squeaky wheel
gets the grease
Friday, January 21, 2005

hether valid or not, those who yell loudest and longest, more often get serviced the quickest. Squeaky wheel gets the grease syndrome. And in these days of all the poor lib-dem scumbags, psychopaths, losers and malcontents, who are "suffering" from PEST (Post Election Selection Trauma) and other imagined maladies, they are definitely squealing and whining the loudest. In this case, the "grease" is tormenting and thoroughly ignoring them. It's just so much fun to denigrate their pathetic bleatings and let them continue to wander in the political and social wilderness. I am thoroughly enjoying it. The hate-America liberal-demokkkRAT garbage in the left-wing-biased MSM (Main Stream Media) continue to highlight the negative and ignore the positive of what the brave US Military is doing, worldwide, but especially in Iraq. Let them and the Euro-trash continue hating America. I revel in their abject misery and pain.

Around The Garden Center.®
We dodged another Winter snow-icestorm last Friday, as a huge front moved through with over 2" of rain, thunderstorms and sleet, which then turned to snow. The multi-million gallon retention ponds at the GC&N Complex were overflowing, and flood watches were posted throughout the region. The brunt of the storm was to the west and north of us, here in York, PA.
On Monday, I did something I haven't done in 25 years or more: stopped at a local street corner USPS Mailbox, and mailed a letter. There are only a few dozen left in Red Lion (PA), a small town I daily pass through on my way to and from the GC&N Complex. Opening the trap door, reading the posted pick-up schedule, and dropping-in the letter, was fun, once again. It was snowing — we got just under 2" — and it brought back fond memories of the 50s and 60s, when our Family lived in West Virginia and Illinois, and I used those neighborhood corner mailboxes, frequently. A "warm fuzzy" memory, to be sure. In 10 years, they'll be gone, and a mere exhibit in The Smithsonian Institution.
I wonder if anyone except government workers, blacks, schoolkids, bankers etc took MLK Day on Monday, off? Just another working day for most of America, I'd bet. Oh, well; I prefer to celebrate Ben Franklin's birthday on January 17th, not MLK Day, the phony, criminal scumbag.
Winter is finally here. Temps are in the low teens, with brutal windchills in the single negative digits. Snow squalls are moving through and the ground has finally begun to freeze, even with the insulative snowpack. Yikes, -54°F is really cold! Yeah sure, *global warming* is out of control.
It started snowing hard on Wednesday morning, and I decided to leave early, before my usual 3pm (Winter hours) quitting time, and go home before all the crazies hit the roads and accidents mounted. It was almost zero visibility driving up through southern York County, and many, way too many, cars and trucks were driving at or above the speed limit, on ice-covered roads. People forget common sense, like slowing-the-hell-down and double or triple the following distances. Stupid insanity.
I just heard the forecast for this weekend, and it's not a good one. Sounds like we're going to hammered. Film at 11pm.

President George W Bush was inaugurated and sworn-in as the 55th President Of The United States, at 12 noon, yesterday. I sure hope he's up to what's coming from the lib-dem trash and filth. What a great day Thursday was.
Here's the inauguration speech that President Bush should have given yesterday, darnit.
10 years in prison for humiliating, not abusing, some muslim filth and arab assholes, Mr President? BS. Step-in and commute the sentences, of all involved. How can you and Rummy let this happen on your 2nd watch?

Hate-America, Liberal-demokkkRATs.
Amazing that there are still some libs and dems who still thing that John F(ucking) Kerry should have won/ did win the election.
I call for the immediate trial, conviction, sentencing, and execution of US Sen Barbara "I Hate America" Boxer (LIAR-CA). She's a hate-America whorebag, slutrag, degenerate subhuman deviant, liberal-demokkkRAT-progressive-socialist-fascist-nazi-islamofascist-commie bitch. The carpet-munching slut from The Peoples' Republik of Kalifornicate, is a two-bit partisan liar and hack.
Liar, scumbag, lowlife, liberal degenerate Danny "Butt-Boy" Rather-Blather, needs to go to prison, for interference in a federal election. He's liberal dogshit. Hey, Danny: are those Vaseline® or KY Jelly® stains on your trousers? And 4 women take the fall, for this homo coward.
I also call for the immediate trial, conviction, sentencing, and execution of alcoholic, murderer, philanderer, liar, scumbag, disgraced, bloated US Sen Teddy "Chappaquiddick Swimmer" Kennedy (DRUNK-MA), for sedition, treason and aiding and abetting the enemy. Kennedy is pigshit.
Our brave American US Military recognize what liberal-demokkkRAT filth the MSM (Main Stream Media) are, and react accordingly.
George Tenet is abject garbage. He should be tried, convicted, sentenced and executed for dereliction of duty, and treason.
Liberal-demokkkRATs committing crimes? The two most high-profile suspects - Michael "shit for brains" Pratt, son of former Acting Mayor Marvin Pratt, and Sowande Omokunde, bastard dirtbag son of US Rep Gwen "the whore" Moore - are still in the mix of those who could face charges. Rot in prison, pigshit garbage.
Any doubt in your mind that liberal-demokkkRATs are festering, fetid dogshit? Read this.
Yeah sure, leftist garbage: George Bush is exterminating the muslim race. First, muslims are not a race. They're a cult of murderous subhuman filth and deserve killing. Next idiot statement?
Act up, left-wing nut wacko filth, and the security folks will split your hate-filled heads open. Cowards? Ummmm, thought so.

Lowlife, Subhuman Filth.
Ellen Johnson, president of American Atheists: eff you, whorebag, subhuman, degenerate, lowlife subhuman filth.
Lowlife, subhuman, drug-addicted whore: convicted murderer OJ Simpson's 19-year-old whorebag daughter was arrested after she refused to stop yelling at officers who had been summoned because of a fight outside a basketball game involving her old prep school. Kill the bitch!
The dirtbag, subhuman homo filth at Wenner Media, publishers of The Rolling Stone garbage, refuse to run a print ad for the new Bible, due out in February. Well, faggotism is a sin.
Philadelphia sucks.
NAACP chairman Julian Bond is mentally-ill, and should be hospitalized for treatment.

Some People Just Need Killing™.
Bravo California; you made my week by putting Donald Beardslee, 61, to death. That's your first in 3 years. Don't you feel better that a subhuman murderer isn't ever going to kill again? I sure do.
Over 2,500 convicted murderers released and walking the streets of New York City?
Time to kill 53-year-old Larry Clark and 54-year-old Ron Reed, two subhuman filth who murdered a a St. Paul police officer, 35 years ago.
Execute Kill the Lynne Stewart bitch, for treason. Prison's way too good for her hate-America ass. Kill the subhuman whorebag slut.
Yes, I'm a big fan and proponent of the death penalty, in case you haven't already guessed it.
Subhuman, lowlife filth, Joe Miller needs killing, badly.

Sam's Mailbox Picture Collection.
Is there anything more indicative of the human spirit and mankind's perpetual quest for beauty than a lovingly crafted mailbox in the shape of a cow? Whatever your answer, you can still enjoy Sam's repository of the most bizarre mailboxes on the planet. Apparently, some people like to receive their TV Guides and credit card bills in something a little more ornate than the traditional lunch pail-shaped receptacle. Sam has done us the service of posting the wildest and wackiest of these, adorning streets from North Carolina to New Zealand. From the Octo-Box to the Hammer, it's the most fun we've had at the mailbox since the invention of the plain brown wrapper. It's also educational. For instance, we learned it must be fun to deliver letters from the IRS in Texas.

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