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Friday, January 22, 1999

there's no way I'd want to have young children right now. Having to
explain unnecessary things, like why Clinton is truly a scumbag, what cheating and lying is, what "is" or "is" isn't, what oral sex is or isn't, the proper use for a cigar, how to get DNA out of a fabric, what impeachment is all about et al. It's too much and something parents shouldn't be forced to do. Once again, Bubba's immoral and illegal actions have negatively impacted all of America for a generation or more to come. Fortunately, both my kids are long grown and can evaluate things for themselves. But I both pity and sympathize with today's parents of young children. Nice legacy you've left, Billy Boy, you degenerate lump-of-shit.

Trial: Day Two.
It's been a masterful presentation so far of the evidence and facts about the lying bastard scumbag Clinton's crimes of perjury and obstruction of Justice. The House Managers have done well; unfortunately, the Law will not be served due to 45 lib-Dem scum who won't vote to convict and remove. They're just as bad some are worse than Clinton. But just the fact that they had to sit with their filth-spewing mouths shut during this whole process was worth the look.
All of us in the VRWC are thoroughly enjoying The Show; it would sure be nice to see it to its logical and legal conclusion. But a greatly weakened Clinton is better than AlGore, anytime. He's getting what he so richly dseserves. f*ck the 67% who don't want this to continue.

Trial: Day Three.
I had to work Saturday, so I couldn't watch the proceedings live, but will check in with C-Span later today to see how the session went. The Clintonite filth start their spin-lies to the Nation on Tuesday.
Nice presentation, gentlemen.
All the lib-Dem scumbags took to the talk shows on Sunday decrying the calling of witnesses in Clinton's Senate Trial. Their twisted reasoning is that it'll drag the process out for months. Well, okay; that's exactly what I'd like to see happen. Let's all watch as Clinton twists and turns in the wind, hanging by that self-made noose around his checkenshit neck. Read a couple of the lib-Dem filth's comments about diverting and perverting the process; it's enlightening what that sleazeball, liberal piece of shit Torricelli (D-NJ) said.
Meanwhile, life goes on elsewhere.

With Any Luck...
This pig-f*cking, slimeball, sloth-like, scumbag needs to die a clean death. One shot. God, it would be nice to rid the World of a subhuman, piece-of-shitscum like Larry Flynt; he's rotting garbage, pornographic filth. Whomever shot and paralyzed him needed serious target practice; I could have hit the cerebellum or brainstem on the 1st shot; with my .357 Magnum, there'd be nothing left. Only a stump where the head previously was. It's what he deserves. Give me a chance!
Hey, let's give Charlie Boy Manson some prison mental hospital leave time too; hell, if Johnny Boy Hinckley gets it, Chuckie should. Sure, makes sense... to execute them both! No f*cking hospital leave! What the hell's wrong with this f*cking society? Murderers and attempted murderers need to die. Period. Jeeeeesus f*cking Christ, get the stinking liberals out of the courts!
Oh, oh, I gotta sit down for a while. My blood pressure's way up from that one. I just can't believe what goes on in this country's f*cked up Legal System.
Well, here's a hot one: a convicted whacker, to be executed in a few weeks, making a plea over the 'Net. Gee, what an original thought. Die like the piece of subhuman shit you are, Sellers scum.
Jeeeeeeesus f*cking Christ: look at the subhuman garbage filth murderers who are pleading, whining for their stinking, worthless lives online. Execute them all. What about the victims? Where are their websites? How do they get their lives back?
Look at this murdering son-of-a-bitch and tell me that he/it doesn't need execution.
There are thousands of scumbags on Death Row; why would anyone want to fabricate evidence? It's abundanza!
Yeah sure, this'll go over like a fart in church. Wall Street may just as well flush that $6 billion; investment in any city's inner structure is a gross waste of resources as long as all the current filth and scum still live there. Hell, they destroyed it once; this pipe dream just gives them a fresh place to trash once again. But Clinton owes Jesse "gimme alla yah monies, whitey!" Jackson for the phony religious counselling midway in the Monicagate scenario, so this boondoggle was the price for that laughable show they both put on a few months ago, with counselling and prayers.
And the subhuman piece of shit towelhead Sodomy Insane still needs Killing.
And needs to die as prescribed by , no delays. If the current executioneer has a problem, call me! Ithis lowlife, piece-of-scumbag-shit'll be right there to terminate the subhuman piece-of-shit.

The First Liar's Defense Line.
The myopic, sexually-challenged, Janet Reno has done it again: denied a special independent counsel to investigate the corrupt fundraising of Clinton-Gore in 1996. This case was so obvious, done in front of everyone, and almost no lurid details hidden. But once again she's doing her/ his job: protecting Clinton from the Law.
Any 1996 Democratic National Committee (DNC) Re-Election Campaign investigation would uncover an amazing pile of shit, dirt and filth leading everywhere, including Chi-Comm China and the two-bit, Riady scumbags. It would blow Monica away. Ooops, sorry for the pun.

Hypocrites, morons and Scumbags.
Yes, the so-called president's so-called lawyers. They lied en masse to the US Senate in trying to save Bubba's sorry ass from conviction in The Impeachment Trial. Diversion, subterfuge, denial and subversion. They were pathetic; anyone with a functioning brain saw that fat,stupid piece of shit Chuckie FC Ruff make a laughable jerkbag out of himself on State of The Union Address Day; Clintonites excepted.
The fat, stupid, slothlike, lawyer Chuckie Boy FC Ruff knows for sure. A DC-insider punk in a wheelchair, he's quite capable of prostituting himself for the almighty dollar and 6pm news sound-bite. Quite the proven whore. The other ambulance-chasing, so-called lawyers on Clinton's handicapped team are even worse losers.
Clinton gave the State of The Union Speech, disregarding his shame and derision in the impeachment and trial hearings of his crimes. The First Liar did a good job, as we're accustomed to seeing him do when he's in the spotlight. Now if his handlers could just keep him out of dark hallways and ante rooms with very young, female interns...
Why doesn't this surprise me, either? What does surprise me that that only 584 adults were polled and the results extrapolated into a full-blown national survey. It's bogus.

Why Doesn't This Surprise Me?
Any time there's billions and billions of dollars applied against an event The Olympics qualifies there is plenty of room for graft, corruption, bribes and all kinds of illegality. It's always been that way and probably always will be.
The 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan are a prime example of graft and corruption.
It's starting to unravel and will get very nasty in a short while. Dozens, perhaps hundreds of International Olympic Committee (IOC) personnel will be jumping ship and slapping blame on everyone else, except the lowlife, commie-socialist crook who deserveds it: IOC President Juan Antonio Samaranch. This guy's a dirtbag, piece-of-shit who always has his stinking hands out for bribes. He needs a 25-year prison sentence in Mexico's worst hellhole.

A Huge Mistake.
Why would the US Government Postal Dep't put a racist piece of shit on an American stamp? Malcom eXcrement is now on a US stamp. He was no 'visionary'; he was a stinking racist of the 60s. He hated whites and Jews; he advocated Killing them all and setting up a stinking muslim nation, after the US was overthrown. Fortunately, he was assassinated by one of his own kind and we don't have to deal with shit like him anymore.
No thanks, I'll buy the generic 33-centers; no racist commemorative stamps for me.
Speaking of stinking, towelhead, Muslim scumbags: here boys, eat some ham!

How'd They Do That?
Want to be amazed at perhaps one of the best uses of card tricks on the InterNet? Follow the simple directions, and then spend the next few seconds/minutes/hours/days/weeks/months/years trying to figure it out. Write when you get work.

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