mushroon soups? A cold beer? Yep; works for me.
Hmmmmmmmm, "24", Season 6. Umgood; can't wait for it to begin! Unleash Jack Bauer and let *it* begin, dammit. Track down and kill all the terrorists!
Wow, another 3-day weekend, back-to-back with Christmas' 3-day weekend. Yes, I slept-in until noon, as usual. A leisurely, gourmet brunch. Then, out to do some errands, get the Jeep washed and vacummed-out, pick-up the mail at the GC&N Complex, do a little paperwork, get some tomato/chicken noodle soup, catfood, and come back home for the evening. I caught The History Channel's offerings, and recorded several of them. Temps are up into the upper-50s/low-60s, and Winter is nowhere to be seen. This weather is certainly weird. According to the Farmer's Almanac, we're not going to get any snow until the end of January. This year is definitely going to be drier than last year, if this pace keeps up. The Midwest and West are getting all the action.
No, I don't go anywhere on New Year's Eve, and I haven't for the past 25 years. There are just too many drunks, weirdos, dumbasses, lowlifes, scumbags, dirtbags, druggies etc, on the road, on that night. Death-by-car-accident isn't my idea of passing from this earth, for myself. The DUI checkpoints are very, very worthwhile, IMO, to get as many of them off the road, before they do fatal damage to others and their innocent families/passengers. I'd rather stay home, make some calls, send some emails, and be safe, thankyouverymuch. Did I say, yet: Happy New Year 2007, BTW!
Australia went first, as always, with their 2007 Celebrations. Did I say, Happy New Year 2007, BTW!
I went to sleep early on New Year's Eve, around 10pm, but woke-up at midnight, from all the local fireworks noise, and couldn't get back to sleep. So I logged-on, and checked the CATV channels for their year-end coverage. I heard the local fireworks going-off, as it also woke the cats, and the celebrations on TV looked pretty raucous, as usual. Once again, I was glad I wasn't *there*, in the midst of all that nonsense. I poured "2 fingers" of Maker's Mark Straight Bourbon Whisky, and saluted the onset of 2007.
New Year's Day: everything pretty myuch closed, so off to Mom & Dad's, for their traditional New Years Day/ York County/ PA Dutch — *Pork, Sauerkraut, Mashed Potatoes* "Good Luck" Dinner" — with rye bread, and applesauce/ fruitcup. It was delicious, as always. If you don't want to cook, there are several places here in York County, which will serve you a nice dinner of that wonderful, traditional fare. This is true Pennsylvania Dutch Cooking, and here are a few dozen more authentic recipes for PA Dutch Foods, if you care to browse them. A lot of folklore and my Family History, here in York County, PA.
Nope; don't do that stuff, anymore.
Although during my first day back (Tues 1/3/07) at the GC&N Complex, temps were in the upper-40s, I just couldn't *warm-up*, all day. I was shivering for most of the day. Even with 2 large Modine forced-air, gas-powered heaters going full-blast in the main building and one wall-mounted unit in my office, my hands and feet were still cold, I had chills down my back, alternating sweats and chills, and I felt like the dreaded flu was taking-up residence. I fired-up the small space-heater on the floor next to my desk, and that helped a bit. I couldn't keep any food down either, so I gave up and went home early, took some (adult 324mg) Bayer Aspirin, and crawled back into bed for the rest of the day. Best thing I did this whole week. It wasn't the flu, but the extra rest in bed, aspirin and water, worked well to make me feel much better in the succeeding days.
Truffles? White or black? Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm; they are delicious! Also, Super Grade AA dried Porcini mushrooms are my all-time, 'year-round favorite, and frequently used in my cooking recipes. I have several pounds of the dried Porcini mushrooms, as well as *fresh Winter White & Summer Black Truffles* (in liquid, in jars), in my home kitchen pantry. And I use them almost everytime I *chef* for family and friends, in multi-course meals. Yummy funghi.
Got any idea of what Hell might be like? Here's a starter.

RIP, President Gerald R. Ford (1913-2006).
I heard the announcement, just before midnight, on the day after Christmas, that Jerry Ford, our Nation's 38th President, passed peacefully, surrounded by his family, in Rancho Mirage (CA). The offical cause of death, for the 93 year old former president, was listed as pnuemonia. At 93, that's almost always fatal.
Often described as the "accidental president", President Jerry Ford, a classic, "liberal country club Republican", screwed America in numerous ways. I won't go into the littany, just now. That can be another John's Journal entry. Rather, one or two cogent examples will suffice, here, for now. Ford idiotically appointed John Paul Stevens, the lowlife, hate-America, hate-US Constitution dirtbag, to the US Supreme Court, and Stevens has worked actively to undermine the US Constitution and America, ever since. Stevens should be tried and executed for treason and sedition, IMO. Ford was an asshole for unleashing that subhuman, liberal-demokkkRAT piece-of-shit, upon us all. Another huge mistake that Ford made, was to sign legislation — he signed Public Law 94-106 requiring the services to open the hallowed halls of West Point, Annapolis, and the Air Force Academy to women. In the fall of 1976 female cadets began their education and military orientation as the "Class of '80" became the first coed class. When those first classes graduated in 1980 of the 327 women who began, 217 graduated, a whopping 66% — allowing women to go to the US Military Academies; a huge, huge mistake, IMO. Allowing women into combat roles was even more disastrous. US Military History bears that out.
Also, to Ford's severe discredit, he made it illegal (1976 Executive Order 11905) to "assassinate or attempt or conspire to assassinate a foreign official in peacetime." Too bad; as so many foreign subhuman pieces-of-shit, need killing, pure and simple, IMO. F*ck the Ford idiot's EO; kill them anyway.
To his credit, though, he and Don Rumsfeld et al stalled the shitty, anti-American, FISA from becoming law, which severely limited the FBI's ability to spy on domestic terrorists, and greatly-crippled America's ability to defend herself. President GW Bush reversed that crappy law, finally-signed by worst-president-in-history, Jimmy Carter-farter (1978) and was castigated and blamed by the treasonous, hate-filled, hate-America liberal-demokkkRAT filth, for doing so. The treasonous members of the Church Committee in the Senate and the Pike Committee in the House, curtailed the power of US intelligence agencies, crippling them. Disgraced, lowlife, traitor, scumbag dead, ex-US Sen Frank Church (TRAITOR-ID): I hope you died in great pain, Frankie, and are rotting in hell's 'river of sulphur', asshole, for what you and your 'untermensch' commie, asshole-buddy-filth did, to America!.
Ford's coffin had some very precise viewing times in The Peoples' Republik of Kalifornicate, according to the unofficial schedule.
Hmmmmmmm, the lowlife, dirtbag, criminal, corrupt, subhuman piece-of-shit, liberal-demokkkRAT, US Sen Harry Reid (TRAITOR-NV), will intentionally-miss the state funeral for former President Gerald Ford at the Capitol Rotunda on Saturday night, opting instead to lead a US Taxpayer money-wasting, drunken, philandering, whoring, lying, treasonous, drug-addicted, wife-beating, 'delegation' to South America, with an expected stop at the Machu Picchu Inca ruins. (Hint: it's a f*cking vacation, at US Taxpayers' expense. Get it?) The criminal dirtbag, "Dingy Harry" Reid, left Wednesday afternoon from Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland, with a corrupt, bipartisan group of five other criminal US Senators, including hate-America, hate-US Military, traitor, liar, alcoholic, US Sen Dick "US Military Are Nazis"! Durbin (TRAITOR-ILL), the incoming assistant majority leader, for what has been described as a weeklong "visit" to Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru. Both Reid and Durbin need trial for treason and sedition, and immediate execution, IMO. And it looks like the UK's PM, Tony Blair, also has better things to do. Pelosi didn't show-up, either. Nor did 500 of the 535 members of the US Congress. Nor did President Bush, who was cutting wood and riding his mountain bike at his Crawford ranch. Shameful, all of them.
Okay, back to Jerry Ford, the Boy Scout President. He was a WWII War Hero, and should be lauded and accorded, as such. Tuesday was a National Day of Mourning, for him. The Official Funeral Schedule, is here.
Y-a-w-n; keep it moving along, please, folks.
But Jerry Ford was another in a long line of *liberal Republican-RINO* presidents, starting with Richard Nixon, GWH Bush and GW Bush. His two-year (1974-1976) stewardship of America, after Nixon resigned in disgrace (1974), and Ford pardoned him, was thankable, but quite unremarkable, as the "accidental president". Nothing more; nothing less. As I said before: RIP, President Ford.
C'mon, get this funeral over with, already. Former, late-President Ford was merely 'okay', as presidents go, but he sure wasn't/isn't worth *8* days of US State Funerals etc. He was ignored for over 30 years, became a 'footnote in history', and now is national-center-of-attention, for 5-6 days? Go figure.
The Navy will name its next aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN-21) in honor of the president who was buried Wednesday in his home town of Grand Rapids, Mich. Huh? Are you f*cking kidding me? No, you aren't.
Get yourself a *neat* Single Malt Scotch, a cigar, and find a comfy chair, as what you're about to hear from Gen Al Haig, will blow you away.

Things Which Bring A Smile To My Face™.
The death of Sodomy Insane, is way overdue, IMO. He should have been tried, hanged and buried face-down in a pit of liquid pigshit, years ago. But at least it's proceeding to a due conclusion, thanks to the American-imposed legal system upon the 8th century Iraqi primitives. The first step is for the US Military to turn him over to the Iraqis, for execution. His lawyers have been instructed to pick-up his personal belongings, and dispose of them.
Already, the terrorist-supporting, hate-America, hate-US Military, hate-Christian, love the murderous muslim-islamist-arab terrorist filth, MSM (Main Stream Media) is whining, complaining, crying and lamenting the mass-murderer's death-by-hanging. The dumbass slut-skank-bitch, CNN reporter Randi Kaye, who should be forcibly-sterilized to prevent any further breeding of her lowlife type, asks the bullshit question; "Will Saddam suffer in death"? Who the f*ck cares? I truly hope he suffers to an unimaginable degree, considering all the millions of deaths he's directly caused. Even the criminal, bigot, extortionist, corrupt, racist, liar, blackmailer, Jew-hater, Nigga® scum, Jesse Jackson (CRIMINAL-GA) is whining about Sodomy Insane's imminent death. Jackson's a nigger®; he's in no way a 'black man', by any rational measure.
By Friday, 10pm EST, Sodomy Insane was hanged and quickly-assumed room temperature, according to the "saddened news reports" coming from teary-eyed pMSNBC, from tearful news reports from CNN, from pitiful news reports from Yahoo! and from the piece-of-shit, pathetic commie turds at BBC. The terrorist-supporting, dictator-loving, hate-America, hate-US Military, hate-Bush MSM (Main Stream Media), were convulsing and screaming at the news. Their dictator was dead? How dare we?! F*ck you, media-idiot whores!
Good riddance, and rot in hell, you subhuman, murderous scumbag. Rot with your two dead sons-of-a-bitch, Sodomy Insane.
Here are the videos of Sodomy Insane's hanging, preserved in case many are deleted from the Net. More videos, here. More, here. I'll post more, as I find them.
Groups of AmericansSubhuman pieces-of-lowlife-commie-shit, opposed to either the death penalty or US foreign policy, decried Saddam Hussein's execution on Saturday, including a few dozen activists dirtbag, lowlife scum who staged a protest near a military recruiting station in Times Square. The small rally, organized by a group affiliated with former US Attorney General traitor, seditionist, scumbag and lowlife, Ramsey Clark, was one of several condemnations of the hanging. The Vatican denounced the execution as "tragic." F*ck the Vatican. Activists Subhuman dirtbag commie filth, in Detroit and Boston also planned demonstrations. Clark needs killing "Arkancide", IMO.
Awwwwwwww, Palestinians muslim-islamist-arab garbage and filth, were sent into 'deep mourning' Saturday, as they struggled to come to terms with the demise of perhaps their most steadfast ally. Think: $25,000 reward for suicide bombers killing innocent Israeli people and children. F*ck the Palestinians muslim-islamist-arab garbage and filth! Kill all the subhumans!
F*ck you, criminal, corrupt, racist, lowlife, dirtbag, subhuman trash, Jesse Jack-scum! Your sand-Nigga® hero is dead! You, and not King, should have been killed by James Earl Ray, IMO.

Things Which Make Your Head Explode™.
A US Airways passenger faced charges of interfering with a flight crew Thursday after he apparently unknowingly slapped an undercover federal air marshal, said an official familiar with the case. The subhu-man, who'd been drinking liquor, threw a mid-air temper tantrum Wednesday night after attendants refused to serve him any more alcohol during his flight from Washington's Reagan National Airport to Fort Myers, Florida, the official said. I say, "SHOOT HIM DEAD"! Any questions, lib-dem assholes? Thought not, treasonous punk filth.
I was sick-to-death of hearing all the "2006 Recaps", even before they were released and published on the Web. Between TV, radio, the Web, newspapers etc, carrying all those pathetic articles for so many years, I'm fully-immune to them. But still, they annoy me, to no end, so I have to tune them out, and turn them off.
"Another terrorist attack, a warmer planet, death and destruction from a natural disaster. These are among Americans' grim predictions for the United States in 2007. But on a brighter note, only a minority of people think the US will go to war with Iran or North Korea over the countries' nuclear ambitions. An overwhelming majority thinks Congress will raise the federal minimum wage. A third sees hope for a cure to cancer. Bullshit. Cancer is too profitable to ever find a cure for it, IMO. It will continue ***uncured***, forever. Again; there's way too much money for companies, in the R&D aspect of it.
The treasonous, hate-US Military, hate-America, commie-loving, terrorist-supporting, socialist, hard-left Marxist, MSM (Main Stream Media) were positively-giddy and exceited about the 3,000th US Serviceman to be killed in Iraq, on Sunday, New Year's Eve. The headlines on pMSNBC, on ABC News, the AP assholes, the Yahoo! garbage, the Reuters trash, Commie News Network/ CNN and other hate-filled, terrorist-supporting-loving, MSM newsites were obvious: "we're glad they all died and we told you so and get out of Iraq and leave our loveable terrorists alone!" F*ck you, media filth! If I could line all of you subhumans up against a wall, and headshoot you, I would! I despise your f*cking guts, "untermensch" filth!
Brittle and broken bones, organ tumors and constantly-failing health, from decades of anabolic steroids abuse, Mr Arnold Schwarzenegger? Your health peaked years ago, and now you're on your way to death and lifestyle-hell, Arnie. Get used to it, moron RINO-GOPer scumbag.
Border Patrol agents, Ignacio “Nacho” Ramos, 37, and Jose Alonso Compean, 28, don't deserve one-iota of prison time, for simply doing their jobs, IMO. Pardon them, Mr Presdent! They were just doing the border protection job, which YOU refuse to do!
No, Mr Roberts, you and your fellow activist, liberal judges aren't paid too little; rather, for the bullshit, lies, treason, sedition and illegal rulings you assholes hand-out on a regular basis, I opine that you're paid way too much, and are not remotely qualified to be judges, IMO. 97% of your group need trial and execution. You've ruined and destroyed America, and it's values, mores and morals. You're part of The Enemy Within™, IMO. And you all richly-deserve poverty, disease, sickness and death. Resign and get other jobs, assholes. Then, the 'curse' is lifted.
General Motors/ Chevy still doesn't "get it", IMO. The "newly-redesigned Malibu" is still an ugly, piece-of-shit, and will never compete on the world's stage, with Toyota's Camry. Get the f*cking bean-counters, corporate accountants, lowlifes and scumbags ***out of the design and production process***, and get some real motoring enthusiasts, car owners and consumers into the process, dammit! Chevy used to be a powerhouse, as did Ford, but the stinking, f*cking bean-counters, corporate accountants, lowlifes and scumbags have ruined both companies, as they did with American Motors, Oldsmobile etc. To let foreign companies ruin American industry is a treasonous/seditious crime, IMO, and should be punishable with a death sentence. That alone would end the problem, on this side of the pond.

GOPer Morons & RINO Idiots™.
Conservative Talk Radio's (CTR) problem? A complete and total abandonment of their declared Conservative Principles, but they decided to back and promote them anyway because they feared the corrupt, criminal liberal-demokkkRATs would take power. And now that they have, CTR, instead of holding Republicans-GOPers-RINOs to their principles, would rather apologize for their misbehavior. Rush Limbaugh admitted that he "no longer had to carry their water", just a day after the Nov 7th Mid-Terms. Rush, Hannity etc, are complicit in the GOPer-RINO crimes, IMO. I disrespect them all. Fakes, frauds and phonies. All of them, except Michael Savage.
The GOP-RINO wimps are cowards on illegal immigration, and it truly showed in the Nov 7th Mid-Term Elections, IMO. Bush is "lame duck walking". And so are the GOP-RINOs. Junk, all of them.
Absolutely no RINO, moron or idiot, but a real American, I truly believe US Rep Virgil Goode (CONSERVATIVE-VA) who says, "unless immigration is tightened, “many more Muslims will be elected” and use the Quran to take the oath of office." I agree 101%. muslims-islamics-arabs are inherently murderous, subhuman filth who are here for one reason only: to subvert America and take it over and make it into part of the islamic "umma" or worldwide "caliphate" of muslim-islamic-arab hell. Using the unholy curan/koran to take an oath of office is an affront to all Americans. I spit on the curan/koran! I wipe my ass with it! I flush it down the toilet! I feed it to pigs! US Rep-elect Keith Ellison (NIGGA®-MN), the first muslim elected to the US Congress, to use the unholy curan/koran when he is sworn in. Ellison is a "Nation of islam" muslim, a racist, bigoted subhuman piece-of-pigshit, wholly-dedicated to killing Whitey and destroying the USA. Make no uncertain mistake about it, America: Ellison, muslims, NOi and racist Niggas®, are The Enemy Within™.

Treasonous, liberal-demokkkRAT Garbage™.
Mentally-ill, liberal-demokkkRAT drunks, drug-addicts, lowlifes and assorted subhuman filth, like the fudge-packing, hate-filled, Joel McNally, are the primary reason why American Blacks are still on the "lib-dem plantation", after 50-plus years of society-sanctioned, affirmative-action, anti-White racism. Shit-for-brains McNally, admits that American Blacks cannot compete intellectually on an equal basis with Whites, and in order to place Blacks into colleges and jobs where tests are given, Blacks must be given preferences. How disingenuous can he be? Actually, it can get much worse. Nothing has changed in the 40 or 50 years that Blacks have been given these racist, illegal preferences, and they are no more nearer to being able to compete on an equal footing today than they were 50 years ago. In fact, they're much worse-off: due to the complete breakdown of the family unit, 70% of Black babies being born out of wedlock, and the evil of *welfare* which has taken away the incentive to work and better oneself. And it's all *Whitey's fault*, isn't it? Of course, it is. Hey, McNally: f*ck you, subhuman liberal-demokkkRAT, dirtbag punk.
Fat, racist, bloated, bigot, cowardly, treasonous, hate-America, hate-US Military, hate-Bush, lowlife dirtbag, US Rep Up-Chuckie Rangel (NIGGA®-NY), is about as funny as a fresh dogturd on the bottom of your shoe, in a quiet church service. Get a heart attack, and die, sambo. Do the Nation a real favor, porch-monkey boy! Where's John Hinckley, Lee Harvey Oswald and Mark David Chapman when the Nation really needs them?
Make no uncertain mistake about it, America: US Sen Barack Hussein Obama Jr (NIGGA®-ILL), IS A mUSLIME, and NOT a catholic! He's a subhuman, drug-addict (smoke and coke), alcoholic, women-hating, corrupt, criminal, lying, dirtbag, hate-America, hate-Jew, love murder-rape-pillage-plunder, head-cutter pigshit, garbage, trash, filth and crap. Just like that sambo, racist, piece-of-shit, lowlife scumbag, NOi (Nation of islam) racist/bigot, US Rep Keith Ellison (NIGGA®-MN), and both are determined to help overthrow all Christians and Jews in America, to destroy the US Constitution, establish an islamic Caliphate, and slaughter as many Americans as possible, as soon as possible. Think: The Enemy Within™, won't you? There; you've got it nailed. Osama-Obama and Ellison richly-deserve trial and execution/imprisonment, for sedition and treason, IMO.
Now, here's a REAL BLACK AMERICAN MAN: Mr Wesley Autrey, Authentic American Hero, New York City! Bravo, sir! Take notice, Osama-Obama, Jackson, Sharpton and Ellison sambos, liberal-demokkkRAT assholes! You're not fit to wipe his ass, Niggas®. Any questions, lib-dem trash?

Lowlife, Subhuman Filth™.
Just what the corrupted peoples' Republik of Kalifornicate, needs: more 'rights' for homos, sodomites and other subhuman filth, at the expense of the normal, straight population. Giving so-called 'rights' to a perverted, deviant, degenerate minority is always done at the expense of others. It's unconstitutional and should be challenged in court, and thrown-out, IMO.
C'mon already, plant this Nigga® scumbag, and get this bullshit funeral crap over with. He was a lowlife, alcoholic, drug-addict, women-abuser, degenerate piece-of-shit, and his so-called 'music' was crap, and both should be forgotten as soon as possible. James Brown was garbage, and his so-called 'music' was trash. Rot in hell, Jimmy skunk-boy. Millions of us are glad you're dead and rotting in hell, where you belong, asshole.
Now, here's a REAL BLACK AMERICAN MAN: Mr Wesley Autrey, Hero, New York City! Bravo, sir!
Awwwwwwwww, isn't that sweet? The child-molesting, homo-sodomite, hate-filled, half-breed nigger®, Mikey "I Like Naked Little Boys" Jackson kissed the James Brown cadaver on the forehead, to say 'goodbye'. Yuk; wash that stiff's face off! Jackson-of-a-bitch's mouth has been who-knows-where? YUK! And the murderous, criminal, corrupt, lying fat, bloated pig, Al Sharpton, loved it? Both of them deserve execution, IMO.
Now, here's a REAL BLACK AMERICAN MAN: Mr Wesley Autrey, Hero, New York City! Bravo, sir!
"Ailing leader Fidel Castro called the Chinese ambassador in Havana to wish his president Hu Jintao, a Happy New Year." Huh? Castro's been dead for 4-5 weeks, IMO. He died from a massive cancer metastisis, from his intestines to his liver, bones, lungs etc. The pics you are seeing were shot many months ago, to prolong the "image" of that subhuman, murderous piece-of-shit, commie asshole's existence. Castro's dead; has been for weeks, now. IMO. And YES, Osama bin Laden's been dead since Tora Bora in 2001, IMO.
"The North Carolina bar filed ethics charges Thursday against the corrupt prosecutor (Mike Nifong) in the Duke lacrosse "rape" case, accusing him of saying misleading or inflammatory things to the news media about the athletes under suspicion." Bullshit. The criminal, corrupt Nifong filth needs to be duly-charged, tried, convicted, sentenced and executed as a ciminal, who's destroyed those 3 young men's lives, at the behest of a lowlife, dirtbag, scumbag, drug-addict, mentally-ill, alcoholic, nigger® stripper subhuman filth bitch. Here are the legal documents, against the Nifong trash.
"Ghost riding the whip", a stunt in which a driver gets out of his car and dances around and on top of the slowly moving vehicle to a thumping hip-hop beat, has gotten at least two people killed, led to numerous injuries and alarmed police on the West Coast and beyond. Good; let them all do it and get killed. Clean-out the gene pool, IMO!
Shotgun, machinegun this lowlife, subhuman filth!

islam Is A Criminal Organization™.
For 2007, I wish, quite simply, that adherent-to-islam, muslim-islamists-arabs would get their murderous, fragmented, poverty-riddled, destructive, deviant, degenerate, perverted, unholy 'religious' act together, repudiate the blatant lies, admonitions to acts of torture, murder and terrorism which they 'learn' from that unholy book, and from their 8th century "phrophet", and settle-down into a peaceful group of a billion of so, practitioners of that currently-demented social and political cult, called islam, which needs to go through a transforming "Reformation", as Christianity did in the 16th century, and rid that evil cult of death and destruction of its evil, death and destructive tendencies and tenets. Only then, will they be accepted by the rest of The Civilized World. Until then, the Civilized World must keep killing them, by the millions, and hundreds-of-millions, to rid the world of the filthy, murderous, destructive plague, called islam. The future doesn't look bright for islam, as many millions will need to be killed outright, to stop the worldwide spread of death and destruction, as espoused by their unholy book's teachings, and frequent exhortations to death and destruction. What a pity so many innocent Christians and Jews (and other muslims) must die, in that pitiful islamic effort to "spread-by-the-sword", the destruction demanded by islam. Whole, new generations of muslim-islamic-arab children are being 'weaned on islamic hatred', and will need either total re-education, or outright killing, to rid the world and Middle East nations, of that murderous, hate-filled disease, called islam. If and when they ever do renounce the death and destruction, and finally learn to get along with the rest of the world, I will once again, begin capitalizing "islam", "muslim" and all things related to them, in a sign of respect. Until then, I spit upon them all, as a sign of anger, hate, rage and gross disrespect, at what they've done to this world, especially on the "Slaughter of 9-11-2001" Tuesday, and ten-thousand other incidents, before and since.

Some People Just Deserve Killing™.
Trying to kill a cop, eh? Kill this f*cking, murderous, subhuman nigger® filth! Not a black man; simply an 'untermensch' (subhuman) criminal, very, very well-worth killing, to rid society of the garbage/trash/shit which preys-upon the innocents.
Fake, fraud, lowlife scumbag, dirtbag filth, pretend US Army Ranger, and Nigga®, Jesse Adam MacBeth, needs killing for his criminal activities, IMO. Kill him, and close the criminal case. Likewise, kill Ward Reilly, a piece-of-subhuman-shit, another fake Vietnam Vet, and so-called "lawyer" for the skank, alcoholic, drug-addict, liar, hate-America, hate-US Military, hate-Bush, subhuman trash, traitor, seditionist pigf*cker, Cindy Sheehan, who also needs to die, IMO.
A illegal immigrant criminal, subhuman, illegal alien, who had been deported from the United States several times but returned each time, and now was being sought for wounding two police officers in Long Beach, CA, has died in a shooting with officers who tracked him to a taco stand in Santa Ana, authorities have confirmed. Oscar Gabriel Gallegos, wanted for the shooting of Long Beach officers Abram Yap and Roy Wade Jr. as they sat in their squad car Dec 22nd, died while trying to shoot three of his officers with a .40-caliber Glock equipped with a laser sight. Rot in hell, filth!
Thank you, China, for making my week and New Year's Eve! A subhuman piece-of-filth, who raped and murdered six children in northeastern China was executed on Sunday. Gong Runbo, 33, admitted sexually assaulting and killing the six children, aged between nine and 16, at a court in the Heilongjiang province, Xinhua reported. He also molested five others aged between 12 and 13 between March 2005 and February 2006. Rot in hell, subhuman shitfilth!
800 subhuman filth in a Chino, California prison, rioting? KILL THEM ALL, dammit! KILL THEM ALL, KILL THEM ALL, KILL THEM ALL, KILL THEM ALL, KILL THEM ALL! IMO. Save the US Taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars, guards, and KILL THEM ALL. I'll pay you each $10 for each dead prisoner that you can document, whom you personally killed!
For intentionally setting a fire (arson: felony) at Seton Hall University, which killed three and injured dozens (50+), the murderous pieces-of-subhuman shit, Joseph LePore and Sean Ryan will be sentenced to 5 years in prison, and probably get out in 16 months. The shithead NJ prosecutor, who made a 'plea deal, ignored the fact that Frank Caltabilota, John Giunta and Aaron Karol, the three dead victims of "a prank", don't have another option; they're still dead. Plea deals are bullshit! LePore and Ryan should be sentenced to death and executed; they're murderous filth, trash and garbage. Kill them both, IMO!
PETA's criminal and corrupt so-called president and co-founder, Ingrid Newkirk, has described her group’s overall goal as “total animal liberation.” This means no meat, no milk, no zoos, no circuses, no wool, no leather, no hunting, no fishing, and no pets (not even seeing-eye dogs). PETA is also against all medical research that requires the use of animals. Lies; all lies, Newkirk bitch-skank-slut-lesbo-filth! Despite its constant moralizing about the “unethical” treatment of animals by restaurant owners, grocers, farmers, scientists, anglers, and countless other Americans, PETA has intentionally-killed over 14,400 dogs and cats at its Norfolk, Virginia headquarters. During 2005, PETA put to death over 90 percent of the animals it collected from members of the public. PETA is subhuman filth, scum, garbage, dirt, crap, shit and junk! Read the article, dammit! The PETA criminals/liars all need to be duly-charged, tried, convicted, sentenced and executed, IMO. Kill them all!
Erica Kentoya Bell, 32, a former substitute teacher and suspension monitor for Metro Schools is scheduled to make her first court appearance today to face charges that she fondled two underage children who were in her care. Bitch needs killing, IMO.

Famous Last Words.
"The Horror! The Horror!" cried Kurtz in Joseph Conrad's "Heart of Darkness" before he shuffled of this mortal coil. "Et tu, Brute?" asked Julius Caeser — but that one's attributed to Shakespeare. So what about some real-life famous last words? Enter Wikipedia, stage left. "I am not the least afraid to die," boasted a confident Charles Darwin at the end. Sigmund Freud, meanwhile, came up with the rather less dignified "This is absurd! This is absurd!" before he finally gave up the ghost. The collection of quotes here is fascinating, from the insulting ("All right then, I'll say it: Dante makes me sick." — Lope de Vega) to the sublime ("I should never have switched from Scotch to Martinis" — Humphrey Bogart). So if you're looking for insight into some of the world's most celebrated people (or endings), in the words of Giuseppe Zangara, "Go ahead. Pusha da button!"

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