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Friday, January 11, 2002

One of the things I like about Winter is the ability to see the myriad creatures who've unwittingly left their prints in the snow as they scurry around about their daily business of survival. No, I don't hunt, but rather enjoy (benignly) tracking them back to their dens, or if a winged species, identifying the type of bird. Each animal or bird leaves its own distinctive set of tracks, and droppings. I learned the fine art of tracking in the Boy Scouts, back in the 60s (Eagle Scout, Class of '63). Tracking in the snow, loose dirt and sand is easy; in a dry field or lawn it's impossible, except for identifying droppings. Same way to gauge the lowlife criminal politicians, race-baiters and misery-profiteers: follow their public tracks and watch for their plentiful, telltale droppings. The Condit, Jack-scums (2 of 'em), Waters, all the Kennedy trash, Frank, Dass-hole, Gep-fart, Specter, Jeffords, Brown, Moran, McCain, Clintoon, Lieberman, Kerry, Lott, Hastert, Byrd, Snow; their ranks are legion and most odious, to anyone with a conscience, a functioning brain and morals. My fondest wish is that all contract a fatal disease and leave this Nation before they can do any more harm to it.

Around The Garden Center.
The Dog Days of December are but a faint memory now; we're into Winter here in mid-state Pennsylvania. Daytime 20s and 30s, and nightly single-digit temps leave no doubt anymore; we're just missing all the snow they're getting to the north and south of us.
Other than a four or five small-to-medium local landscape operations going out of business in '01, I still don't see the pervasive economic problems the Nation is going through in my industry and business. Sure we're seasonal, and everyone takes a 2-3 month furlough over the Winter, but that's as it has been for the past 11 seasons. Nothing unusual there. I'm not seeing economic problems in any of our customer base, either. We specialize in high-end landscape work, as well as the small and medium jobs, too. But so far, we're "booked" into mid-Summer with two 4-man crews; I wish I could find another trained crew to add-on, since there is plenty of work out there.
Wow, that freak snowstorm last week in the deep south caused hundreds thousands of delays and cancellations and hundreds of thousands of passenegers went nowhere. Reason #315 why I don't fly anywhere anymore; my '94 Jeep Grand Cherokee V8 LTD is my friend.
On Sunday, I slept-in until 10am, went food shopping and then down to the Garden Center Complex to feed Pickle and do some paperwork. Did I mention that we're on Winter Hours (Mon-Sat 10-3, Closed Sun) now? Sure is nice. I got back around 3pm, and after unpacking all the groceries, making an adult beverage for myself, I noticed it was snowing! A veritable blizzard for 15mins; then sleet and rain. I was glad to see the moisture, in any form, come back and soak into the terra firma. I had to get up early (5am) Monday, since I had several contractors coming to do various maintenance projects at the Garden Center, get the driveways plowed, walks and steps shovelled, as well as courtesy plow out a few neighbors' driveways. It snowed all day Monday. Total snowfall was around 5-6"; wet, heavy and sticking to everything, it turned the region into a place of beauty, but not for everyone.
On July 14, 1974, I had an out-of-body experience after being robbed and shot in Boynton Beach, FL. I'm still here and willing to talk about it, after 2-3 adult beverages. Ask me sometime; I still remember before, during and after.
Happy New Year, of course and happy second palindromic year (2002, the same number forward and backward) in 11 years (the most recent was 1991). That makes this the only generation in 2,000 years to celebrate two palindromic years: The last two in a single generation were 999 and 1001, and the next two in a generation won't come until 2992 and 3003 another millennium. The next palindromic year won't occur until 2112. Yawn.
Gas prices are on the upswing again ($1.20.9/gal 89oct), the warm weather has returned (40s & 50s) and not many birds went south this year; I'm already up to 200lbs birdseed per week, now feeding several hundred too many to count and their friends. National Birdfeeding Month should be every month. I'm enjoying it right outside my office window.

W's guidelines for trying terrorists by Military Tribunals are being significantly softened the inevitable outcome of what some administration officials privately admit is one of W's few foreign policy bobbles since The Massacre of September 11th. A major screw-up is not to use the Military Tribunals instead of the US Justice System, which shouldn't be used to try and execute terrorists. Give them all a fair trial, then hang them.
W fights back, but not hard enough. He needs to tell America what Dass-hole really is and expose the lowlife lib-dems' socialist-communist agenda for all to see.
The RINO (Republican In Name Only) Billy-Bob Safire, the once-upon-a-time solid NY Slimes writer, is at it again: bashing W&Co for "seizing dictatorial powers" and military tribunals, as he's done before. Safire's an idiot, not a "contrarian", or maybe he's going through the "change of life", again, at 75?
W made his first real mistake this week, signing-off on a watered-down multi billion dollar education bill, which removed the threat of magnet schools, and vouchers. The teachers unions will now disregard the provisions of the bill, as there is no ultimate penalty for breaching the agreement. Watch all the billions disappear down the education drain hole. And watch the scores remain the same, or worsen.

The Massacre of September 11th.
Here's the real problem: 300,000 illegals 6,000 stinking lowlife Muslim-Arab-Islamic pork-suckers who've been ordered to leave, but have "disappeared" into the US general population. The FBI, INS and regional anti-terrorism task forces are finally going to round-up the lowlifes, detain and deport them, as they should have done on September 12th. No exceptions; get 'em all the hell out of here! I've been saying this since September 12th: seal the damned borders, round-up the illegals and either deport or execute them for terrorism. Racial profiling? Yes, you betcha; the 19 hijackers were lowlife Muslim, piece of shit Islamic garbage pork-sucking extremists. Goddamned right we're profiling Arab shitfilth; all of 'em. They're lucky we're not shooting them on sight. Damned lucky.
As America's stockpiles of cruise missiles and bombs dwindles, thanks to the lowlifes in the criminal Clintoon administration cutting military budgets 60%, our next terrorist targets Iraq, Somalia, Sudan etc are going to get a breather from war, until we can get caught up with production.
Ooooooops, Uh oh, here we go again. The dirty little 15 year old rat bastard, who flew a small private plane into a Tampa hi-rise building, was a half-breed, lowlife Arab scumbag.
What's the matter? You don't think I should be so hard on Islam, lib-dem'ers? Read this about this vile, evil and degenerate religion.
The lowlife, piece of subhuman Muslim towelhead pork-sucking Islamic dogshit, Zacarias Moussaoui, should be tried before a Military Tribunal, and executed with a single bullet to the head. whack the sandidiot filth. End of problem. Next terrorist, step forward.
Time to saddle up and whack Sodomy Insane in Iraq and as many of the Muslim cowards as we can, while destroying his WMD stockpiles.
More exploding tennis shoe attacks? More punk 15 year olds who can't fly a plane? But who have bin-moron assprints all over his face.
CCWs up 400% in Michigan since July 1st; bravo! I've had mine since '89 in Pennsylvania; before that I carried anyway in NJ and NYC. Better to be judged by twelve, than carried by six. Get your CCW soon.
Aw gee whiz, the lowlife towelhead Islamic scumbags are decrying a loss of freedom since The Massacre of September 11th? Too bad, Muslim garbage; it was your f*cking countrymen cowards who massacred 3,000 Americans. You have every right to worry, and feel damned lucky you're still here and not interred in a prison camp, deported or shot dead by American Citizens. Tremble, scumbags. Hey, you can leave anytime.
Dunno, this whole bit about viewing platforms at Ground Zero sort of smacks of the macabre, but is also a very necessary tool to educate people about what happened on September 11th. I remember WTC 1 & 2 very well; I ate at Windows On The World back in the 80s when I worked in Midtown's advertising industry. I don't have any interest in going to see the mass grave site. My anger and outrage would boil over.
So we don't ever forget The Massacre of September 11th, read this gut-wrenching account of retired police officers and firemen looking for their sons and brothers in the rubble.
Fourteen Algerian nationals entered the US over the weekend to train at a Texas flight school. They followed on the heels of 14 Syrian nationals who arrived for flight school less than two weeks earlier. Like the wave of Syrian men before them, the Algerian men, also in their 20s, flew into Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport where they were processed by the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS). They carried M-1 visas allowing them to stay in the U.S. on a temporary basis to attend vocational schools. Huh? Get this Arab-Muslim-Islamic pork-sucking shitfilth out of the USA, INS. Get them outta here.
Remember the armed Arab who said he was W's bodyguard and was removed from an airliner? His name is Walied Shater and he's demanding an apology and will probably sue American Airlines and the pilot who correctly kept the pork-sucking towelhead off that plane. Get over it, Shater, you lowlife shithead. W should fire your sandidiot ass. It was 19 subhuman Arabs who caused The Massacre of September 11th.
Remember the picture of the three NYC Firemen raising the American Flag in the rubble of September 11th? They were white. But the statue commemmorating that event replaces the white men with "a more racially diverse group". What an outrage that this f*cked-up screwed-up PC lib-dem scumbag culture can re-write history arbitrarily.

Lib-Dem Slimeballs.
Further proof that the criminal Clintoon morons both Bubba Jeffy and Hitlery Rotten were and are unfit to care for pets or the US: "Buddy" the former First Dog, was whacked by a car last week, as was Clintoon's first dog, Zeke, while Bubba was a corrupt governor of Arkansas. Add another one to The Clinton Body Count. The Clintoons are criminal scum and should be in prison.
What would cause Bill or Hillary Clinton to become borderline psychotics? Here's a cogent rationale.
Any rational debate or discussion with a loathing liberal or clueless democRAT, to the contrary of their bone-headed position, is superfluous, inane and pointless, according to them. They deal in emotion, not reality. Go with the facts of an argument; if it's correct, it will embarrass them pointedly. They'll whine, moan, wring their bony hands and wet the beds. I thoroughly enjoy trashing lowlife libs and dimwit dems on anything topical. I used to be able to get along with dems; I loathed libs and still do. But lately, I've found that dems can be as intractable as libs, and aren't worth the effort of correcting on the many issues they're inevitably wrong about. Their historical track record bears this out.
The libs and gun-grabbers have so perverted America's self-defense laws that an Indiana man who was robbed and then shot the criminal is now charged with manslaughter and misuse of a firearm. The 2nd Amendment has been perverted beyond belief. Here in Pennsylvania, if an intruder crosses the door threshold, a homeowner can shoot them dead. If he is shot on the porch, drag the body into the house. At a business, anywhere on the property's just fine for Killing an armed intruder. I like Pennsylvania: plain, old-fashioned common sense and a deep respect for CCWs and The 2nd Amendment. Until, that is, you near the festering, fetid sewers of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.
Diminutive lowlife lib-dem scumbag Tommy "The Bed Wetting Dwarf" Dmoron (D-SD), Majority Leader and all-around liar, is continuing his obstructionist tactics against W's Economic Stimulus Package, administration appointments and whatever he can do to prolong America's problems, just before the mid-term 2002 elections. But it's going to backfire and bite him and the lib-dem garbage in the collective ass.
How this lowlife criminal piece of greaseball dogshit, US Sen Bobby "The Turd" Torricelli (D-NJ), got off a 3-year investigation which had him dead-to-rights on all kinds of corruption charges, is once again why I don't trust the Feds. Had it been you or me, we'd still be in jail; Torricelli pulled all kinds of strings with that corrupt lib-dem bitch, Mary Jo White(wash), US Attorney of NY.
Expect more and more homeless people stories and headlines about the "heartless, insensitive GOP" from the lib-dem media morons; always happens when a Republican is in The White House. Somehow, the liberal media "discover" more of them than when a democRAT was in power. In fact, 95% of the so-called homeless are mentally-ill, alcoholics and/or drug addicts; all belong in institutions.
More and more democRATs are refuting Dass-hole's claim that W's tax cuts caused the current recession. What a stupid little man that Dass-hole is; he's committed political suicide. I'm loving it!
Read what this dumb, lib-dem whoredog (Joan Konner is professor and dean emerita at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism) has to say about media bias. It's pathetic and laughable. She's a tramp, lowbrow and ignorant bitch.

Lowlife Degenerates.
It's long past time to cut-off the funding for AIDS and HIV; the deviants just don't listen to the truth. Now they're using US Taxpayers' dollars to produce obscene "workshops" and "education films", promoting homoism. It's an entirely preventable disease, affect a minuscule portion of the population, mainly degenerates and deviants, who deserve the death they've asked for by engaging in high-risk behavior. 42,008 new cases in 2001, up to 8 percent from the 38,864 in 2000? Good riddance, homo scum. I can't believe those degenerates are that stupid. But they are and good riddance to them.
Too bad, the lowlife (no other word for them) idiots West, Gates, Appiah, Ogletree and Wilson are staying at Harvard. The university president, cowardly Larry Summers, caved like Monica's Mouth, to those race-baiting misery-profiteers, Irrevs Jesse "Hymietown NYC" Jack-scum and Fat Al "interloper Jew scum" Sharp-scum, about the filthy, multi-cultural diversity shit. I would have sent all of their lazy asses packing and disbanded the phony Afro-American Studies program and department in a second.
Infecting Canada with their rancid putrescence, the homo filth are planning a FAGTV offering in the US, soon. Do you want your children to be able to access this deviant trash? Would you access this garbage? I think not.

Fry These Filth.
The January '02 Execution Schedule is up, and it looks like a good year ahead, with lots and lots of lowlife, subhuman filth scheduled to die for the heinous crimes. I'm excited; got any popcorn? Hold on, I'll go make some.
An HIV-positive man, Thomas O'Brien, 41, convicted on charges of sodomizing two 8 and 10 year old boys received a 20-year prison sentence Friday. He should have received the death sentence; those boys are now damaged for life and probably HIV positive, too. Hopefully, some inmates will whack him and save the Taxpayers some money.
So much for kids' sports. A fight, which erupted during a dispute over rough play in a youth pickup hockey game, ended in one father's death and was witnessed by many children, according to witnesses who testified yesterday in the manslaughter trial of Thomas Junta of Reading, MA. Junta, 43, is accused of beating to death Michael Costin, 40, of Lynnfield on the afternoon of July 5, 2000. This is clearly murder, not manslaughter, as the prosecutors have bargained it away.
The Catholic Church in Boston allowed a homosexual deviant, child molesting priest access to young boys for 34 years, knew he raped and molested hundreds, and did nothing until '98. He deserves to die; better yet, imprison him for life and let the inmates gang-bang, rape and whack him, slowly.
Andrea Yates, the Texas mother accused of drowning/ murdering her five children in the family bathtub nearly six months ago, is going on trial. And the lesbian NOW (Nat'l Organization of Women) "NAGS" (Nat'l ass'n of Gals) want her not tried on capital murder charges. This bitch richly deserves the death penalty.
When the police find this murderous piece of white trash garbage, who murdered his wife and three small children, a .357 in the skull should be enough to end the menace to everyone. No trial, just swift justice.
A Texas man, Michael Moore, 38, who stalked high school girls was executed Wednesday for Killing the mother of one of his stalking victims during a burglary of her home. Good riddance, scumbag.
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