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Friday, January 15, 1999

last weekend, I saw some huge California strawberries in Graul's Gourmet Foods Store in Mays Landing, MD, where I've been known to "occasionally shop", and I've been tasting them virtually ever since. You know how it is when an idea gets in your head and it's hard to dislodge it. The only way to do that is to actually taste them, which I did when I drove 64 round-trip miles. It was worth it: succulent, sweet and delicious. Others passed right by the fresh California produce display, once again reinforcing to me that, depending upon how one views another action or situation, everyone's view is different. It helps me understand why lib-Dem lowlifes look at Clinton and don't care, and how honest, ethical and moral people are outraged. The truly sobering incident is still ahead. And it looks like Bubba gets a break on this one charge: no child support back payments. Too bad; I hear Chelsea's always wanted a brother.

Bring On The Clowns.
Everywhere I look in government these days, I see bumbling, incompetent morons, idiots and cretins doing their absolute best to muck (mess+f*ck) things up; lib-Dem scumbags obstructing justice and Republicans just drifting loose without any defined direction. And then there's Bubba; still ostensibly biting his lip and trying to look penitent for the benefit of any sympathy-garnering, photo-op.
Clinton is a criminal, now formally impeached and on trial. Since his attitude is still, so what?, he needs to be also criminally charged by Judge Starr and tried after he's out of office, with no pardon possible. I fear the next president whomever that person might be will come under withering pressure to pardon Clinton and protect the Presidency, which Clinton has disgraced and denigrated with impunity.
It's amazing that 100 bumpkins can even agree, split 55-45 as they are. Hell, they did postpone the really tough decision of including witnesses against Bubba in his Senate Trial.
I'm ready for Madame President to take over and run things honestly for a while. Like, maybe the rest of the 21st Century.

Reading, Writing & Arithmetic.
I don't remember anyone in Prospect High School, 1963-67 in Chicago's Northwest Suburbs, Arlington Heights-Mt Prospect either Killing themselves or anyone else. We had all we could do to just try to get some malt liquor, a car and some sex on the weekends. We were too busy with sock-hops, sports and studies (in that exact order) to worry about suicide pacts or other student deaths.
The blame and responsibility rests fully upon the kids' parents, or the lack of same. I'm angry that the moral fabric in America has collapsed that much in 30+ years. I have no sympathy for either the kids or their scumbag parents; one group needs execution, the other needs serious prison time. Guess who gets what.

Get Rid of Them.
For the INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service) to blow their own horn by merely reporting another 65k alien immigrants deported over 1997 is ludicrous, purely f*cked up, Clintonoid shitpola. Disingenuous numbers, at the very least.
There are millions and millions of illegal, alien immigrants who need deportation right now. A few thousand is way below par, INS. With your multi-billion dollar budget, you should be doing ten-times what you're now alleging. The illegals sap the USA's resources by requiring Federal assistance guess who pays for that, Fellow Taxpayer? and tie up the US Court System unnecessarily with frivolous lawsuits demanding medical, education and financial assistance despite being in the USA illegally.
Get rid of the stinking, welfare-loving, illegal filth. Put them on a very, very large boat, give them each a $15,000 check for "compensation" and sail it to the center of the ocean, and sink it. Then stop payment on all checks. Works for me.

The National Moral Fabric.
It's pretty much dead and decayed by now. In the past 40years of the Olympics, monetary payoffs, bribes and sex-for-favor payments have been commonplace; Salt Lake City's Winter Games of 2002 is the first one to get caught. Sad, indeed, but as big business goes, to be expected.
Nowhere is the loss or morals and ethics more evident than in America's lack of outrage at what Clinton has done to us all: perjury and obstruction of justice. Yet, nary a peep from the general populace, who still hold a 67% approval rating for The First Felon.
Anyone pretending that The Olympics are free from what ails the commercial world, isn't living in the real world: The Olympics, as with any billion dollar business, are riddled with corruption and crime.
Here's two lib-Dem, lowlife scumbags suing an airline over an Act of God snow blizzard, which no one had control over. This kind of shit shouldn't even make it into the US Court System, but sadly, it will.
Other cogent examples of America's moral decline are the tobacco lawsuits and now firearms manufacturer lawsuits, which every shit-for-brains, large city mayor will want to join. Next, the automobile manufacturers will become targets, since more people are whacked in cars than by guns each year.
How far into stupidity is this refusal to take personal responsibility going to go? Hey, let's sue General Mills because the Rice Krispies are not snapping-crackling-popping loud enough, or the Corn Flakes get soggy too quickly, or the shampoo has too many bubbles, or...
When does the insanity end? Or does it?

Round Them Up.
I have little tolerance for religious zealots, or any kind of zealot for that matter. They're f*cking nutcases and can do serious damage based upon their rampant, warped and twisted beliefs.
One such piece of shit who needs immediate termination is the bin Laden towelhead. Whether it's the misguided militia, religious fanatics, millennium 200 cultists or whomever, let them have a piece of White Sands, new Mexico the former A & H Bomb Testing Grounds and do what they want to each other. Murder, rape, pillage, plunder; have at it! But keep those stinking lowlife scumbags away from normal society and its peoples. If they get out of hand, drop another small, thermonuclear device on them and vaporize the scum. End of problem.
All kooks, weirdos, lowlifes, scumbags, degens and subhuman filth need to be treated in this fashion: it's the simplest, most efficient method of dealing with garbage, short of burying them in the local landfill, which is almost full.
Nice job Missouri; we're proud of you.
Nebraska, you're cowardly scum for not doing the right thing 18 years later. What about the victims?
Texas: are you now scared by some subhuman porchmonkey's threats? Give me 30secs (and my .357 Magnum) with him and I'll whack him for you, Gov Bush. No sweat. Another piece of shit who escaped justice for 18 years; he needs to die, right now.
Well, at least Arizona and Texas got rid of two more lowlifes.
If there's any state unsure of what they're doing call me! and I'll drive/fly/train/bus right out to replace the cowardly executioner. Hey, I've applied for that job in this space on numerous occasions; easily something I would love/enjoy/relish doing at no charge to the US Taxpayers.
The Pollard filth needs to be executed. Spies are far worse than murderers, rapists and child molesters; all spies need to die. I'd much prefer execution for all spies, regardless of their offense. They have endangered the entire USA. On that scale, espionage (small "e" is evident) is a Capital Crime; f*ck either war or peacetime sentences. Execution is the only way to even out the death penalty for all spies and traitors.
These three subhuman scum including two, so-called US Marines need to die a long and painful death for Killing 34 horses; read the sad article.
Human beings are, at the same time, the most compassionate and evil animals on the face of the Earth. It is society's duty and responsibility to rid the world of the evil ones for the protection of all innocent creatures. The Death Penalty is a valid and most useful tool for implementing this action. f*ck the hand-wringing, bed wetting liberal filth who decry its use. It works: no executed criminal ever commits another crime against anyone.
We don't need thousands more Police; we need a Criminal Justice System which executes murderers, rapists, child molesters, armed robbers and spies/ traitors. Make the current system work before tearing it down and rebuilding it.

The Lies Continue.
The stinking, filthy, ambulance-chasing lawyers and paid hack lowlifes who spin/lie for Clinton still maintain that what he's done doesn't warrant removal from office. That means that perjury lying under oath in both civil and criminal trials isn't punishable anymore, and well over 100 people imprisoned for that crime will be let go. His idiot lawyers also argue that obstruction of justice isn't a crime; who knows how many thousands of people will be freed upon hearing that news.
What a great day for American jurisprudence.
The worst part of any of this mess is that 67% of the American People agree, thereby showing the World what an unethical Nation we (collectively speaking) really are. But think: Clinton was elected in both '92 and '96 by less than 46% of the registered voters, who are the other 21% involved in this survey? Illegals? Non-voters? Other criminals? No one knows, and that speaks volumes.
The polls showing public support for Clinton are almost unending; they pop up everywhere, and show that America is f*cked up beyond belief and maybe repair, too.

She Has To.
Of course, the sexually challenged Janet Reno is now the 2nd longest serving attorney general in US History. Someone has to protect Clinton from the Law, right?
For several years, the Reno dyke has subverted every attempt to bring the criminal Clintonoids to justice through independent counsel/ prosecutors. She's thwarted every attempt at seeking the truth and applying justice to the sleazoids in The White House. She's a stinking piece of shit, wholly undeserving of the office and title she holds. She's a disgrace to American Justice.

Local Tragedy Averted.
I remember an Appaloosa colt being born in May '98; I stopped just 600ft from my Garden Center & Nursery's driveway to watch it. I called a landscape appointment on my cell phone and postponed the meeting on the pretext of a natural event. They understood and we met 1hr later. Even then, the pasture grasses were eaten to the ground by the 7-8 horses and newborn.
Months later, I noticed the entire herd was lacking food; haunches were showing and they weren't receiving what they needed to live. I wrongly assumed either the owner or boarding landlord would adjust for that. I was wrong. It got worse. I got angry.
I called the pasture landlord; he was in Florida for 8 weeks, but his daughter gave me most of the information. A disabled woman on welfare owned the horses, but couldn't afford to feed them. They were now locked in a barn in 1ft of manure, watering troughs frozen and without adequate food. I stopped by and tried to get in: all doors were locked. I could see the horses and manure, but couldn't get to them with food.
An admission is in order here no, not of the Bob(s) Livingston or Barr variety but I'm terrified of horses up close. And the animals know it. My ex-wife's two mare horses hated me, as did the stallions boarded on the same farm in Southern York County (aka Pennsyl-tucky) so I shied away from direct contact. I deplore abuse and neglect of any animal and will stand up quickly for them, but large animals intimidate me. I like cats.
After talking to several locals who knew horses, I couldn't let it go any longer; I called the Police Chief of North Hopewell Township. We built a water garden for his wife, earlier that year. He promptly investigated and called in a Special Investigator for The SPCA, who pronounced the situation dire and ordered the horses be remanded to custody of The Codorus (Penna) Horse Rescue Farm, just a few miles west of the pasture.
On Wednesday, the CHRF came with four enclosed trailers to take the animals to a better life. I watched with a tear in my eye remembering what I'd read happened to the 34 slaughtered mustangs in Nevada just weeks earlier. At least the subhuman filth who did that were caught: 2 US Marines and a civilian. Death to all three.
Okay, okay I'm an easy touch; I carry a shovel in my '94 Jeep Grand Cherokee V8 LTD to bury cats and dogs and whatever as I drive throughout Pennsylvania and Maryland. And I send my landscape foreman to bury larger animals such as deer, with our backhoe, wherever they may be.
I guess I can tolerate abuse and neglect to the human species more than I can to a lesser species; human beings are supposed to be able to think rationally and figure their way out of such predicaments; that is what supposedly separates us from lower species. I feel more for other animals' suffering and pain than I do for people who live in deserts: MOVE-SOME-f*ckING-WHERE-ELSE you shitheads! Or those who are in harm's way, such as living on the downside of an active volcano or avalanche: MOVE-SOME-f*ckING-WHERE-ELSE you shitheads! If a tragedy happens, do you think I'm going to rush to your aid? You knew the f*cking risks of what you were doing. Animals don't; they trust us shit-for-brains humans to do what's right, and we constantly let them down. As we do each other.
Human beings are less-than-worthy, but we're all we've got right now. Too bad, we need replacement.

Another Historic Day.
At 1pm yesterday, The US Senate Impeachment Trial Hearings began. A sleet/freezing rain/snowstorm prevented me from safely going to work just 14 miles south, so I decided to build a fire and take it all in. The Hearings are a once-in-a-130year-event; I remember watching Watergate in '72-74 unfold, but this was special. Nixon resigned before House Impeachment Hearings could start; Clinton's going for the Full Monty, all the way through a Senate Trial.
It was solemn, legal, bleak and very procedural.
Every 7 minutes, The (local) Weather Channel broke in with dire predictions about the Ice Storm Event causing school and business closings. A few years ago, ice/snow/sleet/freezing rain never bothered me; I would have driven or walked through Hell to get to my business. The older I get, the more cautious I become. [Creak]

Other Rants.
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