good riddance, bubba!

Friday, January 19, 2001

It's been eight awful hideous appalling dreadful horrible shocking terrible tortuous years of unconscionable ineptitude and multitudinous crimes, but finally the stinking filthy criminal Clintoons are outta The White House, as of tomorrow, January 20th, 2001. I'll drink to that; please fill my glass. Time to scrub and clean and fumigate the place. Stains aplenty to mitigate and a sink to replace. Don't forget to inventory the furniture and paintings; the criminal Hitlery Rotten Clintoon will steal anything to furnish her two multi-million dollar residences which neither she nor Bubba Jeffy can afford. It looks as though we'll all be footing the bill for the Clintoons' place in Chappaqua, purchased by the First Couple for $1.7 million when Hitlery had to demonstrate her New York "roots". The Secret Service needs a place on the property to house its agents, and the Clintoons have been so good as to make available a structure for their bodyguards. By an amazing coincidence: the rent exactly matches the monthly mortgage payment for the entire property. Incredible. Anyway, the fawning old time ABCNews is already doing liberal-skewed "documentaries" on the Clintoon Years and how they did so much for this Nation and its people. What a load of shit. The hate and anger of and for Clintoon was and is intense. Even the shrieking liberals and libertarians and many newspapers are saying Clintoon's legacy is a festering, fetid pile of dogshit. shit for brains Clintoon is true to form: lowlife, no class White Trash shit. I'll drink to that; please fill my glass. ABCNews has a brown nose. Ditto, NBCNews and the blatantly liberal Washington Post. The Wall Street Journal calls it dead on. Those Clintoon scum sucking lowlife, bottom feeding filth Janet "Waco" El-Reno included screwed America six ways to Sunday, and the worthless and impotent GOP did nothing about it. They're cowards and bottom feeders, too. Sen Lott and Rep Hastert? Two of the dumbest cretins on the Face of The Earth. Pure White Trash. I'll drink to that; please fill my glass. Clintoon's so-called Legacy: coming into office controlling the US Congress (2/3rds of the Government), and leaving US Government totally controlled by the Republicans! Clintoon, you're a stupid moron redneck moron. My apologies to rednecks. This sums it all up nicely. The Clintoon paradox is this: Rarely has a president so dominated the public stage and so little affected the public agenda. The sociopathic Clintoon was a zero, nothing, zip, zilch, nada, nothing president; a mere boil on the ass of life. There also just might be a causal relationship between how little Clintoon did and how well the economy did. He is a small man, who deserves no more of our attention. It, finally, really is time to move on. Work real hard on your presidential library and get used to it Bubba; you're ancient history. But, I digress. I'll drink to that; please fill my glass.

Around The Garden Center.
Moderating temps continued into the weekend, with 40s and low-50s melting most of the remaining snow. I got in to work early on Saturday, despite a badly twisted left ankle and painful foot, thanks to a inadvertent slip on the icy steps last Thursday. I hobbled around all weekend. Hey, life goes on with or without you, doesn't it?
Monday was a Federal Holiday MLKs B-day so just about everything was closed. I went in to the office to feed Pickles, as I did on Sunday, and did some paperwork, paid some bills. I would imagine MLK is spinning in his grave right now, what with all the race baiting bigot racist pimps like the NAACLP (Nat'l assn for Advancement of Liberal Colored People), race-baiter bigots Irrev Jesse "Hymietown" Jack-scum and fat stupid Irrev Al "interloper Jew scum" Sharp-scum filth et al trying to fleece and shakedown cowardly companies and the government. They have prostituted and perverted MLKs "Dream", as has his own racist bigoted family, for the Almighty Greenback Dollar. Anyway, I was closed Monday out of respect for MLKs "original dream", not the twisted shit that the race pimp filth and reparations whore maggots are preying upon now. He'd have just loved this parade in his honor.
I stopped by Joe's Cafe & Seafood Grill, in Winterstown, PA, and picked up another 15lb piece of roasted prime rib, for about $35. They do massive buffets on Friday through Sunday, so there's always plenty available if I put my personal order in with Joe, owner and head chef, prior to the "all you can eat for $13.99" buffets.
Spiedies? Huh? Yep, I've eaten them, when I lived in Niagara Falls and worked in Buffalo, NY. They're wonderful, but totally foreign to the rest of the US. Big chunks of lamb, pork, beef, venison and chicken, marinated in a piquant sauce for 1-2 days on a metal skewer and grilled usually over hot coals. Then we'd put the contents into a hoagie roll or kaiser roll with whatever sauce we'd feel like dressing it with, or not. Yum.
Wednesday morning, I was up at 4am to feed the cats, logged on the Net and presto: nothing. Neither the cable modem nor the back-up dial-up connection went anywhere. The Net was dead. I tried all kinds of email and browser combinations, but zip. I re-booted several times, but nada. So I closed it all down and went back to sleep for a few hours. At the office, everything worked fine on the dial-up, so I'm guessing it was my two connections who were faulty. Neither ISP knew of any problems when I called at midday. Duh.
In a world too often filled with junk and shit and shit, the Chicago Police Marine Unit rescued a German shepherd from death, wandering on the icy surface of the Chicago River near Navy Pier. Nice job, guys.
Sleeping "late" on Thursday, I got in at 8:30am, did some Spring landscape estimates which had been sitting on my desk for a few days, went food shopping (for my 3 cats) and watched a huge storm track up the East Coast, from the Gulf. It started snowing heavily by 10am, and I sent my GM, Lynn home at 11. We had one customer in around mid-morning for some pottery and potting soils, but it was otherwise an uneventful day. Except for the weather. Schools started closing around noon; postings were up on the local TV websites. I left around 2pm and headed home to wait it out. My AWD Jeep 4x4 just laughed at the snow and ice, which changed over to rain in late afternoon. No biggie, after all. Still, I enjoyed watching all the people rushing into the supermarkets and convenience stores "stocking up on bread and milk". How humorous.

GOP Hopefuls?
I hope W reads this; I have a feeling he has. We know what we want to do: more tax cuts; a sinewy defense with a hard eye and fist toward Communist China; a common-sense smackdown for the environmental extremists; tort reform; and at long last a bona fide effort to wrench big government out of the rotten business of subsidizing moral relativism and the cultural poison of identity politics. A popular president on a successful roll after the 2002 midterms can deliver on these policies. Go, W. To get there, Republicans will need focus, discipline, and, yes, crafty compromise. The decade of political power and success we have long waited for is within our grasp. But if Republicans try to force too many things too quickly, without building up the reservoir of popularity our new president will need, our shiny new political supremacy will expire in 20 short months, and we will be once again a minority party.

Vino: Vitis Vinifera.
Last year was a very good year indeed for wine makers and not just because it brought a bumper crop of cabernets (my favorite), zinfandels, and chardonnays. Evidence of the far-reaching health benefits of wine continued to pour in from researchers around the world.
A much healthier heart. Several reports in 2000 confirmed the glad tidings that wine in moderation, of course reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and heart attacks. In the September issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine, for instance, Swedish researchers at the Karolinska Institute reported that, compared to teetotalers, moderate wine drinkers cut their risk of dying prematurely by almost half and their risk of cardiovascular disease by a little more than half. Actually, drinking any kind of alcoholic beverage helped, the scientists found. But by far the biggest benefit accrued to wine drinkers.
What's more, thanks to research published last year, scientists are beginning to understand how wine may bestow its salutary benefits. For starters, according to findings published in the January 2000 issue of the European Heart Journal, this most ancient of beverages appears to dilate arteries and increase blood flow, thus lowering the risk of the kind of clots that cut off blood supply and damage heart muscles.
In addition, the fruit of the vine appears to boost levels of "good" cholesterol and helps prevent bad cholesterol from causing damage to the lining of arteries. In a study published in the May issue of the journal, Pharmacology, Biochemistry, and Behavior, scientists at the Institute for Research in Extramural Medicine in Amsterdam tested 275 men and women around the age of 32. Those who imbibed the equivalent of a glass or two a day of wine had significantly higher levels of HDLs (high density lipoproteins), dubbed "good" cholesterol because they remove the "bad" artery-clogging types, or LDLs (low density lipoproteins), before they have a chance to choke blood vessels. Indeed, wine seems to facilitate that process, making it easier for HDLs to hustle their dangerous counterparts out of the bloodstream.
Yet even when LDLs remain behind in the arteries, substances in wine called phenols appear to help prevent the bad cholesterol from causing injury. In the November 2000 Journal of Nutrition and Biochemistry, Italian researchers from the National Institute for Food and Nutrition Research reported that phenols seem to limit the oxidation of LDLs, making them less capable of damaging the linings of arteries and therefore less able to set the stage for cardiovascular disease.
Also, a shield against cancer. Wine also may protect against several forms of another common whacker: cancer. It turns out that the same phenolic compounds that lower heart disease risk also may slow the growth of breast cancer cells, according to findings by scientists at the University of Crete in Greece and published in the June 2000 issue of the Journal of Cell Biochemistry. Phenols also were shown to suppress the growth of prostate cancer cells. And French scientists last year found evidence that an antioxidant in wine called resveratrol can put the brakes on the growth of liver cancer cells, according to a report in the July-August issue of Oncology Reports.
There also was a report that wine particularly red wine might help ward off oral cancer. Researchers from the University of Missouri School of Dentistry discovered that resveratrol and another antioxidant called quercetin may inhibit the growth of oral cancer cells. Their findings, published in the June 2000 Journal of the American Dental association, note that red wine is loaded with a slew of other antioxidants that seem to boost its cancer-fighting abilities.
Not bad for some grape juice. I'll drink to that.

Ponder This.
Why is it that the lowlife liberal press follows and heaps praise and publicity upon two-bit punk criminals, while ignoring solid, law-abiding American Citizens? Scum like BJ Clintoon, Puffy Coombs, Dennis Rodman, Rae Carruth, Sean Penn, hip hop rapper garbage and a thousand other pieces of shit. What's the rationale?
There is none. It's simply that the lowlife liberal press panders to the lowest of the low, in American society. The Hollywood white and black trash. They're jealous. Petty. They want to identify with the renegade filth which permeates society, like a stinky fart in a full church. All these subhuman lowlifes should be either in prison or in line for execution. Society would be soooooooo much better for their absence. And the air would be soooooooo much cleaner to breathe.

Hypocrite Jack-scum.
Yep, you guessed it. The race-baiter, bigot Irrev Jesse "Hymietown" Jack-scum is a lowlife lib-democRAT hypocrite, fathering an illegitimate half-breed mulatto out of wedlock; just what this Nation needs, another illegitimate black white bastard kid. Like the stinking ghettos aren't already full of that filth. Since 70% of blacks are now born out of wedlock, it doesn't surprise me at all. Actually, I can't believe there's just one, given his penchant for lying and corruption all these years.
The NY Post, ABCNews, MS-NBC and Drudge Report are carrying the pathetic story of Jack-scum, the race-baiting race pimp who, like BJ Clintoon, can't keep his 2" dick in his pants. The NY Daily News is already apologizing for Jack-scum and his sorry-sized, errant member.
This Jack-scum has preached "responsibility" for years, but can't even walk that walk hisownself. Just like all liberal democRAT filth, he's a coward and a liar, preferring to suck on the government teat, rather than take responsibility. He sure talks the talk, but he won't walk the walk.
He even took the pregnant lowlife black trash whore with him when he went to "pray" with the criminal BJ Clintoon, during the impeachment episode. Pray? Hell, neither of those morons are qualified to "pray". They're shitfilth, liars, criminals and subhuman scum.
The IRS needs to seriously look into Jack-scum's finances: a part-time RAINBOW COALITION staffer who was given $40,000 cash to relocate to Los Angeles where she now lives in $365,000 multi-bedroom spread and receives a $10,000 a month stipend from Jack-scum. He's never had a job in his pathetic life. Where did the money come from? And IRS audit of both Jack-scum and PUSH is called for. Nail the lowlife to a post; lynching's too good.
Real Black and Latino Americans are lining up against Jack-scum, saying he doesn't represent them not because of his half-breed bastard kid but because he's out of touch with the American Mainstream. He's a wacko liberal piece of shit. "He has become a national embarrassment," Peterson's press release said. "He is a self-serving racist, a problem profiteer who with the help of the liberal media, has co-opted Dr. King's dream and turned it into a nightmare." Yep, says it all righteously for me, brother Peterson.

Liberal DemocRAT Filth & Slime.
Perhaps Maybe Definitely the most worthless and useless Sec'y of State in any administration in US History, the toadfaced, lardassed old hag, Madeleine Albright, whom I once cheered, is still spending US Taxpayer's monies to fly on useless "final missions" gathering illegal gifts, after having done nothing concrete for the cause of Peace in the past 8 years. Inept and often mistaken for a hotel cleaning lady, Albright was and is worthless as teats on a bull. Another "fart in the wind" legacy of the corrupt Clinoonistas.
Ol' shit for brains Bubba Jeffy Clintoon has also been travelling around the US, at US Taxpayers expense, on a "farewell tour" to all the bastions of lib-dem filth, making snide comments about W's election. He exhibits no sign or trace of any class, except low class, as lame duck presidents are wont to do. He's tepid dogshit, nothing more. George Will nailed it dead on. As much as I would love to see BJ Clintoon finally indicted and convicted, the Nation would be much better off if W issued a presidential pardon and we can keep that sordid mess in the distant past.
What we all said back in '97-'99 is now public fact: the James "billionaire criminal" Riady slimeball funnelled millions of illegal campaign funds to Clintoon-GoreBore's '92 election and '96 re-election campaigns. The Riady filth is paying an $8.6million fine, chump change for him. The lowlife should be in prison, as should everyone associated with him. The lib-dem lowlifes at Reno's Dept of InJustice gave the Riady moron a free pass, says NYTimes Bill Safire, and once again covered Clintoon-GoreBore's collective criminal asses. The WSJ agrees.
Speaking of filth and slime, the left wing wacko morons Alec "I'm leaving if Bush wins" Baldwin and Kim "I f*cked Prince" Basinger are divorcing. Good riddance to both and their illegitimate little bastard kid.
I "sort of agree" with Clintoon's setting aside millions of acres for National Monuments, but the problem for the future will be that forest wildfires will run rampant, as they did in 2000 around Los(t) Alamos National Lab. Without proper management and culling of underbrush by someone, there will be disaster after disaster in the National Forests. Problem is, Clintoon's doing it illegally via "executive orders" and omitting necessary local and regional input.
Although I've criticized her severely in the past for being a black racist and lib-dem apologist for Clintoon, Carole Simpson of ABCNews makes a very cogent and coherent case when summing up Bubba Jeffy Clintoons failed presidency, for a lib-dem minority. Worth a read, except she left out all the facts about Clinton's real crimes, as reported by Bill Safire.
And as the stinking lib-democRATs begin to jump ship, they're committing more crimes by wiping the WH computers' hard drives clean, thereby destroying all evidence. By US Law, all drives were to have an electronic picture taken to be stored with documents. I said 10 months ago, in a Journal entry, that U.S. District Judge Royce Lambreth should have impounded all machines by US Marshalls, for evidence.
What's real clear is that American Taxpayers are inadvertently funding left wing wacko extremist groups, and that the funding needs to be withdrawn and the so-called groups, die a natural death. W should have the funding pulled, immediately.
200,000 NOW Hagged-Out Femi-Nazis oppose Sen John Ashcroft? For what, girlies? The liberal-democRATic lesbian sluts can't find their own asses with both hands, but they sure can find another woman's. Go home and sharpen your dildoes or 2ftx4ft's, NOW bitches. Specifically, the Pat Ireland whorebag scuzball.
The worst moron opposing Sen John Ashcroft is the Alcoholic DUI Fat Teddy "The Chappaquiddick Murderer" Kennedy, a lowlife liberal piece of democRATic shit. He should be in prison for murdering Mary Jo Kopechne back in the 70s; instead his stinking family bought their way out of her murder by Fat Teddy The Turd.
DC will certainly smell better this weekend: the lib-democRAT lowlifes are leaving town en masse, presumably for Hell, where they belong, or back under a slimy rock. It's a W Weekend; screw the partisan scumbags.
The shit for brains lib-demcRATs are blaming the Net for California's power woes, when the moronic lib-democRAT shitheads are to blame, and no one else.
Whenever a liberal democRAT dies especially some piece of lowlife criminal union shit I rejoice. Lenny "The Commie" Woodcock was truly a scumbag, as are all union leaders. They're aligned with organized crime and deserve a slow painful death for f*cking their members and the public. Good riddance, scumbag and rot in Hell.
Gee whiz Bubba Jeffy Clintoon, you dumb f*cking moron, I though AlGoreBore invented the Internet. He said he did, but now you say you did. Can't you two liars get your lies straight? Actually, neither of you moron scumbags had anything to do with it.

Ol' Shakey, Corrupt Dyke AG.
The filthy stinking corrupt Janet "Waco" El-Reno alcoholic dyke parkinsons bitch slut is finally leaving DC after 8 corrupt years as the criminal Clintoon's defender against Justice and Prosecution. The idiotic, incompetent, impotent and inept GOP shitheads are still afraid to pursue the lesbian-porking, coke-snorting bitch. They've dropped the ball, once again. America hates your stinking corrupt guts, you dyke bitch. John Ashcroft will be a most refreshing change.

Con Artists, Scumbags & Lowlifes.
Con Of The Year: Idiot savant Dean Kamen's "IT" scam. The lowlife lib-dem scumbag charlatan ought to go to jail for fraud.
Communist State: California's phony "power crisis" is of their own making. shit for brains Gov Gray "I'm a lightbulb" Davis ought to be jailed for what he did to the power companies and eventually all 35 million Left Coasters in California. Typical socialist lib-democRAT moron scumbags. This is a crime.
Cretin Mentality Judge v Microsoft: U.S. District Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson. Yep, the very same lardass cretin who conducted MS's prosecution and persecution, now calls Billy Bob Gates, a Napolean? Well duh, Tommie "The Old homo" Jackson. Billy is way beyond that, moron.
Huh? Huh? HUH? Hey immigrant hispanic filth: this is America and we speak English here, moron tamale eater scumbag. I can't believe the SCOTUS even took the case... unless to prove my prior statement: this is America and we speak English! This is a classic case of subhuman illegal immigrant soon-to-be lib-democRAT garbage, using and abusing our Country and the Legal System.
I remember this lowlife shit book, "Black Like Me"; what a con job it was and millions still believe it. All the pity.
The Florida blacks are still trying to prove "voter disenfranchisement", when there was none. Only in their "victim of racism" minds does it exist. Mary Frances Berry, the chairwoman of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, a race pimp in her own right, can't even conduct impartial hearings based upon the Rule of Law or on what factually happened last Nov 7th. Back to the jungle where you belong, racist bitch.
An accidental cocaine overdose? Ummm, no that's no accident. Another stupid cretinous-moron bites the dust. scumbag should have stayed in the jungle; he'd probably be alive today if he had. Well, good riddance anyway.
The AOL-TimeWarner merger is the biggest fraud and hoax ever perpetrated on the American Public. The lib-dem filth have allowed two lib-dem filth companies to "merge", and own the American Public's ass. With so much at stake, how could the FCC allow it? Simple, baby. It's liberal filth and democRAT slime doing both the merging and judging. Balances out nicely, dontcha think?
Leave it to the blacks to disrupt MLKs Birthday Parade and cause a riot. Seems they're good at that just about everywhere. No wonder there are so many blacks in prisons.
27 million people in AOL worldwide? Well sure, I guess there could be that many people sadly duped and screwed by that shitty ISP.
Dapper Rapper Puff Daddy? Ummmm, I don't think so. He's a just stupid, loudmouth racist who committed some crimes and he needs to go to prison. Sadly, he'll probably only get probation and heavy fines. He richly deserves the full brunt of the Law, as we'd get if we committed similar crimes.

Time To Die, Subhuman Filth.
Enough appeals, enough shit in the US Legal System. Time to get what you deserve, lowlife subhuman filth. You did the crime, now you do the death.
Nice job, Oklahoma. You made my week. Sending a murderous racist-ette to the Hell she so richly deserves, was the smart move. A woman convicted of Killing a childhood friend and later murdering a lesbian lover was executed Thursday night, becoming the first black woman executed in the United States since 1954. I love to see history being made.
What's the f*cking problem? Give this White Trash piece of subhuman shit mass murderer McVeigh an execution date. Here, I've got a calendar handy. Ummm, let's see: how's tomorrow morning at 1am?
Two murderous black scum filth raping and Killing Whites, and the dick-sucking liberal media lowlifes can't call it what it is: a racial hate crime. If the victims' colors had been reversed, the cock-breath liberal media and stinking lib-dem pols would have been screaming coast to coast. Headline news! Double standard? You betcha. These two blacks richly deserve execution.
Though I loathe Muslims and their false religion of Islam, they do it right by executing traitors. The US should do the same to any lowlife filth who betray the US in either war or peace.
Here's a good reason why murderers should be executed: so they don't escape and murder once again. The lowlife piece of subhuman filth who did escape raped and murdered an 81 year old woman, when he was 17. He should have had a bullet in the head upon capture, the first time. I sure hope when he's caught this time, he "resists" and the authorities waste his sorry ass. Ditto the seven murderers, rapists, robbers and child molesters who escaped in Texas back in December. They all should have been executed a long time ago.
Wow! This made my week: white trash piece of subhuman shit Timmy, "I whacked 168 innocent people" McVeigh, OKC bomber and all-around lowlife, is sentenced to die as a federal prisoner on May 16th. If he files a written request with President Clinton or President-elect Bush, he's dead all the same. I and the World will be dancing in the streets.
I disagree that sexual predators should be confined after their prison terms; they should be executed in the first place, upon conviction, so the US Taxpayer doesn't have to foot another bill for criminal filth.
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