the year that was
Friday, January 1, 1999

wow, another year gone and I once again slept through the New Year's Eve revelry. No loss, really. Back in the 60s, 70s and 80s, I used to take particular delight in celebrating New Year's Eve; for the past nine years, I could give a flying rat's ass. Just another night. 1998 was the best year yet for my business — — and a very good year for me, personally, except for all the broken ribs in November and December. If I make it to December 31st, 1999, I'll somehow stay awake and celebrate the coming of 2000 and the resultant world shutdown. That's a definite once-in-anyone's-lifetime event.

Quo Vadis?
Does anyone really know just where the hell the GOP is headed these days? I'm not sure they even know anymore. I sure can't figure it out. There are too many things which don't make any sense anymore; something the GOP can't seem to come to grips with. The Conservative Right is in disrepair and no one knows why or how it happened. Figuring out what happened is crucial to fixing the problem.
Is there a little Clinton in us all; perhaps more than we'd care to admit? Brrrr, that's scary.
During the historic Impeachment Hearings in terribly unsafe buildings, both Washington and Iraq burned and America yawned.
With all his troubles, at least the Clinton family has a bountiful Christmas Dinner table to choose from, though I can't imagine the dinner table small talk is very diverse or exciting these days.
This shows me just how f*cked up the American people really are. Little else can illustrate or reinforce that fact any better than that poll. Just look at the top four scumbags which the American morons-cretins-idiots voted for.
Well, 1998 was certainly an interesting year.

Playtime's Over.
Having missed the Christmas Festival of Some assembly Required with toys of all kinds, for the third year in a row, as well as ubiquitous New Year Celebrations, I now turn my attention back to business: getting ready for Spring 1999s onslaught of retail sales and already-filling-up schedule for landscape projects.
All 1999 Confirmation Orders except two are in: conifer nurserys in New Jersey and Oregon who deal in ultra-high quality nursery stock. I'll get after them both next week for that paperwork. If I don't get what I'd requested, I'll still have time to make arrangements with other nurserys to secure what I need for display and sales.
Just before Christmas, I had a meeting with Alan, my Landscape Foreman and Lynn, my General Manager, to review a rather large list of projects which need to be completed here at the Garden Center & Nursery prior to Spring's arrival and our 9th Open House, Saturday, April 10th. Alan will be selectively using some of the furloughed landscape crew to complete those tasks over the Winter. Lynn, with the able help of her college-bound daughter, Jessica, also has a full plate with lots of retail POS (point-of-sale) software to get under control, labelling software to tame and get all the thousands of signs-tags-labels ready for when the trucks arrive in mid-March. And my Dad, who has been here since the Garden Center opened in 1991, is streamlining the accounting process and reviewing new integrated software which will work along with our new POS software. Me? I'm just coasting this Winter, unlike the past eight years when I had to do dozens of jobs myself. It's a good feeling to have excellent and trustworthy people in place to get all the jobs done.
The back injury from November has healed just fine. But, I cracked another couple of ribs due to smoker's coughing (I think) last Friday, Christmas Day. I woke up at 2am Saturday with excruciating pain. Thanks for the very nice present, Santa. Back to the aspirin and heating pad regimen. Cracked or broken ribs are extremely painful; it only hurts when I breathe.

Blast from The Past.
On Tuesday, I was in nearby Stewartstown, PA, to get some cigarettes and just as I was getting out of my Jeep, someone grabbed me and said, "Okay scumbag, up against the car"! Unfortunately, my .357 Magnum was under the seat and unreachable.
Fortunately, it was an old friend of mine — Will Geho, his new bride, Vicki and Will's two beautiful children, Anna and Josh — just in from Florida. They were on their way over to my Garden Center and just happened to see me at the convenience store.
Almost nine years ago, when I built the place, Will was one of the first people who helped me get started; he was perhaps one of the most knowledgeable horticulturists I'd ever met and was invaluable in helping me select plant material for sale, move large trees with his 80" tree spade and a thousand other tasks for which I'll never be able to repay him.
Well, time changes everyone and everything. Both of us have been through one marriage, and he's found a really wonderful woman, Vicki, to marry and start a new business with.
Well, actually I've found a way to repay him: build a simple, initial website for his new business, and teach him and Vicki how to add to it as time goes on.
I started work on the 5-6 page site on New Year's Eve Day, shot dozens of pics with my Kodak DC-25 digital camera, built the pages and will now spend 3-4 days tweaking the pages. I'll have it on a secret folder on my site, and will post the URL here next Friday, as Will, Vicki, Pat and I make changes and improvements before delivering the site to their ISP in mid-January.

Forget Capture.
Think immediate execution; forget any further incarceration. Three convicted murderers, among the six escapees, need to be executed immediately upon apprehension: whack the towelhead, cretinous-moron, Islam filth.
These scum were allowed outside of Death Row to celebrate Rum-a-dumb (aka Ramadan), which is the Muslim (un)holy month, and many of the prison’s inmates are pig-sucking Muslim scum (read cowards). Time to execute the unholy Muslim filth; bury their stinking carcasses with rotting pigs and hogs. The Allah coward hates pork; he/she likes chicken tacos.
What's the matter, Tennessee? You have moral problems or some other shit holding you back from doing justice to the escaped filth? I don't; give me the execution weapon, I'll do it with Christian Holiday glee. Murder is murder; forget 1st or 2nd or 3rd degree. If these filth have whacked innocent citizens, then they need to die immediately upon conviction. Where's my .357 Magnum? I'm most happy to do the deed.
I hate cowardly liberal filth who can't do what's right for society and the legal system. Give me my trusty .357, hypodermic, electric chair plug or cyanide pellets; I'll do what's right to protect our innocent citizens. No fail, baby. No goddamned Rum-a-Dumb bullshit towelhead filth (un)holiday will keep me from my appointed rounds as Executioner-In-Chief. BTW, I'm running for that office.
Look at these slimy, towelheaded filth: you or I could beat them to death with one hand tied behind our collective backs. The prison guards are wimps. Execute them, too.
Should it matter about the amount of Killing? What's the real difference between 1 person and 6 million souls? To my way of reasoning, none. Execute these murdering filth, too.
What is all this diplomatic shit about giving a foreign murderer access to that consulate or embassy for defense? Bullshit: notify the embassy, execute the murderer and then have the dead murderer's stinking carcass shipped to the embassy for disposal. By the same token, if an American murders someone in a foreign country, that country's laws and punishment should override any US embassy interference.
Despite interference from liberal shit scum DPIC, executions will continue to rise and are the correct and just way to deal with subhuman, heinous murderers. Instead of being so concerned with a murderer's rights, why don't the whining, bed-wetting liberal morons begin to look after the victim's rights? An executed murderer never commits another murder.
Jeeez, I hope the Authorities catch and jail the lowlife scum who did this. I'd be most happy to execute them slowly and painfully; just call me, sheriff. I'll be right out there; glad to pay my way to the execution.
I don't think that there's any question that these two mass murderers need a swift trial and speedy execution.

They're Kidding, Right?
Instead of helping the Brazilian Indian tribes in the Amazon Jungle get the basics - running water, indoor plumbing, hospitals, schools et al — some shit-for-brains liberal do-gooder from the commie-socialist Committee for the Democratization of Information, a private group that provides computers and training to poor communities, mostly the hillside slums of Rio de Janeiro (just what they need, too), is spending huge sums of cash to bring computers and gas-powered generators to the jungles.
Forget the simple fact that these Indians are still living in the 7th or 8th century; now they can go shopping online with the rest of the World. Ditto for the millions living in abject poverty in Rio de Janeiro's squalid slums. Hey, Pablo, meet you at at 3pm! How utterly f*cking stupid. No wonder Brazil is still in the 15th century as a nation, with a moron mentality such as that.
Nope, they're not kidding. Just some more liberal idiots wasting money trying to control the masses through whatever means they can find. Give these millions of poor people all the technology they can handle, as they slowly starve to death and die from disease. Good move.

Waste All The Towelheads.
Speaking of Islam scumbags, it's way past time to turn the entire Mideast into a cinder. If it's not innocent tourists being kidnapped and whacked then it's Iraqi, towelhead filth pretending they're tough guys, or they're slaughtering their own people. Either way, I've had the shits of it.
Their so-called religion, Islam, is dogshit. It's a false calling, urging extremists to violence and murder. Under the pretext of religion, the subhuman Muslim filth commit all kinds of atrocities against innocents.
Yet, the Christian religion did the same thing: the Crusades, War of The Roses, The Inquisition et al; all in the name of God. And it goes on today, still. Missionaries trying to civilize the heathens, spreading the gospel to infidels. Why can't this world allow the other world to simply live in peace, instead of intruding and enslaving?
All organized religions are bogus; merely businesses with zealots, con-artists and nutcases running them. The worst is the vatican. Or check out the CATV channel, late night ministers with those really bad hairpieces; they speak volumes.

Cross Breeding.
When I lived in Princeton, NJ and worked in New York City for 17 years, I saw many interracial couples. But that was in a city of 12 million, and was to be expected. There were all kinds of sickening and sad combinations.
After moving to York, PA, in 1989 and starting my 20acre Garden Center & Nursery, I have seen a dramatic increase in the number of mixed couples per 1,000 population. That doesn't bother me — that's their problem; what does bother me is their offspring or progeny. Those children face very hard times ahead as a result of mixed race breeding.
I don't agree with interracial breeding — it's like crossing a donkey with a mule — and the resultant children, who always suffer the brunt of problems, are the innocents. The races should be kept separate and distinct; cross-breeding is a terrible mistake. The world has too many half-breeds and mulattoes as it is. Interracial couples should be sterilized upon inception of marriage.

Dumb Laws.
Did you know that in Massachusetts, mourners at a wake may not eat more than three sandwiches? Here's the largest collection of stupid laws found anywhere. And there are lots of 'em. Simply great legislation.

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