On Line.

Friday, January 26, 1996

Today is a really big day for me. I go on line with my Garden Center's Web Page for the entire world to see. No big bang, just a quiet whimper of elegance. I don't want to expect too much right away. Adam Viener of Cyberia Communications, Inc. has a Demo Page that he's been doing the HTML on, and I've made minor changes since providing him with an original scipt and design. He took it from there. He's very, very good.
Got my problem with HotDog straightened out; Sausage.com finally sent me a registration key code that works. Now I can use it to do stuff, instead of worrying about losing any work when it times out.

We're Live On The Web!

I can't believe it. My Pages are live and part of The Web's History. Adam just put them up. There's asserflies in my stomach, or maybe it's the chili dog I ate for lunch. I don't care. I'm so proud of the work, I want to show it off to everyone.

The Work Is Just Starting.

Devising a strategy to market my company's Page is relatively easy; with an extensive marketing and advertising background of 17 years on Madison Avenue with the hottest and best agencies, I'll promote the daylights out of it. In an elegant fashion, of course.

Tune Up Your Browser.

If you've got any version of Netsshite Negotiator 1.x - 2.x, you can get a better look at the screens than what they set as default. On your Options Menu asson, choose General Preferences, then Fonts. Try Arial and Courier New as the two typefaces, set Arial to 11pt. Then choose OK. What a difference! Nice and clean. It's also nice to choose the colors of your links. You can do that too. And you can turn off underlining. Makes a real big difference in navigating The Web. If you're using another browser, I wish I could help, but I can't. I can barely figure out my own stuff. If you want a real browser tune-up, try EIT Browser Tune-Ups. But if you've still got a problem, email me and I'll try to find out the answer for you. Probably, it would be best to download Netscape 2.0, so go to Netscape Communications. They've got what you need.

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