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Friday, January 23, 1998

these are trying times we live in. Actually, times to try to keep from laughing so hard it hurts the 6th and 7th ribs. Laughing about the circus in the world around us that goes on on a daily basis, and we're the unwitting and unwilling spectators. Recently, our very own immoral White House inhabitants have provided much of the world's entertainment; I'm not referring to Hollywood's left wing nut liberal version(s), either. NaughtyGate has predominated with Gennifer, Dolly, Paula and Monica getting speaking roles, as Bill's equals. I'm finally glad they get top billing, too. But I'm also sad, too. The Presidency is again publicly besmirched and the Nation's moral fabric is all the poorer for it.

Keep It In Your Pants, Bubba.
It's finally happened: Slick Willie The Bubba's Willie is going to court. But first, a deposition with him facing the bimbo he wanted oral sex from. I'd pay to be the fly-on-the-wallpaper in that room.
It's not bad enough that the so-called Clinton presidency will be the laughing stock of every city newspaper around the world, Clinton will have to lie under oath to avoid an out-of-court settlement and take this disgraceful mess into a public trial courtroom. Somehow, I believe the bimbo on this one.
She gave her deposition; now it's time for Billy to give his.
Just another lowlight among many in Slick Willie The Bubba's career. Really something that his family and this nation can be proud of. Reporters from as far away as Germany and Japan showed up to film what they could. Americans don't give a shit, once again, what (or whom) their (collectively speaking) president does in his long history of philandering and misogyny. Another sad commentary on this nation's continuing ethical decline.
And here comes another one; this time with a young White House intern. When this one hits the proverbial fan, the wallpaper will need to be changed. This is potentially very serious. The lurid details are very intriguing, to say the least. Of course Bubba denies it, and so does Hitlery. Meanwhile, the investigations continue to the tune of $30 million so far.
I didn't vote for Clinton in either '92 or '96. Someone did, as he was elected and re-elected. If this is what we (collectively speaking) as a Nation believe Clinton to be a liar and blatant philanderer why the f*ck was he elected and re-elected over other candidates with integrity and morals?

Turning A Phrase.
Several weeks ago, I used the phrase Clintonism to describe a very sleazy, unprincipled, morally bankrupt and two-faced form of government; characteristics not seen together in one president, ever. He has that dubious distinction. As does his criminal cronies.
Newsweek sees it somewhat differently and much more benevolently, that's for sure. His so-called wife, Hitlery is also in that less-than-honest category. She's a congenital liar as well.

Double Standard.
Slick Willie The Bubba probably has lots of notches on his private parts, from all the indiscriminate trysts with various bimbos over the years. The American public is familiar with 5 or 6 so far. There are probably dozens we don't know about, yet.
If Clinton were a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at The Pentagon, he would have been forced to resign because of all his adulterous behavior. Several prominent generals already have been prematurely retired for affairs in their past years. One Navy Admiral even whacked himself. If Clinton were CEO of Proctor & Gamble, which espouses family values in its huge consumer product line up, he would have already been forced to resign over the public furor.
Is the US Presidency any less moral or held to a less ethical standard than a position in the Joint Chiefs or a simple CEO of P&G? Certainly shouldn't be. If anything, it's a job requiring more morality and ethics. But of the past 10-15 presidents, many have proven to be less than qualified for the job, beginning with the immoral and adulterous JFK. Seems he had a zipper problem, too.
Why doesn't Clinton just hire a rotating roster of prostitutes instead of porking some bimbo right inside The White House? Jeeez, what a moron. Nothing like shitting right where you eat.
Though they're secretly dancing with glee, the conservatives are maintaining their distance from this unfolding scandal.
Clinton uses women in any and every way he can. That's natural for a habitual philanderer and misogynist.
It's amazing that the American public allows this behavior from the Nation's (so-called) Chief Executive and Commander-In-Chief. But poll after poll shows that Americans don't give a flying shit; the response is, so what! Not only is Clinton and his criminal cadre licensed to do what they want, no one cares as long as the publics' (collectively speaking) pockets and bellies are full.
The Nation's pockets and bellies may be full, but the reserve of honesty, ethics and morals is empty among the majority of Americans. The nation's shoulder shrug at what Clinton has done or is doing tips the Richter Scale at 7.2 on a 10-scale. Thump. The NaughtyGate saga continues.

Capital Punishment Crime.
It's just another case of rape though international in scope that deserves the death penalty applied swiftly to each convicted rapist.
I've been saying that rape and child molestation should join murder as crimes requiring capital punishment; liberals have repeatedly maintained that the violation of one person's body usually a woman and often a child isn't grounds for the death penalty, that the evil perpetrator can and should be rehabilitated. Well duh, aren't liberals a bunch of morons? This kind of anal retentive thinking just allows more women to be raped and more children to be molested and whacked.
Next to Killing an innocent, what could be more personal that rape or molestation of an innocent? Most of those cases aren't even prosecuted fully; evil plea bargaining castrates the Law's balls and renders it impotent.
The result? A steady increase in rape and molestation victims and moral fabric decay of our societal values in protecting our citizens. I'll bet Lassie could run and be elected on a harsh death penalty platform for rape and child molestation.
Someone has to finally protect women and children. The current Law surely doesn't. Of the 1.7 million scum now in prison, tens-of-thousands of murderers, rapists and child molesters are released to harm new victims, when in fact, they should all be executed.

Free Speech.
The First Amendment is in serious peril of being beaten down in court. After making a supposed libelous comment, she's finding her abrasive personality, loud mouth and fat ass hauled into court.
As much as I dislike D'Op-rah and her ilk, the abridgement of the First Amendment's Guarantee of Free Speech is intolerable.
The courts have rightly and wrongly ruled in hundreds of cases, on a marginal law now adopted in over 13 states to protect intentional and criminally-negligent practices. It's documented but the liberal court judges always seem to find for the plaintiffs. Campaign and election finance regularities are at work there. The investigations continue on a massive scale.
Something might actually come out of this lawsuit. The real question is what will it mean for the nation's food supply?
This unusual lawsuit on abridgement of free speech was upheld. Hopefully, the slimy cattle rancher scumbags will lose their suit.

whack Them Both!
I've always hated these what-is-it things since they hit the national wallet years ago. Now I use both Barney and Elmo as target practice. Bring your own .357 magnum, ear plugs and join in the fun.

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