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Friday, January 18, 2002

It hit me seconds minutes hours days weeks months years ago that the Federal Government, in its vast and ever-expanding entirety, can't be trusted anymore, even though they supposedly work for us. No, I'm not a "tinfoil conspirator", but there were just too many things which didn't add up, over the past 10 20 30 years. Here's just one of many. All those anomalies coalesced into one lump conclusion, after floating unconnected for over three decades. I don't trust the Feds anymore and I'm sad about it. Net net: I don't trust government anymore. Those who manipulate the unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our Democratic society Republic is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. In almost every act of our lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires that control the public mind. Had your strings pulled lately?

Around The Garden Center.
Did I mention that even though February is National Birdfeeding Month, they need to be fed all Winter long, not just one month. A few weeks back, I asked for those who had an active birdfeeding program to write, and several hundred did. I was amazed at all the variations on seed mixes, feeders, suet etc that everyone employed. Sure is fun watching them feed and having them around all year long.
Since getting involved in Glock Talk, I've been there constantly. Drop by if you're in the neighborhood. Ummmm Ladies; here's Reason #43 to Get A Glock.
Ford's announcement of cutting 35,000 jobs does not bode well, following closings by other industries over the past 12-13 months. Plants in the York (PA) area are also announcing job layoffs. 2001 was pretty rough around here for some groups, but didn't impact my business at all. I sure hate to see anyone suffer except lib-dem scum and subhuman extremist Muslim towelhead filth heh, heh, heh, unnecessarily at all.
On Saturday, I arrived at the Garden Center around 8:15am, and immediately noticed that the 3ft x 2ft steel "Winter Hours" sign, which hangs on the 30ft chain across the driveway entrance, was missing. Someone had taken the time and the proper tools to unbolt the sign from its hanging hardware. The York Regional Police were stumped too, as to why anyone would take an hours of operation sign. I ordered a new one from my local signmaker who showed up within the hour; meanwhile, I used bright flagging tape to mark the chain so no cars would accidentally drive into it. My Dad had an interesting theory: someone on a "scavenger hunt" bagged it as one of the items they needed. Interesting theory, the more I think about it.
Just because of race riots that unpleasantness 32 years ago in '69, York (PA) is now branded with bad press. If I'd have lived here back then as police chief, it wouldn't have happened; all rioters and looters, of all stripes, would have been shot dead on sight. End of that problem before it became one. And now we get a "visit" from a wacko white supremacist, costing the Taxpayers' close to $30,000. York and its citizens sure didn't need that shit; the library was wrong to allow the scumbag to speak.
On Sunday, I slept in until 11am yeah, yeah, yeah I know I should be in church and then went down to the Garden Center Complex to feed Pickle and the birds, check the greenhouses for dried-out plants, do some paperwork and prep for the upcoming week. I also fired-off 100 rounds through my new Glock Model 32/ 357sig, at my own private outdoor shooting range at my Garden Center. A little chilly, but 100 rounds went quickly: 10 clips. Clean and reload; ready to carry. Yes, I have my 12 year old CCW in Penna. I left around 3pm to do some food shopping on my way home. So much for my day off. Just lots of stuff to do and lots of time to do it.
Reason #32 why I carry a Glock Model 32/.357SIG with devastating 125gr/1425fps hollowpoint ammo: You're Dead, Subhuman. 'Nuff said.
Do you see a "ghost" here? It takes a minute or so, to spot it. Clue: look near the doorway with the blue detail. Wait, wait,, wait for it...
Mom likes Sara Moulton in Cooking Live; Dad doesn't watch that shit; I like Mario Batali in both Molto Mario and/or Mario Eats Italy; while I have no idea who Becky watches, if anyone. (She lives in SF, and spends most of her waking hours, commuting. Pure misery.) You?
Hmmmmm, I've never been a K-Mart fan, but I hate to see so many companies go down the dumper; looks like they're next in line. Grim on the National Front; hell, the rats Martha's bailing out, so it must be true.
Hard to believe that US Troops will be deployed in a small Pennsylvania community in February to guard a groundhog named Punxsutawney Phil, which each year attracts huge crowds of people who believe the animal can forecast the weather. Not me; I'm making another Adult Beverage for myself. Can I get one, or two, for you?
Why the hell heck can't computer hardware makers find a way to let a Zip drive or hard drive or CD or DVD player let you know in advance it's going to fail? A 2 or 3 day warning would be nice; perhaps a pre-recorded message? Or a little window popping-up and notifying you of the impending demise? Yeah, sure. My ultra-fast internal SCSI Zip 100 in my office machine went south on Thursday, so I had to scramble and cannibalize an external IDE Zip from one of the front counter units, uninstall the old unit and install the replacement. That wasted most of the morning. I ordered a Jaz Zip 250 as a replacement, to match the one at home; should be here soon. 3.5" floppy drives just don't make it, even in a pinch.
A couple of the landscape crew are in this week and next, potting-up bareroot plant material; several hundred arrived last weekend and with a little root pruning, will be ready for mid-Summer and Fall sales. There are a few other projects on my list to get finished before Spring arrives, but we'll have to watch the weather as it evolves. A huge snowstorm just missed us Thursday, and headed to New England. We sure could use the moisture; we're going into Spring at 12-13" below normal in ground moisture.

The Massacre of September 11th.
Okay, so he's gone. Go find him and whack Osama bin Laden shithead.
Hmmmm, blacks and arabs whining about racial profiling together? Lesse here: blacks commit 65% of the crime and arabs commit 100% of the terrorism. Sounds about right to me. Message to blacks and arabs: shut the f*ck hell up and be very, very glad all your sorry asses aren't in prison. Especially Irrev Fat Al "interloper Jew scum" Sharp-scum, who is a lowlife criminal, perjurer, seditionist, misery-pimp and idiot. No other word for it.
Read what the left-wing wacko lib-dem morons in The Peoples' Republik of Kalifornicate are teaching seventh graders: the deviant, pork-sucking, murderous perversion called Islam. Un-freaking believable.
An Egyptian citizen, on a student visa, who was staying at a New York hotel across from the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, was charged on Friday with lying about his alleged possession of a radio that can be used to communicate with airplanes. Execute this pork-sucking Muslim piece of towelhead dogshit.
India and Pakistan go to nuclear war? Fuggeddaboutit; they're both cowards and lowlife scum. They want the US to buy them off with bribes and incentives. Sure Uncle Sam, spend some more of my hard-earned money on lowlife subhuman garbage.
Another lowlife, subhuman towelhead Muslim, pork-sucking shithead, Islamic pervert and deviant, here on an expired visa? Get all their illegal sandidiot asses outta here, INS-BATF-DEA-FBI-CIA!!! And do it now.
The Peoples' Republik of New York shitty City: has christened a false statue of 9-11. It's "PC" garbage, liberal trash and lib-democRAT filth, brought on by the quota police. Only the RINO (Republican-In-Name-Only) Mikey Bloomberg (who can't find his own ass with both hands) can take it's civility level back to the dogshit morons, Eddie Koch and Emperor Dinkins. They were all moronic, lib-dem ,lowlife scumbags.
Think I'm too hard on the perverted deviate cult of Islam? Read this.
Okay fine. Interrogate, torture and find out what we need to know from the detainees; then execute all of them. No 72 virgins goats from the pork-sucking Allah moron; bury them all in pork grease, face down. Bueno taco, MF garbage.
The degenerate lib-dem scum around the world is worried about the detainees. Sniff, sniff. See previous paragraph for solution to Islamic shitfilth subhuman scum.
This is why Europe, all of it, is so f*ckedscrewed-up: the left-wingnuts have abolished the death penalty and they refuse to extradite murderous terrorists to the US if the death penalty isn't waived. They call it civilized behavior; I call it outrightly stupid. Murderers deserve to die, as do armed robbers, rapists, child molesters and traitors. Society needs to be cleansed remove the offenders permanently from the gene pool of their kind so they can't commit further crimes against innocents.
The same lies, deceptions and bullshit accompanied The Massacre of September 11th as did the Seizure of Terrorist Weapons on January 3rd. The lowlife, subhuman Islamist, pork-sucking, deviant degenerate Muslim shitfilth committed both atrocities/events. Arab garbage spun both events, and blamed the Jews. It was obvious and pathetic, for anyone with a functioning brain.
After what's happened during The Massacre of September 11th, Killing thousands, tens-of-thousands, hundreds-of-thousands, millions, billions of lowlife subhuman Muslim Islam shitfilth.
Well heck, here's more Arab lowlife trash scumf*cking-sucking degenerate halfbreed towelhead deviants. Hooooooooooo Yaaaaaaahhhhhh! Okay, we'll get it done. Look at the subhuman trash on the RightSidebar; Gaaaaaawwwwwwdddd, I'd be so glad to head-shoot, execute the subhuman trash.
Okay, why is the US Government using US Taxpayers' monies to import lowlife Egyptian towelhead "students", put them up at swank NYC hotels ($3,200/month), completely pay for their college education, when thousands of American families can't afford to send their children to college? More bone-headed, idiot lib-dem programs to waste money and create a larger bureaucracy? Sure thing.
Okay, I may be thick and stupid, but help me out here: why are we trying terrorists and murderers in US Courts and wasting US Taxpayers' (hey, them's You and Me) monies? This lowlife Islamic this pork-sucking Islamic scumbag and this murderous Muslim sandidiot shithead both deserve a bullet in the skull, be buried face down in a pit so they can't see their pork-sucking Allah false-god, and have 500gals pork entrails poured over top of them. End of problem.
I don't think the US Government should be in the business of compensating either the airline industry or the families of the 3,000 dead from The Massacre of September 11th, and now those families are greedily demanding more and more money. The US Taxpayer is wrongly shelling out $20billion to the airlines, when we could buy the entire industry for around $12billion. That's plain nuts. OKC victims didn't receive a dime from the feds, neither did PanAm 103 or TWA 800 victims' families. I could go on and on. I hate ungrateful and greedy people. Something stinks here.
This is another reason why I hate/despise/want to whack arabs/muslims/islamic filth en masse, aka by the millions. The US Massacre of September 11th is the main reason.
C'mon Rummy, let's waste Iraq; mere target practice. Punks, sand-idiots, muslim-trash, islamic-garbage, allah-moron. Suck a pig's ass, towelhead lowlife scumbags. Dot com.

GOP Bumblers.
Enron? Who the hell cares? Except all the thousands of people who got screwed on their 401-k Plans? There should be a lot of the corporate executives going to prison for what they did to the employees. The lib-dems aren't going to like the stench which comes from this criminal investigation, because it's going to involve more democRATs than GOPers. W&Co have nothing to worry about.
Bravo W! Use the recess appointments to circumvent the obstructionist lib-dem scum and get your people into place. Screw the lowlife lib-dem trash.
Homosexual US Ambassador causing problems in Romania? Why would W even allow such rump-raiding, fudge-packing, deviant homo filth in the US Government as our representative overseas? Disgusting and sad.
For relaxation, the de Konings swim in a neighbor's pond, hunt deer during season (butchering it themselves in their meat house), ride their 1971 Harley-Davidson motorcycle, visit family and listen to Rush Limbaugh on the radio. A stone at the driveway entrance is engraved with an American flag and the words: "Rush Is Right".
Uhhhh W, I'd suggest a cold beer to wash those pretzels down.
What the f*ck hell are we doing being involved with the socialists and communists in the WTO (World Trade Organization) anyway? Dump their sorry European asses and the UN Turd Worlders, too.
I'm not sure I believe this pretzel logic from The White House; looks like Laura sucker-punched W. Major saracasm there; FYI.

Lib-dem Losers.
Hmmmm, blacks and arabs whining about racial profiling? Lesse here: blacks commit 65% of the crime and arabs commit 100% of the terrorism. Sounds about right to me. Message to blacks and arabs: shut the f*ck hell up and be very, very glad all your sorry asses aren't in prison. Especially Irrev Fat Al "interloper Jew scum" Sharp-scum, who is a lowlife criminal, perjurer, seditionist, misery-pimp and all-around idiot. No other word for it.
The race-baiting, misery-profiteering, extorting criminal Irrev Jesse "Hymietown NYC" Jack-scum's criminal empire falling apart? It's a criminal enterprise, not an empire, and should have been investigated by the IRS and Dept of InJustice under the RICO Act, many years ago. Jack-scum and his lowlife family should now be in prison, rotting away, instead of shaking down American corporations.
The Enron sleaze trail is leading to Clintoon-GoreBore and Clintoon's bagman, Mack McLarty. The shit-for-brains democRATs are going to be sorry they opened this can of worms.
Does this piss you off as much as it does me? The federal government will pay to have any tattoo removed. That is, if you live in Santa Barbara, Calif. That's the home of Rep Lois Capps, (D-CA), who scored $50,000 in federal funding last month for a tattoo removal program in her district. The funding was secured in the Justice Department appropriations bill, which passed Congress in early December. Our tax dollars at work.
Here's how the lib-dems' "education programs" have helped blacks and hispanics over the past 50 years. NJ is just the tip of the illiteracy iceberg, keeping them stupid and beholden to the democRATs.
Joe "The Plagiarist" Biden? Remember ol' Joe Biden, US Senator (D-Del), the plagiarist, Xerox Specialist, failed hair transplant lowlife, liar and all-around lib-democRAT scumbag? Now suddenly, he's an expert on something like Ash-can-istan and terrorists. Joe "The Plagiarist" Biden can't even find his own ass with both hands. Now, he's an expert on any everything. Doubt it.
Another lib-dem liar? Imagine that, huh? Joe LIE-berman, aka Sore/Loserman (Gore/Lieberman 2000). Remember those two lowlifes?
Ah yes, the flight attendant, the watch box, the locked closet, the bed ties, the health spa, the body-shaving, the red car, the midnight trip to Luray, the speed-freak brother, the slimy mouthpiece, the secret booty call line, the speechless, emaciated wife with the mystery illness, the epicene, toadying hatchet man, the cookie-cutter kids, the Klingle Mansion, the "big news," the other missing intern, the non-existent stalkers, the "Condit City" Bar-B-Q. Woo-hoo! Welcome back, Gary! This show will run and run...
Teddy "The Chappaquiddik Swimmer" Kennedy (D-MA), lib-dem lowlife extraordinaire, criticozed W's tax cut, by advising the postponement of much of the tax-cut package embraced by President Bush and Republicans in Congress, declaring that there are too many urgent national needs to give breaks to those who need them the least. Like the true GaryCondit-BillClintoon abusers and murderers of the DNC, he has an "agenda". He should still be serving a life-in-prison sentence for Killing Mary Jo Kopechne in 1969. Sure, ask me. I'd love to tell you about the Kennedy scumbags.

Race-Baiting Garbage.
Hmmmm, blacks and arabs whining about racial profiling? Lesse here: blacks commit 65% of the crime and arabs commit 100% of the terrorism. Sounds about right to me. Message to blacks and arabs: shut the f*ck hell up and be very, very glad all your sorry asses aren't in prison. Especially Irrev Fat Al "interloper Jew scum" Sharp-scum, who is a lowlife criminal, perjurer, seditionist, misery-pimp and all-around idiot. No other word for it.
So, blacks can't be "racist" because they wield no real power? But they can be "bigoted" and "prejudiced"? The author's obviously an lib-dem lowlife apologist and full of shit shit.
Here's how a good looking black kid turned into an ugly white woman: Mikey "The Child Molester" Jack-scumbag. Click on either the video or picture sequence at the top. Yuk.
The NAACLP (Nat'l ass'n for the Advancement of Liberal Colored People), is one of the most racist and bigoted cabals of lowlife, scum-sucking bottomfeeders in the country. Worse than the KKK, the NAACLP is posting "border patrols" at various entryways into South Carolina within 30 days urging tourists not to stop in the Palmetto State. Basically, they're Klan With A Tan bigots who are fixated on the Confederate Flag as the root of all their problems, and can't see straight anymore. They're clueless idiots.
Oh, here we go again with the whiny, racist loser Injuns at the Southern California Indian Center, crying about the Washington Redskins nom de plume. Get over it Tontos, get off the US reservations you lowlife alcoholics, get jobs and make something out of your lazy, worthless selves.
A "black-owned, luxury resort"? Isn't that an oxymoron, by Lib-Dem standards? Yep, thought so. I wonder if the blacks will sue R. Donahue Peebles like they've done with Denny's and Adam's Rib? Probably not; they can't get away with that racist shit shit with another black. Natch. I hate racists/hatemongerers, of any stripe. What? Think I am; guess again, lib-dem morons.
The lowlife, race-baiting, misery-profiteering, extortionist criminal Irrev Jesse "Hymietown NYC" Jack-scum is coming to town to fleece cowardly white American corporations, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, PricewaterhouseCoopers, AT&T and Microsoft; what easy targets for his unindicted-RICO cohorts. IRS, FBI: investigate, charge, convict, try and sentence this corrupt, criminal scumbag to 25yrs-life in prison. Rid the world of him and his family's evil filth.
Remember the mini-series on ABC, Roots, from back in 1977? The book on which it was based has now been widely exposed as a historical hoax. Alex Haley was a fraud. The whole thing never happened, although he said the story was his family history. The PC media won't even correct the fraud, and now NBC is running a 25 year "tribute" on TV, to it.
Once again, proving Atlanta is a festering shithole full of black bigots and racists, a federal jury has ordered the Peach State county (Fulton) to cough up a $25million fine because it demoted eight librarians from the county's central branch to smaller branches in order to reduce the number of white employees working downtown.

Time To Die, ScumFilth.
A convicted murderer, Jermarr Arnold, 43 was executed by lethal injection Wednesday night in Texas, for the death of a jewelry store clerk who was shot in the head during a 1983 robbery. Finally, some action in getting rid of the subhuman filth. Once again, nice job, Texas. Hmmmm, lesse who's next. I'll get the popcorn.
A 275lb man beating to death a 160lb man in their sons' pick-up hockey game? Self-defense? Could be. Both are lowlife scum; each should be judged on his criminal merits, then executed. Hmmm, the Costin criminal's dead; next is lardass Junta. He beat Costin's skull to mush, sour cream, toothpaste consistency. Oooozed out when the ME opened the skull during the autopsy. Buh-bye! Hmmmm, I don't know what to believe.
Hmmmmm, lessee: the same lowlife subhuman white trash murderer whacked and floated his wife's and 3 childrens' bodies, and then split to can you say major-league diahrrea? Mexico. Christian Michael Longo, 27, doesn't deserve a trial; merely execution.
So, H. "Rap" Brown the criminal, is now a lowlife Islamic pork-eating subhuman Muslim murderer, Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin? He whacked one black deputy and wounded another, while they were trying to serve an arrest warrant on him. Execute him; forget the trial. He's a worthless scumbag scumbag.
Three SLA Symbionese Liberation Army scumfilth the radical group best known for kidnapping Patricia Hearst, were arrested in connection with a 27-year-old bank heist and shooting death. Emily Harris was arrested at her home in Los Angeles and her ex-husband Bill Harris was arrested in Oakland. Police in Portland, Ore., said a third suspect, Mike Bortin, was arrested at his home in Oregon. The three will be charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of Myrna Opsahl, who died during the April 21, 1975, robbery of the Crocker National Bank. Hearst took part in the robbery after she joined the SLA. Execute them all; no statute of limitations on murder, and no leniency.
These two subhuman devil worshipper/satanists, who sacrificed animals and humans, need to die. Prison is a joke. Cleaning out the genepool is paramount to the world's overall health.
Why are we wasting money and research on AIDS? It's 100% preventable and a degenerate deviant's disease. Let them all die and cleanse the genepool; the world will be so much better off without all that subhuman homo filth.

What If?
Obviously, if a thermonuclear bomb exploded close to your home, you'd have little hope of surviving the blast. But what if one exploded 5 miles away, or 20 miles away? And what about radioactive fallout? Nuclear Blast Mapper will show you how terribly destructive thermonuclear weapons are. Supply Blast Mapper with any location, and it will display a map that shows a nuclear weapon's "zones of destruction" with that location at the center. You can even choose between a relatively small detonation at earth's surface, which will produce substantial fallout, and an especially destructive large detonation at high altitude.

Lichens of North America.
Uniquely beautiful but easily overlooked composite life-forms, lichens partner with bacteria or algae in a symbiotic relationship to manufacture food by photosynthesis. Tiny, slow-growing lichens pioneer difficult ecological niches where they serve as sensitive monitors of ecosystem changes. Check out the extraordinary diversity of color, pattern, and form in photographs by Stephen and Sylvia Sharnoff. There a lot to lichen here.

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