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Friday, January 19, 1996

This HTML Stuff Isn't As Easy As I Thought.
I downloaded HotDog as an unregistered version and sent in a check to the Sausage Folks, but no registration key has arrived yet. And it's just timed-out. I'll just download another copy, but it'll probably be a later version so another key will be required. shit.
It seemed easy at first, but all those tags and brackets. Ack! As easy as HotDog is, I still am having problems with the coding. My ISP provider is so much better at this stuff than me. That's why he does what he does. Simple enough. Works for me.

Why A Company Website?

After being in advertising on Madison Avenue in NYC for 17 years, it's obvious to me what the implication of this whole InterNet (aka Web) phenomenon could be, and (almost) any entity that could be there commercially, should be there. The potential is untapped and unknown at this point in it's evolution. No one knows where it's going. No one. It's like radio or TV in their infancy; those who got in and took the ride profitted handsomely from the exposure and sales. Today, those industries are worth trillions worldwide. And the Web is just starting.
Today's marketplace requires the Positioning of a company's image be precise and not scattered, like trying to be all things to all people. Unfortunately, too many companies aren't focused at all and ultimately fail. Hard work and infusions of capital aren't enough to pull them through the marketplace. Marketing Warfare is what makes or breaks these companies. More on this later.

Let Mikey Try It.

I think I'll let Adam Viener of Cyberia Communications, Inc. in York produce it for me. I wrote and designed it; only took 8 long days. For me to try this HTML stuff before knowing what I'm really doing would make me completely crazy. I can learn to maintain and update the Pages, as well as put up new Pages gradually. But for the initial go-around, it's well-worth the $500 to have it done right.


I've been visiting other websites for days now, finding useful stuff, saving Pages and studying source code, and learning how others do things. It's all so new but is so intriguing that I'm finding myself caught up in it. I wonder why I only got interested in December? Certainly this InterNet has been going on for years; how did I just find out? Hmmmmm.
This Pentium 586 PC is a far step up from my old 386; but with technology advancing so rapidly, even it was outdated before I installed it here at the Garden Center. Over 3 times the processor speed and memory helps, but I could use even more. Lots more! Oh God, is this what addiction is like?

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