down the dumper
Friday, January 25, 2002

As a Nation, we didn't need this Enron mess just right now, euphemistically dubbed Enronomics. Next year would have been better; or perhaps in '05 or '06?. There's a lot on the National Plate right now. Okay, no sweat, we'll deal with it. Additionally, Japan and Ford announced that they are set to begin their precipitous slides, and K-Mart tanked last week. Uhhh, buh-bye Martha. But I digress. The Enron mess is not just the story of a company that failed; it is the story of an entire support system that failed. And the system didn't fail through carelessness or laziness; it was corrupted. You can't run a modern capitalist economy with family-owned companies and partnerships. And capitalism as we know it, depends on a set of institutions (free registration required) — many of them provided by the government — that limit the potential for insider abuse. These institutions include modern accounting rules, independent auditors, securities and financial market regulation, and prohibitions against insider trading. The Enron mess shows that these institutions have been corrupted. None of the checks and balances that were supposed to prevent insider abuses worked; the supposedly independent players were compromised. And thousands of ordinary people lost billions of dollars. Is "too much of a good thing really too wonderful"?, quoth Mae West. Who says life is fair?

Around The Garden Center.
I had my landscape foreman and one of his crew chiefs spend the week finishing the potting-up of hundreds of pieces of bareroot plants, and then start transplanting several dozen specimens in the 2 acre Display Gardens to other locations. In 11 years, some are encroaching on others, and some are being encroached upon. This is the perfect time to dig and move both conifers and deciduous material: they're dormant and transplant easily.
The snow that we'd gotten 2 weeks ago had finally melted, putting a little moisture back into the unfrozen ground. On Saturday, we had another snowstorm, starting about 9:30am. A massive system moved from the Gulf area up the east coast and coated us with 5" by evening. I went down to the Garden Center Complex about 9am, to feed Pickle and do some paperwork. At around 11:30am, it was snowing heavily, I left and weaved ('94 Jeep Grand Cherokee V8 LTD AWD), ducked, bobbed, slid and navigated my way around hundreds of sliding, skidding and stuck cars and trucks, none with 4WD or AWD (all wheel drive). I've been saying this for 15 years: no 2WD vehicles should be allowed on any streets after it begins to snow, by law. The lazy PennDot road crews had not salted, sanded or cindered any of the roads, so the driving surface had turned to glass. It took me 3hrs to go 14 miles and circumnavigate all the 2WD-unfortunates. What a mess.
On Sunday, I went down to the GC&N Complex to plough the parking lots and driveways, feed Pickle and do some more paperwork — the shit stuff never ends when you have your own business. Getting ready for Spring is an all-Winter long job. Spreadsheet templates for landscape estimates and invoices have to be updated, 2001 files saved to back-up Zip disks, payroll templates also have to be updated for 2002, POS (point of sale) computers have to be updated with incoming inventory and new pricing, have the old inventory deleted, and on and on and on. No end to it.
A key gauge of U.S. economic activity rose a strong 1.2 percent in December, and the third consecutive monthly gain signaled that the nation’s economy could be nearing a rebound. Good news, indeed, even though 4-5 small and 1-2 medium-sized garden center/nurserys/landscapers went under. No loss; they're trash and scum who f*cked screwed the American Public on a regular basis.
Better late than never. This man got his Eagle Scout rank at 72, just a "few years" over the limit, because of polio. Bravo. I got mine in '63 at 13. Welcome to The Club, Mr Watring; we're proud to have you.
It rained almost all day Thursday and netted 2.5" of moisture, easily soaking into unfrozen ground. That sure helped the drought situation. We only need 12" or 13" more to break even for last year.

I Told You So.
Here it is: what I've warned against for the past 3 years, as a illogical progression from the persecution/prosecution of the Big Tobacco and Big Firearms. Blaming someone else for being overweight. Leave it to the liberally-biased ABCNews to suggest that you can blame the Big Food for your being overweight, sue and win. Nutrition activists? Did I read that right? What the hell heck are nutrition activists?
FOXNewsCATV is following closely behind, hoping it will disappear; not likely, though.
Whatever happened to taking responsibility for your own actions? Seems the lib-dem filth have put that on the back burner, once again. What's next? Big Autos? Big Sugar? Big Chocolate? Big Salt? There's no end to where irresponsible people can place blame instead of standing up and taking responsibility for their own actions.

Guns & asser.
The People's Republik of Illinois has begun confiscating legally owned and registered guns. I'm sure glad I don't live there anymore. What the lib-dem idiots don't can't won't realize is that when the government disarms the law-abiding citizenry, you have Great Britain's North London area, where no one except the criminals have guns and crime is blatant and rampant.

What's Wrong In Our Schools?
Besides the obvious lack of quality teachers, bad (read progressive liberal) curricula being taught and God and America expelled? Three people whacked in a small Virginia law college, two people whacked in a south Florida community college and two other students shot (still alive) in a Manhattan high school, just last week alone.
Back in the late early 60s, I took my Mossberg .22cal target rifle/ 100x Bushnell Scope, to school, many times, at the invitation of teachers and the principal, for "show and tell". No one worried that I might massacre an entire school grade; it was a given that I knew what I was doing. They respected me, and I respected them. I showed all the correct operation of a firearm, and no one was concerned. I carried it in it's sling, upside down, bolt open and 20shot clip, absent and in my backpack, with all the ammo. No problem. I also brought my Grandpa Shelley's 10gauge, single barrel, breach-loader shotgun (what a beauty!) to school, for "show and tell". Again, no problem. I still have both of those guns and haven't whacked a single human or animal with either. (Ted Kennedy's car has whacked more people than all my guns.) Sure, I was a first. No one in the history of Miner Jr HS in Arlington Heights, IL, or Prospect HS in Mt Prospect, IL, had ever done that, until I did.
Back then, the world was in a Cold War state, but eminently more civilized. Why? More civilized European Immigrants, better manners, morals, positive religious (Catholic, Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptist, Lutheran, Jewish etc) influences et al, as opposed to the lowlife subhuman garbage trashfilth Turd World (Muslim, Islamist, Hindu, Buddhist etc) scum overrunning this Nation, as encouraged and facilitated by the lib-dem seditionists and traitors. Time to round-up, intern, deport or execute, ASAP. whack the towelhead garbage.

The Massacre of September 11th.
This is wrong, very wrong. The US shouldn't be in the business of capturing, detaining and trying terrorists. We should be in the business of Killing them.
Every lowlife, whining international watchdog group and scumbag, sub-human rights organization large enough to merit a name seemed to leap up this week and complain about the U.S. military's treatment of the Taliban and al-Qaida prisoners transferred to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
Why are 20% of the Nation's 28,000 airport screeners not US Citizens? And why are they still here? Deport them all, INS!
With law enforcement focused on the threat from Middle Easterners, intelligence officials believe that the next face of a terrorist is not going to be an Arab face, but possibly Indonesian, Filipino, a Malaysian face, or even African. Okay fine, profile them all and deport or execute, if suillegal alienious. No problem here. Secure and seal the borders.
Gee, American Airlines Flight 587 from Paris to Miami, downed by a terrorist "shoe bomber #1"? Shucks, 28 witnesses have sworn they saw something happen to AA587, over Long Island Queens. As if NYC hasn't had enough horror: Up-Chuckie "The Clymer Putz" Schumer and Hitlery Rotten "I hate Jews and idiots" Clintoon and shit-for-brains mayor Mikey "The Idiot RINO" Bloomberg, Koch, Dinkins, The Massacre of September 11th, Herpes and HIV in prodigous quantities to negate anthrax, I could go on and on and on. I think I'll make an adult beverage or two, OR uncork a '98 Banrock Station Shiraz. You?
Long, long, long past time for the USA to leave the corrupted, Islamic lowlife, pork-sucking Muslim shitfilth Saudi garbage. Let them crash harshly. whack all the terrorist filth.
Good; lowlife, subhuman, towelhead, Muslim shithead, Zacarias Moussaoui sandidiot's request to have his terrorist trial televised, is denied. District Court Judge Leonie Brinkema was wise. Give the pork-sucking Islamist murderer a fair trial and then hang him.
The lowlife, subhuman, towelhead Muslim shitfilth, homo pedophile, so-called "shoe bomber", Ricky "The Pork Eater" Reid, left trails and evidence all over the place on computers. Try him and execute him; I'm sick of looking at that ugly sandidiot half-breed punk's face on the Web's news sites. whack him; whack all terrorists. Seal the damned borders.
Why are we bringing this traitorous scumbag subhuman back to the US for a trial? Mo-ham-head Walker should have been executed after they found him in Afghanistan, as with the other terrorists. No mercy, a quick head-shot and into a pit full of pig guts. Maggots, do your stuff.
Yow-sir Arid-fart considering resignation? That lowlife lying Islamic, homosexual pedophile buggerer, subhuman, Muslim, pork-eating, Allah The Scumbag Islamist, murdering terrorist, ought to consider suicide. And very seriously. Go get him, Israel.
Leave it to the brainless Brits to object to how mass murdering terrorists are treated. Hey Limeys: f*ck buzz off. It was our 3,000 people they murdered; you'll get your chance to be nauseatingly polite soon enough. If I was in charge, I'd have personally executed each of the lowlife Muslim scum, and dumped the carcasses into a pit full of pig entrails. Ditto that moron Australian morons.
I don't want to understand Islam, I want to whack as many of the subhuman deviant degenerate lowlife pork-sucking Muslim shitfilth. I want them dead by the tens of thousands; millions if possible. Payback is a bitch, towelhead scum.
Opium poppies are back in vogue in Afghanistan, during the drought. Sure, save me a pound of ope, guys. Not!
Topple Yow-suh Arid-fart? No, whack him and all the PA pork-sucking, lowlife, subhuman towelhead filth.
Go Israel go. whack as many Palestinian militant murderous subhuman filth as you can. They're vermin and should be exterminated. The US supports you; f*ck screw the rest of the f*cked screwed-up world.
whack Walker Traitor Filth! whack Walker Traitor Filth! whack Walker Traitor Filth! whack Walker Traitor Filth! whack Walker Traitor Filth! whack Walker Traitor Filth! whack Walker Traitor Filth! whack Walker Traitor Filth! whack Walker Traitor Filth! whack Walker Traitor Filth! whack Walker Traitor Filth! whack Walker Traitor Filth! whack Walker Traitor Filth! whack Walker Traitor Filth! whack Walker Traitor Filth! whack Walker Traitor Filth! whack Walker Traitor Filth! whack Walker Traitor Filth! Gimme 30secs alone with him in a room; he's a corpse. I'd love to whack him with my bare hands; an absolute pleasure for America.
whack the sandidiot towelhead filth scum Somali coward garbage! All of 'em.
Euro-trash and Brit shit? Yes, unfortunately, lots of it.
The traitorous Walker scumbag should have his day in a military tribunal, and then be executed, not in a US Court of Law. This is a major league mistake and sets a dangerous precedent.
My prediction on the next terrorist event? The Olympics in Salt Lake, UT. I was half-right about NYC.

It's been just one year for W and this piece on moral clarity sums it up very nicely. Yes, it's been one hell of a year for W&Co.
"Republicans should run on the message that they are the party who can be trusted to successfully fight the war against terrorism. We can also go to the country on this issue because they trust the Republican Party to do a better job of protecting and strengthening America's military might and thereby protecting America." All true, but why allow liberal-biased ABCNews to publish such a strategy? Another blunder from Carl Rove, W's advisor. And this is what the GOP gets from that Rove idiots musings. Stupid, little balding turd.
Arlen Specter, US Sen PA, is an embarrassment to Pennsylvania; he's a f*cking RINO piece of garbage. A liar, lowlife piece of shit shit, homo-lover, abortionist scumbag. He richly deserves a case of terminal painful prostate cancer or another — this time malignant — brain tumor.
Ever hear of Klamath Falls, OR? We're all going to hear a lot more, soon.
But I still don't understand why W's using the same lousy tactics that the criminal BJ Clintoon used in withholding documents for evidence in congressional hearings: executive privilege. That's going to come back to bite the GOP in the ass.
Lazarus? No, Lazio. Rick Lazio. Back from the dead missing.
What does a deficit mean?: they over spent. What does a surplus mean?: we overpaid. Pretty simple stuff, isn't it?

Lib-democRAT Trash.
Good riddance to the left-wing wacko terrorist bitch, Kathleen Soliah or Sara Jane Olson, whatever; I truly hope she has a "fun time" in prison with all the s and their broomhandles as she does 10years to life for a bank robber and murder of a woman customer. PLUS, she was sentenced to 20 years to life for conspiring to blow up police cars in 1975, a charge unrelated to the above bank robbery and murder. Next, go after the Tom Hayden filth in The People's Republik of Kalifornicate for his criminal involvement in the 60s and 70s. This sums it up very very nicely.
And another hearty good riddance to the low class Talk magazine and its two-dollar Brit whore editor-publisher and Clintoon-sucker, Tina Brown. Neither will be missed.
The People's Republik of Wisconsin lib-dem lowlifes are trying to ban all multiple-shot weapons: two shit assheads, Attorney General Jim Doyle (lib-dem lowlife) and Senator Jim Baumgart (lib-dem scumbag) are sponsoring a bill that would make anyone using a firearm that holds more than one bullet or even owning a single bullet would be guilty of a felony. How asinine. Vote both of the morons out of office and replace them with people with functioning brains.
Ditto, in The People's Republik of Maryland: under the current interpretation by the Maryland attorney general concerning the confiscation of firearms, citizens who had misdemeanor transgressions at any time in the past could have their guns taken, according to Delegate Kevin Kelly.
Clarence Page is a black racist bigot scumbag. He's so intent on PC shit that he decries the reality of that photo of three white NYC firemen raising the American flag in the rubble. He gets reality and history mixed-up, a typical liberal ploy. He can't write his racist way out of a gin bottle; he's a bum and a scumbag lowlife.
Talk about a smoke-and-mirrors operation, posted its first profit after 5-6 years on the Web. How that con-man Bezos did it isn't quite clear. But that's another story.
Why isn't this lib-dem alcoholic Paula Poundstone bull-dyke bitch in jail? After what she did to her adopted kids, she should be. Oh, I forgot... she's a so-called celebrity and above the law. Case closed.
Now the DNC (DemocRAT Nat'l Committee) wants to allow homos/rump-raiders/fudge-packers and other assorted deviants and perverts to claim Social Security benefits if their "partner" dies. Typical lib-dem filth. I truly wish AIDS was far more contagious and that death came within 1 year, then we'd be getting rid of so many more subhuman homos than we are today.
There is not exactly a Liberal DemocRATrat groundswell for Mr AlGoreBoremoron to jump back into the arena. Part of it is an awareness that Mr. Bush continues to enjoy a political halo effect as leader of the war on terrorism. But part of it remains a hangover from disappointment in Mr AlGoreBoremoron as a candidate in 2000, after which he was criticized as having frittered away the Billy Bubba Jeffy-shithead Clintoon political inheritance. Sooner or later, however, Mr AlGoreBoremoron is going to have to re-assert himself as a strong voice in the party on issues he has impressive credentials to champion, such as the environment and energy policy, if he hopes to resurrect his leadership image in his party. From a purely political point of view, no other DemocRAT has yet very effectively filled the void. The DemocRAT leaders in Congress, Senate Majority Leader Tom "The Punk" Dass-hole, The Dwarf Obstructionist, and House Minority Leader Dick "Very Little Dicky" Gephardt, have done their best to blame Mr President Bush's 2001 tax cut for the disappearance of the surplus left by the Clinton-GoreBore era. But the field for the 2004 DemocRAT nomination remains wide open.
The majority of judges — local, state, federal — are democRATs; corrupt lowlife scum who'd sell their 90yr old invalid Mother for a law which bears their perverted, homo name.
Europe's crowded airspace will become denser on Thursday when the minimum vertical cruising distance between planes is halved under a reform supporters say will mean safer flying and fewer delays.

Lowlifes and Scumbags.
The lowlife, turd-eating AOL is planning to buy Red Hat/ Linux, one of the most unstable, unmanageable and undesirable OS' in existence, to compete with Microsoft? What a pathetic laugh. I still can't figure why anyone subscribes to the lousy AOL junk, when a regular ISP (internet service provider) is the better route.
Aw gee whiz, the Chi-comm yellow Chink filth found some "bugs" in the Chink-dog Prez' new plane? TFB, gook dogs. Jiang Zemin: eat shit and die, yellow-dog-boy, slope-head scumbag. Rot in hell, chink garbage.
Monday was ; so what? It's not a holiday for me or my employees; perhaps for gov't workers and inner-city types. With lowlifes like Jesse "Hymietown NYC" Jack-scum, Fat Al "interloper Jew scum" Sharp-scum and RINO Bloomberg perverting Dr King's memory, I consider it a mere inconvenience and nuisance, as federal, state and local gov'ts are closed. A worthy and noble cause, twisted to their criminal intents — as well as the very greedy King family — now means nothing to most Americans and will mean even less in the coming years. Shame on all the race-baiting, misery-profiteering scumbags.
Die Mandela, you socialist communist scumbag, and good riddance.
NYC's completely f*cked trashed under the RINO Bloomberg moron. Here's a couple of idiot filth who need "personal correction": New York City Council member Charles "Up-chuck scumbag" Barron and black militant Sonny "I'd f*ck hump a dead possum" Carson, both lowlife cowards.
The Bloomberg lowlife is now welcoming scum like Dinkins and Sharp-scum, who've crawled out from their slimy rocks to further pollute NYC. How sad.
Oh, here we go again. The whining shitscum of Netscape, who makes a vastly inferior product, are suing Microsoft for antitrust gripes. When, oh when, will it ever end? No wait, I still use Netscape.
Pay an untalented, half-breed slut bitch Mariah Carey $49million to break a contract? Pathetic, EMI; throw the mentally-ill, untalented bitch out on to the street. She's dogshit poop.

Execute This Subhuman Filth.
The child-molesting homosexual pedophile priest, John Geoghan, perhaps gets tried and convicted of 84 counts, and may only get up to 10 years in prison. He should be executed and removed from the gene pool. I'd commute the sentence of any/all inmates who murder whack terminate him, if I was so empowered. Oh wait: homo filth don't multiply, do they?
Remember Andrea Yeats, who drowned her 5 young children? Go here and read what her f*cked screwed-up husband says about how the kids died were murdered. Amazing; I think he was in on it. Execute both of them; they're both mental defectives.
whack him, whack him, whack him, whack him, whack him, whack him, whack him, whack him, whack him, whack him, whack him! No loss.

Condiment Packet Museum.
Behold, a site lean on words and heavy on the sauce. Who needs foodie prose when these nifty fingersized packets tell it all? Just one look at Burger King's Reconstituted Lemon Juice will have you salivating for a quick squirt. If honey mustard's your pleasure, pucker up to this cutesy Chinese panda bear. Gotta have some the hot stuff? Choose your pre-packed poison wisely. Whatever your palette, this site's sure to have you digging into the back of your sofa for some buried treasures. Yeah, sure.

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