drawing a crowd
Friday, January 16, 2004

It's disingenuous to say, as the Nation heads into the Iowa and New Hampshire Caucuses, that the obsolete and self-destructing liberal-demokkkRAT Party is drawing gawking crowds of "accident watchers". You know the type: slowing down for an accident scene, rubber-necking and all but taking close-up pictures, creating havoc with the traffic behind. The Nine Mentally-Ill Dwarves are creating yawns at every appearance and contrived debate. Sales of coffee and other stimulants are at record highs, at those events. For such a group of low-grade morons, who've nothing concrete to propose, to even be given air-time, is laughable. Mentally-ill, hothead-loud mouth, disgraced ex-gov, racist-bigot, black-brown-hater, Howie "Howard The Coward" Deanie-Weenie, is vulnerable on every stand he takes. Wacko socialist, traitor and cowardly John F(ucking) Kerry, takes endorsements from losers like AlGoreBore and Chappaquiddick Teddy Kennedy. Speaking of losers, Joey LIEberman doesn't know where he's going, but he has a "journey with a purpose". Idiot-savant, Dennis Kucinich, wants to give the UN scum governance over the US Constitution, plus a whole host of wacko ideas; he's as nutty as they come. Well, except for Weasely Clark, the mentally-ill, laughably-lying, quite obviously mentally-ill, disgraced and fired ex-general, who can't find his own ass ass with both hands, and flip-flops on a daily basis. Little Dickie Gephart, after 40+ years on the public dole (politician), and a covert racist, still can't get it right or a real job. The remaining morons — criminal racist lowlife bigot Al Sharpton, and disgraced slutbag, ex-pol Carol Mostly-Wrong, aren't worth mentioning for any positions of note. Meanwhile, the ever-imploding DNC's talking points are getting more desperate every week. And the pitiable, confused blacks on the demokkkRAT "plantation", don't know what to do or who to support, even more so than usual. Ahhhh, the Party of the criminal Klintoons: ready to do battle? Mmmmm, don't think so. Pathetic creatures, all. Can you spell liberal-demokkkRAT s-l-a-u-g-h-t-e-r, in November?

Around The Garden Center.
The bitter, piercing cold — 3°F on Friday night, -14°F wind chill and only 7°F on Saturday! — continues here in The Mid-Atlantic Region, and I've been in my "bird feeding mode" for almost two months, now. I use 40-80lbs of wild bird seed a week, and attract thousands of birds right outside my office window, under the west-facing lath house. It amazes me that such small creatures, who don't burrow down into the comparatively-warm ground, can survive such temps at night. I like doing what I can to help them survive and stay on my 20ac GC&N site, all year long. And of course, the water pipes into the Retail Building and Greenhouse 1-2-3-4 are frozen. Natch. I put heat tapes, heat lamps and electric heaters in the pump house to begin the thawing process. Happens every time it gets this cold. Viola! At 3pm on Sunday, my machinations worked: the pipes cleared out and once again, we have running water.
After several days of installing the receiver/transmitter tower and other hardware, and running the network cable, as of last Friday, I'm now live on MT Wirefree's high-speed, wireless network. Wow, what a difference from the old dial-up! I have 512k up/down at the commercial rate of $125/mo. Being out in the country gives me few broadband options, but their service is stellar. Doug and Hugh did a first-class job on the installation; They're giving me extra speed, for this week, and I'm now up and down with a synchronous connection at 512k 723.5k 824.8k 957.3k 1.045Mbps and we're still tweaking it! Sure, it's not as fast as my 1.5Mbps Cable Modem connection in my condo, but it sure beats the shit heck out of the 56k dial-up, anyday. Zooooooooom!
Want to see some great military videos? Here's an AC-130 gunship in action (more info here), and an Apache chopper kicking terrorist ass. (They should play right from the links in Win-Media Player, but if they don't, simply copy link source into Win-Media Player and they will.) Graphic stuff; be forewarned.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm back on the low carb track, after a disastrous (gained almost 30 of 61 lbs lost, back) Holiday Feasting period. I'm at 215 now; gotta to get back down to 185lbs.
Just damn! Bad news indeed, about farm-raised salmon, and I love grilled salmon.
Is there phishing mixed-in with the landslide of spam which I get, everyday? There is in my inbox; it's full and quickly relegated to the junk folder, for deletion. Don't fall for it!
Gas prices have skyrocketed here in York (PA); from just $1.39/gal (89 octane) two weeks ago, to $1.69/gal, on Monday. I know that gas supplies are cut during Winter months, in favor of heating oil supplies, but this is pretty drastic. We'll see what happens over the next 2-3 months.
I had a couple of my workers in on Wednesday, to help me move the $2,700, nearly-1,600lb Canonฎ Model 65 (bottom right) from my loading dock into the Main Retail Bldg. I then spent part of Thursday transferring all my weapons, ammo, cleaning kits, scope boxes, documents etc, into the safe. I re-set the factory-installed combination, to my specs. I also unloaded all the AR-15, AR-10, Glock and Kimber mags, to rest the springs and followers.
Oh jeeeeze, just what I didn't need to worry about: what's in my cats' food. If you have pets, you'd better read that, too.
Yikes, it's cold! It snowed almost 1" last night and temps dropped to 2°F, with blowing and drifting snow. I got into the GC&N Complex around 10am this morning, fired-up the heaters, fed Pickle, and didn't bother to plow in the bitter cold. Windchill was around -15°F. I merely swept the snow off the front steps and porch.
Here ya go, have some fun at a KEWL shooting simulator.
Speaking of KEWL, watch this Apache chopper blast 3 terrorists, setting up a roadside ambush. The link still works as of this writing. Go US Military; you rock!

Former Fired, disgraced, lowlife scumbag, ex-Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill (RINO-TX), is a sour grapes, liberal asswipe liar, who's angry that the world has passed him by. Uh-oh, a federal probe of O'Neill's CLassIFIED memo? I smell felony and prison, for the O'Neill traitor scumbag.
Hey, President Bush and the other GOPers: read this cogent article about undocumented workers illegal alien criminals, dammit.
The stupidity, idiocy and lunacy of the Dept of Homeland Security, in not arming airline pilots — yet allowing federal employees from the Department of Education and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation to carry their unneeded weapons — is rampant. It's one more, in a list of 688 reasons, why I'll never fly again, and haven't, since TWA 800 was shot down in '96.
Senor Jorge Bush's illegal alien, criminal friend, Vicente Fox, isn't a friend of America. He's our enemy. He's donkey shit, a lowlife scumbag and a liar. He should be arrested, tried and executed for crimes against America. Fox is cowardly burro shit. Yes, the National Border Patrol Council, which represents all 9,000 of the Border Patrol's nonsupervisory agents, has told its members to challenge President Bush's proposed guest-worker program, calling it a "slap in the face to anyone who has ever tried to enforce the immigration laws of the United States". The cost of Senor Jorge Bush's illegal alien-amnesty program, is staggering. Talk show host, Michael Savage, says we need to impeach Jorge Bush. Hell, we impeached the skunk Clintoon, but we didn't get rid of the lying, criminal, treasonous scumbag. That's not going to work. A shrewd stroke? Nah; we need jobs, and quickly.
Texifornia or Mexas? Both are on the near horizon.
US Senator John Cornyn (RINO-TX) is an moron. He also wants to legalize 8-10 million illegal aliens. Gotta have that cheap Mexican labor and votes, eh senator? Sorry traitor, it doesn't wash with me.
Gov John G. Rowland (LIAR-CT) said Tuesday that he is not swayed by the growing number of calls that he resign for accepting gifts from state employees and a state contractor and then lying about it. Resign, you stinking criminal! Even the faggy US Rep Christopher Shays (RUMPRAIDER-CT), wants him to resign. Psssfffft.
US Rep Christopher Shays (FUDGEPACKER-CT) jaw dropped last week when his new property revaluation arrived in the mail. Now, the seven-term congressman is wondering if he can afford his Black Rock home. Aw gee whiz, Chrissy-girl; move out and improve the neighborhood.
If we don't get illegal immigration under control NOW, America is doomed. It's Killing many US border cities, right now.

Liberal-demokkkRAT Lowlifes.
If there was ever any doubt in your mind that Illinois is the most f*cked-up screwed-up liberal-demokkkRAT state hellhole, in the Nation, this article should put that to rest, once and for all time. A Chicago man was charged with burglarizing a Wilmette man's home twice. Now the Wilmette homeowner, who shot the intruder, is charged with firearms violations. On Thursday, Hale DeMar, 54, was arrested for allegedly violating the North Shore suburb's ordinance banning handgun ownership. DeMar also was charged with failing to renew his Illinois firearm owner's identification card, which expired in 1988.
Fired, disgraced, ex-general Weasely Clark is certifiably, mentally-ill. He needs to be escorted to the "day room" and once again begin taking his medication. He's a bonafide fruitcake.
Stupid little whining liberal-demokkkRATs, calling Novak a racist, when he speaks the truth about democRAT fraud and corruption. Itty-bitty, mindless morons, those South Dakota demokkkRAT filth: state demokkkRAT Party chairwoman Judy Olson Duhamel of Rapid City, Lower Brule Sioux Tribe Chairman Mike Jandreau and Frank LaMere, treasurer of a political action committee. Punks.
The liberal-demokkkRAT witchunt of Rush Limbaugh, continues. The Jennings, Rather and Brokaw lowlife, subhuman degenerate deviant scum are having fun slandering him; Rush should sue the three ABC-CBS-NBC filth broadcaster rump-raiders. But heck, he makes 10x the combined income of those three losers. Ignore 'em, Rush; they're fudge-packer subhumans.
NC US Sen Virginia Foxx (WHORE-NC), Forsyth County has long dominated the 5th Congressional district for way too long. Get the lowlife, degenerate subhuman bitch outta there!
Hey, liberal-demokkkRAT shithead filth: don't think Sodomy Insane whacked hundreds-of-thousands of Iraqi people, and it was "all about oil"? Look here, morons.
Any doubt that shit-for-brains AlGoreBore is mentally-ill? Read this.
The voted-out-of-office, alcoholic, disgraced ex-pol, lowlife slutbag bitch loser, Ann Richards (ALCOHOLIC-TX), is going to endorse Howard "The Coward" Deanie-Weenie? Funny stuff. His wifey bitch, "Dr" Judy Steinberg? Who cares? Deanie-Weenie is a gaffe-a-minute lowlife moron.
Lowlife, liberal-demokkkRAT, US Sen Max Baucus (assWIPE-MT) undergoes brain surgery, to find his missing brain.

Worthless, Subhuman Garbage.
As I predicted, the US Gov'ts "Spammer Legislation" is having a zero impact. The only way to deal with the subhuman spammer filth, is to track them down, torture and whack them all, wherever they are. (See post #12.) Start with the lowlife, scum-sucking, sonofabitch Richter.
Fat, ugly, business-stupid loser, Rosie O'Donut and her lesbian pal are starting a gay and lesbian queer cruise line? Yeah, that'll go over like a fart in church. Just like everything that she-whale touches, it'll go belly-up.
Among the most rancid, festering, fetid filth of all subhuman garbage, are the Osbournes — Ozzy, Sharon, Jack and Kelly — who should all get either cancer, AIDS, heart attacks or strokes, and die, and relieve Humanity of their presence. Never before, has such a pile of untalented, unfunny lowlife, subhuman degenerates been put on TV, in recorded history.
Get the subhuman, lowlife, deviant, degenerate soddomite filth out of the US Military, dammit. They're security risks.
Lowlife, degenerate, deviant, subhuman garbage Greek filth, socialist-commie Greek dirtbag, ass-boy Greek scumbag, Georgie "The Hershey-Hiway" Soros, wants to defeat — with $15-20m of his illegal, criminal, drug-invested cash — GW Bush? Crawl back under your slimy, garbage-riddled rock, Soros punk scum. You're shit, plain and simple.
Deviant, degenerate homos and lesbians should not be allowed near children, let alone raise them.
Speaking of lowlife filth, ELF is a terrorist group: track them down, torture and whack them.
Mikey Tyson is mentally-ill; he needs to be put away in prison for life, or preferably, executed. That would be the kindest thing to do for both him and society. He's a total waste of oxygen.
Since when is speaking the truth about the murderous Muslim terroristss and their deviant, pagan cult of Islam, racism? Only in the pathetic UK.
CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) is lowlife, subhuman pigshit. They're liars, Islamic scum, filth, Muslim degenerates, deviants, perverts, garbage and trash. CAIR is cowardly, terrorist-supporting pigshit.
The End of America, as we knew it, continues.
Muslim terrorists are operating with impunity in Ohio: the 19th shooting just occurred. Find them and whack them.

Some People Just Need Killing™.
Another murderous Muslim subhuman, Killing a Jew, because of a "religious awakening". Execute the diaperhead pigshit Islamic filth. Can you say Islamic hate crimes? I can.
Hey, murderous lowlife subhuman Kenneth Eugene Bruce: time to die.
High-flying ex-Enron couple criminals, Lea and Andrew Fastow, are scheduled to plead guilty Wednesday at the Houston federal courthouse. They've destroyed millions of lives; time to rot in hell, Fastow filth.
Miguel Angel Venegas Jr, a Laredo man subhuman who pleaded guilty to the bloody 1991 slayings of two men and a boy, has been sentenced to 41 years in prison. Wrong: he should be whacked. Buh-bye, garbage.
Jack Trawick is a cowardly, turd-boy, owlife punk scumbag. Hey, Jackie GIRLIE-BOY: crawl along the slimy ground, which you're used to, asswipe, and back into your slimy spider-hole, homo-lover. You're a cowardly, two-bit deviant, dirtbag.
A sexual assault on a dog? whack William McPhillips, 50, a registered sex offender. whack him, whack him, whack him!
Track down, torture and whack all gang members, everywhere.
UK serial whacker Harold "Dr Death" Shipman, burn in hell, you lowlife subhuman piece of shit. Good riddance, scumbag.
Spalding Gray — the wry, anxiety-ridden movie monologist moron best known for the films "Swimming to Cambodia" and "Gray's Anatomy" — has been reported missing by his wife. The 62-year-old writer-performer deviant, a diagnosed manic depressive, was last seen late Saturday night at his TriBeCa home, law-enforcement sources said. Die, filth. Good riddance, garbage.
A murderer, whose claims of mental retardation were rejected by the courts, was executed Wednesday after struggling with guards and pleading for his life until the last moment. Lewis Williams, 45, was put to death by injection for fatally shooting a 76-year-old woman during a robbery at her Cleveland home in 1983. 1983? Better late than never. Good riddance, subhuman lowlife filth. Buh-bye!

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