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the federal courts
have shut down our ENTIRE government

friday, january 11th, 2019

amid the imbroglio over a partial furloughing of nonessential workers in a handful of federal departments, the political class has ignored that the government has already been shut down – in full and permanently. Individual district judges now control our national sovereignty, border policy, and every other political question. And now Chief Justice John Roberts has essentially barred the doors of the Supreme Court shut to any judicial redress of this judicial crisis.

Just as reporters were going offline last Friday for the Christmas holiday, the Supreme Court announced that it had denied the government’s request to overturn a universal injunction on Trump’s commonsense asylum policy directing the flow of “asylum requests” to our points of entry. Northern California District Judge Jon Tigar and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals violated all rules of standing, 200 years of precedent, and John Roberts’ own recent opinion on presidential power to regulate or exclude entry into the country, yet Roberts refused to join the four conservatives in summarily staying the injunction.

In once again allowing the lower courts to reign freely, Roberts is not only perpetuating the shutdown of our border but the shutdown of the Supreme Court itself. What is the purpose of the Supreme Court if it only encroaches on the powers of the other branches but won’t police its own inferior courts when they violate all legal norms? Let’s review the unprecedented insanity of this case:

1) Four left-wing advocacy groups were given standing to sue on behalf of caravans that are literally not even in our country simply because they asserted that their institutions must expend more resources educating their clients on the new policy. It would be equivalent to Conservative Review obtaining standing because we have to expend more resources explaining the new policies we don’t like to our readers. This is perhaps the most absurd violation of Article III standing in recent memory, yet Roberts allows it to continue. Putting immigration aside, the precedent this will set on the parameters of standing will ensure that almost any political group can sue any abstract policy without any valid personal injury.

2) This was the first time a court blatantly limited the president’s power to exclude aliens, even after Roberts himself said in Trump v. Hawaii that the power was very broad.

3) The court, for the first time, is signaling that asylum is somehow a mandatory policy.

4) The court, for the first time, is interfering with sensitive ongoing diplomatic negotiations with the government of Mexico.

5) This was yet another illegal nationwide injunction that has already caused immeasurable damage to our entire sovereignty and security. To allow this injunction to stand means Roberts agrees with universal injunctions, agrees with the merits of the case, or has no problem allowing such national security harm even when he knows the ruling is wrong.

If you put all the recent court decisions on immigration together, it’s now clear why we have an invasion. One district judge said that children must be released. Then another one said parents must be released with the children. Then a district judge in D.C. said the definition of asylum must be expanded to Obama’s policy, beyond an individual fear of persecution. Now a district judge is being allowed to sustain a ruling that Trump can’t even request that they come to the points of entry.

Left-wing legal groups, some of whom are tied to those organizing the caravans, have thought of a way to challenge every single denial of entry and deportation. Even when they lose on one, they come back for more. All it takes is one district judge in one bad circuit to automatically win the first two steps of litigation for them, permanently alter national border policy by applying it nationwide, and encourage a massive rush at our border. Now that Roberts has signaled to the lower courts that he will not police them, they will be even more emboldened to come up with innovative ways to shut down border enforcement.

Now, even after we succeed in denying illegal immigrants’ asylum petitions, judges are making ICE wait to deport them until the lawyers adjudicate separate asylum claims for each member of the family! On Monday, U.S. District Judge Randolph Moss ruled that ICE could not deport an asylum applicant who got her day in court and lost because her daughter was remaining here and would be left alone. But the daughter only remains here on her own volition because her lawyers are filing separate asylum claims for the daughter. This in itself should demonstrate the absurdity of these asylum claims, because it’s almost impossible to have a parent who is not persecuted but a daughter in the same family who is.

Roberts is making it clear that he has no problem with violating rules of standing, ignoring 200 years of sovereignty doctrine in the courts, and expanding the practice of universal injunctions, which Justice Thomas called unconstitutional.

Meanwhile, the border flow, and all its cascading ills both for Americans and the migrants, grows with every court ruling:

Folks, that is the true government shutdown.

But it gets worse. The more the courts encourage the border rush, the less detention space we have even for the people we can still detain without catch-and-release, forcing ICE to release even more people. They are using our own system against us. ICE announced this week it has released another 200 migrants into our country at El Paso.

The media might try to keep this information from Americans, but the millions of potential migrants around the world hear about this news on TV and on their phones.

We no longer control our own destiny. Foreign nationals and lower courts now control the future orientation of our society. This is the government shutdown: The federal government either can’t or won’t protect us from invasion and foreign threats. One of the core reasons why we switched from the Articles of Confederation to the Constitution was to better control immigration and the sovereignty of the entire union from “the intrusion of obnoxious aliens through other States,” in the words of Madison. Writing in Federalist #42, Madison elaborates that the federal power over naturalization solved “a very serious embarrassment” and “defect” of the Articles of Confederation whereby “certain descriptions of aliens, who had rendered themselves obnoxious” can force themselves on several states had they “acquired the character of citizens under the laws of another State.”

Now we are to believe that the ACLU, millions of migrants, and forum-shopped lower courts created by Congress can shut down the other branches of government.

This is why there is no better or more cost-effective enforcement mechanism than a fixed, impenetrable deterrent that prevents illegals from stepping foot on our soil in the first place. It solves the political and legal arguments about deportation that invariably come into play the minute they enter our country. But at some point, if we don’t reclaim power from the courts, they will start granting standing to everyone, even on the other side of the border wall.

©12/27/2018 By Daniel Horowitz, "Conservative Review".

A Day In The Life.

I slept-in on Friday until 9:30a, fired-up the condo heat to offset a cold 31° outside, made coffee, checked the weather and news; the usual routine. It's going to take me a few weeks/a month without holidays to remember what day, date and year it is, without referring to a calendar.

With both Christmas and New Year Holidays falling on consecutive Tuesdays, the past 2-3 weeks have been all screwed-up, as is this week and probably next week, it'll take me a short while to get it all straightened-out, in my mind. I carry my 2019 calendar around in my briefcase, just to make sure I get the right things put in the proper day/week slots. Especially with so many medical things going on, and new ones being added, seemingly monthly. Truly sucks to be me, right now, but I hear other friends are having the same or similar medical troubles.

I got a few errands done, stopped by to see a friend recuperating from a foot bone replacement operation, and made it home by 2p. I put out the trash and recyclables, went down the street to talk to some neighbors about some condo matters, and by 4, the rain had started and I was in for rest of the day. I had some Autumn Butternut Squash Soup, Chicken Salad on toast sandwich and ice cream for dessert. I watched History Channel's several new Ancient Aliens season premiere episodes for several hours, and Discovery Channel's new Gold Rush season episodes premieres, until 11:15p, took my evening Rx pills, and went up to sleep. The rain continued.

There's no "catching-up on sleep", either. Sleep is like time: once you've lost it, you can never get it back.

Sleeping-in until 10a on Saturday, I realized I had a meeting at Mom & Dad's 1942 old Stone Mansion, with Becky, and the new owner and his father, to turn over some keys I had that still worked on the inside and electric garage doors, plus take the obligatory 17-room tour of what he'd done to preserve and enhance the residence. My ears glazed-over after 2hrs, and I had to take my leave. I had a few stops to make, new eye drop Rxs for the upcoming Cataract Surgery to get at Rite Aid, and put the Jeep away for the night.

Although the days are getting longer since we're moving away from the Winter Solstice (Dec 21) toward the Summer Solstice (June 21), it still gets dark when it's rainy/cloudy; today it was no exception and it was dark by 4:45p. I watched a few hours of History Channel's "Vanished" series, a few hours of Discovery Channel's "Garage Rehab and Peter Cetera/Amy Grant/Kim Keyes on the Sound Stage Live at Chicago (2003) HD 720p Full Concert on the Samsung 82" Class Q6FN QLED Smart 4K UHD TV with Full v7.1 Surround Sound, before calling it a night at 1:45a.

I slept-in until 10:30a on Sunday, and feeling pretty good, made coffee, grabbed my daily shower, started some loads of laundry, and had a bowl of Stacey's Ham & Bean Soup, from the ham leftovers of New Year's Day Dinner. Mmmmmmmmm, good. It was 49°, so I opened-up the condo's screen/storm front and back doors, and all windows upstairs. The fresh air felt and smelled great.

Say a word out-out-line, and you find that the friends you had are gone, forever. Forever.

Since I slept so late, it was a short day for laundry, errands and meeting-up with my "2 investor buddies" from Lancaster, who had some estate firearm collections and pre-1920 Indian, Pope, Harley and Henderson Motorcycles for sale and to flip, for a very nice profit. In 2016 and 2017, we last did some deals with gun collection owners, and estate firearms, and with collectors/hoarders of pre-1915 and pre-1940 motorcycles and parts, and did extremely well. However, I just don't have the energy or strength that I used to, to do all the teardown, cleaning, legwork and reassembly, anymore. I told them I'd let them know whether I'm still "in", in a few days.

After a small plate of some reheated Chinese steamed pork dumplings, Gen Tsao's Chicken, and fried pork rice, I did a few condo chores and watched History Channel's "Ancient Aliens", "UFO Cover-Ups: Declassified", "UFO Cover-Ups: Secrets Revealed", and a few episodes of MotorTrend's "FantomWorks", formerly The Velocity Channel, and "West Coast Customs" and "Vegas Rat Rods". By 10:30p, I'd had a dayfull, and called it quits.

Just for grins, I slept on the new LR couch Sunday night, and it was wonderful waking-up at 9:30am on Monday. It's absolute magic to take afternoon naps on, too. I'd left the heat at 75° call night, so I made coffee, skipped breakfast, grabbed a couple of Ensure® MAX Protein Shakes®, and left to get some errands done. Home by 2:30p, it started sleeting and snowing – lightly in the York-Lancaster areas. Despite all the weather websites' WARNING" HEAVY SNOW!, it didn't happen. Although at 31°, no appreciation accumulation at all.

So many faces in and out of my life; some will last, some just now and then.

I watched History Channel's "Ancient Aliens: Return to Gobekli Tepe", "Ancient Aliens: Beyond Roswell", "Ancient Aliens: The Akashic Record", "Ancient Aliens: Return to Mars (2hrs)", and "Ancient Aliens: Strange Abductions". Interesting, mind-blowing theories, but pure, speculative bullshit by so many "ancient alien astronaut theorists", IMO. All-in-all, I enjoy watching the well-produced series, and hearing the hosts' reasoned theories, but my Christian beliefs far outweigh this far-out, "perhaps", "maybe", "could it be" stuff. Mars will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, BE COLONIZED. NEVER! Nor will any planet. These insane people are idiots, morons, cretins, assholes, douchebags, scum-sucking filth, etc. Trust me on that.

I called it a day around at 11:30p, and crashed.

Sleeping-in until 9a on Tuesday, 31°, we had a ¼" of snow on the ground, I made coffee, had a couple of Ensure® MAX Protein Shakes®, and left for my new Foot Dr's app't, at 12noon. Two small errands done next, I went home to nurse my ailing left large toe, per dr's instructions and just relaxed. I watched Discovery Channel's Garage Rehab, History Channel's new season premiere of Curse of Oak Island, and the 2hr premiere of the new Project Blue Book, on the Samsung 82" Class Q6FN QLED Smart 4K UHD TV with Full v7.1 Surround Sound, and Project Blue Book looks to be a real good series.

Well, we're waiting here in Allentown, for the Pennsylvania we never found. For all the promises our futures gave; if we worked hard, if we behaved.

I had some trusty electricians, whom I'd used on previous projects, coming between 8-8:30a on Wednesday, to troubleshoot and install some new circuits in the condo, with all the new electronics in my office/sunroom and living room, and upgrade some others to hand increased loads. By 11p, I was tired and headed upstairs to sleep. Busy day tomorrow, starting early in the morning.

Up at 6a on Wednesday, 39°, I fired-up the furnace, made coffee, remembered that I'd missed Trump's TV address last night, and finally found a video of it. He easily made "the case"; the leftist, fascist, socialist, commie libtards Schumer and Pelosi looked liked assholes in their "rebuttal". Meh.

My new Chemex® Ottomatic® 2.0 arrived UPS, and after some "prepping", according to the manual, I was set for my first automatically-brewed cup of Turkish Grind coffee (Hawaiian Kona) in 35yrs. I've always used the Chemex Coffee System®, and manually-brewed my own morning coffee, with a stainless teapot and hand pouring the boiling water. This is going to be nice. Lots of manuals to read, and prepping the machine, first.

Snow squalls blew thru the area, giving us a ¼" dusting, but no accumulation. So far, all we've had since end-of-November is 6-7" of the white stuff, and 22" of rain. The electrician can't do anything, without tearing-out walls. The wires are so well-hidden, he can't get to them from the basement. I've told him to up the amp service from 15 to 20. I drove to Weis Gas-n-Go, and finding my points expired yesterday, filled-up anyway, and went into the huge Weis Supermarket, where Dad used to shop, and Becky does. I went in with 5 items on my list, but came out with 8 bags, worth $126. Damn. I had some things to drop-off at Becky's, drove home and unpacked the Jeep's bay. More snow squalls coming thru, sounding fury, signifying nothing.

This is our time. We have it all.

There was nothing on CATV worth a Tinker's Damn, so I did some condo chores, and listened to my YT Playlists for several hours, and attacked the pile of paperwork. By 11:30p, I was nodding-off, and quit for the night.

Up on Thursday at 0-Dark-Thirty (6a), since the cleaning ladies would be here at 8:15a, I used the new Chemex® Ottomatic® 2.0 coffeemaker, and it was even better and easier than my manual procedure, if I could have imagined that. Amazing! The cleaning ladies were here for 2hrs, and I left as they did to get some new Rxs at Rite Aid. With a 40-45mph wind, 31° felt like 5-10°. Brutal, and snow is (finally) forecast for Saturday. Other than the 6-7" snow last November, it's been a dreary, rainy Winter. The Rx Amoxicillin HCl 500mg, for my foot injury procedure, was making me nauseous, so I drove home until I got over it. The other stops can wait.

I laid down on the LR couch, and slept for 3½-hrs; definitely felt better from that short nap. I made Poached Eggs & Grits, and had some cheesecake w/ strawberry topping and sliced strawberries. My next door neighbor accidentally locked herself and her boyfriend out, but had a keypad opener on the garage door. The 9v battery was dead, so I replaced it for her, called the former resident, my buddy Jayme, and got the 4-digit combo, and got them inside. Her elderly mother was in the heated car, but was glad to get back inside. She brought over a big plate of dinner for me, as thanks. That was my Good Turn For The Day.

I watched History Channel's "American Pickers" until 9:30p, switched around to several other CATV channels which I frequent, and went back to "American Pickers", which had some special episodes. By 11p, I was headed upstairs.

Tomorrow starts a new week here in the Journal, and right now, it's clear. But who knows...

The Fake News Media Doesn't Even Put Up A Pretense Anymore.

All fake news, all the time. If you still do not believe that our national media establishment is 100% in the pocket of the Democrat Party and coordinates messaging with that political party on a daily basis, consider the following story.

We are now in Day 9 of a partial “government shutdown” that exists over the issue of illegal immigration. Early this week, in the midst of this “government shutdown,” a California law enforcement officer was murdered by an illegal alien who he was attempting to arrest for what would have been the illegal’s THIRD DUI crime. Yes, that’s right: thanks to California’s sanctuary laws, this illegal had already been arrested for and convicted of two DUIs, has known gang affiliation, and despite all of that had been allowed to just get out of jail and roam free on the state’s highways to put more lives in danger.

Anyway, that murder took place four days ago now, and in all that time, not one Democrat officeholder has been asked by one intrepid “journalist” to comment on the situation. Think about that: California has 53 members of the house and 2 U.S. senators, and not one of them has had to field a single question about how they can continue to support open borders and sanctuary laws when their state’s police officers and citizens are being murdered by illegal aliens.

The reason why is obvious: The media and the Democrats are coordinating on a narrative, and that narrative dictates that only Republicans must field difficult questions about illegal immigration. Any “journalist” who violates the narrative runs the risk of being dis-invited from all the best dinner parties. This is not complicated, folks.

Speaking of fake news – two other fake news stories dominated the fake media this week, and boy, were they doozies.

First, you had the “bone spurs” story. This story, which we’ve heard many, many times before, made a comeback this week, with “new” information. That “new” information came in the form of the two daughters of the doctor who treated Donald Trump for bone spurs in 1968 claiming that her father – who is conveniently dead – told them that he faked the diagnosis on orders from Trump’s father Fred Trump, so that Donald Trump could avoid the military draft in effect at the time.

1968 is half a century ago, for those who are chronologically challenged.

So, first of all, who cares? Other than a bunch of pedantic Millenial soy boys and valley girls staffing the fake reporter desks at CNN and MSNBC, that is.

Second of all, why should we believe these two women? In all seriousness – there is literally no reason at all to believe they are anything other than liberal attention-seekers. They bring with them zero supporting evidence – no documentation, no statements from their father or any other doctor. No media outlet would have dreamed of going forward with this story were it leveled at a Democrat president, yet every media outlet in America has parroted the claim this week.

Third of all, who cares? Yes, that deserves repeating.

The next big fake story of the week came from the pathetic McClatchy News Service, which updated its claim from earlier this year that ex-Trump lawyer Michael Cohen had visited Prague during the 2016 campaign to hold secret meetings with Russian agents. This story has been debunked more times than the one about the moon landings being faked, but that didn’t stop McClatchy running with an update claiming that...

“A mobile phone traced to President Donald Trump’s former lawyer and “fixer” Michael Cohen briefly sent signals ricocheting off cell towers in the Prague area in late summer 2016, at the height of the presidential campaign, leaving an electronic record to support claims that Cohen met secretly there with Russian officials, four people with knowledge of the matter say.”

Those “four people with knowledge of the matter”? They are not merely anonymous sources – they are anonymous sources being quoted by other anonymous sources, as Brit Hume so ably pointed out:

Brit Hume? @brithume It turns out that the new McClatchy story on Michael Cohen in Prague is not based on intel their sources saw but what their sources’ sources said they saw. The story remains exclusive. (https://dailycaller.com/2018/12/28/michael-cohen-prague-mcclatchy/)

5,914 11:42 AM – Dec 28, 2018 Twitter Ads info and privacy

Michael Cohen Report Is Based On Third-Hand Information, Reporter Reveals McClatchy reporters did not see Cohen intelligence for themselves.

(dailycaller.com) 3,741 people are talking about this Twitter Ads info and privacy The reason why McClatchy’s story remains “exclusive” is that it is so obviously faked that none of the other fake media outlets want to touch it.

This is the sort of nonsense your OUR President has to put up with on a daily basis. It is intentional, it is relentless and it is unending.

The lowlife filth at AP clearly demonstrated their fake bias and hatred for Conservatives in the obit for Bre Payton, a conservative writer at The Federalist and frequent guest on television news outlets including Fox News Channel. AP is filth.

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